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  1. S01.E01: "Daybreak"

    Costner's character continually dropping deep philosophical comments into regular conversation could get real old real quick. Gil Birmingham doesn't seem to age. Good genes or good plastic surgeons? Branding people? WTF? Worst frat ever! I know zero about fishing but does riding your horse into the river you're fishing from actually work? It would seem to me like it would either scare the fish away or the horses' hooves would kill or injure a lot of them. Might as well just throw dynamite into the river and catch whatever debris comes flying out. If nothing else I'm here for the magnificent scenery.
  2. Media for Yellowstone

    This show is also reminiscent of Don Johnson's failed series Blood and Oil that was set in North Dakota. Kevin Costner is just a more natural fit for this genre.
  3. I think Mac said it was an old card that they didn't use anymore so I doubt he was carrying it when they buried him. But yeah, it would be dumb to have left that kind of stuff on the body. Otherwise though they would've had another problem with how to get rid of it. They definitely would've had to do more than toss it in a dumpster or a fireplace. My money's still on Mac pulling some revenge on the merry murderers. I hope JT stays dead because come on, isn't this show ridiculous enough without people unburying themselves?
  4. S03.E08. Lazarus. 2018.06.20

    So the "outliers" don't know how to swim, apparently? Why didn't the superhuman guy just dive off the building?
  5. Bill barges right in but Taylor has to knock on the door. Okay. Hope is so pitiful. Liam seem to be a worse habit to break than crack or heroin. OMG, make it stop! Xander and Emma are like a middle school production of Romeo and Juliet. And 75% of her dialogue seems to be about propping Hope. Steffy folding laundry. Sure. And after one jog on the beach her pre-baby body snapped right back! This show should be classified as sci- fi.
  6. Ruh roh, Billy's already missing work. I bet Summer got her friends to let Billy win to suck him back into gambling. So, Nick is willing to risk sacrificing Christian for Sharon. Hmm. Whatever, that was quite the virtual tongue bath Mariah gave him and Sharon today. Kind of a thankless job, eh? No way would JT still be using his credit card. Wonder what the Fort Dodge thing is all about? Gee, will Noah be able to find his way out of Mumbai to attend his parents' wedding? It's silly how they all act like he's in a remote location and not a just a (really long) plane flight away. Sounds to me like someone knows what the Gof4 did to JT and is effing with them. Be funny if it was Mac. What is wrong with Victor? He's a pettier than a 12-year old girl. You'd think a big-time CEO of an international company would have better things to do than go take a piss on his son's engagement party. (I'm starting to like the theory that Victor's doing this to make Nick "toughen up.") Re the previews: Dina's going to recognize a guy in that photo, Jack will assume she's looking at Phillip, but she'll really be referring to someone else. Then Jack goes down the wrong rabbit hole. <...can't breathe...tears...ribs hurting...>
  7. S03.E05 A Little Lower Than Angels 2018.06.20

    I hope Remy really heard what Nova said about previous lovers trying to change her. He always thinks he knows best and that's largely what killed his relationship with Charley. That said, I still don't want to see them together. The Bordelons have enough family drama. Other than for plot contrivance why does Davis have to move back to LA raise his daughter? He's basically abandoning one child for another. Not that any better should be expected from him. A crime scene. That's about right, IMO. I hope Charley knows what she's doing with Jacob. I have a feeling both of their families are going be trouble if they actually start dating. I have yet to be convinced and still think it's a "forbidden fruit" thing with him.
  8. Shauna alone in that apartment and Neil having unfettered access to it would seem like potential trouble. However, I think if any moves are made they'll be initiated by Shauna and she's already dismissed him as a "helicopter grandpa". It'll be interesting (and icky) if Y&R goes there before Shauna graduates from high school, unless it does turn out she's a grifter who's well over 18.
  9. Not sure I understand why this was posted here. If it's in reference to MM, does anyone here know how much MM was being paid? Whatever, this Nia person isn't an actress IMO so much as a performer. Her reality show roots are painfully obvious over on B&B. I've noticed that reality show people who try to do regular acting tend to be overly conscious of the camera and trying give big moments that'll get them more social media attention--often at the expense of their co-performers. I've seen this kind of stuff creeping into Y&R too unfortunately. (Looking at you, GT, a soap vet who should know better.) She's a "name" mostly in the reality TV world. Maybe that's the audience B&B is going for but plenty of viewers aren't so much into reality TV or Dance Moms in particular, and have no reason to be otherwise impressed by her. This, IMO, is another case of soap casting people thinking the ability to act is a lower requirement than physical appearance or ability to bring in an existing fan base from other shows or genres.
  10. Geez, Liam. Stop rubbing Hope's face in it. Ugh, such a selfish jerk. Did Bill get a bad bump on his head when he got shot? The guy has gone full-blown lunatic. Why the big deal about Xander hiding his British accent? AFAIC, he's not hiding it very well. Some of his word pronunciations are telling. Bill: You deserve a man who is totally committed to you. Devil on Steffy's left shoulder: You know, he's not wrong. Plus he's got tons of money and power. What's Liam got except waffles? Angel on Steffy's right shoulder: Steffy, you love waffles! Waffles are yummy! Don't listen to that devil. Steffy: Not to worry, everybody! I can keep using Our Little Girl as a shield. Best security blanket ever! Hope: I'm moving on, Liam. You and I are done for good this time. Liam: Hah, hah, hah! Hah, hah! Good one! Come on, you know I always keep you as my back pocket option and you always stay there. Hope: Sigh, what does Steffy see in you?
  11. Ashley: We have to bring in the head of security! Victoria: Well that'll be hard because the head is buried in Kay Chancellor Park with the rest of his body. Ashley: Say what now? Victoria: Oops! I'm surprised Lily and Cane don't have those monitoring apps on Charlie and Mattie's cell phones. Abby only has 100K followers? For as long as she's been building on her social media image that seems like a low figure to me. Plus she's a Newman, FGS. I liked Abby's flowy top or tunic or whatever it was. Very summery. Guess we now know why Summer's low on cash. So is she trying to do some funds transfers from Billy via poker or destroy him by sending him back into his gambling addiction? I wouldn't have pegged Arturo as an 80s soft rock fan. That music in his apartment sounded like an Eagles cover band. Danger, Will Robinson! Heh, Charlie wisely scrammed right out of there before Shauna could try to pop that cherry. She doesn't waste time. Oh hail no, I did not need to see the Pillsbury Doughboy and Lily about to screw on the HWG office furniture in front of those huge picture windows. Ugh.
  12. The negotiations are over and both sides have moved on. And it sounds to me like the Y&R/Sony people were fairly disrespectful for years in their approach to the dealings with her. Given some of the unsubstantiated crap that I saw on several soap forums about whatever happened, I wouldn't have to try hard to suspect TPTB sent people out to try to peg her as a prima donna as an underhanded ploy. MM is young, beautiful, and can act. She doesn't need to resign herself to becoming a soap opera lifer who's stuck taking whatever scraps they're offered as the genre fades into the sunset. I'm confident there are bigger and better things in store for her.
  13. Maybe they should send Billy out to LA to do a cross-promotion deal with Forrester Creations. Then maybe he could meet Steffy and they could fall madly in love. She's wild! and carefree! and he's a wealthy older man who hasn't met a flat surface he won't fcuk on. It would be a match made in heaven, especially they're both being turned into hapless victims for some reason.
  14. Aw, why be mean to Ronald McDonald? At least he's not a creepy stalker like the Burger King or an aging mean girl like Wendy. So I'm perusing another soap forum and I see a thread titled this: "I hope Phyllis runs down Summer the way she did Cricket" OMG, I can't stand Summer either but Phyllis pancaking her own daughter with a (rental) car is SAVAGE!!!! And over that microdicked idiot Billy? I am hyperventilating over here. OMG. Hysterical.