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  1. Off-topic discussion goes here.
  2. Your topic to discuss anticipation for the upcoming show, and any news stories about it!
  3. Hey all, as we spin up discussion for this show, I want to make sure we handle sensitive topics appropriately, and remember the rules of this forum. Please remember that even more so than SVU, there are going to be polarizing topics here, and that politics is likely to be a subject of or adjacent to this show. Remember: Political discussion not related to the direct events of the episode is not allowed. So if there's a politician character on the show, you can discuss what he/she says, but you can't use it as a jumping off point to other discussions. No "well as we've learned with the current Trump presidency, snarky snark snark" or "well as we saw with Obama and the Clintons, snarkity snark" type posts will be tolerated. As always, remember to treat each other with respect, and we'll all be fine. And snark about the actors and characters on the show, and their looks, acting abilities, clothing, whatever, is all fair game.
  4. S15.E14: Finale

    I really hope Luther gets an Emmy next year. He really deserves it. I too FF through a lot of the routines - I think because the season was so short, they were all just too recent. I did watch the group numbers though - they were some of my favorites. And Darius' last routine. I also felt bad for Chelsea, so while I'd expected the surprise in the girls number to be Vanessa, I was happy it was Magda and Chelsea instead. The boys routine, I liked better the first time, but Twitch held his own, and it's hard not to smile at Nigel in that. Overall, I was pulling for Darius or JayJay, but once they were eliminated, I was fine which any of the remaining girls getting it, so Hannahlei was a fine winner. I felt like last week was structured so that Hannahlei or Jensen would win, with the order of the routines and what they were given, so that made sense. I called 3 and 4 and figured 1 and 2 was a tossup.
  5. Folks, this thread lately has been amped up, and riding the line of incivility. Discussions are too frequently becoming arguments here. Learn to take 10 minutes to breathe before hitting the Submit Reply button. State your opinion once and move on. Remember that no one has to defend their opinions whether you like them or not.
  6. Guys, there is an announcement pinned right above the reply box, specifying that this topic is only to post lists of people on teams and other fact-based spoilers on the show. No discussion of anything in here. This is just a place to keep lists and things organized for easy access.
  7. The Boxcar Children do in fact eat milk-soaked bread, in the very first book, because that's what Henry is able to get for them to eat. However, this has nothing at all to do with the Duggars. Take discussion of our favorite childhood books to the Small Talk thread, please! :)
  8. Guys - stop jumping at easy bait, and start learning to roll your eyes and move on. Report, don't engage. Use the Ignore Feature. Find a calming mantra. Deep breaths.
  9. Guys, you're welcome, but please, stop with the thank yous, and just go back to talking about the show.
  10. OK. We're going to unlock this thread. However, this is the last warning: people who continue to violate the civility rules may be banned from the site. Do NOT discuss your fellow posters. Positive, negative, just don't do it. If you see someone criticizing a fellow poster, REPORT IT. If you engage in a conversation someone else starts about a fellow poster, you're going to get warned too, whether you're seeking to defend them or not. Do NOT discuss Mod actions. No talk of locking or unlocking of threads, no talk of warnings, etc. And no trying to mod the thread yourselves - that's what they pay us the imaginary bucks to do. If you see a post that violates the rules, REPORT IT and move on.
  11. The Duggalos: Jinger and the Holy Goalie

    Hello again! Let's get this thread back on-topic, please! This is not the place to talk about your own carseat experiences.
  12. Folks, please remember that this is a thread about the Duggars, not about your own weddings, or wedding gift buying experiences, or how much you miss Linens and Things or other non-Duggar topics. Stick to discussing these things only as they relate to the Duggars. I miss Linens N Things too, and I'm happy to talk about it in Small Talk, but not here!
  13. Guys, us locking the spoiler thread is not an excuse for you to post spoilers in the episode thread. You all know very well that spoilers are not allowed in episode threads, so do not post spoilers in here, and definitely do NOT discuss mod actions either.
  14. Guys please stick to the episode discussion in this thread!
  15. Thank you guys for being aware and self-correcting. We appreciate it :)