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  1. They still need to do waaaaay better, but I think this exaggeration is untrue. Iris is definitely the emotional heart of the show, but they have shown her journalism and agency more this season. But it's like baby steps. ::SIIIIIIIIIIGH:: Since you mentioned "beck and call", it made me realize that pretty much ALL the supporting characters fill this role for Barry/the Flash. (He is the lead/central character.) So I don't know if Iris is any worse off than anyone else in that regard. I guess I don't agree that things happening on a show take away from another different show - even in a shared universe. Unless a character switches shows.
  2. Posted my thoughts in the Flash forum. Sorry, no bullets!
  3. I don't expect any list is going satisfy or change the mind of anyone who has determined not to like the show or the character. A few things I thought of, mostly from this season: Barry fractured the relationships with and within his family; lost the trust and respect of friends and allies; had to put himself at risk to defend Central City (and the world in a couple cases) against threats he had a hand in creating; (probably) unwittingly created Savitar, his most deadly threat yet; got chastised and almost killed by the speed force; watched the love of his life die. Died a couple times. This "no consequences" argument seems to come up whenever something good happens to Barry. It's not just that some undefined standard of accountability is required, but that no positive things should happen to him either. That's not an issue with the show. Barry has done a lot of good also, so I think it evens out, if not outweighing his mistakes.
  4. My conclusion is that it's a new timeline. And yeah, they've actually shown at least two different versions of time travel, so it is confusing.
  5. The Valentine's episode and the musical are exactly the light-hearted fluff the show needs to do more often! (But not too often.) With the musical, it was just great to see the cast play different characters, and interact in new ways.
  6. Millie photo from Candice's instagram: So pretty!
  8. Late but, Carlos Valdes' promo for the musical: Behind the scenes featurette about the music:
  9. Ask Ausiello: I don't believe you, Kreisberg. I wonder if she'll end up working for Lena?
  10. Promo pics for "Abra Kadabra" Ack! the Joe finger of disapproval! Oh dear -- everyone is getting a turn in that hospital bed!
  11. Another episode post-mortem: 'What's next for Barry and Iris?'
  12. We can continue this in the Flash forum when I'm awake. And we already had this conversation in October, and I don't think there's any list of bullet points that will satisfy you. But what would you like to see as appropriate "consequences" from the show? (If you watch the show.) Flash Through The Seasons: Series General Discussion
  13. EntertainmentTonight interviews with Grant and Candice - spoilers for "Duet"
  14. 'Grant Gustin, Candice Patton Open Up About the Latest 'WestAllen' Development'
  15. They've been showing consequences of Barry's decisions; but probably not the ones you want. Iris and Barry had their talk in the previous episode, and was already ready to get back together. I don't think she was doing anything "blindly".