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  1. S06.E16: The Final Decisions

    All - you've been told many, many times to avoid spoilers that don't appear in the episodes. Do NOT discuss plotlines, relationship statuses, or anything else based on social media posts, news sites, or any other non-episode sources.
  2. Hey folks, you're beating a dead horse (Bethenny & PR), sniping at each other while doing it, and have strayed rather far from the topic of the show and into your own opinions on general matters. All of these things make for less fun threads. Let's move along now.
  3. Fin Tutuola: Attitude with A Badge

    Edited the topic title here to make it more generally about Fin, since we didn't have a thread for him :)
  4. S13.E21: Mixed Signals & S13.E22: Believer

    Combining the 2 threads - when 2 eps air back to back, we put them in the same thread as folks tend to discuss them all at once :)
  5. Reminder: don't post spoilers! They ruin other people's enjoyment of the show.
  6. Guys, please take discussion of your own weight loss successes or failures to the Small Talk thread. This thread is to meant for discussion of Janelle. Also, stop demanding receipts from each other. This is not a debate competition.
  7. Please remember our Spoiler Policy regarding social media for Married At First Sight!
  8. Since we moved so many threads over to Counting On, we needed a new Small Talk. Discuss away!
  9. Mod Announcements & Policies

    We are blessed to maintain a warm, thoughtful, and supportive community in this new Counting On forum by following these guidelines: The main, overall guideline for this site is: Be Civil. Snark the show and its participants, not your fellow posters. The following are frowned upon: lecturing, being rude or dismissive, verbally attacking, etc. Also, this is not a debate club, no one wins nor are posters required to provide a bibliography to support their opinions. And please remember - some people like the Duggars, and that's fine! Do not shame people for holding an opinion, whether they're in the minority or the majority here. Some more sitewide & forum specific rules: No political talk. This show has zero political content, so political talk of any kind in posts is off-topic and subject to moderation; this includes Small Talk topics. The Duggars post about politics on social media frequently, but these social media posts are not an invitation to discuss politics here in this forum. Don't bring posts from other sites, that aren't by the Duggars, to this site in order to mock them. People can have whatever opinion about the Duggars they like, and it's not our job to find and shame them. Don’t post pictures or addresses of the various Duggar homes. Don’t post their plane’s itinerary. Do not speculate about or discuss the sexuality of minors. Do not speculate about whether Josh or other Duggars might have or might currently be molesting their children or other children. This show has a lot of religious content, but this is not a religion forum. Please don’t go too deep into the weeds on discussion of religion that doesn’t relate directly to show content, it tends to lead to discussions that are outside the scope of a forum about a television show. Please try to stay on the topic of the thread. It makes it easier for everyone to follow conversations. If someone is breaking the rules, report them, but don’t engage. If you simply find someone annoying, use our Ignore feature - click your name at the top right, and under Settings, go to Ignored Users to add users to the list. Alternatively, hover your mouse over the avatar of the poster you wish to Ignore and click "Ignore" You may see a golden note from on high…the mods. Please read but please don’t argue or discuss in the topic. If you have a question, see a problematic theme arising or just want to offer some chocolate to the mods, please feel free to PM us. Like you, we have jobs, families and lives, and may not always be available immediately, so PMing both of us is a good idea. Your Mod team is: @frenchtoast and @Aethera. This is a big and lively forum, and we want you all to have a good time here. We set up our guidelines in order to have some parameters and minimize complaints and blowups. If you ever need to reach out, please do! Affectionately, The Mods
  10. The Duggalos: Jinger and the Holy Goalie

    Let's keep the discussion about Jinger please, and move discussions about our own lives, or about the other girls, to the correct topics :)
  11. Where Did The Subforums Go? Due to the new Forum setting that shows whether shows are On or Off the Air, subforums that cover their own shows (like Kocktails with Khloe) had to have their own forums created, separate from the Keeping Up with the Kardashians forum. None of these shows are active, but if you're looking for them, they're all in their own forums now!
  12. S02.E09: Alone

    Please keep episode discussion to the episodes. I moved posts about Future Seasons to the Future Seasons wishlist thread.
  13. S06.E13: Looking for a Lifeline

    Moved discussion of DuShon Monique Brown's death to the Media thread.
  14. S09.E10: Confronting Meri

    Let's get back to the episode, please. Take religion discussion to the polygamy thread, but let's remember to this isn't an invitation to discuss ALL religions, just the one relevant to this show.
  15. S09.E10: Confronting Meri

    Folks, stop snarking on each other. Stop calling into question the opinions of entire swaths of posters. Stop criticizing those who like watching the show. Stop anticipating you're going to get jumped on for your opinions. These are all examples of people talking about what other posters are doing/saying instead of talking about what we're all here to talk about: the Brown Family. Talk about the show, not about other posters.