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  1. I know they want to set up a contrast to Barry and have Dibny become a "better" person and hero, but they just made him too sleazy. Plus, I don't think he adds anything much to the show. Not plotwise or powers-wise. He's not strongly connected to any of the cast (besides Barry), or the Big Bad. I guess he gives Barry a storyline and someone to mentor; but he already has (or should have) his arc with DeVoe/Thinker, his upcoming wedding and his changing relationship with his fianceé, readjusting to being back on Earth - including his neglected CSI job, mentoring Wally, and whatever challenge the villain of the week brings. They have touched on most of those, but not consistently. I'm just glad that the DeVoe arc is going to get some focus very soon.
  2. It reached 1 million! In just over 2 days! --- 'The 26 greatest romances in science fiction's last two decades'
  3. 'Supergirl Stars Tease Kara and Mon-El's Uneasy Reunion, the Legion's Arrival'
  4. Melissa sings in an ad for Minecraft: It's pretty cute:
  5. I'm hoping they have at least one or two token scenes of the other Supergirl cast before Kara and Alex cross over to attend the wedding. And yeah, it's going to be weird. I don't think the network, etc. have done enough to let viewers know that the other casts are going to be on the other shows. The producers have been saying for a while that this year's crossover is like a 4-hour movie, and they're not treating it like individual episodes of each show like they've done before. The (church) wedding does start on Supergirl then gets interrupted, then it concludes in the last hour on Legends.
  6. Character Breakdowns Hint At New Metahumans
  7. And you can buy it as a print!
  8. I still like the dress from 4.03 a little better -not really a fan of strapless- but the wedding dress is stunning on Candice! Aw, Flash colors for the flowers! 😍
  9. I'd read somewhere that the article/photoshoot Candice did is supposed to be out this week: Will this reach 1 million likes?? And along with the sponsored "stretched scenes", there's a behind the scenes video with interview clips with Hartley Sawyer, Candice and Danielle on the CW website and the CW app.
  10. 'Crossover Photos: The Most Important Things We've Learned' I'm guessing the person in the pipeline cell is the Earth-X version of Oliver.
  11. Yesssss. The Love Square will finally be complete! Mwahahaha! But seriously; maybe Oliver just gives Iris a friendly cheek peck at the rehearsal dinner? Unless there are other spoilers that confirm a Kara-X/Oliver-X relationship.
  12. All I want is Wonder Woman 2 and a Flash movie! Ezra Miller is so good; and all the creative and business-side troubles are screwing over him and one of DC's A-list characters.
  13. Crossover promo leaked early: