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  1. That's actually a really fun cookbook for kids. KIDS.
  2. Guessing he was forced to forgive, and their brand of forgiveness includes having the person continue to remain close and give you wedding advice in spite of the scumbag's history. Helpful words on what forgiveness is and is not
  3. I am really confused. This is some mock birth, or a reenactment, or someone who really wanted to pretend to deliver babies, or. . . ????
  4. Perhaps there has been some gossip going on about Jeremy's less-than-stellar attendance record each Sunday at his church. . . . Because "you know, it'll hinder a pastor's leadership in the church. . . " (not that I disagree with the sentiment that gossip is a bad thing. . . just disagreeing with their holier-than-thou performance here.)
  5. They would see that as a GOOD thing. "I'm addicted to Jesus, I eat, breathe, sleep Jesus all the time" = "I'm a stunningly wonderful Christlike parent." When in reality it means totally inconsistent, inattentive, and unaffectionate.
  6. S02E02: The City's Not for Burning

    That's IT!!! No wonder he's so dumb. Why does Colleen bother? She's too good for him.
  7. Very cute. I love little baby vocalizations. (Um, until they learn how to scream voluntarily. . . that I can live without!)
  8. Maybe someone has a bean intolerance issue? </she who has a husband with gastroparesis, a condition that makes beans and other things utterly indigestible>
  9. Yes. Just like the norm for dating is anonymous hook-ups all day every day.
  10. A troll? "Good to keep our blood pressure from dropping too low"!!!!
  11. Oh heck yeah. My go-to. Usually the old-fashioned boxed version.
  12. Yeah. . . although in the sense that "I am a trustworthy, steady adult who is dependable and cares about the kids" could be a ministry in itself. No overt/explicit evangelism required. (Unfortunately, you know they are probably tracking # of conversations about Jesus, number of kids who will give their skateboard to Jesus, number of kids who will say the Bible is their favorite book after 'skateboard ministry' time, number of kids who will say the prayer about letting Jesus into their heart, number of kids who will agree to be baptized. Not that there's necessarily anything wrong with that, but how about just hanging out, playing, listening, showing that you care, and seeking trained help when it seems necessary because the kid describes a scary home or school situation?)
  13. Pretty Pretty Slut Princess, if it's Pnina Tornai. :D
  14. Meaning that super-breeders like Michelle and Kendra's mom can call themselves super-duper-duper blessed, as the Lord has safely opened their wombs many, many, many times. They are SOOOOOOOOOO much more favored by God than those other lame women who have only a few babies.