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  1. I really liked the flashback episode too; besides showing backstories, it was a great way to change up the format for an episode and see the characters in different settings. Also liked how they showed Michael's flashback leading up to the bank robbery in the Pilot.
  2. Report on Grant and Tom F. at SVCC: 'The Flash stars reveal bromance and more at Silicon Valley Comic Con' As far as I can tell (from other reports also), they didn't really say anything about the upcoming episodes.
  3. Well, he is on her list. And Barry has already kissed Felicity, we just need a Iris/Oliver kiss to complete the quad. I'm here for it! 😉
  4. I don't know about all that; I blame the writers who insist on doing this villainous KF arc even though that character has next to nothing to do with the Caitlin Snow that's been here for 3 seasons.
  5. Interesting how we all view things differently! I see a bunch of Barry/Iris parallels just from this paragraph.
  6. A few quotes from Danielle about Killer Frost from C2E2: Mmmmyeah. So they still don't have an explanation about WHY there's a "bad person inside of her" in the first place.
  7. Yeah, they got engaged so fast it's thrown off my calculations for the actual wedding. I can see them staying engaged for a while, but on the other hand, a Season 4 wedding is totally possible too.
  8. I don't know why they put that there, but the article and photo related to Candice is there.
  9. I know they've been building it up in the previous two seasons, But has there been another TV couple that went from first date to engaged within the span of a season? I'm almost sure I've seen this before, but I'm blanking right now. There's probably stuff involving minor characters; or situations where the relationship started AND ended quickly.
  10. Oh, I hope not! I don't think this fluffy kids show needs that type of plot twist/angst.
  11. Candice Patton: What's in My Bag? - Us Magazine
  12. New interview and photoshoot of Candice at Vulkan magazine!
  13. Melissa Benoist cast in ‘Waco’ miniseries:
  14. If so, we'll probably be seeing less of Danielle. I don't know how much less, but I doubt they have the budget for the extra time to put her in that Killer Frost wig and makeup every episode. (I know it's not a huge amount of work, but no other (supporting) character in the CW/DC shows needs such a transformation for the actor. (Except for Martian Manhunter on Supergirl, but that's CGI which is already built into the budget from the start.))
  15. Episode 3.21 description: ---------------- So it looks like Caitlin will be Killer Frost for the rest of the season? I'm worried that whatever resolution they come up with for this arc will disappoint.