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  1. S09.E10: Better Off Sled

    I've only ever seen snow once in my life, on a special trip to the mountains with my parents when I was nine. (I spent the whole time sledding, btw) So can someone tell me, is their some kind of tactical use of a hill during a snowball fight, or were Logan and his friends just being complete dicks who could have had the fights on flat ground? Also, I just rewatched Mulan, my favorite Disney hand-drawn movie ever, and I'm 90% convinced that the girls showing up at the top of the hill was a deliberate homage to the scene where The Huns appear over the mountain. It is the movie's 20th anniversary year after all.
  2. S09.E10: Better Off Sled

    Ah turf battles. Reminds me of childhood. WE WILL HOLD THIS JUNGLE GYM UNTIL THE VERY END. It makes such perfect sense that Logan is the kind of boy every girl his own age wants to beat up. And boy is he lucky those girls showed up before he started using those super snowballs. If the ice in them was hard enough (from the start I wondered if they'd escalate to putting rocks at the center of snowballs, and hard enough ice isn't that far from rocks), using them on other people could be Assault With a Deadly Weapon. I mean, tiny Louise getting one of those to the top of the head? Logan would literally be incarcerated. I feel Linda's pain. I'm a pretty decent knitter, but when I decided to make a scarf for a friend's birthday it took me over a week of frantic work. (Granted the scarf I was making was about three times as wide as Bob and Lindas', but it was still repetitive work you'd think would go quicker.) It was nice to see knitting animated fairly accurately too (at least the needles were pointing in the right direction), although they didn't show the detail work so well. I still can't figure out how Linda actually made a stitch, but then again they seemed to be knitting in the English method and I'm a Continental Knitter.
  3. S09.E08: Roller? I Hardly Know Her!

    THIS SHOW IS SO SWEET AND KINDHEARTED. *sobs* I mean, usually they're more subtle, but there's something about a Gene episode that makes it very natural, since he's really such a nice boy. And you can see where he gets it from his dad. Doug getting a Mom to come after him blood is never not funny (Work Hard or Die Trying Girl has one of my favorite dialogue exchanges ever, with Bob explaining that he had to push Doug out of the way because Linda was after him and she was crazy, and Linda agreeing completely), and as far as I'm concerned, this pretty much redeemed Mrs. Papasian for me after her whole hypocritical ice cream eating thing.
  4. S12.E08: The Consummation Deviation

    I know I'm late to this part of the discussion, but Sheldon once referred to Amy as a "hotsy-totsy from Glendale". Granted there's at least one other Glendale in the US, it seems most likely he's referring to the one in California, which is pretty much a hop skip and jump from Pasadena.
  5. S12.E08: The Consummation Deviation

    I love that despite the fact that Raj's Selective Mutism went away several years ago, the second it came back you could tell exactly what it was, didn't even have to wait for him to grab the booze. That was a very neat bit of nonverbal acting!
  6. S12.E07: The Grant Allocation Derivation

    I actually thought Sheldon would end up with the money for bothering Leonard to least. Good for Leonard and I liked seeing Sheldon happy for him. Amy's interrogation of Penny made me laugh a lot. Mayim Bialik just has such good timing. I didn't blame her for being upset at being left out. The worst blows to her soul seems to have come when she was an adolescent, so leaving her out of a quintessential adolescent activity was gonna hurt. I loved how much she enjoyed the clubhouse.
  7. The Crown In The Media

    Gotta hand it to Netflix, this is actually pretty great! Trailer for The Crown if it was a horror movie:
  8. S12.E06: The Imitation Perturbation

    As far as I'm concerned, Bernadette had that coming from Amy ever since she turned a serious conversation about the portrayal and respect of female scientists into a dig at Amy's looks.
  9. S12.E04: The Tam Turbulence

    I thought for once Sheldon's reason for hating someone seemed pretty justified. I'm assuming he was at most in his late teens when he came out to California, and a lot of normal kids that age struggle with suddenly being branded an adult and on their own. (At least two kids I knew turned to drugs, another to outrageous promiscuity, hell, I went into an anxiety meltdown and I was still living at home, as did my sister.) It's a lot to handle and Sheldon in particular has never had the natural coping skills to make it on his own. So Tam promising him that he'd help and then throwing Sheldon over for a girl was pretty harsh.
  10. S09.E01: Just One of the Boyz 4 Now for Now

    THEY FINALLY OFFICIALLY NAMED THE TOWN AND IT'S THE NAME THE CAST GAVE IT YEARS AGO!!! (Seymour's Bay, since they spend a lot of time in the editing bay with editor Mark Seymour) Damn, I knew there would be Big Names for all those solos, but three leads from Book of Mormon and DAVEED FRIKKIN' DIGGS? I have to rewatch every single song now. Loved the baby rat storyline too. Showed the family at their most bizarrely functional charm. And H. Jon Benjamin killed those lies with the rat in his undies.
  11. Harris's List: Harlots in the Media

    YES, YES, FUCK YES!!! Harlots Renewed for Season 3
  12. Airs September 30, 2018.
  13. Scandalous Speculation

    I think it would be very interesting to see Emily become the next Lydia. She would be more sympathetic because we'll have seen her failing so much before establishing herself. I can see Emily becoming rather nihilistic. I'm gonna call a time-jump next (possible) season. Mostly because I think as soon as Jacob hits about 15, he's outta that house and on his way to America to find his mother. His sisters and father trying to stop him, or worrying over whether they should help him out or let him do something they consider foolish. I can see Charlotte and Lucy clashing on that. In general I see Charlotte and Lucy having a difficult relationship going forward because the big cats can't share a cage. One thing I loved this season was seeing how vastly different - and possibly equally effective -- harlots Lucy and Charlotte are. Charlotte works with openness and charm, always making whoever she's working for feel like they're the most special person to her in the world. Lucy, meanwhile, uses mystery and aloofness, and a kind of contrary arrogance that invites people to come and try to tame her. She appeals to anyone who loves a challenge. Anyone who gets Charlotte thanks their lucky stars that she could see something so special in them particularly, while anyone who gets Lucy will feel some great achievement in managing to entrance an Ice Queen. I don't see Charlotte ever going for a keeper again with the house to run, but I think Lucy might try again. She's said flat-out that she doesn't want to be like the other girls in the house; she yearns to be special. So unless she wants to run an opposing house (and I don't think that would interest her), she'll have to get out there and look for more fitting situations. I wish they had told Fanny that Margaret was alive; she was the only one left of the original household that came to Greek Street from the previous house. She'd known Margaret long enough to truly mourn her loss. Hopefully they will have told her when the show comes back. She's got a senior position by default in the house now. Sukey's outburst in the final episode of season 2 was very interesting, although she sounds a little too much like a replacement Kitty for me. But the fact that she has a background in service of rich people should be interesting as they try to round up Lydia's old clientele. Anne Pettifer was featured so much this season that I think she will be the only thing that stops Charles from running Golden Square into the ground. Cherry might try to help him, but there's no way he can run that business successfully on his own.
  14. S02.E08: Season 2, Episode 8

    I would think that they'd say that Sophia is Blayne's bastard with another woman, and that since he has no legitimate heir (and hopefully will die next season, leaving his estate behind), she's likely to inherit from him. It actually looks good if he purposefully sends his daughter off to live with his sister, away from his bachelor life, which is no place for a young girl. So Sophia is kept and raised to be a perfect lady by her devoted (and still respectable) aunt, who is unlikely to marry and will probably leave her own money to Sophia as well. Bastard or not, being heiress to an obscene amount of money will make Sophia an extremely comfortable woman and a sought-after wife. And in the end her father having a bastard is no great comment against her. If it was known she was her mother's bastard, that would be a different issue. She'd have to contend with accusations of inheriting her mother's sinful urges. Meanwhile I've been thinking, Fallon's seppuku scene is a very interesting juxtaposition to his interrogation scene in Hunt's house. A bunch of men standing around in the dark play-acting that they are some fabulous arcane society out of the history books, with stupid rituals and great shows of "nobility". Whereas the scene at Hunt's house is way scarier, in broad daylight with a bunch of women standing around wanting Fallon's blood and doing it in a very matter of fact way (I love Charlotte's body language as she pulls up a chair). It was a bit on the nose, but I appreciated Isabella's rubbing Blayne's nose in the fact that Fallon has fallen into womens' hands and that was worse than he could imagine. Blayne freeing Fallon and scoffing at him letting women do that to him make me think (hope) that Blayne will meet his death at the center of a pack of women with knives. There were a couple of things things that bugged me deeply this episode that were basically just plot-induced stupidity: Charlotte didn't need to tell Isabella exactly where Fallon was (down to the area in London and the house), Violet really should have been given an extra glance at Fallon after beaning him in the head to make sure he was down -- the whole time she was hugging Amelia I thought he'd get back up and hit Violet from behind. The biggest stupidity of course is leaving Fallon with no guard, though I don't think even Nancy could necessarily win against Blayne in a fight (of course there is some very satisfying fantasy to be had about her catching him in her house and destroying him). There still should have been someone keeping an eye on Fallon in case he slipped his bonds.
  15. S02.E08: Season 2, Episode 8

    What an amazing episode to illustrate both the heights of what woman can achieve when they are allowed control over themselves and the depths they can be dragged through by the passing whims of masculine control. I mean, Lydia totally deserved that end, but the fact that Charles could just snap his fingers and have her dragged away is terrifying, and I think the showrunners wanted us to see that. Isabella is a fascinating and really not totally likable character. In the end her feeling of class difference from the others really did show. I'm sure she feels sorry in some way for what she did but at the same time feels totally justified. So her entire family is saved, she gets her money and her daughter, and meanwhile a bunch of beasts will find another Priestess and continue on to rape and murder girls she probably won't ever think about because they're so far beneath her. In the end, how much do the lives of some innocent poor women count against the life of her raping, murderous, incestuous brother? Meanwhile, Florence Scanwell is one scary Mama. I feel like she might have been the most dangerous person in the room with Fallon, even more so than Lucy.