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  1. I don't think there's a fee for doing the pickup option. My cousin was super excited when their local walmart finally had the option to shop online and pickup because she said it was such a huge hassle taking the kids to the store and just so much easier to shop online and due a curbside pickup. And I don't go to walmart often because I'm too lazy to walk around a giant store but when I want something cheaper, I tend to go there. The only cheaper option to walmart might be Aldis.
  2. S02.E06: Your Card Has Been Declined

    If you couldn't see Traceys face during that seen with her wearing the lingerie - she actually looked pretty decent in it. The color looked nice on her. And I oddly understand Michael's way of thinking. It's kinda smart and a whole lot of stupid because it will likely backfire in the long run. But his end goal was to get close to his daughter. 1. Marry the mom and get paroled to where they live (I'm assuming that's why he wanted to marry her in jail - he gets paroled to them) 2. Keep the mom happy until you can get to the kid. 3. spend as much time with the kid until you get found out. Now when the mom finds out she's been duped the entire time then she's going to unleash the fury of hell on him but he had that small moment close to his daughter, which he probably didn't think he could get if he was upfront about the other girl right away.
  3. BB in the Media: Outside the Fishbowl

    I am pretty happy with this list. I think the only ones I am not familiar with are the NFL guy and WWE lady. Kandi is pretty shocking to me.... so I'm interested to see how she does confined to a stinky house. I didn't even recognize Ryan and I'm ready for Tom Green to just be weird. I was considering not getting the feeds but now I will!
  4. Married To Medicine

    I have a very good friend (that i've been friends with since I was 16 - we are 35 now) who has invited new friends and their partners on trips with her and her husband right in front of me. Never once giving a thought to I might enjoy a tropical vacation even though I am single. Oh and then once telling me about all the people (couples) she's trying to get for a group trip with no consideration. Seriously it hurts. and I like Toya but that comment makes me want to slap her upside the head.
  5. Surviving R. Kelly

    The 14(?) year old girl that he met from her waiting outside of his trial - it seemed like she didn't come from a well off family. She said her mom worked a lot and didn't notice where she was. But my question... if she didn't really have a parent looking out for her.. how did she get out? Did she just one day decide to tell Kelly "peace out" and never come back?? All she said was "i was with him for a year" or something like that. But I want to know how some of these girls managed to leave while others are obviously brainwashed and trapped. Like the girl who snuck out of the hotel with her mom. Everyone who left, was it always that complicated or were there some girls that he just got tired of and let go?? I think I was in high school when he was charged with the sex tape thing. And honestly when he was found 'not guilty' I think I believed he was ok and the not guilty verdict meant that he truly wasn't guilty. I live in Iowa, it's not that far from Chicago and either my head was in the clouds or word of how screwed up he was just didn't make it far from his camps. I don't remember much about it other than when it came out and thinking - wow, that's awful if true - and then found not guilty, so then it's like 'oh ok, moving on..' When I saw this series pop up on my tv guide I thought "hmm... did something happen with him? I think I remember him being portrayed as a creeper....is he still doing that shit?." and then I watched it and oh my god...... I am horrified I ever liked any of his songs. I wasn't a huge fan of his but some of his songs were catchy and apparently I was his prime demographic age wise.
  6. S07.E34: Backstage Pass

    I'd really like to see inside Larry's head when the girls are going off on him like that. Like does he go home and cry because he has to be pussy-whipped by them every time he seems them??? C'mon Larry, grow some balls and agree with her that she should quit! They can keep Gary and Christina.
  7. Tracie & Clint: Bless Yer Hearts

    No it's not a new baby. The photos are from April 2017
  8. yep - multiple kids, a lot of them got married shortly after college. We're in our mid-30's now. Maybe that's why.... they were young enough to kick off the baby weight before their metabolism vanished lol Now the GUYS... whole different story. Not many of them have been able to maintain high school weight ;)
  9. Let's not forget her age when this series starts. So many kids are assholes in their teens and early 20's and it's quite normal for them to grow into mature, compassionate adults. I think the Leah we have seen during the reunion dramas is the Leah that she is. She's wants to stay out of the drama and doesn't want to make anyone feel bad. I think she has a truly sweet nature. Now maybe she doesn't really have anything currently to be a bitch about but to me she seems to have made leaps and bounds from the kid she used to be. oh man, i wish i had your same experience! I swear none of the girls I went to school with have gained an ounce, and in fact have lost weight! And here I am.... trying to stay above water. The only thing that makes me feel better sometimes is when I see one is still single like me lol i don't wish ill on anyone but i wouldn't mind seeing someone that was a popular pretty girl similar to my current weight.
  10. Jeremy and Auj Poj

    Probably depends. There are plenty of free ones to download and I would probably download his "History" one if he put it out for free. But there are some that I would actually buy. I have a photographer that's local to me, she's done family photos for us and she's talked about putting her preset up for sale... and I might have to check to see if she ever did because I would buy it. For the life of me I can not recreate the preset she uses for all her photos and I love it so much. I see a lot of photographers bundle a bunch of presents and then offer it for a 'massive discount' and I'm sure there are people who are click happy and buy it. I did that for a photo editing tutorial because I had some money and was in a shopping mood that day lol.
  11. Kailyn: Kail Smash!

    She has to hate sitting down..... those jeans can not be comfortable.
  12. Except Chelsea (and Cole)

    Before her wedding she said she stopped eating carbs (and maybe sugars) to lose all the weight she did so i wouldn't be surprised if she's still doing that. I don't think she's at an unhealthy weight at all. We first saw her when she was pretty chunky, plus had a lot of baby fat still. I think she looks great now. Oh yea.. she does do a specific 'diet' - i can't remember what it's called but she has posted about it before. Profile Sanford - that's what it is (or was). She posted about it back in April.
  13. Kailyn: Kail Smash!

    That is sooooooo photoshopped. And badly, around both elbows. Yep and his wife owns a business of selling and refurbishing furniture (and maybe other stuff, but he posts the furniture a lot on twitter)
  14. S06.E13 & E14: Tell-All

    On the real ones - does the red come off and look like crap like on Leida's?
  15. S06.E13 & E14: Tell-All

    And Danielle had to get a co-sponsor for Mohammed, correct???