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  1. S01.E05: Real Life

    Yeah, the episode title confused me. Plus Amazon US released all the episodes but I only see 5 here. Anyway, I loved this episode. My final clue to which world was real or not was when Terrence Howard was in the coffee shop/diner and the exact same sequence of events that had already played in Anna Paquin's world repeated themselves. Then I finally clued in that yeah, this was the copy - and Paquin's must be the original.
  2. S03.E21: Cause and Effect

    Considering I had no idea who Tom Cavanagh was before I watched The Flash, I really struggle to grasp why this man's presence on this show is so important.
  3. Books Vs Show: Compare & Contrast

    They do. The first book is the only novel-length book that CC writes in the single-person POV, and that seriously upped the ante of the stories. You should give CoA a chance. I also disliked CoB - Clary's PoV was suffocating, and I felt the work was too derivative and the other characters were too stereotypical. But in CoA, CC seems more comfortable with her world-building and get into the other characters's heads lets them be far less cookie-cutter. The over-arching plot is actually interesting and makes sense.
  4. S02.E19: MHORDER

    It's disgusting.
  5. S02.E13: Welcome To Earth-2

    @Katsullivan my response spiralled into season 3 stuff so I'll reply in the "Series so far thread"...
  6. S04.E04: Keepers of the House

    Definitely and for the record, I've also enjoyed this and there's none whatsoever on my part either. 🙂
  7. S03.E17: Duet

    I don't even see romantic or sexual chemistry between Grant and Melissa. When they interact on screen, I really get a kids/sibling vibe from them. Duet was actually jarring because it seemed to regress both their characters from their respective intense 'real time' arcs and it was the same with the earlier season cross-over. Like you said, their personalities are too alike. They're great for light-hearted, silly-type crossovers, acting like a pair of frat boys. (I can totally see Barry and Kara doing an eating contest or something ridiculous like that.) I'll post more in the Relationships thread.
  8. Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation (2015)

    Just quoting because I agree with this entire post but this two parts so strongly.
  9. S02.E13: Sins of the Past

    But if that was the case, Mary should have been offering an annulment... not offering Francis permission to take a mistress. Her offer was both stupid and cruel. Stupid, because she doesn't need to give Francis permission. The choice to have a mistress is entirely up to him. In the eyes of French court, Francis was doing his Queen an extraordinary honour by not having a mistress. If word about their sleeping arrangements were to get out, he'd have nobles lining up their daughters, sisters, and sometimes even wives to catch his eye. Yeah, the double standard sucks. Cruel, because her offer was the equivalent of telling the teetotaller child of an alcoholic permission to indulge. Francis had repeatedly confided in her how much he hated his parents's marriage, and how much he never wanted to be his father. His decision to be faithful to his wife - while very romantic - is not about her. Her generous offer is the equivalent of waving a bottle under his nose and saying, "hey Francis, I know [your dad's] drinking drove your mom away, caused you to lose all respect for him, and made you and your sibs dysfunctional with a D, but please because I love you so much, do take up the bottle once in a while." If Mary wants to really show how much she loves Francis - she should annul the marriage. It would be easy enough to do since it's childless and what she brought to the table - the possibility of England - diminishes the longer it takes for her to stake her claim.