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  1. Folks, this thread is about Josiah and Lauren. Please take personal discussions to the Small Talk thread.
  2. The Duggalos: Jinger and the Holy Goalie

    Folks, let's bring the discussion back around to Jinger, please.
  3. S07.E03: Who Did I Marry?

    All - do not discuss possible spoilers in the episode topics. And if you see a spoiler, please report it, rather than assuming if there's one, there can be more.
  4. A place to discuss the next season, speculate about plot lines, and discuss social media posts from the family.
  5. Here's some clarification on this thread, and the DCC forum generally: It's ok to post that the auditions are happening for other teams and to speculate if a Former DCC is trying out. It's ok to discuss the difference in general talent and org hierachy and philosophy between say the Redskins and the Cowboys, as relates to what we see on the show. But to bring up dancers who haven't been on the television show DCC: Making the Team, or to debate other teams in ways that don't relate to the show is not what this topic or this forum is for. This thread is meant for discussing Former DCCs. The title used to be "Former DCCs & Other Teams" and that was too vague - we meant "Former DCCs & Their Associations With Other Teams" but it got interpreted as "Let's talk about all the other teams that exist and all people who work for those teams" which isn't what we meant. So we'd like to rein it back in, please. Small Talk is more a virtual bar to hang out with buddies and chat about life and stuff, and less trying to discuss other shows (for which there are forums) or other teams or politics, etc. So in this case, you can't take this discussion there. PTV is not the site to discuss every single dancer in the US and where they might be trying out. It's a site about television, not dancing or cheering. Forums are organized to discuss the specific show or genre, not the general subject matter of the show. For example, in the Real Housewives of New York forum, we post about what happens on the show, and about the people who do and did appear on that show, but we don't have threads on the RH forums to talk about all the other rich women who exist and might do crazy or bad and cool things. And that's where we're coming from - we allow latitude, but the forum needs to remain primarily about the show, and the dancers who have been on the show. If you have questions or comments about this, instead of posting here, please PM your mod team - Frenchtoast, Radishcake and Aethera.
  6. We are still keeping the spirit of the redacted report on the molestation, and not naming the last victim nor allowing images of that victim when they were a minor. The sisters have come out and confirmed their identity, but the last hasn't and we are granting her that privacy. Some posts have been removed.
  7. A place to discuss Season 2!
  8. Folks - this is the Kim thread, not the parole thread or the Trump thread or the Alice thread or etc. Given recent events, we've allowed some latitude, but if you're not talking about Kim at all, we've gone past the line. Please return to discussion of Kim!
  9. And that's officially the end of the tampon discussion. Please, stop finding things to argue about - instead, just STOP ARGUING. Thank you!
  10. A place to discuss the upcoming 20th (yes, TWENTIETH) season of SVU
  11. 2 notes based on recent discussion: 1. Be Civil includes not sniping at posters. This is not the first time nor the 100th that this has been announced. Further violations of the Be Civil rule will result in warnings or suspensions. Choosing not to use the ignore function does not absolve you of bad posting behavior. 2. Do not discuss removal of posts. If you have a question about a post being removed, PM the mods (FrenchToast and Aethera).
  12. Political discussion is not allowed on this site unless it has direct relevance to the subject matter of the thread. In this case, it's fine that folks are discussing that Kim went to the White House, and why she went. However, we will not permit this event to be used as a springboard to discuss President Trump or his administration's policies, other actions, etc. Please refrain from discussing those things.
  13. Folks, we know that many people (here and elsewhere) think that David Rodrigues is pretty unfortunate looking, and that in the past, we haven't modded for posts comparing him to a monkey. We don't think anyone here is intending to be racist with this comparison, but given historical use of such terminology, and the current climate and high feelings in the real world, it feels insensitive to let it continue; so we're asking that you all refrain from referring to him that way going forward.
  14. S06.E16: The Final Decisions

    All - you've been told many, many times to avoid spoilers that don't appear in the episodes. Do NOT discuss plotlines, relationship statuses, or anything else based on social media posts, news sites, or any other non-episode sources.
  15. Hey folks, you're beating a dead horse (Bethenny & PR), sniping at each other while doing it, and have strayed rather far from the topic of the show and into your own opinions on general matters. All of these things make for less fun threads. Let's move along now.