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  1. Season 03: All Episodes

    How is King George still alive? Last we saw him the General's gang was gutting him like a fish. Teresa, a drug dealer who's in the US without legal documentation, plans to buy herself a DA. In AZ no less. What could possibly go wrong? There's something about Teresa's cokehead friend Kelly Anne I still don't trust. That strip club had oddly poor security. No way would a county sheriff be put in gen pop, even a corrupt one. Mayo getting beat to death was basically fan service for the people in the audience who know who Mayo was supposed to represent and hate his guts, Yep. What are the odds none of the men she killed have family members who'll seek revenge? The mafia way is take out the whole family, or at least the males. Teresa can go hard but never quite hard enough it seems. That will probably lead to her eventual downfall.
  2. Mmm, sorry, nah, cute gif but I'm never going to buy her or any member of her artificially-enhanced, cuture-appropriating, trash-with-money family passing judgment on anyone. Even people who "deserve" it.
  3. Tucker was not popular with some fans because he was poorly written. The basic concept of the character, IMO, was solid once it became evident he wasn't going to replace Victor. Like I said, there's plenty of room in GC for another older billionaire who's otherwise nothing like Victor. The space seems to be lacking in someone's ego. And? Should that mean Victor can't have any real competition? Should that mean he has to be propped constantly by making all the other male characters around him either unduly weak or in his thrall? Should that mean the very women he's abused for years have to engage in regular, barely believably worship services at his altar? And the only way it all works is by building thick glass walls around him? Meh, the emperor is still naked even if he does have plenty of laurels to rest upon. (Oy, quite a messy mix of metaphors if I say so myself. 🙄)
  4. Aw, look at Arturo and Abby wearing complementary colors. Oh please, Summer's cooch = a classic car? Set higher standards, Kyle. Nick, you just put blackmail on the installment plan. That is not the Newman way. Yikes, Sharon, passive-aggressive much? You might want to ease up on the caffeine, hon. Even Abby doesn't deserve your bridezilla ravings. If Kyle were smart he'd find a way for Billy to learn about the bet before crazypants Summer blows up all their lives. Ugh, Neil, there are few things more annoying than a pretentious guy mansplaining jazz to a woman. It may be an acquired taste but jazz is not fecking rocket science that po widdle wimmens can't wrap their their heads around. Shut up, shut up, shut up. What more do Nick and Phyllis want from you, StuporGirl? For starters, probably not to be a spoiled, whiny, blackmailing biotch. Am failing to see why Sharon needs so many bridesmaids. Nick isn't going to have a half-dozen groomsmen. At this point I don't know who he'd even ask to be his best man unless Noah can find his way back from Mumbai. Oh yeah, Arturo's got that suit Abby made him buy so he'll likely be drafted into service. Summer definitely inherited Phyllis' dogged persistence gene. Her face gets cracked and she just sweeps it up, glues it back together, and regroups for her next attack. But FFS, Billy could easily shut her down if he just told Phyllis.
  5. Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    Okay, maybe a case could be made for having veered a bit off-topic for this thread but other than that: freedom of speech, opinions, feel free to use the blocking function. And I'll drop the topic for now.
  6. Ditto comments upthread, since when is Hope so starry-eyed and naive? Inviting her mommy's long-standing enemy to the wedding? It's ridiculous. And I still think expecting Steffy to be there is rubbing Steffy's face in it. Not that Steffy hasn't earned the treatment but IMO Hope doesn't need to sink to her level. Soooo, Taylor has gone completely unhinged? At least more unhinged than she was when she shot Bill. Forget outpatient treatment, she might need to be fully committed. There were a few nuggets of truth in her lunatic spewing though. "Our last wedding." Dream on, Hope. The only way that'll happen is if you and Liam both get flattened by an asteroid or something immediately after the ceremony. FFS, if Liam stops another wedding because he's changed his mind again, I AM DONE! Done with B&B, that is. They need to reclassify this show as sci-fi because it's almost gotten too absurd.
  7. Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    Well yes, it is more than a little macabre to be casting the inevitable movie already but for sure phone lines in and to Hollywood are already burning up on the topic. Just thought of another possible actress: Jill Scott. She could certainly do her own vocals. For the memorial service I'd also offer Darlene Love, India.Arie, and Chaka Khan. Even if she wasn't joking, surely Beyoncé would know better. I'm still thinking her playing Etta James was a mistake though apparently the two of them hugged it out publicly.
  8. Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    Oh no, I meant to sing at the memorial service. Certainly not to do voiceover singing for a movie. That would definitely be an insult, IMO. For the movie I didn't even think of Broadway actresses. Audra McDonald for sure.
  9. Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    Yikes, whoever said Halle Berry must've been asking to get shot. That'd be like Zoe Saldana playing Nina Simone, IMO. I'd put my money on Jennifer Hudson or Jordin Sparks unless they want to go with a regular actress then just dub in the vocals. As far as who should sing, again, I'd offer Hudson and Sparks, Mary J Blige, Toni Braxton, maybe Patti LaBelle if she's not still holding a grudge, Alicia Keys, Erika Badu. To make things a little more diverse, I'd add Ariana Grande and/or Celine Dion, and/or Lady Gaga. There are probably some well-known gospel singers who'd be good too. I don't know about Beyoncé or Rihanna. It doesn't seem to me like something they'd want to do. Definitely not Nicki or Cardi. Or Drake.
  10. I think Arturo was probably always intended to be paired with Abby but MO was still pregnant or getting back in shape after her pregnancy. Arturo made a little detour with Nikki to allow her some extra time perhaps. Begging to differ. I think Tucker eventually ended up being a crap character because the writers wanted to get rid of him. The Tucker character was allegedly created as a threat to EB during contract negotiations. When EB folded/got what he wanted, there didn't seem to be much use for Tucker anymore but SN still had a contract to run out. I think the writers could bring him back on board if they make it clear to a certain someone that there's room in GC for two older male billionaires. It might do Victor some good to have a real business challenger besides Nick or Jack, neither of whom he'll ever have much respect for anyway. Note that they have Devon basically working for Victor and Jill stays out of town for the most part. Neil, Cane, Lauren, and Billy, while wealthy, don't really have eff you money.
  11. Or the last year or so of AMC when a whole bunch of dead or presumed dead people were reanimated. If YR starts bringing back a lot of thought-dead characters that's when we'll know the jig is up.
  12. Heh, Tyler was handling Sam like a sidepiece. "You're my girl but publicly I have to pretend like I'm with this other chick so you and me have keep our thing on the downlow." And Sam fell for it. Tyler's pimp game is strong. I'm finding Kaycee's arrogance kind of off-putting. So far I don't think she's done much--that we've been shown anyway--to back that attitude up. Can't wait until Angela turns on her too. So is Haleigh working Fessy? Is he working her? I can't figure out if that's a real showmance or not. I thought Rockstar's eviction speech was too wordy to the point of being barely coherent. Guess she never heard of KISS. Not that it mattered. Why didn't Julie call RS out on that ridiculous blaccent? Rockstar went full-tilt during her post-eviction interview. I almost felt bad for her. Almost. Seems to me that HOH competition would favor people with strong cores and longer, stronger legs. I'm guessing Fessy or Tyler win it. No but maybe she should've and put the audience out of our misery.
  13. Liam could ask his slightly less little brother Will to be his best man. Or Ridge. I mean as long as Hope has the stones to invite Steffy then Liam could ask her daddy to be his best man. Sure. Who'd a thought Taylor and Brooke would be the voices of reason today? I hope Taylor goes to the wedding, sets her hair on fire, moons the wedding party, and farts on the cake. Steffy seemed to be channeling her inner Star Trek babe, Nona, today: It doesn't seem to have dissuaded her so far. I think both women probably have some level of body dysmorphia,
  14. I don't understand why Phyllis feels like she needs to defend herself to Summer. Who she sleeps with is none of Summer's business. Summer is no longer a child and does not really need to be a factor in Phyllis' relationship decisions. Summer ain't slick though. She doesn't think Phyllis will catch a clue when she sees Summer openly pursuing Billy after he presumably breaks up with her mommy? Are we supposed to be feeling sorry for Lily? Yeah, no. Plus, there's no chance she's going to prison anyway unless Mal has decided he's next going to rip off Orange is the New Black. Heh, Gloria wears sunglasses indoors. Go get your Jackie Kennedy Onassis on, girl. Sure Lily, just what Devon wants right now is to see is you trying to redefine yourself as a martyr. You just stay thinking more about yourself than your grieving brother. Lol, Nick just went full Victor Newman. Summer, what ever he wrote down, add two zeroes. Then get yourself out of town before Phyllis figures out what you've been up to.
  15. S20. E22: Power of Veto #7

    Same. It wouldn't be so bad if she weren't so awful at it. Now it's almost getting offensive, IMO. She can leave any time. Yeah, he was well-cast. AI lot of viewers probably figured he'd be an airheaded Jeff Spicoli-type but he's proven to be fairly shrewd. I don't know about his winning everything fair and square though. It seemed pretty evident to me early on that he was the production favorite and I think they're helping him here and there.