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  1. Lennie Briscoe Was NOT Great: Unpopular Opinions

    He was trash talking her when he was at the bar. Because it looked like she decided not to show up. He never called Claire “My Angel.”
  2. Disney Films

    The Netflix version was also very good. But I'm Christian Bale's BITCH and LOOOOOVED his Bagheera, so take that as you will. It will make you cry though. And Though I love Matthew Rhys, who is also in this movie--as a human--his Hindi was ATROCIOUS. Cate Blanchette plays Kaa. It's got a great voice cast: Andy Serkis plays Akele.
  3. S04.E07: Down the Rabbit Hole

    UGH. I blame Ron for this. I hate this more sympathetic depiction of a non entity of a character who was an asshole, into some long-suffering, benevolent husband who only wanted to love his wife that he thought he lost and was faithful to during their marriage and after Claire returned.
  4. Disney Films

    I made a KILLING post-Thanksgiving! The Little Mermaid AND The Jungle Book's prices came DOWN from the $40 to under $20 and I got them both! Watched them back-to-back and saw what was expanded in both live versions of The Jungle Book. Kaa was just evuhl, but of course, in the Netflix version, she was an all-knowing "good" python, who saw the past and future. Whereas in the original animated version, he was just as rotten as the snake in Robin Hood. The animated version. Ooh! Must get that one next. The ending was as ridiculous as when I first saw it. 10 year old boys still think girls are icky. So Mowgli falling into wuv, was...well, I won't nitpick. It's a movie. But I WILL NITPICK over the red bindi the girl had. Because BACK THEN, the red bindi stood for a MARRIED WOMAN. MORONS.😒😒😒😒 But I did giggle at the Elephant's name. Col.? Gen? Haathi! Hee. 😀😀Because Haathi is Hindi for "Elephant." The alternate ending is something similar we saw in the Netflix version. That Mowgli was the leader of the pack, but not Shere Khan's ending. I have to go rewatch the theatrical version. I can't recall how that one ended. And then I curled up and enjoyed The Little Mermaid. Ahhhh, teen love. I fucking love Pat Conroy as Ursula. So very EVUHL and Delicious with it. She's right up there with Maleficent. And I'm sooo glad that "Harold" was left on the cutting room floor. We didn't need to see him or what became of mermen and mermaids who couldn't pay Ursula back. We saw that already with those poor souls in the actual movie.
  5. The Bullpen: Past Seasons Discussion

    "He-Ho, He-Ho, It's Off to Lamaze We Go!" was on Sunday, but I watched it last night, and I 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 from the beginning to how Murphy wanted to schedule a Cesarean, to when Eldin finally agreed to be her Lamaze coach, to the class and end. Candice looked particularly beautiful near the end when she was telling Eldin how scared she was. Red is a very good color on her.
  6. S04.E07: Down the Rabbit Hole

    It tells you how much I detest Hosebeast and the lack of Jamie and Claire that I've yet to watch this. Maybe this weekend, I'll watch it and the next, which BETTER have Jamie and Claire. I don't care. But I watch this show for THEM. Of course we'd see Frank/Menzies again, if only in flashbacks, to expand on how Brianna was taught to survive, because that was in the buiks. This isn't a documentary, nor is it a show based on something realistic, like say, medical dramas or cop shows, so I don't need an explanation as to WHY Claire can time travel; why Brianna and Roger can, but Jamie can't. The simple answer is because that's how Diana Gabaldon wrote it. So, to those that watched early on demand: what did Matt and Maril have to say about the lack of Laura/Jenny to explain the lack of an onscreen reunion?
  7. S04.E09: Elseworlds Part III (2018.12.11)

    Heh, tru, dat.
  8. She did. But then decided she wanted to work for the CIA, and Bleeth's character, Caitlin, who used to work for the CIA (which was a JOKE), convinced her that the work she did was super kewl! But she dropped that idea after visiting the local CIA's office, I guess? Nash headed the SIU, which was the Special Investigative Unit. And it was Rachel, the mole, who set it up so she AND Cassidy would be assigned there. Even though Cassidy as a new recruit, had no business being there. Rachel may have pointed it out, but she was just doing that to preserve her cover. And it's such a tired trope--lure someone with promise of promotion/own unit to nab a "crooked cop" when there's NO SUCH EVIDENCE, and falling for said cop, and then learning you were played. ZZZZZZZZZZZZ........ I really loved how Joe kicked her ass out of the unit.
  9. Target Practice: Poisoned Arrow (The Bitterness Thread)

    And what Helbing said is SUCH BULLSHIT.
  10. See, I HATE AND LOATHE MarbleMushmouth SOOOO MUCH, I would jump for joy if Malcolm came back, and wouldn't care what ridonkulousness reasons would be.
  11. S11.E08: The Coma and the Oxford Comma

    Thanks. When I first read your post and "controversy," my mind immediately went huh? What could possibly be controversial about this? I thought it was PERFECT casting.
  12. S11.E08: The Coma and the Oxford Comma

    What say you? What controversy???
  13. The show returned to Season One last week. The first three seasons were the best. Then it was infected with Yasmeen Bleeth. Whose character I Could.NOT.STAND. But what was the worst was, why they had her move in with Nash just because they said "I love yous" to each other. And then she set about changing HIS HOUSE into what SHE WANTED, with HER SHIT, and no respect for Nick. Then turned her into a need, whiny twat before she left. And where was this housekeeper of hers when she had her own place? Where was this housekeeper when that crooked cop pretended to be her non-existent husband and called the leasing manager or whoever he was, to ship her stuff to Alabama? I fucking hate RETCONS like that. And it seems that the crooked cops or Powers That Be were insistent on setting up Nash up/Thinking HE was crooked/ to get him off the force from the very first season! When there was never any proof of that. It seemed that the murdered Chief, who was his former partner, was the only Brass on his side. So of course they had to kill him off, to make room for Petit (Geoffrey Pierson, who was my FAVORITE FRANK on Ryan's Hope for the short time he was Frank) and then Bill Smitrovich, Crockett's crooked former partner from Miami Vice to have some kind of Vendetta against him. I'm going to have to do research to find out if his Ray was a recast or some new person we'd never heard of before. I hate the final season. They changed the theme music, and I wasn't a fan of how much of the HEART of the show, was gone. Man, though, did they put Evan through the wringer in his final season on the show before they redeemed him. And then killed him off because the actor left the show. And I guess because Bobby only came back in a fevered delusion/hallucination, they couldn't/didn't get Jan Michael Vincent (who looks SO MUCH MORE like he could be Johnson's/Nash's brother), they got that lame ass Michael Beck. BAH! Another retcon was Cassidy feeling she had to be a cop because Evan was a cop and he'd been killed. When she had already decided she was going to be one BEFORE he was killed. I'm sooooo glad that that twat murderer Tamra was killed off finally and that Nash never found out. Didn't need him to go off to find her killer. I was blanking on WHEN he met her, and then the season one episode where Nash is the mayor's protective detail aired, and that's when she showed up. I don't understand how they cast so many women who were LOUSY ACTRESSES. BLECH. Annette O' Toole was one of the best. At least I have the consolation that Lisa was the love of Nash's life.
  14. And we're BACK to season one!
  15. Former Hosts: PROFESSIONAL Life After The View

    Nothing in that blurb tells me there's anything new or things people didn't already know.