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  1. S10.E01: 10s Across the Board

    I was fine with Vanessa being the bottom queen. As ill-fitting as Kalorie's runway look was, Vanessa's was just... super unflattering. She truly did look like a big, fluffy circle. Still sad to see her so upset at the loss, however. I'm pulling for Eureka, just as I was in S9. Hopefully she avoids doing any splits this season. Aquaria just comes off pretentious. Would be fine if she goes home sooner than later. But I suspect Kalorie isn't long for this Drag Race world.
  2. S19.E04: Power of Veto #1

    In these early weeks, I think that was as good a scenario for the reveal of the PoP as one could hope for, especially if you despise Cody and his crew as much as I do. Seeing him knocked down a peg while being stupid enough to ostracize a strong competitor who was, until that moment, seemingly aligned with him was delicious. I attempted to vote for the Ring of Replacement temptation and couldn't because I'm not going to create a CBS account, but if I could, I was going to vote for Raven because 1. I wouldn't want to waste such a lame temptation on someone I like; and 2. she strikes me as a weak competitor and the power is unlikely to help Cody's team.
  3. S29.E08: A Low Down Dirty Shane

    This, though. Like, it was a stupid prank in the first place and certainly not funny enough to put some dirty toilet bowl seat under your shirt.
  4. How did it play on CBS? My fiance and I were wondering if they censored the F-bombs on the TV broadcast.
  5. S03.E03: Always Bet Black

    I've deleted the four latest posts for two reasons: 1. They're off topic; and 2. The use of the "N" word. It's not pertinent to this episode's discussion and it's offensive. Keep the conversation about the episode and not about your dating preferences and/or the state of race relations. Thanks.
  6. S04.E01: Breakfast Club

    This was my biggest issue with the episode as well. It just didn't feel as organic as some of the other movie tributes the show has done.
  7. Jason Roy: Checked Out

    Moved to the Main Page because he's competing this season.
  8. With the end of the season comes the end of the Live! Feed thread. Thanks for the great discussion this season. We'll see you all in the Live! Feed thread for Big Brother: Over the Top.
  9. Y'all, let's leave the moderating to the moderators. I've removed all the posts relating to the comment a page back regarding the off-topic tweet. Thanks.
  10. Then hold your thoughts until after this episode airs. You're discussing things that are happening on a live episode, during the episode, which has nothing to do with the live feeds. Once the episode airs and the live feed returns, if you feel like you need to mention something that occurred during the episode inside this thread, so be it.
  11. This is not an episode discussion, y'all. Hold your thoughts for the episode thread. Thanks.