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  1. General True Crime Shows

    A few years back I was watching some Homicide Hunter out of boredom and Kenda's accent pinged my ears with the tell-tale signs of Western PA (where like 99% of my family is from--my faction moved south in the late 70s), so I look up his wiki page to see if I'm right. Well, not only was my accent detecting skills on point, but I also found out that he graduated from high school in the same class as my mother and was at Pitt at the same time both my parents attended. The next time I was at their house, I had to convince them that this guy (whom, by Mom's account was a kind of boring goodie two shoes dweeb in high school) was *the* ID channel break-out star and people actually bought standees of him and go on cruises and to conventions to meet him. I'm still not sure that they believe me, because they think it is pretty absurd. LOL!
  2. Adoption laws are so wildly all over the place, depending on what state the adoption takes place. It does seem weird that Brandi got the baby so quickly, but she seems like a loving parent to all of her kids. But the one reason the baby might not have been easy to place right away is probably because he was in the NICU for a while. Some people don't have the bandwith to take on emotional investment of something happening to the child in the hospital after they've been waiting years to adopt and dealing with infertility, and it was fortunate for Brandi to be able to take the child (and have the resources for the hospital bills associated with a premature baby). The best thing of this episode was Rich, riding in the car with LeeAnne, quoting back to her the "they're just hands" line and her eyeroll. It seemed organic and not in the "drive the catch phrase into the ground" a la Dorinda. I kinda did like all the shit Dee was talking about D'andra, mostly because I find D'andra tedious and a try-hard. She wore me out last season bitching about not taking over the cosmetic company. If she had any sense (and was as accomplished as she claims to be) she would have realized she was in the grips of a sunken cost fallacy situation and bailed years ago to go work somewhere else.
  3. Tinsley, suprisingly, could school Craig on how to actually finish a pillow, complete with a ruffle and an actual pillow form in it. When Tinsley is more accomplished at pillow construction, Craig needs to really examine his life choices. LOL! Ramona needs to keep her hair in that bob; the shorter hair looks so much healthier and more youthful. Dorinda's hair in the reunion preview, OTOH, looks like she her hands on Rinna's reunion wig and bleached it. And that previewed fight with Bethenny standing up and shouting at Carole...the look of absolute glee on Andy's face is just disgusting if he really wants us to believe he's actual friends with either of the two women. It continues to be so, so strange to see Bethenny taking up for Luann. Like, "DId I wake up in a parallel universe?" weird. I get why she's doing it--the classic "the enemy of my enemy is my friend"--but it is still discombobulating to witness.
  4. I don't disagree that Hannah is materialistic, but wouldn't Brooke be somewhat so as well, since she borrowed Hannah's jewelry? Adam's mishmash of cross cultural lunch foods was a bit odd, but at least it wasn't another damn chicken salad.
  5. Emily's husband is a stone cold idiot...not only did he insult his wife, her castmates, and at least 60% of the viewing audience with his little comment, he insulted his own damn mother and sister who were there, soaking up the drama (especiallly his mother). They collectively should kick his ass and tell him not to come around again until he's seen Terry Dubrow for a breast reduction. Other than that, all's I know (TM the Countess) is that I feel bad for Eddie having to undergo all those unsuccessful heart procedures. My aunt just had one of those shock-to-fix-afib procedures done, and while it worked for her, it certainly was no day at the beach. It must be super depressing for it not to work.
  6. The cake smash needs to go away. I never know which is worse: the disrespect to the smashee, or the waste of perfectly good cake (which is often the best thing about wedding food). I was thinking praying mantis, but cat's butthole works for me as well. :) And while I'm being totally shallow, the majority of these folks should have saved the money they spent on their weddings and put it toward visiting dentists.
  7. Exactly! And the three separate orchid plants in the living room, and the small vase of daisies in one of the bedrooms....Luann is just talking out of her ass again. So Dorinda mentioned in that lunch with Bethenny that she was thinking of going back to therapy. I sincerely hope she does, but with someone more competent that that sockless slackjaw doofus Bethenny would see on camera.
  8. S02.E04: Duck, Duck, Boom

    For all of y'all who like Brandon (I do too...he adds the right amount of snark in a lot of places), and if you haven't seen it yet, go check out the Paula Deen episode of Life on the D List here, at about 27 minutes in. Brandon was Paula's drunken assistant, almost---not quite--sluring at Dorinda levels (but without the anger).
  9. S02.E04: Duck, Duck, Boom

    That real estate agent who gave Louis the keys to his office was waaaayyy over the top with her camera performance. It looked like a really bad audition. I thought there would be more from Ashley's return; it ended up being kind of pointless....which should be no surprise, because much of this show is pointless.
  10. That's not the Macarena, it's the salute from the movie Three Amigos, which came about a decade before the Macarena. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=a8HXEN11wS8 Emily was on WWHL with Brooklyn Decker tonight, and Emily again recounted how she ended up getting engaged over GChat "because that's how we communicated before texting was a thing", as she said a couple of episodes back. I couldn't have been more thrilled when Brooklyn said that even though Emily keeps saying GChat came before texting, that just isn't the case. That has been bugging me since Emily was introduced; consequently, I now have a very high opinion of Brooklyn Decker, someone with whom I was only vaguely aware existed outside of sports modeling.
  11. When they showed the pictures of his parents, they explained that Ricky's father was in the (U.S.) military and stationed in Panama and that's where he met his wife/Ricky's mother, and they got hitched insanely fast. Didn't explain why his Spanish isn't better, having a Panamanian mother and all, however. I never thought I'd see the day when Nicole comes across as worldly and cosmopolitan, but next to Angela and her crew of idiots, Nicole is a damn genius.
  12. I feel kind of cheated. The boat trip footage was not nearly as much as promised, but I too read the rumors that law suits were threatened because of the choppy ride. That, however, does not excuse leaving out the dinner afterward, at which camera were clearly present, or we wouldn't have had that 5 second clip of dancing. It wouldn't have killed the editors to show at least some fun on this trip. And yeah, Dorinda was still drunk off her ass at breakfast at the start of the episode. She's at a level of Kim Richards at Original Game Night and needs to stop drinking before she gets to Kim Richards at Target level.
  13. In the article @fifty8th linked above, Conrad was going to by himself a carton and picked up another one for Hannah, so the whole box would run 50 euros. Amongst all the fighting with Conrad, Hannah, and Sandy, the most WTF moment of the ep for me was when Hannah told Kasey to use the exfoliation treatment. That was SUCH a passive aggressive bitchy move, straight out of middle school. I've kind of turned around on Kasey and think maybe she is brighter than I gave her credit for in the past. The way she has (thus far) handled Joao's antagonism in the bar was pretty masterful and she didn't react to Hannah's face after the complexion "tip".
  14. Yep; that is why she favors colonics. The woman was seriously fucked up at a very early developmental stage. Sometimes I think she hasn't reached object permanence yet.
  15. She pisses her pants so often because she doesn't like to use the bathroom frequently. She's got some weird hang up about peeing at regular intervals and just holds it until she has an accident. The woman would be a Freudian therapist's case study if she ever would subject herself to much needed psychoanalysis. I'm just amazed she hasn't had serious kidney problems by now.