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  1. S06.E01: The Clock Is Tickin'

    Isn't he from Samoa, though, and not American Samoa? Kalani irritated me with her whole "I just fessed up I was lying my ass off to my sister, so what's her problem now" act. Give the sister a hot minute to process the new information! My favorite moment of the night!
  2. All Episodes Talk

    I really liked this show. The guys have such a natural ease with each other and weren't one-trick-pony egomaniacs, like a certain other home decorator on Bravo. While I wasn't so in love with the wall paper in the Scarsdale house, the overall result was great. And that might have been the first $11,000 couch I've ever seen that I would actually want and not ponder why anyone would make such a thing. (Not that I'm in the market for a couch, but typically when I see thing uber pricey, they're just tacky.) And even if that wall paper was kinda odd, it was still so much more fun to watch (rather than snark watch) than anything on HGTV in the past seven or so years. Now that I've said all that, i'm sure Bravo will cancel this four eps into the season and replace it with reruns of Don't Be Tardy or some shit. LOL!
  3. When Ryan popped up in the early, pre-trip scene with Tamra on the phone with Shannon, I thought, "Why is Shane in Tamra's house?!" Damn, they look similar. It's freaky. I live in south Louisiana with similar temps/humidity and I would not have put up with a room with no a/c. This past June my unit died and it was a 2 week wait to get a new one (it was beyond repair and 30+ years old), and I had to decamp. The heat in the house got so bad it killed my TV. It was appreciably cooler outside and just sitting in the house with the windows open had me in a full body sweat and all the pets panting. No way am I staying at a nice resort on a high floor with no a/c. Maybe at a house on the beach with giant windows it would be tolerable. I did enjoy, however, the effects of humidity on the ladies' hair. Very Monica-in-Barbados. LOL! Vicki's face looks so puffy. I know she's put on a few pounds over the years, but she's not crazy fat or anything. It's such a uniform puffiness, but I can't tell if it's bad plastic surgery effects coming home to roost after all the procedures, or she's got steroid face. Don't know why she'd be on corticosteroids, tho.
  4. Bridget is 43, IIRC, so she was well into her twenties when she had Emiley (26 or 27). Bridget's mom, however, is only 59 and was a teen mom. It is a big mess. I think that may be part of Bridget's anger; she escaped the teen mom curse and had higher hopes for her daughter.
  5. OMG, they could have been siblings. Lexus definitely has a type. We've heard some damn stupid shit on this show, but an ice cream cake for a wedding in a meadow in the summer is pretty close to the topper. Was anyone able to figure out what was going on with the back of Tylor's head? When they showed him from behind walking into his mother's house, it looked like he either had a very weird bald spot on the back of his head, or he had something shaved into it. I think the military is a good option for him, though. First, they'll take care of whatever is going on with his hair, and he'll be a lot better off than stripping--he's not built for that line of work.
  6. All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    It's a small thing, but I wasn't thrilled that Dateline gave him a plug for his book about the whole story. It just rubs me the wrong way that this guy got away with a slap on the wrist for (at least) negligent homicide, identity theft, document forgery, and plane theft and is now profiting off the sale of his book. Nevertheless, I was super-glad Keith was back.
  7. S03.E09: 80's Ladies

    I get that Brandi wanted to have a fun day of drinking with D'Andra and that she had a nanny; I'm not begrudging her a day away from those kids. However, that isn't an excuse to show up shit-faced to the charity event with D"Andra. Just go home and go to bed. Back in S9 of RHoNY, Luann and Bethenny were in no way more than coworkers who tolerated each other, and yet Bethenny even handled the Tom-cheating-proof with more care than D'Andra is handling rumors of Rich's cheating. If D'Andra treats her friends like that, it's a wonder she has any. I do wonder about a tiny convo LeeAnne had with one of the dudes at the first charity event tho--that D'Andra was much better (calmer?) now that she was married to Jeremy. Wonder what exactly they were getting at. And for what it's worth, where the hell was Jeremy during the 2 charity events if they don't do things separately? (Not that there is anything wrong with doing things separately--no husband was at either event--but since that's her gripe about LeeAnne, she should account for her missing spouse.) I thought the idea of gluing earring backs to a whitening tray to mimic braces was quite clever; good on Stephanie (or her assistant) for pulling that bit of high school realism off.
  8. S10.E03: A Sketchy Area

    Are we really supposed to believe that Jay was a daredevil? If so, there's no way Phil would have never brought it up over the run of the series. It just seemed so out of left field.
  9. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't the last time the entire group was together was at Vicki's Italian night? The same night that Gina flipped out on Shannon at the suggestion that divorces can get messy around money and insisted that she and Matt will always be family? If so, I totally see why Shannon was busying herself in her kitchen when Gina had the meltdown over goddamned swimsuits she didn't get to wear 4-5 months earlier on the scrapped vacation. Hell, I would have hid out in the bathroom even if it brought suggestions I was doing crystal meth with Kim & coke with Dorit...no, even worse, I would have gladly hid out in a bathroom WITH Kim and Dorit, drugs or no, to avoid Gina's insanity. She wants us & the women to believe she's gonna have this super amicable, no problems with money, remain BBF with her ex divorce on one hand. On the other, she's a sobbing mess and will never be able to see her in-laws again...because why? She has 3 kids with Matt and presumably his family members are going to continue to see the kids and be cordial for the kids' sake, so why can't she see these people who are so important. Gah, Gina makes as much damn sense as Peggy 2.0 did. Clearly there's some other thing going on since Matt lives in LA and Gina never sees him and couldn't get him to go on some vacation and the divorce is getting kind of messy. But she needs to stop trying to have it both ways at the same time and realize that doing the "woe is me" divorce schtick in the home of a woman who is in the middle of a messy divorce and whom you dismissed as projecting too much isn't going to garner sympathy from said woman (or the audience). WRT to Shane and his Mormonism, I'm 98% sure he converted for his first wife and his parents aren't Mormon. Either way, he is a little dork. Kelly was dead on with that assessment. And Bravo needs to not try to drum up viewers for that dumbass round table show hosted by the fat kid from Stand By Me by tacking it on to the DVR block.
  10. Laura's parents are so, so strange. The dad was wigging out that Anna might be hooking up with her boyfriend, saying that he shouldn't have to deal with that behavior because premarital sex is "not Biblical"....well, dude, once you have one teen pregnancy in the family, irrespective of your "Biblical" beliefs, it's time to get everyone educated about prevention. However, when you've clearly taught that the best way to get attention in the family is to get knocked up by some wannabe stripper boy, burying your head in the sand and hoping for abstinence isn't gonna cut it. And when the mom & Laura had the "how the ovum meets the sperm" talk with Anna, I couldn't tell if Anna was just going along with the talk, hoping it would end or the earth would swallow her up, or if she really didn't know. If it's the latter, that is some piss poor education. I learned that basic biology in Catholic grade school in the deep south, so they've got no excuse. I've said it before and I'll say it again: Lexus should not be on this show because 0% of her storyline has to do with her kid now. And whomever did the highlights in her mom''s hair should be jailed for crimes against hair and my eyes. I also don't need a down market episode of Say Yes to the Dress with McKayla. It looked like someone was writing a check for that dress and I wonder if it will fit or get used if she's preggo again. There's about 1000 other things that money could be used for, instead of a possible future wedding.
  11. Those dog crates in Paul's apartment truly are weird. There were even food bowls on top of one of them. Maybe it's their brand of kink. When Jon mentioned his debt, it made me conclude he really wanted out of the UK to be away from the debt collectors. Trans-atlantic collections are tough to pursue.
  12. All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    And it was just rerun on either USA or MSNBC this past week--both NBCU properties--so it's not like regular NBC couldn't have known about it. I am sick of Cal and his smug mug.
  13. All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    I think we need an entire episode of Dateline dedicated to the apparent disappearance of every other reporter, apart from Andrea Canning. I'm not even sure why they aired Friday's episode about the small town Georgia teacher who went missing. There really was no conclusion--the cops say they got the right guy, but no trial yet, no motive, no official linkage of the alleged perp to the crime (we can assume DNA probably had something to do with it, but still speculation), no answer as to why he wasn't followed up on better three weeks post-disappearance despite the cops being told about him, no body found, nothing on how the abduction and presumptive murder happened. All they could really say was that the ex boyfriend didn't do it and a podcaster came to town to talk about the mystery. Utter time waster....I'd rather they have waited until something concrete came out about the suspect and the crime. And to be completely bitchy, the former student/beauty contestant gal had some truly freaky eye shadow going on that was beyond distracting.
  14. S03.E08: Off the Leash

    This, 100%. I yearn for the day that Bravo wises up and gives us an entire episode of Dallas & Beverly Hills shot from the dogs' (or really any pets') POVs. Maybe with comical voiceovers, a la the shortlived show Downward Dog.
  15. S03.E08: Off the Leash

    I really wish Kameron would get a revision rhinoplasty; she sounds constantly congested. I think that's why she can't say "standards" in her tagline and says stuff like learning Spanish is "extremely portant" because she can't articulate some sounds properly. Either that, or she's just as dumb as she looks. D'Andra keeps harping on LeeAnne being engaged for "two years" without setting a date. Has it really been that long? LeeAnne got engaged last season, which was filmed in the fall of 2016 (evidenced by the Halloween party and other season markers). This season was filmed in the first few months of 2018, so by my calculation, it's been a few months past a year since the engagement, not two full years. Nevertheless, D'Andra harping on LeeAnne to set a date is really not a good look for D'Andra. It's coming across as beating up on her alleged friend for no good reason. Does D'Andra actually know of hard facts about Rich cheating, and she's just using this "set the date" argument as a cudgel to beat LeeAnne into admitting she knows Rich is a cheat and/or give herself a reason to expose Rich's cheating? I also don't see how Rich is around any less than any other SO, at least in terms of the show's events. It was interesting that Dee got her own talking head. I still don't buy her turning the business over to D'Andra. I'm not sure I'd turn over a lemonade stand to D'Andra. And what the hell is up with D'Andra's collection of earrings made from what appear to be upholstery tassels? Between those and Carole's many feathered earrings, I'm wondering if there was some sort of RH crafting meeting. Gods help us if Brandi's kids ever get together with OC Gina's kids. That might open a hellmouth.