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  1. Was looking over some old posts discussing separation tropes, ... and Flash did decide to do amnesia this season! However, amnesia!Barry was still in love with Iris. So they used it as almost the opposite of a separation trope. (But then they did the they separated them with Barry going to another plane of existence, which I was kind of expecting.) At least Kara and Mon-el are still in the same universe... I hope.
  2. This is exactly why we needed at least an entire episode on Savitar's origin/backstory. I actually think the writers had some good ideas this season, but they were executed poorly.
  3. The finale has aired, but still no cast announcements. Are Tom Felton and Anne Dudek staying? Someone must be leaving. Seems weird we haven't heard anything.
  4. BTW, CW starts re-airing Season 3 this Tuesday.
  5. And Johns has a producer credit for The Flash; does he have one for any of the other DC shows?
  6. Soooo much fanfiction fuel just in the last few episodes! It's like they knew they were going on hiatus or something. 😜
  7. Danielle also at the premiere! Did any of the CW dudes go??
  8. Yeah, it's not a coincidence; but between the time they wrote that in, and when TPTB work out the details for the crossover and arcs for each show, I can easily see the wedding date being changed if necessary, that's all. --------- In non-WestAllen news: Cisco and Gypsy have a connection that spans the multiverse! I like them together, so I appreciate the sentiment; but I hope they actually explore that and show rather than just tell.
  9. Candice (and Caity!) at the Wonder Woman premiere!
  10. I don't think they will bring in another love interest, either. (And I'd feel sorry for the poor guy that would immediately get forgotten once Barry comes back -- because you know he will.) I can't see Iris moving on so fast (5 or so months, most likely) when she knows Barry is gone but not dead. The chance of him coming back is still there. Also it would negate everything they built up with Barry & Iris this season. Which I wouldn't put it past them to do, but I think the chance is very low. I think the references and reminders of their engagement and wedding planning in the finale indicate that they will be able to pick up where they left off when Barry returns. About the wedding date; I'm keeping my expectations in check because it could just be a placeholder/easter egg. A November wedding would have worked before, but with the Savitar drama, and Barry missing in the Speed Force (for how long?), I can see them postponing it to later in the season. But I do like the idea of all the characters from all the shows coming together for a wedding.
  11. Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets | Final Trailer: And if you're a child of the 90s, you might recognize the music.
  12. I think the break-up and banishment to the Speed Force count as derailments. But I wouldn't be surprised at another hiccup. The press release for Supergirl's Season 2 DVDs is out, and it doesn't have the crossover episodes. But the other shows should.
  13. Yes, definitely personal opinion; both Barry and Iris love each other and want to be together also.
  14. "Olicity fans" was brought up in relation to Barry and Iris getting married, when I don't see how those things have anything to do with each other.