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  1. National Enquirer issues apology to Judge Judy. Like, why would you even mess with a rich, famous, former lawyer??
  2. "The premiere is all about Iris and Cisco" was one of the quotes from Comic Con, so I'm glad that is reflected in the new trailer. I'm concerned about the absence of Caitlin, though; they really don't want to reveal what's going on with her.
  3. Crossover directors: I think Dermott Downs (far right) will be doing the Flash episode.
  4. Bridal shower confirmed!! Looks like they are doing reshoots(?) for 4.05.
  5. Another preview of Reign/Sam: 'Odette Annable Joins 'Supergirl': 'Everyone Will Have a Relationship With Sam''
  6. I really hope so; the back halves of the last two seasons were uneven at best. I'm not worried about not hearing about after Christmas break yet; we still need to get to the premiere and through this crossover! I haven't heard too much about Dibney, as in, which episodes he's in. But that makes sense. --------- Re: new trailer; I like that they're focusing on the everyone else besides Barry for a change. And even though we know he's coming back, there's still still a bit of mystery (how? why?). But I really do wonder what they told everyone about Barry Allen's absence - and whether that lines up with how he returns. ... And I'm guessing I'll have to add "apple truck driver" to The List of who knows the Flash's secret identity.
  7. New Trailer!
  8. No episode description yet, but season premiere photos are out! Caitlin's been working at a bar? And sad WestAllen: And a new trailer!
  9. From EW magazine:
  10. Keiynan part of a Lucky Brand ad campaign.
  11. There was also the "Three Ghosts" episode in season 2 that mentioned Christmas and alluded to A Christmas Carol.
  12. Premiere info from Bloom: And there are promo photos on CW's press site, but no one has published them yet, as far as I can tell.
  13. Speaking of Trejo, his episode (4.04) falls on halloween - would they reference that kind of like what they did when Valentine's day was on a Tuesday? I'm wondering if they'd work it into the plot, or just have some background extras trick-or-treating?
  14. Aaahh - I just realized I gotta look up what are Danny Trejo's most famous movies, because you know they're going to make a reference, if not several.