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  1. HIS POWERS AREN'T EVEN THAT USEFUL aaaarrrgghhhh! Sorry; it would be one thing if he was actually bringing in something new and useful to the Team/show but he's not. They didn't use Julian as effectively as they could (with less screentime), but even he was more useful(had more purpose) last season.
  2. In addition to what Kate45 said, I think an 'outside the narrative' reason that Barry/Iris are protected (from losing their 'endgame' status) is that out of all the Arrow-verse shows (but Gotham fits too) it's the only pairing set up from the start that was successful. Every other show had come up with new OTPs. Plus, I think DC is at least partially invested in them staying together since it's most likely Iris West will be Black in the movie universe as well. (I think there are also a couple other reasons also, but I'll have to go into it later...) There may be several reasons (again I can't go into it at length *right now*), but yeah, I'm surprised they've never tried it. Heh! Let's not ignore it, but can we all agree that 2A was atypical for the show overall? Especially for WestAllen?
  3. Just a reminder that BL will have a screening and Q&A with the producers, writers, and cast at WonderCon this weekend.
  4. Thunder and Lightnin promo photos: https://twitter.com/blacklightning/status/976490868189179904 https://twitter.com/blacklightning/status/975114555125768192
  5. S01.E17: Smile

    I really hope they flesh out Dr. Park beyond "when I was a cop" anecdotes/insights.
  6. She took up the mantle to help protect the city in Barry's absence, when no one else was willing or able (and it was part of her grieving process as well). She did keep the team together for months; one person deciding to move on doesn't make her a failure. I'm not really a fan of the team format on The Flash, but it's what the show wants to stick with. That's where the action is at and Iris should have a place there. I think there's a lot of things incorrect with your list, but it seems everything is wrong when it comes to Iris, so I'm not going to argue with you.
  7. Unspoiled Speculation: Flash of Genius

    Breacher shows up to ask what conditioner Cisco uses... 😜 Breacher: "Tell me NOW." Cisco: "Okay! Fine. It's a special formula I created myself. It's a secret, though." Breacher: *DEATH GLARE* Cisco: "Alright, alright! I can customize a batch for you, but I'll need you to give me a hair sample." Breacher: "You'll have your sample if you can get it off my head!" Cisco: "Are you.. going to make me fight you for it?" Breacher: *assumes fight stance* Cisco: *sigh* [Previously on Earth-19] Cynthia: "Dad, for the last time - I am not stealing his conditioner for you!" Breacher: "Okay - I tried to do this the easy way...."
  8. Spoilers and Spoiler Discussion

    Oh and since they don't even mention the meta of the week, I'm guessing that chick's a goner.
  9. Spoilers and Spoiler Discussion

    Indeed, 4.17 is a another Ralph episode - repeating the same character beats we've seen seen before. *HARSH SIGH* Can Cisco get at least one A-plot this season? Please?? --- Breacher shows up to ask what conditioner Cisco uses... 😜
  10. Super(girl) Media

    Kevin Smith shares the gift he got from the Supergirl writers room:
  11. http://tvbythenumbers.zap2it.com/daily-ratings/wednesday-cable-ratings-march-21-2018/
  12. S01.E17: Smile

    So Kenny's just a straight up user. UGH. Yeah, what everyone else said, plus Shaun should get better security for his apartment. Grating Blonde who doesn't even have a sad backstory can still leave any time. Nice to see a follow-up on the burn patient. She and Kalu have nice chemistry, but I wonder if it will actually go anywhere. I don't want to see Kalu leave, but on the other hand, I don't know if they should tease him leaving AGAIN without following through. Cases of the week: the identity theft twist was interesting; sad that fake!Lucy was the death this week. Hey, Captain Singh Patrick Sabongui! Not cool with the "brain dead" fakeout! My heart! Speaking of.... Dr. Glassman, NOooo! Okay, thanks; because Iwas over here like 'have I been saying it wrong this whole time??'
  13. (This has sort of veered into Relationships...) I honestly don't think Barry/Caitlin were as much of a threat as some think. If that pairing was ever going to happen, it would have been in season 1 or 2. There was some one-sided baiting in the first season, but that's also the season where Caitlin married Ronnie. (And Ronnie/Robbie Amell didn't want to be tied down to Vancouver, or else he probably would have been on the show longer.) In any case, they'd clearly moved on from that pairing happening by the start of Season 3, and were (are) invested with Barry/Iris.
  14. Lord... why didn't anyone warn me Grant was doing a 'Southern' accent in this? 😅 Krystal trailer.
  15. That's definitely not the only reason. But her abilities have already been pointed out in this thread several times, so I won't go over that again.