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  1. Agreed—it wasn’t really about hastening the birth, it was showing June who really controls her body. I took the meeting with Hannah to be something that Fred was able to arrange using his considerable power (showing June that yes, he does have the power to do this) and he also wanted her to see that he had the power to take Hannah AND Nick away from her. Did anyone else notice that Serena had pantyhose on during the “birth” scene? The thought of wearing pantyhose while giving birth cracked me up. Speaking of the birth scene, do they not have a midwife at least “check” the woman to make sure it’s true labor? When I was having my baby it seemed like I had a nurse’s hand inside me every 10 minutes to check my progress! Maybe they should wait until her water breaks before they get the harp out, just sayin...
  2. It’s the latter. He gets off on having the control over if and when she sees her daughter, and then yanking it all away from June. She pissed him off and emasculated him by first questioning his power and then rubbing in the fact that he’s not her baby daddy. He showed his power by dominating her body via rape, then by arranging the meeting with her daughter only to also take out Nick.
  3. S09.E05: Gordon Ramsay Masterclass

    YES! I had to rewind and point it out to my husband. WTF?? Don't get me wrong--I love watching Gordon cook, but why doesn't Aaron ever get to do a masterclass if he's apparently such an awesome chef himself? And I have to believe they get some kind of training or instructions for some of these dishes beyond just what Gordon shows them. Remember that year (Courtney's year) when they had to make a croquembouche?? That's pretty hard to just pull out of thin air.
  4. Just learned this recently, but "plan-tin" is actually the correct pronunciation. We also produce tons of cherries in Door County. That would've been a nice challenge instead of just cheese.
  5. S02.E09: Smart Power 2018.06.13

    I would agree, although if I had to choose between her and Serena I think I'd be more pissed off by a Serena redemption arc.
  6. S02.E09: Smart Power 2018.06.13

    Seriously, I feel like every episode ends with June saying some variation of "fuck that."
  7. S02.E08: Women's Work 2018.06.06

    Dear show, I feel no sympathy for Serena's situation and I'm not going to. So stop it. Also, June, stop being disappointed when Serena's mood changes and she treats you coldly. How many times has it happened now? I thought Serena was going to lose a hand or something to punish her for forging Fred's signature. She got off easy, IMO. Anyone else catch that the quote that "somebody" said ("Women are afraid men will kill them") is by Margaret Atwood?
  8. S02.E06: First Blood

    Thank you. Obviously throwing stuff and shooting at Serena was NOT OK, but I sort of got the impression that we were supposed to feel sorry for Serena that the crowd was calling her horrible names and not letting her speak. That could have been because it was Serena's flashback and sort of from her PoV, but it did irritate me a bit.
  9. S02.E06: First Blood

    I think it was important to show the scene with Nick and Eden (which was not gratuitous) because like I said above, it’s juxtaposed with a) Nick and June’s sex scenes and b) June and the Commander during the ceremony. June has to lie there and take it; Nick sort of has to lie there and “give it.” Yeah, it’s squicky because the character is 15, but it’s supposed to be squicky. It demonstrates how completely dysfunctionally Gilead views sexual relations. It was tastefully done IMO. It’s not like you saw Nick’s bare butt cheeks thrusting or anything. You got the idea, it made you uncomfortable, but it wasn’t gratuitous. ETA: Game of Thrones is a good comparison, in that it regularly includes sex scenes and nudity strictly for titillation. It even changed a couple of storylines from the source material to include rape scenes for entertainment, which is just plain gross. Handmaid's Tale, on the other hand, has used its sex scenes (IMO) as part of the story, as a way to tell the character's stories.
  10. S02.E06: First Blood

    I think it also serves as a strong visual contrast to how Nick and June had sex—passionate, sweaty, unashamedly naked, June on top, etc. But I agree, the sheet was probably from Eden’s mom. Eden did say that lust was a sin (apparently even within marriage) so I’d guess her mom’s explanation of sex was pretty conservative.
  11. S02.E06: First Blood

    How dumb are Nick and June to be talking to each other in such a casual way when anyone could overhear? I know Rita is sympathetic but Eden might be around and I think they have other servants too... June: We need to be careful. I don’t want to lose you. Nick: I LOVE YOU AND OUR CHILD Me: Keep it down!!!!
  12. S02.E05: Seeds

    That was a myth about Jewish people and has been debunked. It’s true that medieval Catholics were quite prudish but I’d guess that sex between husband and wife was just fine.
  13. S02.E04: Other Women

    I think this show is less torture porn and more *misery* or *misfortune* porn. It’s not that it’s gory—it’s that the bad guys are always winning and there’s really not much respite. We see the main character(s) wanting to escape and fight back time and again only to be stopped. It reminds me of the Ramsay Bolton storyline on GoT. It gets old. As to the “that part wasn’t your fault” line, she may have been saying that it wasn’t June’s fault that another Handmaid was punished for speaking out, but it WAS June’s fault (in her mind) that they all got punished for dropping the stones.
  14. S02.E04: Other Women

    Yes, she said she was Luke’s first. It was probably a kind of territorial thing—like, June, I had him first and now you’re enjoying everything I taught him in bed.
  15. S02.E13: AKA Playland

    See, I thought that the story didn't even seem to start until around episode 7 with this season. I also miss Luke and need him and Jessica to get together.