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  1. S06.E04: Mr. And Mrs. Teacup

    Disagree with your use of "rightly so", in that it isn't even remotely close to proven that U.S. policy was the biggest problem in achieving the goals of Marx. Heck, you'd first have to establish that Marx's goal are even achievable in ideal conditions for achieving them. That isn't even close to established, either.
  2. S06.E04: Mr. And Mrs. Teacup

    It would be pretty easy to surmise that the General was prone when shot, and the far more typical self inflicted gunshot, especially by someone familiar with pistols, is the gun barrel pressed to the roof of the mouth, or pressed firmly against the temple. This would not look like a suicide, but rather a homicide somewhat clumsily staged to look like a suicide.
  3. S06.E04: Mr. And Mrs. Teacup

    It does seem that through 4 seasons, the writers made the FBI and CIA idiots of convenience, in order for plot advancement, and then last year switched, and started making Phil, Liz, and Claudia idiots of convenience. Last year, Phil and Liz couldn't recognize the obvious, that nothing about the wheat project resembled a bioweapons program, so the writers could have them uselessly screwing and killing people. Now, it certainly appears that Claudia and Liz are about to pursue significant risk, in the wake of a murder spree, to kill two low value defectors. I really, really, hope that the attempt to murder Mr. and Mrs. Teacup does not figure prominently in the resolution of this show. We'll see, I guess.
  4. S06.E04: Mr. And Mrs. Teacup

    Really have to severely disagree that the United States is rightly seen, in many ways, as the biggest problem in achieving "Marx's dream of true equality and fairness to happen world wide", but I'm not going to debate it.
  5. S06.E04: Mr. And Mrs. Teacup

    Well, yes, but if the General's death is openly identified as a homicide, that's a big deal, and should be followed with appeals to the public for anyone who was around the park that night. Which again renders the conversation in the kitchen in the last episode ridiculous. And now we have a warehouse slaughter to add to it, along with an assasination being planned. If others like it, fine, but I really don't.
  6. S06.E04: Mr. And Mrs. Teacup

    It just isn't that easy to clean up a homicide scene, especially with regard to bullet trajectories. I just can't buy that anyone with a 3 digit I.Q. would see it as a suicide. If it was that easy to make a homicidal shooting declared a suicide, it would be happening all the time. YMMV, of course.
  7. Homeland in the Media

    Thank goodness they are going back overseas for the last season; no more child and domestic melodrama! Hopefully we can also have Claire on consistently successful drug regimen for 10 episodes. I really don't need another arc of getting the meds right. Right now, I kind of hate-watch the show, but if they can write a good story for the last season, I'll forget about the dreck that this show has descended to on more than one occasion, before rising again.
  8. S06.E04: Mr. And Mrs. Teacup

    Thousands of Cuban defectors drowned in the attempt. Most of them did not risk, and lose, their lives, in search of "big bucks". I actually prefer that violence be shown in its explicit ugliness. What I hate is when the portrayal of the consequences of violence are not given explicit treatment. I really appreciated that Martha's horror, when she realized her role in Gene's murder, was given a full treatment.
  9. S06.E04: Mr. And Mrs. Teacup

    If they have E, or worse yet, E and Paige, going out on their kill mission, on Mr. and Mrs. Hockey player, in the midst of what should be the FBI response to the murder spree, they may as well have The Fonz jumping sharks in the Potomoc.
  10. S06.E04: Mr. And Mrs. Teacup

    And the KGB/communists never once considered assasinating a defecting famous athlete, because that would have worse propaganda grist, by a wide margin.
  11. S06.E04: Mr. And Mrs. Teacup

    Yeah, you are right. I guess what bugged me was that the slaughter took place early in the episode, days passed during the episode, and we still have nothing which indicates that Paige must now know that her mother murders people, or her reaction to that knowledge. Nor do we have indication of any realistic response by the FBI and wider law enforcement to the now certain knowledge of an ongoing murder spree with a national security origin, which would be huge. Instead, we have Claudia and Elizabeth chit chatting about tracking down and killing a couple of fairly trivial defectors in the D.C. area, in a residence provided by the FBI , when the D.C. area should be just swarming with law enforcement, with past composite sketches of our killin' couple, from previous operations. Like I said elsewhere, it is just lazily written t.v. mega-violence, divorced from any realistic portrayal of the outcome of violence. I really hate writing like that. A few scenes of Liz looking haggard isn't good enough. I could not agree more with regard to how Russell has made the most with the bad hand dealt to her by the writers.
  12. S06.E04: Mr. And Mrs. Teacup

    My point is that the writers need to write this show with physical action having the results demanded. The General's death should be publicly seen as a murder by now, which renders the kitchen conversation in this last episode ridiculous. The fact that the warehouse murders took place early in this episode, and days passed in the episode, without any scene showing that Paige now knows her mother slaughtered three people at the warehouse, is ridiculous. I suppose if they start the next episode addressing this, that's an improvement, but I'm betting we don't get anything along those lines, and instead we will get Liz (and maybe even Paige!) pursuing a flat out asassination mission, on a fairly trivial target, while the entire region should be swarming with hundreds of law enforcement personnel in response to a murder spree with national security implications! And the trivial assasination target is being housed by the FBI! This is just world-class television nonsense.
  13. S06.E04: Mr. And Mrs. Teacup

    Dead bodies get attention, period, and the idea that any investigator with a pulse could not see within a short amount of time that it was not a suicide stretches credibility to the breaking point. This is before we get to Paige not mentioning the warehouse murders in the news, in the kitchen conversation. Really, not following Oleg continuously is a laugher as well.
  14. S06.E04: Mr. And Mrs. Teacup

    I find it completely ridiculous that there would be inadequate resources to investigate the shooting death of an Air Force general, and the Russian activity and impending summit would mean it was MORE likely that the shooting death investigation would receive adequate resources.
  15. S06.E04: Mr. And Mrs. Teacup

    My initial reaction is to reject Elizabeth and suicide, HOWEVER, given the way her zealotry for The Cause has been portrayed, if she ever were to be completely disabused of her religion, I think it is possible. Don't think there are enough episodes left to credibly pull it off, however.