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  1. Summer: so how did you like it when he does that one move with his pinky finger? Phyllis: I taught him that. The thing with his nose too. You're welcome. Summer: you're awesome, mom! Billy was the best I've ever had! Audience: stop! Are you trying to kill us? We can only puke so much!
  2. S05:E03: Escape from Altura

    You can taste the brains in every bite! Heh, 10K has come so far. He went from being practically autistic to a guy juggling two women.
  3. Season 2 Discussion: Cristal-lite

    That first scene with Jeff and Monica was oddly staged to me. It doesn't seem they were both there when it was filmed. There was a bit of CGI and camera angle trickery, like when an actor is playing twins in a scene together. I think Fallon needs to sic Alexis on Adam's aunt Mora. Not that Fallon couldn't take the broad down herself but she probably shouldn't as long as she and Adam are still pretending to be married. What was with Fallon's kabuki-ish make-up in New York? Not sure anyone would've fallen for that scam Fallon tried to pull on Van Kirk unless they were drunk or drugged. Apparently the stand-in for Fallon wasn't ever going to speak during the activities? Not bloody likely. So Melissa actually is pregnant? Something still seems fishy about that situation. Alexis will sniff it out.
  4. Agree about Jill and Dru. Lauren was born on third base so I would consider her another Ashley or Victoria. IMO she's persisted in reaping from the advantages she was pretty much much born with.
  5. Lol, did Steffy sort of perk up at the notion that there might be a medical issue with Hope's baby? Ugh, I am so over Ridge and his dick-swinging b.s. And Thorne and his moobs. I'm wishing for Liam and Hope's baby to be a boy. A least a boy won't be expected to compete with Kelly on petty stuff like clothes and hair. Steffy's probably going to be insisting Kelly is the superior child as it is and Ridge will be right there with her. Ugh, they really need to make Bill Kelly's daddy. That would destroy Ridge once and for all.
  6. So is Rey going to reimburse Sharon for those sheets? Sharon buying sheets for him seems so creepy to me. Who does that, at least for a co-worker and someone you're not related to or dating? He could've Amazon Prime-d his own damn sheets. Next he'll be dropping hints about how he's been forced to go commando because the dryer ate his undies and Sharon will be all over it. 😐 What an odd convo between Ashley and Victoria. Are we supposed to be feeling sorry for either of those two aging society princesses? Meh, if the message was supposed to be "nevertheless, she persisted" I gotta call it a fail. Why would someone have built over a wall safe just because they were remodeling? Smells a tad retconny to me. I liked Abby's jewelry today.
  7. S05.E04: It's Her Kid

    Do we know for sure that Bonnie's kid has a Black father? I'm now wondering if Connor is Bonnie's son. I actually recoiled while I was watching. They might. However, I suspect the show is just effing with the portion of the audience that has a longstanding hate-on for Nate and have been calling for him to be gone since the first season.
  8. How does Charlie afford a rock that size? Either it's CZ or he's been saving up all these years that he and Pam have been dating. Wow, Ridge and Thorne just feed each other's bottomless wells of insecurity and delusion. Two huge manbabies all scairt of big bad Bill. Lol, Eric standing there like he wishes a hole would open up and he could drop into it. Is he scared of Pam? He's sure not very concerned about Quinn being openly disrespected by her. "Sweet and gentle" Ridge? You might want to put down the crack pipe, Brooke.
  9. Blind Item Speculation

    Would Jason Statham be considered A-list? I'd call him a B+ at best.
  10. So immediately after Billy drops his bomb Phyllis' first reaction is to launch into Summer? Pathetic. Oh and Phy, hon? Erica Kane called from 1997 and said that slap was weak and far below soap diva standards. Requisition a jet? Kyle. Come on. Lola is not Summer. Plus, you might want to be careful about doing stuff that could make less secure people feel inferior. Billy, Summer may be an adult but she didn't consent to being used as an instrument of your revenge against her parents. STFU, ESAD, DIAF. Look who's back. The Winters and Ashbys. Guess they were let out of storage. I'm with Lola, how is it that Summer has no friends besides Kyle? Didn't she used to have a squad? Whatever, I think Kyle is an idiot to let Summer have that much power in his life. She sure wouldn't if the situation were reversed. And there's the judgmental busybody we barely know and don't love. Nate, it's called a life. Get one. Two days in a row Billy gets the last word of the episode. Hmm. 😑
  11. All Episodes Talk: In the Beginning...

    I'm not either and wasn't trying to do that. But I do think women being mistreated by their partners has been modeled to Zora and for whatever reason she's taken the wrong lesson from it. Guys like Isaiah don't usually happen upon their victims by accident.
  12. As much as I don't want to see Billy have a fourth child by a fourth baby mama (thereby beating Victor's record of four by three) I so much hope Summer ends up pregnant. Just to see the look on grandma Phyllis' face when she found out, oh my. Bet she'd try to talk Summer into terminating but we know that won't fly on a daytime soap in 2018.
  13. All Episodes Talk: In the Beginning...

    Wow, the show must've had a huge product placement deal with a luxury car dealership for this episode. Poor Zora. I'll be amazed if she doesn't end up dead or close to it. How big of a fool is Jacob? He and his weak daddy, tsk. And did all he and Tasha do was kiss? Why are they both acting like it was so much more than that? I think she's leaving because for whatever reason she doesn't think she can do better. She's watched her mother and grandmother get mistreated by the very men who were supposed to love, honor, and respect them above all others. At some subconscious level she probably sees it as her fate to be with someone like Isaiah.
  14. Meh, I won't begrudge Pam having her wedding there. I just just don't like how she apparently feels so entitled that she can crap on Eric's wife right in front of him. It was disrespectful to him even if Quinn perhaps "deserved" it. She's still Eric's wife and the lady of the house and should, IMO, be accorded respect at least to her face.
  15. Katie: I'm going to give Bill as much access to his son as he wants. Thorne: But what about me? I'm supposed to be his new daddy! I'm telling Ridge and you're going to be in so much trouble! Pam was kinda rude to Eric's wife. Bet she'll expect to have her wedding in Quinn's (and Eric's) house though. Oy, Bill's obsession with Brooke is turning into a death wish. Will it be Ridge or Thorne who tries to kill him? I liked Zach in Pine Valley with Kendall. I don't like him in LA with Brooke. AFAIC TK is just phoning it in now. Meh.