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  1. 9-1-1 Spoilers & Speculation

    9-1-1 Season 2 Filming Schedule:
  2. 9-1-1 in the Media

  3. Code Black In the Media

    hmm interesting because it's all coming out this year..but thanks for the info.
  4. Code Black In the Media

    Sad News! Code Black has been cancelled..the new episodes will still air of course we just won't be getting a 4th season. I'm not surprised by this! https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/code-black-cancelled-cbs-102459307.html
  5. 9-1-1 Spoilers & Speculation

  6. 9-1-1 in the Media

  7. 9-1-1 in the Media

    Well Connie will be back on the show just not as a main cast member; she only signed for one season as a favor to Ryan Murphy.
  8. 9-1-1 Spoilers & Speculation

  9. 9-1-1 in the Media

  10. 9-1-1 Spoilers & Speculation

  11. 9-1-1 in the Media

  12. I don't think we'll ever see Strong Medicine back on TV again unfortunately and especially since Lifetime is total crap now and has changed so much and all they have on is reality shows.
  13. 9-1-1 in the Media

    Season 2 filming news via twitter:
  14. Code Black In the Media

    First Promo for Season 3's Code Black