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  1. The Good Doctor: Spoiler Thread

    2.02 description:
  2. Relationships: Speed Dating

    So just for the record, Barry's speedster sex powers are: Vibration, Super fast recovery, Using 'Flashtime' so that all the sex doesn't take away time from everything else.
  3. Race & Ethnicity on TV

    Changing the subject a bit: I don't remember if this was brought up here or in the Hallmark thread, but I know the Hallmark movies have an issue with being all White, all the time. But they just put out their list of Christmas movies, and there are at least 4 with women of color in leading roles. That's only 4 out of 36 though.
  4. Race & Ethnicity on TV

    Was Shaw (Sarah Shahi) a regular when they killed Carter off? Because I thought it was terrible that they killed off their one Black regular and their one female regular in one strike. It made more sense story-wise to get rid of Fusco. --- Speaking of the The Flash, Barry Allen's Black family (which is almost never acknowledged as such) gets a little bigger this year with the addition of his future daughter as a regular. But yeah, they need Black women writers. [ETA: also check out the unbelievably on point casting]
  5. A few new short promo videos on CW's you page; Christine Adams talks about an improvised Season 1 scene in this one:
  6. The Flash in the Media

    Reminder that Carlos and Danielle P. will be at Edmonton Expo this weekend. Their joint panel is on Saturday.
  7. Danielle Panabaker's Hallmark Christmas movie, Christmas Joy, will premiere Nov. 3. : https://ew.com/tv/hallmark-christmas-movies-2018-air-dates/
  8. If anyone is interested in Violett Beane's role in her new show, God Friended Me; the pilot is available online (legally), and she's positioned as the secondary lead.
  9. Candice Patton is set to be a presenter at the iHeartRadio Music Festival this weekend (Sept. 21 & 22). You can watch live, but CW will also be airing it on Oct. 7 & 8.
  10. ComickerGirl doing a countdown to the season premiere! http://comickergirl.tumblr.com/post/178249529816/day-1-a-is-for-alex
  11. Race & Ethnicity on TV

    Not related to the hashtag, but The Flash already had a writers room pic out from earlier this summer: I don't think that's everyone, though.
  12. Super(girl) Media

    First (and only?) Funko Pop! for Supergirl: https://www.funko.com/blog/article/2018-nycc-reveals-tv
  13. The Miniaturist

    I got all that. I meant when Marin and Johannes were arguing. Yeah, she was still in love with the other guy, but there must have been other suitable suitors, since she's from a wealthy family. I feel there must be another reason - maybe to protect/look after Johannes, but they haven't stated that outright.
  14. Super(girl) Media

    Kevin Smith coming to direct (or prep) this week: