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  1. S08.E06 Return to Murder House

    That pretty much sums up every season of this show, though the let downs vary in size.
  2. I guess I watched a different episode than everyone else, because I thought this was boring. And I find Emma Roberts’ and Gabourey Sidhibe’s acting borderline unwatchable. I thought Coven was the worst season besides Roanoke. I do love Myrtle, though, and I’d like to see Misty back.
  3. S02E01: Soul Brother #1 06.22.2018

    This show really seems connected to David Simon's shows. Last season featured like 5 (or more?) actors from The Wire, and now we have someone from The Deuce. I also thought that bit at the beginning with the kid on the corner slinging drugs and saying, "Got that Luke Cage" was a shoutout to The Wire.
  4. S08.E01: The End

    Anyone notice that Adina Porter's character is "Dinah Stevens"...perhaps a nod to "Dynasty?" Oh, they'll mess it up, lol. They always do eventually. Agreed though, the setup so far is pretty interesting.
  5. S02.E05: Duck and Cover

    I guess his hair isn't blond, but he's a strong, handsome, strapping man. That's what I was getting at.
  6. S09.E13: Just For The Halibut

    Add me to those tired of hearing “I’m from [state], not a lot of fish there!” Itd be more accurate to say, “Im a HOME COOK, so I don’t usually cook 20 portions of halibut, and therefore have no idea how to fillet it!”
  7. S01.E06: Cherry

    Yeah, there wasn't a weekly gangbang. It was where the team brought the most popular/lusted after cheerleader at the moment. Re: the pies in the kitchen...I assumed maybe they were leftovers from the Calhoun Day festival?
  8. S01.E06: Cherry

    I'm guessing it'll soon be the "day" that Amma gets called on her bullshit and all the horrible stuff she does.
  9. S09.E12: Frying Tonight

    LOL well, that too. I’m guessing that like Katrina, being from Wisconsin is her “thing,” so she has to tie it in every time she speaks.
  10. S09.E12: Frying Tonight

    I mean we do love a Friday fish fry, but that doesn’t make us all experts on deep frying.
  11. S02.E06: Season 2, Episode 6

    Maybe the brother wouldn’t allow her to marry and he prefers to have total control over her. I’d guess (unless I’m just forgetting something) that he went off to school or the Grand Tour or something of the like (those years he was away). I’m mostly confused by the timeline and Lady Fitz’s age. Liv Tyler looks great but she doesn’t look early 30s. Lydia might have some connection to the boarding school, which is how she discovered the secret about the child?
  12. S02.E04: Season 2, Episode 4 2018.07.25

    The “game of flats” I interpreted as referring to two “flat” genitals rubbing together—as opposed to one flat, and one pointy. So yeah, basically what you said :)
  13. Scandalous Speculation

    Or adoption (aka abandoning babies at an orphanage).
  14. S02.E04: Season 2, Episode 4 2018.07.25

    At the pleasure gardens he made some comments like, "You and my sister have been playing a game for girls only," which implied to me that he suspected some attraction on his sister's part. I definitely don't think Charlotte is her daughter.
  15. S09.E09: The Big Not Easy

    I hate challenges where they have to cook with *gasp!* processed food. Top Chef was really bad about that. Like the very idea of canned veg or a frozen dinner is a personal insult. When Gordon said “Salisbury steak” I saw several contestants squinting and shaking their heads like “Who would ever eat that??” Calm down. Also, that frozen dinner actually looked like pretty decent quality.