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  1. Somehow I doubt that the manufacturer of Plexus Slim, or the many salespeople, know that AIDS is widely referred to in Africa as Slim or Slim Disease (for the wasting that takes place if an HIV+ person goes untreated).
  2. S03.E11: Fallen World 2018.06.20

    Yep, Anna's actions really redeemed her for me.
  3. S03.E10: Dandelion Sky 2018.06.13

    Naked Holden is super pale! I want to know what the tattoos on his arms are about. it almost looked like Hebrew lettering?
  4. Free of monetary debts, yeah. . . I guess she doesn't understand that there's a certain amount of indebtedness to those who give you large gifts?
  5. Them's FURRIN foods! We don't want none of that latino stuff. We are AMERICAN!
  6. No thanks, we're going to see the Mr Rogers movie. More wisdom and entertainment than JB&M have in one fingernail between them.
  7. I think "plop" may be even better than "dump" as a verb to use in a recipe. :)
  8. Most hospitals have a policy about how many people are allowed in the delivery room. So once Joe & Mrs Caldwell were there, nope, no more. Michelle would absolutely be in the way, even if she was the only person with Kendra.
  9. Echoing the many calls for a properly fitted bra for poor Joy. She must be in pain.
  10. Oh geez. Sorry Canada. I already had to apologize to my Finnish friend for the upcoming summit. It could be that Israel, rather than conveying "This is an enjoyable meal" with his expression, is trying to convey, "Aren't you just the most miserable sinner ever? You need to repent and come to Jesus!" You know, as part of Dillard Family Ministries.
  11. Wow. So her kids avoid the "worldly, sensual prom." Congrats. I'm delighted too that Janessa is meeting all her milestones--but cripes, woman, she is TWO MONTHS OLD. I hope your kid won't take until age 6 to learn to walk (our friend's kid with AGG did) but um, just hold on. It may get tougher. Don't YOU find sin-convicting preaching SO REFRESHING??? Me too!
  12. We're not fundie, and dh's dad did our service. He was an ordained Presbyterian minister. It was really cool to have him do it. Me too. I'm a fan of simple. Too many wedding dresses these day are trying to do EVERYTHING and they sort of throw everything but the kitchen sink at it--sparkles, lace, ruching, flowers, pearls, tulle. I was wondering, too, if he might use the "I want to know you a lot better before we sleep together" excuse? First time can be kind of nerve-wracking anyhow. This is entirely possible. dh HATES being photographed and just hates that "programmed smile" look, so of course our wedding day was torture when it came to posing for photos. :P
  13. It might be more wrong to hope he's reincarnated and comes back as a transgender bisexual person growing up in a FUNDIE household. So he can know what it's like to be truly discriminated against/persecuted, rather than his fake idea of persecution.
  14. Oh man, that is TOTALLY par for the course for a little girl. Even my total tomboy I-might-even-be-agendered daughter wore stuff like that when she was little, out in public. Sometimes you just wanna be decked out in diamonds and pearls, you know?
  15. Thanks for posting links, folks. Agreed that Kendra's mom is AWESOME. Totally level-headed and sensible. Why did Jessa not bother brushing her hair?? </shallow> Oh, also: Did Kendra not use any pain meds? I don't recall anyone asking "how is your pain? would you like some pain relief?" though it may have happened off camera. Hoping that the Caldwell clan is not of the "you must simply endure labor pain" camp.