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  1. Kevin Smith will be directing another episode in the back half of Season 4:
  2. From the EW Comic Con party:
  3. Individual portraits of the cast from EW here:
  4. Cast signing photos: EW cast portrait: LOL Keiynan!
  5. I just wish they'd do a story that hadn't already been adapted; or come up with a new story. Also, why would they pick such a dark story for the character that apparently is the comic relief in this universe? I thought they were trying to move away from the "murderverse".
  6. With Danielle not being allowed to say anything about Caitlin's return, I wonder what twist they have planned for the premiere? I have a feeling that they're going to try and satisfy two opposing goals, and it's not going to work out either way -- like last season.
  7. Cast photos at TV Line: and the other one.
  8. Summary of the Flash panel (spoilers):
  9. IGN interview with Grant, Candice, and Todd Helbing: and one with Danielle and Carlos:
  10. Spoilers:
  11. They keep reiterating that this season is going to be 'lighter' -- they better follow through!
  12. He didn't die or leave the city the last time we saw him, so I hope they at least mention something about him in the premiere. I'm hoping they can get him to come back and do a couple of guest appearances. ---- EW Comic Con spoiler article and cast interview video: