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  1. Michael, there are plenty of one-hit wonders. I know you're a proud daddy but don't be getting too excited about Fen's budding music career just yet. Senior Ditch Day. I thought that was usually closer to graduation. Hmm, perhaps the Ashby twins are so smart they're graduating early. ๐Ÿ™„ Sure Phyllis, you're good with your exes. Remember how one of your exes banged your daughter just for revenge after you cheated on him with yet another ex? Lol, Michael has the Elaine Benes "I can't dance to save my life" syndrome. What did the five fisted fingers say to the face? ๐ŸŽถ Take that and rewind it back, cheatin' Cane got the punch make Billy's nose go splat! Yeah! ๐ŸŽถ (Apologies to Usher, Lil John, and Ludacris.) I don't know what Kerry's up to but I sure hope it's better than the interwebs spumors I've seen. (B&B already made a colossal failure of their attempt at portraying one of the speculated issues.) Mia's so petty and jealous I wouldn't have been surprised if she'd asked Sharon to be her matron of honor. ๐Ÿ˜ I sure hope Sharon stays far away from that mess.
  2. I guess in B&B time it's only been a few days since Hope lost her baby but you'd think someone would suggest she get grief counseling. Puppies and platitudes aren't going to help her heal emotionally. Heh, Wyatt, you weren't following your gut when you decided to get with Sally. Look a little further down, fella. Interesting dialogue from Thorne today. To me it sounded kind of like he's expecting doom in some way. Wonder if they're going to kill Thorne off? Could work. Hope doesn't seem to want girlfriends though. For example, note that every time she gets married it's her much older mommy and aunts serving as her wedding party. (Meanwhile, has Steffy even ever had a maid-of-honor?)
  3. No kidding. I never understood why they didn't give her stage direction to stop talking like that. Where would Lily have gotten it from? Certainly not from Dru, nor Neil the Stanford MBA. And none of her fellow characters in her age group talked like that. But I guess if you combine it with her dressing like a sugarbaby despite having kids in high school it seems like it was somebody's way of making Lily seem younger. Guess her marrying a cradle-robbing vampire who'd probably seen the turn of several millennia wasn't enough.
  4. Heh, Mattie is all kinds of judgy but she knows her shady daddy Cane, especially when the odor of bovine excrement is radiating off of him. Abby, "cordial" is not necessarily the same as "friendly." For example, you're cordial to Nikki but the two of you have never been quite in the realm of friendly. "Spilling the tea"? Look at Phyllis, all hip to the urban vernacular. ๐Ÿ˜‘ Sweetie, that expression means to share some scandalous gossip, not merely to tattle on someone. Danger, Sharon. Phyllis is a black widow spider skank and you are about to get pulled into her web. Arturo, you better tell Rey what his hosebeast of a wife is up to before she torpedos the Rosales family again. You sure don't want him finding out about CuddleGate from Abby. Meanwhile, Mia is nucking futz. I know somebody BTS wants us to see her as the next Hilary but at least Hilary a) actually loved Devon, and b) had motivations that you didn't need an electron microscope to discern. Good job, Sharon. You didn't let Phyllis suck you in. Stay woke, skanks creepin'.
  5. I see what you did there. Lots and lots of lines.
  6. S05.E09: He Betrayed Us Both

    I thought that too but maybe if he was drunk or high enough? And I'm thinking Frank would have to come in on activities already undergoing, if you catch my drift. He seems the more, uh, adventurous one.
  7. S05.E09: He Betrayed Us Both

    Flashback Frank was yummy, not that he's hard on the eyes now. Thank goodness Gabriel didn't turn out to be Annalise's kid. That would've been ridiculous, IMO. I can't believe I was one of the viewers trying to bend the HTGAWM space-time continuum in order to make such a thing possible. I'm meh on Gabriel and am more interested in what's going to happen with Nate and Bonnie's coverup of the DA's death. And a Nate/Bonnie/Frank sandwich in the boudoir might be interesting.
  8. So I'm watching the current season of Future Man and who should show up (3rd episode) but our own little Faith/Alyvia Alyn Lind. She's playing a kid in a tribe of alternate-timeline space hillbillies. Her character is the only wise and smart one, just like on Y&R. And the shock of the episode for me was hearing her use the term "cat fcuker." My goodness, Sharon and Nick would not approve!
  9. AFAIC there should've been no coming back from gaslighting Lily when she had herself committed for thinking Cane was alive when he was supposed to be dead. But even if I give her that one, Cane having an outside baby with a coworker, a baby he now expects Lily to raise, would've been the final straw. I think Lily has basically trained Cane to believe she'll tolerate anything, he just has to wait out her being upset for a while. Ugh.
  10. It's time to sauce up! Controversial and loving it. We're all Upstairs people now.
  11. Sally, when you find youself in a hole, stop digging. Learn to read a room ya moron. And stop acting like you're a victim too. GTF over yourself. ๐Ÿ˜‘ Heh, Will's like, "I got my dad back. Why is Thorne still here, mommy?" Meanwhile, Thorne's like, "I've made a terrible mistake. Guess I'll just go walk into the ocean and disappear." Aw, they hugged it out. No, seriously? After the faux pas of the decade? ๐Ÿ˜ I think AN has been killing it this week, putting in that work for the Emmy. However, Sally's appearance with the puppy felt shoehorned in to me. I just don't see her doing something so boneheaded, or even Wyatt not trying harder to stop her. Maybe the writers should've tried harder to figure out a way to bring Sally into the story.
  12. Mariah. That look. It's still not working. You are not a ginger Morticia Addams. Lola and Kyle are so cute. Meanwhile, I hate when Nikki uses that whispery baby voice with Victor, her loving abuser. ๐Ÿ˜ Look at Billy standing tall on the moral high ground. Oy. It's only about an 8 inch square patch of dirt but I'm still scared. This just in from the new planet Kola: Hey, you puny Earthlings! We're living up here! You can't rename our home! Prepare for a fight! We should be there as soon as G-48H6ZR fixes the GPS in our spaceship! So, is it looking like Victor is the one who's been terrorizing Nikki? It would be his TGVN way of taking control of her, Victoria, and the situation. Nick the wannabe hero is a bonus. Twenty minutes, Kyle? Yeah, no, I'm thinking for her first time Lola is going to want something better than a quickie on her boyfriend's family's couch. Good grief, Cane. Pull yourself together. If you have an itch that can't wait a few months to get scratched, go out of town and get yourself a hooker. (Or see if Lily can have conjugal visits, hah, hah.) A grown-ass woman with three kids is telling her ex she kissed another guy. Twice! So there! FFS, are they back in high school? Devon: Sure Cane. I'll help you. I'll help you go fcuk yourself, you wanker. Dang, Billy. There's about to be a major foul on that play. Maybe you and Phyllis do belong together since you both like to deliver low, low, low blows. Reek!
  13. S02.E01: Brother

    Seeing the Enterprise arrive and hearing the original theme song will never not be thrilling. Well no, Pike, you certainly aren't Lorca. He was hot AF even if he did turn out to be a bad guy. "Saru. Just Saru." Buh bye, Connelly. Guess you didn't know everything. You did real well at turning yourself into space dust though. "Evolution's a fickle bitch." Hope we see Reno again. What a badass. So at what point does Pike end up just a head on top of a built-up roomba? ๐Ÿ˜‰ Looks like a great season ahead.
  14. Pearson

    I'm really looking forward to this, mainly to see Gina strut in fabulous clothes. However, I think the name of the show is still off. People coming over from Suits will easily get the reference but potential new viewers probably aren't going to be impressed much. Wonder why the producers didn't at least go with "Jessica Pearson"?
  15. Right? IMO he is the definition of aging well. I still think he needs to ease up on that ridiculous solid black hair color though. Didn't Bill used to have some touches of gray? I didn't think it made him look older at all.