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  1. Spoilers and Spoiler Discussion

    Ugh - you suck at these teases, Todd. This is not what happened. I'm still looking forward to the future scenes in the next episode, but I'm lowering my expectations.
  2. S05.E11: Seeing Red

    Nora's most likely his next target -- even though he already attacked her this episode. ::shrug:: Although, it might be interesting if Cicada changed tactics, instead of our heroes.
  3. Disability On TV

    On current TV, Daryl Mitchell, who uses a wheelchair, plays a supporting character on NCIS: New Orleans.
  4. Nafessa Williams Join Sony’s ‘Black And Blue’ Thriller
  5. The Flash in the Media

    The TCA (Television Critics Association) Winter Press Tour is next week, and CW's day is Jan. 31. There probably won't be any news about The Flash, but the network will probably make some scheduling announcements. ----- "Memorabilia" promo:
  6. S02.E12: Aftermath

    I don't remember the exact dialogue, but I do remember thinking they were being vague on purpose.
  7. Shazam! (2019)

    Now set visit reports are being released: 'How Shazam Will Use Childlike Wonder to Set It Apart From the Superhero Pack'
  8. More on Lex Luthor's intro: https://tvline.com/2019/01/23/supergirl-lex-luthor-jon-cryer-first-photo/
  9. S05.E11: Seeing Red

    Maybe?? I was just annoyed that she asked him a straight question and he didn't actually answer. I know he doesn't actually know anything solid yet, but he does have some evidence, and everyone knows she's lied and done stupid stuff before, so it might be worth a shot. But the bigger issue is that Sherloque has this subplot by himself just to keep him relevant. And it's been stretched out way too long. If he won't go to Nora's parents (understandable), he could be sharing his suspicions with Cisco and/or Ralph.
  10. Disability On TV

    Also worth mentioning: Sue Thomas: F.B. Eye, in which the central character and actor, Deanne Bray, was deaf.
  11. Spoilers and Spoiler Discussion

    Promo photos for 5.12, "Memorabilia": Boys night out and Cisco gets a date? So Sherloque obviously brought this in to spy on Nora, right?
  12. Disability On TV

    I can't think of too many disabled characters/actors from the shows I've watched. But I wanted to mention Auggie on Covert Affairs who was blind; played by Chris Gorham who is not blind. The character lost his sight in a combat mission, so most of his life he was not disabled. He was one of the central characters, so I think he was pretty well-rounded and not everything was about his blindness, and it wasn't ignored either. But I'm not blind, so I can't say how well the show portrayed that particular disability.
  13. Scheduling & Ratings for The Flash

    5.11 ratings: https://deadline.com/2019/01/the-conners-eason-1-finale-this-is-us-celebrity-big-brother-tv-ratings-1202540085/
  14. S05.E11: Seeing Red

    So if series regulars like Cisco, Ralph, and Cecile can be missing for whole episodes, when is Caitlin's turn?
  15. S05.E11: Seeing Red

    So the most intriguing thing about Cicada is this meta-hating doctor that’s actively helping him murder people, but somehow I know the show is not going to explore that. I missed Cisco. This is the second episode where he’s been completely absent, and I don’t like it. Especially because we have irrelevant Sherloque taking up space with an arc that could literally go to anyone else. I wish they had skipped doing another Wells this season, and just bring in Cavanagh as Eobard, if they insist on bringing him back. The excuses for why [Character X] isn’t present are starting to get silly. Still missing Joe. Not that I wanted to see Nora injured, but since they did, they could have let her be immobilized for a little while longer. It was a little ridiculous (even by Flash standards) that she was speeding around in her suit by the end of the episode. However, I did like Iris/Nora and West-Allen family scenes; both the heartbreaking ones, and the adorable ones. Yay! A Captain Singh sighting! Loved seeing Cecile and her job involved in the A-plot. We even got rare Cecile/Barry scenes. Cool seeing Norvok and Peekaboo again. So they got protection for the known, free, criminal metahumans, but there’s more out there, right? It’d be a welcome change to come across a few that aren’t bad guys. Why didn’t Sherloque just tell Iris about his concerns? Loved Iris in Protective Mama mode; but she could have pressed Sherloque for more about why he was investigating Nora. I hope this comes up later. How many times has Team Flash battled Cicada and lost? They’ve made tiny progress, but I need to see them have a better plan or let them win for once. I wish it had been Iris to talk down Barry. Or even Ralph or Caitlin. They could have easily let Nora sit this one out, since being paralyzed was her story this week. Wish we had a a little bit more with the West-Allens. The loft! It’s been so long! With a family scene and a WestAllen scene too. And Oh, look; they finally remembered this season’s parallel with the villain. So adoarble: