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  1. $10,000? The average cost of a wedding in the US these days is probably up near $40K. Congrats to Carlin & Evan. . . but really, a limo? A symphony musician? Grumpy middle-aged woman here not understanding the over-the-top Engagement Events that seem to happen all the time (giant flash mobs and such).
  2. TOTAL cuteness with Grandpa. I think the headbands smother her personality or something.
  3. My impression was a luger. Though that would be too defrauding.
  4. Maybe they're declaring their intent to raise Felicity as Sikh? :) (Though I think it's only the men who wear the head turban-like thingy, whose name I do not know.)
  5. S08.E09: Lauren Finds Her Dress

    Not to mention that, should you need general anesthesia or intubation for any reason, it's a bad thing to have food in your stomach due to the risk of aspiration. Not common to need these during/after birth but it does happen!
  6. ^that's okay, there are also sweeps months in February and May. Plenty of time to find the most!compelling!footage!ever! (aka super boring)
  7. #ofcourseI'mmarriedtomybestfriendbecausewespentSOmuchtimetogetheralonegettingtoknoweachotherbeforemarryingit'sGod'swaydon'tchaknow?
  8. ^the thing is, their mediocrity has gotten them this far. Why should they put any effort into anything when this approach has already made them multimillionaires? Not sure Michelle lost weight so much as put on a well-fitting bra. It can make an enormous difference.
  9. S08.E08: Thrift Store Date Night

    Add to that that Duggar kids aren't really allowed to express their feelings--or, heck, even FEEL any genuine feelings, as there are only a few permissible feelings to feel--and yeah, marriage is going to be difficult. I think they have been so brainwashed that they keep brainwashing themselves. Look at JB's recent photo with Michelle who is apparently more beautiful than any sunset. JB/M lay it on suuuuuuuper thick that this is the way it's SUPPOSED to be all the time. So everyone carries on acting the part of lovebirds and saying their marriage is better than any other marriage that ever existed and they're soooooo happy etc etc etc.
  10. Really, who cares about faith, hope, and love when you have fear, intimidation, and bullying? :P
  11. Some people contend that kids are potty training later these days because the diapers are so crazy absorbent that the kids are a lot less bothered by any sensation of wetness--because it takes a LOT of liquid for the wetness to be perceived.
  12. I dunno, in old books a "natural son" would be an illegitimate son. . . so maybe he thinks his brother and his wife aren't legally married so their kid is <shudder> illegitimate??
  13. "She loves to serve others but is so exhausted from doing all of the stuff JimBob and I were supposed to be doing these past 27 years that she's actually falling over! Also, we see her as an ancient classic car. Classic, but just really old and obsolete."
  14. @CatS, exactly what I was thinking. This is classic Duggar. Sit in on a couple of lectures, and by this time next year you'll be on the Supreme Court.
  15. Currently the United Methodist Church is officially anti-gay (although there's a growing number of affirming congregations in the US that ignore the rule). That may or may not change in the coming year. It is an international denomination, so, UMC personnel in very conservative countries are generally NOT in favor of allowing LGBTQ rights. </end theological info splash> Definitely a very cute picture of Felicity.