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  1. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    And that one that was used was going to be used no matter what due to the rules. And then it failed anyway. Is this a new record for BB? I can't recall that last time this many "twists" flopped in a single season.
  2. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    Does Tyler have a final 2 with literally every HG? I have to imagine that that's going to come out sooner than later, especially once L6 start targeting one another. As for Brett flipping on L6 and going with JC, Haleigh and the returnee, I suspect that he realizes that JC will drop that like a hot potato the second a member of L6 wins HOH. That said, I'd love to see Brett become a roadblock for the rest of L6 because the slow and tedious trek to Final 3 for Angela, KC and Tyler is going to be miserable to watch. (As an aside, I was going to say that Brett probably trusts JC as far as he can throw him, but that phrase doesn't exactly work with JC since I'm sure most of the HGs could chuck him pretty damn far.)
  3. Unsurprising that LC and Kristin are out, though I wish LC would stop acting as though she's above it all. And is it really going to feel like The Hills without either of them? I, too, am surprised that Whitney has agreed to return. She posted on her Instagram something like, "hopefully they let me out of the fashion closet this time!" While she was never my favorite cast member, I do appreciate that she's able to maintain a sense of humor about everything. Color me perplexed that Frankie Delgado was invited back. Who's next? Audrina's coworker and sometimes confidant from the record label? An extra from the Les Deux days? Enzo?!
  4. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    If Les Moonves turned out to be the leak, that would legitimately be the most shocking twist that this show has ever been associated with in its 20 seasons.
  5. I was surprised to hear that Scottie was hoping for Sam to get herself nominated as a result of suggesting Haleigh go up as the replacement nominee. Surprised because that had initially been my thought process... that Fessy would be incredulous that she'd suggest he put up "his girl" and target Sam as a result. But then immediately following that conversation with Sam about the (very ill-advised) plan, Scottie went to Fessy and made the same suggestion regarding Haleigh as the re-nom, painting a larger target on his back. Confusing. Count me in with the camp that's unimpressed with our Battle Back options. The only person I wouldn't hate to see return is Scottie. That's not to say that I would be overjoyed with that outcome either. We have Kaitlyn and her inability to complete a 5-piece puzzle to thank for this. Namaste.
  6. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    Y'know, your post *just* made me realize that this is probably the first eviction in which Fessy and Haleigh know who is going home.
  7. S20.E25: Power of Veto #8

    Quick question (without going *too* far off topic), but what does "recruiting" entail? Is it simply DM'ing the person on Instagram and encouraging them to apply? Or is it something like a Golden Ticket to the BB house? Because for years I thought that it was the latter... that they found all these hot models that had never heard of the show and basically casted them in a very streamlined audition process ("you're pretty, you're relatively sane... move on in!"). But then I started a business Instagram related to baking and was DM'd on Instagram by a reality show casting company looking to cast for a Food Network reality show. The casting company basically said, "We like what you've done on your Instagram and think you could be good for this show. Here's how you can apply!" I'd believe that that's how Sam was "recruited," which seems less egregious than what I used to think was considered "recruiting."
  8. S20.E25: Power of Veto #8

    There's something super charming about how Sam thinks this game works. She was so earnest with Fessy about putting Haleigh up, and I know in her heart of hearts she thought she was doing a bang up job of convincing him. Charming and bizarre. Mostly bizarre, though. I didn't think the zings were particularly hurtful. I assume that production is very familiar with each HG and knows which of their quirks are fair game and which might be legitimate triggers. I also imagine that production understands that certain HGs can take a joke (Brett) and some HGs cannot (Sam) and so tailors the zings accordingly. For example, I don't think that a HG that exhibits legitimate body image issues would have a weight-related zing aimed at them. At least I'd hope not.
  9. S10.E01: 10s Across the Board

    I was fine with Vanessa being the bottom queen. As ill-fitting as Kalorie's runway look was, Vanessa's was just... super unflattering. She truly did look like a big, fluffy circle. Still sad to see her so upset at the loss, however. I'm pulling for Eureka, just as I was in S9. Hopefully she avoids doing any splits this season. Aquaria just comes off pretentious. Would be fine if she goes home sooner than later. But I suspect Kalorie isn't long for this Drag Race world.
  10. S19.E04: Power of Veto #1

    In these early weeks, I think that was as good a scenario for the reveal of the PoP as one could hope for, especially if you despise Cody and his crew as much as I do. Seeing him knocked down a peg while being stupid enough to ostracize a strong competitor who was, until that moment, seemingly aligned with him was delicious. I attempted to vote for the Ring of Replacement temptation and couldn't because I'm not going to create a CBS account, but if I could, I was going to vote for Raven because 1. I wouldn't want to waste such a lame temptation on someone I like; and 2. she strikes me as a weak competitor and the power is unlikely to help Cody's team.
  11. S29.E08: A Low Down Dirty Shane

    This, though. Like, it was a stupid prank in the first place and certainly not funny enough to put some dirty toilet bowl seat under your shirt.
  12. How did it play on CBS? My fiance and I were wondering if they censored the F-bombs on the TV broadcast.
  13. S03.E03: Always Bet Black

    I've deleted the four latest posts for two reasons: 1. They're off topic; and 2. The use of the "N" word. It's not pertinent to this episode's discussion and it's offensive. Keep the conversation about the episode and not about your dating preferences and/or the state of race relations. Thanks.