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  1. Season Five Discussion

    It bugged me that she was just trying to crank out artwork for this thing. It just makes art so inauthentic when you're doing it just so you can have mass quantities. And we saw her attempting a 'dirty pour' painting in one episode - if she's able to do those then she should have had LOTS of those. they turn out really cool if you know what you're doing. It's something I want to start trying.
  2. S11.E2: South Peach

    Well I know she's dumb... but sometimes she seems to have nice adult conversations with people and appears to be a functioning adult. That whole scene with her 'bae' or whatever with the tooth brush was just...... TOO MUCH.
  3. S08.E10: Apocalypse Then

    This was probably my favorite episode all season but there were a lot of 'ok that's lame' moments. The way Mallory killed Michael - lame. The ending with the new anti-christ - lame. I enjoyed having some things tied up - Like finding out how Mallory and Coco were two different people yet the same people, how Coco (and Mallory) ended up at the outpost. BUT was Joan Collins two different people as well? I'm assuming so since she wasn't gathered up as a witch to be brought back to life in the outpost. But that was super confusing. Having people play multiple characters was just a bad bad decision. Way too confusing. But now we know why life in that outpost was so miserable. Because Venable was told she could run it however she wanted and seemed to enjoy making people miserable. She probably had a stash of good food hidden away somewhere all to herself. But now I can't remember why they wanted to kill everyone with the poisoned apples. And I think the two perfect DNA kids were chosen as a back up plan for the antichrist. But why did she not die in childbirth?
  4. S07.E13: A Very MJ Wedding

    I used to like her but each season she seems to get more and more extra and dramatic. She needs to tone it down by a million. Thank god that dress looked great being photographed because it looked like a hot mess on film. I don't even want to know what it cost.
  5. Season Five Discussion

    I wonder if they could go after the previous owners for lying about it being fixed. I think they said in the first episode that they were told it was fix but putting a towel back there kinda catches them in a lie. My friend just bought a newish house - it had one owner, they owned it for a year or two, sold it to a different builder who in turn built them a different house so that builder was the seller to my friend. She found an itty bitty leak in the basement after one rainstorm and she found out that the prior owners had it fixed and didn't disclose it (although i'm not sure how the prior owners would disclose that to her since she didn't buy it from them) but she was so up in arms about it...turns out there was a still a warranty on it so it got fixed no problem but she was really mad. I can't imagine her finding issues like the Johnston's had and not blowing a complete gasket. The things inspectors find kinda scare me because my house is so old I'm sure they'll find a bunch of ridiculous stuff and I'm going to have to say too bad so sad, it's a really freaking old house!
  6. Season Five Discussion

    Amber said this episode (or maybe previews from the next one) "IF we would have hired an inspector, they wouldn't have found that" so sounds like there was no inspection of the house before buying. So if it was a foreclosure is there just no inspection at all or can a buyer hire their own? I have an old house (built in 1910) and I'm starting to think my house is in better shape than that fancy new-ish one! I really hope after this episode that they can stop talking about the ex-boyfriend now... that poor kid doesn't deserve to be talked about every single episode. And hopefully Elizabeth is able to improve her painting skills either in college or maybe take a class outside of school by a professional artist. I know when I was in high school I thought I was doing amazing things.. and then I went to college for art and it was a complete game changer and realized all the stuff I did in school was pure crap. She'll be glad she sold all those pieces. They should have decent money that she can get rid of those crappy value priced canvases and thin canvas boards and cheap 'craft' acrylic paint and get the good stuff.
  7. Flipping Out In The Media

    Jeff wasn't disputing if Jenni ever worked for him, he's always said she has, for many years, but the past few years she really didn't - she only did for TV purposes. So Jenni is claiming that Jeff said she never worked for him? She did a big article in People(?) this week that got Jeff kinda riled up on his radio show.
  8. S11.E2: South Peach

    I really hope someone in Posha's family is telling her that she doesn't have to play dumb as a box of rocks in order to get a man. omggggg she was just way too extra this episode. I didn't understand the rooming situation with porsha and Marlo - so their rooms were connected by an elevator? Was that a different room than Posha previously had with her boyfriend? And if her and Marlo previously weren't getting along - why would you give that person such easy access to your hotel room?
  9. S06.E04: I Know What You Did

    So then there's hope for Diego? Because Jay seems to be able to speak in actual sentences and makes sense.
  10. S06.E04: I Know What You Did

    I think that's usually code for "I had to quit my job to be on this show" Leida's dad commented that he hoped she could continue her education here in the states and i immediately thought 'good luck getting her fiance/husband to pay for it!" I foster cats and have a few of my own and I MUCH prefer leather of fabric. I'll deal with some scratches over the pain it is to clean up cat vomit. I actually did switch out all my microfiber furniture for nice leather years ago and don't regret it one bit.
  11. S06.E04: I Know What You Did

    oh man.... so much WTF going on this episode. Eric only has a twin bed for him and Leida and no bed for her son?????????? How do you not prepare!?!?!? Although I guess it's actually a bed whereas what's his face did even have that before his fiance arrived... And Colt and his mother SHARE a bank account!?!?!?!? Oh dear.....
  12. S11.E08: Trimming the Fat

    In the earlier seasons they were pretty open with how they end each workday with drinks- I think the entire staff. I think Zoila would make them. Teddy was a guest on Jeff's radio show and I think that's how he ended up wanting to do her program, I didn't realize he was only doing 2 weeks though, from his radio show they made it sound like he only lasted 2 weeks and then quit lol I am super surprised Liat and her husband allowed(?) them to talk about their relationship - and if that became a storyline without them knowing, I wonder how that relationship is now.
  13. S13.E08: The Toilet Exploded!

    Perhaps it's a way to deter people from knocking on their door? I know if I were a salesperson I would take one look at those and say "NOPE" and continue on my way.
  14. Season Five Discussion

    How much do you think you need to eat - and would it be on like a daily basis? Well traditionally the youngest usually is the most spoiled. And sometimes kids are just assholes and bratty no matter how hard the parents try.
  15. S13.E08: The Toilet Exploded!

    I think what we saw is that what Jen really wanted with no remodel needed was way out of their budget and they likely ran out of time to find something and Bill, Jen or both refused to rent while finding or building their perfect house so they likely found something that suited most wants location wise (privacy, water side and view) with being cheap enough to fund a remodel. Plus it already had an elevator which I'm sure was a HUGE plus to them. I imagine having one installed is super duper expensive, leaving not much extra for lowering cabinets and other changes they wanted to make. All those stairs don't much sense to us but none of it really matters to them since they have the elevator. I don't foresee them answering their front door very often.