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  1. Well, it's two episodes in, so it could go to the mountaintop, or the gulch, at this point. I was just happy there wasn't any dialogue that caused me to risk injury via severe eyerolling.
  2. I know I'm in the minority, but I really disliked season one. I hated the dialogue. I hated the Yellow King element. I just found the whole thing tedious. I disliked season two just as much. The dialogue was terrible, the sense of place terrible, the convoluted plot increasingly terrible. I ended up watching both because in season one I kept trying to see what everybody was raving about, and in season two I wanted to see how bad it would get. So I'm surprised at how much better the dialogue was in these two episodes. Hopefully, that will continue.
  3. S06.E12: The Dead

    The first 5-10 minutes were laugh out loud funny, and it's great that it isn't clear whether that was the writers' intent. On some level, I really respect writers who deliberately decide to abandon any effort at continuity, whether it be continuity of character (Bridget!?) geography, or events, along with completely ignoring any elements of how the world operates (will somebody on this show ever stage a murder as a suicide in a hotel or high end condo building with security cameras?) or logic itself (if they have the time to dismember bodies.and the ability to dispose some parts at sea, why are they burying any parts in a backyard?), and just move from scene to scene, writing whatever they want.
  4. S06.E11: Never Gonna Give You Up

    OK, these writers, at this point, are just trolling the audience, as well as the management of Showtime....."I dare ya' to renew us for another season! I double-dare ya! Listen to the dialogue in this scene!......"
  5. S06.E10: Baby

    "Not as ridiculous as Homeland" is damnation via faint praise, indeed.
  6. S06.E10: Baby

    At this rate, we need a Ray Donovan/Homeland mashup, in order to reach peak preposterousness. Ray starts fixing problems for the President of the United States, while having a bondage themed affair with Carrie, while they join forces to put away a case of Jameson a day. Bridget and her coke dealing BF become Carrie's live in nannies. Bunchy becomes Secret Service Agent with a permanent Bring Your Daughter to Work day. Terry stages bare knuckle fights in the Rose Garden. Mick becomes White House Press Secretary, and regularly pulls hold ups on network new personalities. (edit) Oh, snd Connah is the Marine assigned to standing at the steps of the helicopter and saluting the President, while lacking 30 pounds of muscle, and 5 inches too much hair for the part.
  7. S06.E10: Baby

    Ugh. That's just stealing money at this point. The shame of it is that there is the kernal of a good story with Ray getting treatment for his PTSD from Hawkeye, but I have zero confidence in these writers executing it well.
  8. S06.E10: Baby

    Hard to believe that this show at one time had some care and effort apparent in the writing. To say it is now being phoned in is an insult to phones. It has been confirmed that this is the last season, right? Pretty please?
  9. S06.E08: Who Once Was Dead

    Now, apparently, Ray is going to from being hospitalized due to psychotic episodes, to functioning well enough in the real world to extract himself from his convoluted messses, all within a few days. Egads, what dreck. The show peaked at the end of season two, entered gradual decline for a season, and then things accelerated downward, with increasing pace. I'd say we are at terminal velocity now.
  10. S06.E07: The 1-3-2

    That should have been done years ago, at the expense of yet another scene of a Donovan getting shitfaced. The show nearly ranks with "The Americans" in terms of squandered opportunity.
  11. S06.E07: The 1-3-2

    Would somebody tell t.v. writers that there is nothing compelling about watching major characters getting intoxicated and behaving stupidly, week after week? I mostly hatewatch this show now, but even that has limits. The tedium of the same scene being portrayed, week after week, has about brought me to mine. Good grief.
  12. S06.E07: The 1-3-2

    It's kind of like approaching a twelve car pileup in a freeway traffic jam. You can't resist looking to see how awful it is.
  13. S06.E06: A Girl Named Maria

    Oh, no, now I have a Sweringen soliloquy going through my head right now, about what a pain in the balls it was when those Donovan cocksuckers decided to use the Gem to get liquored up.
  14. S06.E06: A Girl Named Maria

    At this point, I'd settle for Al Sweringen tending bar at a saloon where the Donovan clan shows up to get blotto, whereupon Al feeds'em all to the pigs....
  15. S06.E06: A Girl Named Maria

    Now that I think about it, if Timothy Olyphant is done shooting the Deadwood movie, could we get him to shave his Bullock mustache, for a week's work, to mercifully end this mess, via an Elmore Leonard transfusion? Raylen Givens, U.S. Marshal, could be assigned to the capture of Mick and Bunch. He could come upon them while they are together with Ray and Terry. Raylan could do that thing where he, pistol still holstered, tells the targets that if they aren't face down on the ground in 3 seconds, he's going to shoot them all dead. Mick, of course, always has to say something, and starts with "Now, just wait a se....", whereupon Raylan sends all 4 to The Great Irish Pub in the Sky. Bridget then shows up, and Raylan says, "Miss, I know a young lady named Loretta in Harlan County, Kentuckey, who I used to think had the worst family, ever, but while they were creeps and killers, they were a lot less annoying than your clan." End Series.