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  1. Internet Pet Peeves

    Hmmm, maybe I should post my complaints more often. ;) I do wish they would restore character search too, but I am glad the episodes are back.
  2. Internet Pet Peeves

    I absolutely hate that IMDb stopped listing which particular episode(s) of a television show an actor appeared in.
  3. Karen's make up was done really well, but that hair WAS a wig, and (believe it or not) a slight improvement over her prior wig. Professionals sewed that mop on her head, and I think they need to turn over their cosmetology licenses. They should have, at least, made the wig long enough to cover the back of her natural hair so the divide isn't so apparent. I do NOT get what Beverly's deal is. At first I thought she was just extremely sheltered and kind of dim-witted, but I think she's masking more than just being inches from a break down. There has to be more to Cas's story of moving out than Bev wouldn't let them cut their hair or wear clothes they wanted. Cas's outfit & hair on the show didn't look out of place for anyone, girl, guy, or nonbinary. (OK, a vibrant blue hair color would be weird if it were your cardiologist or a sitting judge, but for a 20ish year old young person, it is not at all that nuts.) I am suspicious that Bev is really hiding a deeply mean personality trait or something more than just being a generally incurious and dippy person. I would also like to know how she knew this. Maybe if you've been up close and personal to nursing a baby you can tell? I would just see "blood" & "nipple" & run out the door to the ER.
  4. ITA about the Leslie Bibb episode, and I was kinda pissed on her behalf that Andy called her Leslie Mann at least once and never apologized or corrected himself.
  5. S05:E11 Beer and Trembling 2018.06.14

    I'll admit I'm coming around on Whitney this season. He's always good for a wardrobe laugh, especially that long coat with the fur collar, like he was Omar Sharif in Dr. Zhivago, in what could only imagine was fairly mild weather based on what everyone else was wearing. He really should pair up with Sonja Morgan; they can bond over their love for fur accessories and signet rings. Shep and Kathryn's post-Kensie hookups were news. I wish we got way more information on them in lieu of Austen's "love triangle" story line, which is so damn boring.
  6. So Bethenny couldn't tolerate Ramona's "infomercial" for her skin care line (which, by the looks of Ramona lately, I'd be willing to bet is pretty good) but Bethenny can be in one for Sonja's shoe line (which looked hardly worn and were probably as uncomfortable as the were ugly)? B's sidling up to Sonja is so weird and a transparent bid for an ally. Speaking of ads, somehow I've been spared the Coupon Cabin ads and whatever one Bethenny was in. For some reason, they don't air where I am, but local ads are dropped in where the CC would be (at least going on what Ben & Ronnie say about the ads and which breaks they've been shown during).
  7. S02.E01: Shook

    I'm so glad this show is back! This episode seemed a bit faster paced than last season's episodes, but that is a change I like. Franka Potente's accent seems a bit weird, but I love her kind of over the top gusto performance. She's got a similar crazy vibe to Uncle Daddy (before his wife was killed), which I think will make for great conflict down the road.
  8. All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    Re: The Watcher....While I was glad we got a Keith Morrison episode, I was bummed that he went into detail how Lauren was always seen around with her little dog at the start of the episode, yet we never got a word as to what happened to the dog in the end. Was he murdered? Found in the apartment? Been living with someone else while she studied for the bar? The other thing I couldn't understand was why Lauren emailed that older boyfriend of hers that she thought someone was trying to break into her apartment. Why wouldn't she call the cops? Or text her BF or anyone for more immediate response? I really expected to find that the killer sent that email to throw suspicion on local "thugs" (I think that was the word used) rather than his crazy ass.
  9. Yeah, Chinese chicken salad is not high end. If I can get it in Vicki Gunvalson's kitchen, it ain't fancy. I want to like Sandy. Last season, I thought her micromanaging was a bit annoying, but a quirk, because she didn't know the crew all that well. Plus she seemed like a good mentor to the exterior, letting them take the boat off the deck and teaching them things about sailing the ship. But this season, y'all are right: she's coming off camera time hungry and her micromanaging isn't so much to keep Adam & Hannah in line and avoid problems of the past, but like she's looking for a "gotcha!" moment to have the draaammmaaaa. It is very disappointing. Anyone watch the trainwreck that is 90 Day Fiance? Blonde sea sick stew reminds me so much of Nicole, the FL gal with the child and "boyfriend" in Morocco, in affect and demeanor. They even kinda look alike, if Nicole had slimmed down. They are both super entitled and allergic to moving faster than slow motion. (I'm hoping that it's the motion sickness pills for 3rd stew, but we really have no baseline to compare. And the mangling of laundry seems like a knowledge gap, not drug induced).
  10. I'd heard a rumor about them splitting up a few days ago, but that confirms it. But, man, that first picture: Reagan and Tamica pose "with a friend"? Bravo has idiots working on its site because that dude is Tamica's brother, who has been on the show in almost every episode! (But Bravo tech is for shit; my TV died and I have to watch the show on the app, and that thing does not work right at all.) Yep, exactly. Kelsey was saying as far as his family knew, she was a virgin and he wasn't getting any until they moved out, to also inspire him to get done with the reno house ASAP. I will say that at least this pregnancy test story was at least plausible. Reagan was no Ramona on a boat situation. LOL!
  11. With regard to Carole running a half marathon, one of the ways to qualify for the NYC marathon is to join Road Runners and complete multiple qualifying races, which includes the various borough half marathons. I know she ultimately partnered with a charity to run, but she may have been pursuing multiple avenues to qualify for the marathon or she just did it for practice. (My sister runs these; it is part of the DNA that I don't share with her in the least. LOL! But at least she brings it up only at about 1% of Carole's rate of bragging.) I don't think for a minute that Brynn is going to keep that giant nutcracker for more than six months. I just can't imagine B keeping something like that in her house for all that long--it's far too big and not all white. Did anyone have a "whoa, what the hell!?....REWIND!" reaction to Dorinda's latest TH look? Her eyelashes were crazy, her hair was BIG, and her makeup was super dramatic. I wouldn't say it looked bad, per se, but just not her best look. (Still better than Sonja's Grandpa Munster getup.)
  12. General True Crime Shows

    Dead North was quite good, probably the best thing I've seen on ID in a long while. The neighbor guy did make me laugh too, when he said that he'd go over to hang out with the killer dude because he smoked pot, and that's just what he does....it was just the way he said it, like pot smoking was his job, of course! I think it took the chief a while to talk to the neighbors because, not only was she the chief and the department was clearly small (the office was locked up during the day when she hauled in the couple for her first interview with them, so clearly they were very short staffed) but also because the state cops probably should have done it, but they were stuck on the "he ran off or killed himself" angle. The use of body cam footage was excellent in the show; it cut down enormously on the amount of reinactment footage, which is a HUGE plus IMO. Plus it gave a much better sense of the quiet competency and tenacity of the chief and the other woman detective sargeant. I do hope there's a follow up on additional murders if anything is found.
  13. S03.E03: Bad Vibrations

    Yeah, I couldn't figure out why shoes would leave dark marks on the carpet. I get that shoes can scuff the wooden deck, but how dirty or cheap were the shoes the guests were wearing that they left black marks on the carpet? I've owned all kinds of shoes, from high end to Walmart brand, and NONE of them have left marks on the light carpet, except if I accidentally tracked dirt in. I would hope these doctors didn't fill their suitcases with dirt covered shoes. Brooke's "girlish blushing" at Joao's attention is wearing very, very thin. I just don't get it; he seems like a total creep and she's too old to act like a middle schooler with a crush.
  14. I'm kinda bummed that next week is the finale. I certainly like this cast far more than Charleston or Savannah. On paper, Ashley's and Kelsey's stories are similar: both work in health care, both want an engagement ring, both inexplicably sit on vanities to do their makeup. But Kelsey, even from the little we've seen, is SO much more likable and is completely hydrated. She didn't move across country to be on a reality show and Justin (son of a long time elected official and socialite-ish mother, where the similarities with TRav begin and end) is beyond a million times better than TRav, even absent TRav's drug conviction and sexual assault allegations (and that's a whole lot of discounting). Gian is still a weird character, in that she's the "enemy" of now 2 central cast memebers, yet we really don't know a whole hell of a lot about her. I hope if there's a second season and she's still a thorn in Tamica's and Barry's sides, she gets filled out a bit more. And, of course, do something with that hair line or donate some of her forehead to Theresa Gudice. The Easter party was nice and it was good to see someone "make it nice" without getting shitfaced at her own party. But there's no way Reagan just finished up her exams by Easter. Loyola doesn't have exams until May. There was no real reason for that bit of fiction; the mere fact that she had a long weekend off school for the holiday would have sufficed as a reason to hold the party up on the Northshore.
  15. Stacy looks so damn familiar to me. Has she done some other reality show? Maybe looks like an actress that isn't pinging in my brain? Bev came off as entirely clueless, rather than just "naive" as her friend put it. The woman is over 40 years old and has never heard of transgender people until 3 years ago? That's not "typical midwestern"; that's incurious stupidity (and an insult to midwesterners). Otherwise, I agree with many here--this show is just sad, scary (for the mental and physical health of those transitioning), and I fear more of the 90DF-shit stirring friends (like Wanda) being brought in to "spice" things up. It's one thing to stir the pot when there's just a gaggle of delusional people thinking that their obviously fake relationships are anything but fake, but there are real, tangible, life & death mental health issues in play here.