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  1. Kevin Smith interview with SFX Supervisor Armen Kevorkian (Interview starts at 17:14): They discuss Armen's career history, the process behind putting together special effects for TV, Kevin discusses the episodes of Supergirl and The Flash that he worked on.
  2. I hate it when they have to dumb down everyone to get to a plot point. It wasn't a his needs vs. her needs situation. It was going to affect more than just them (as explicitly stated). Maybe telling everyone his secret identity would clear him of this crime, but it would have caused more problems if it got out publicly. Did he lecture him? He shared his experience of going down the same path that Joe was considering in the one scene where Ralph was actually relevant. The Flash is the titular hero, he's saving the day 95% of the time. Sidekicks almost getting the bad guy is typical of these shows. (Or is the problem that the woman and Hispanic guy shouldn't be sidekicks?) But the Cisco and Caitlin did do some successful superheroing in just the previous episode.
  3. Kevin Smith audio interview with SFX Supervisor Armen Kevorkian: (haven't listened to it all yet.) ETA: actual interview starts at 17:14.
  4. Photos for 4.11 are out: They got another The Flash (1990) actress to make an appearance playing the same character! Plus new costume for Ralph. I think the goggles/mask kinda works - they fit with his face. And the new costume has 2 things going for it: it's not a gray onesie, and it doesn't look like it came from the CW Bikers Club like so many of the other costumes. I love the choices on the wheel! Plus sad prison Barry: I hate that Wally is a no-show.
  5. Ratings reports:
  6. Trailer for the next few(?) episodes:
  7. I'm not sure if it this would have been much better (coming back from hiatus with Barry already in prison), but this is another way they could have started this arc if the writers didn't really feel like doing courtroom/trial scenes. The problem is that what they showed was silly, rushed, and/or nonsensical. He did when Barry first went to grab DeVoe. I think they made a point to show him injuring his hand, and that's where DeVoe got Barry's blood/skin to plant as evidence.
  8. 4.10 ratings:
  9. Actually, you know what? The fact that Singh was cool with Barry's "sabbatical" and 72 tardies, I'll take that as my 'bone'. :) But I still would love if they straight say if he knows or not.
  10. Barry: "I'm trying to protect you. Okay, if everyone knew my secret, we would never stop running." Iris: "I would rather run forever with you, than stand alone without you."
  11. Really like the continuing theme of Barry discovering new powers in situations related to Iris; I thought it was beautiful visually: ---- And they continue to parallel the West-Allens and the DeVoes: the repetition of "We're the Flash", and "I'm nothing without you". I think Marlize is DeVoe's weakness, like Iris is for Barry, so I'm hoping that Iris is instrumental in stopping Marlize, which helps to stop DeVoe.
  12. Greg Berlanti interview with Variety; among other things, he discuss changes behind-the-scenes after the Kriesberg firing.
  13. + 1 for showing Caitlin holding Iris' hand in court, evidence of the supposed friendship between the women. - 99 for Killer Frost (who ended up not being that useful) only coming out to help by yelling at and goading Caitlin. And while Barry wasn't disappearing into the speedforce or anything, I thought the reactions to the guilty verdict were too subdued.
  14. After a lackluster mid-season premiere, just what we need - a Ralph episode: Can't wait to see how they incapacitate literally everyone so he can save the day. 😐 Kinda looking forward to seeing Trickster Jr. again, though.