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  1. S14.E06: Luke

    Please remember that people are allowed to hold whatever opinion on the characters they like, whether you find it logical or not. People do not have to justify their opinions or solve what they see as the show's problems. Disagree without judging others, please!
  2. S06.E01: Chapter 66

    I always thought Claire was by far the most interesting character, and that Robin Wright kicked ass in the first few seasons. I've found each season that I've enjoyed the show less, and last season I found pretty terrible, so I was planning to give up. Once it was announced this was going to be Claire-centric, I figured I had to watch it. Frank was my least favorite part of the show, so I didn't expect to miss him, and I thought it would be interesting to see what happened without him. I thought Robin Wright was...very odd in this episode. Odd movements, pauses, staring, holding her hands in unnatural poses...it was distracting, and I don't know why it's happening. She seems very different from Old Claire. And I though the episode was trying to do way too much, and did most of it not very well. I'll give it another and see if they can get in a rhythm, but I don't think the time jump was done well. ETA: It was nice to see the tribute to Reg E Cathey in the credits.
  3. Folks, its fine to criticize Mariah, but let’s not extrapolate out to her entire generation, please. Thanks!
  4. Sorry I just saw this. It's here, wasn't removed, just fell down the list from disuse :) You can totally discuss her potential love interests in this thread though, if you want!
  5. S14.E06: Luke

  6. Folks, the political leanings of people on DCC are not up for discussion here - it just leads to discussion of personal politics, and has nothing to do with what has been shown on the show. We allow latitude between seasons on what is discussed, and are fine with discussion of social media, but politics remains off-limits.
  7. S14.E05: The Tall Man

    I thought the case was interesting, and overall, the episode was good. I agree that it was nice that it wasn't a total Slenderman case rip off, but took it in a different direction. I think AJ did really well, but I thought a few of the super closeup bits felt a bit forced or awkward. Not the Rossi scene, though, that one was good. It was nice to see her husband, too! They felt like a family in a real way. I thought the actresses who played Rosalyn and young JJ were good together.
  8. S14.E05: The Tall Man

    Aired 10/31/18
  9. All Episodes Talk: Orange is the New Yuck!

    Folks, please keep discussion directly relevant to the show and its participants. The Megyn Kelly news should not be used as a jumping off point to discuss general politics, political figures or other stories of blackface-related faux pas. Thanks.
  10. Stop criticizing your fellow posters. People do not have to justify their opinions. And let's move on from the armchair diagnosing of anyone on the show, since the discussion is not proceeding civilly.
  11. Folks, remember we're here to talk about the show, not your fellow posters. Please confine your opinions to the show, and let others have their own opinions, whether you like them or not.
  12. S07.E17 I Still Do?

    Stop sniping at one another, please. And let’s move on from the generalized discussion and get back to the episode.
  13. A reminder: please do not bring up politics here. The politics on the DCC participants' social media feeds are not relevant to our discussions here, since we don't allow discussion of politics that isn't directly shown on the show.
  14. S20.E04: Revenge

    It is in the post at the top of the thread that I "Announcementized" to show just above the reply box - but in the pinned version, it's missing. This is likely a bug, which I'll report, but meanwhile, here it is :)
  15. Season 20 Spoilers & Speculation

    Let's try and keep the politics out of this discussion. I know it's hard when the show continually wants to go there, but there's a line, and we want to stay on the right side of it, please! To Clarify: The line is - it's fine to discuss the political situations actually happening on the show. It's not fine to use the fact that the show touches on political issues to insert your own political beliefs, no matter what side of the issue you fall on, or to speculate on potential plot lines that aren't even in the episodes, that are political, and then discuss the politics of those situations. If the show goes there, we'll go there, but let's not borrow trouble, as my grandmother used to say. Thanks.