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  1. Is the figure spread across a 7 year series, endorsements and investments unrealistic? I thought it made just about some sense. Ellen Pompeo just signed a $20million dollar contract per year on Grey's Anatomy and while that's on the high side, it means in 2 and a half years, she'd have made $50million dollars. Note that Meghan's $5million is still money that she actually earned. She's not the quintessential trust fund baby whose family's fortunes were made from looting and colonising continents.
  2. Black Panther (2018)

    Thought provoking article about this movie: https://www.theplayerstribune.com/patrick-patterson-black-panther/
  3. S04.E16: Run, Iris, Run

    Yes, the Iris going after him also annoyed me ... but I decided that since the pay off was lots of lovely Iris PoV, then it was worth it. And anyway, Ralph was the one who ended up looking like a dick. (not that it's hard). 🍜
  4. I don't own my child's body Why Your Child Should Never Be Forced to Hug a Relative How Allowing Your Kid To Refuse Hugs Can Make Them Safer 7 Reasons Why You Should Never Force Your Child to Hug Anyone
  5. I stand corrected on the age thing, but the rest still stands. I've read the article and I'm surprised that it's being used to defend the "not sexual assault" claim when it's clearly... The very reason why this is so important (him being able to control his narrative) is because of the stigma* attached to sexual assault victims in the first place. A store has the right to press or drop charges from caught shop-lifters but does the store manager feel the need to decide whether or not he was a victim of theft? Even the words he uses in the article - he’s still waiting on his first kiss, because the one from Perry didn’t count. “It was lip contact versus a romantic situation with someone you care about. That’s what a real first kiss is,” is exactly the kind of reclaiming narrative that a sexual assault survivor would use.
  6. It was an unconsensual, unwanted sexual encounter between a legally under-age boy and a woman almost twice his age. It was an unconsensual, unprofessional sexual encounter between a teenager and a woman in a position of (temporary) power over him. How exactly does this not qualify as sexual assault? Or is Katy Perry's gender and/or her 'hotness' quotient and/or the fact that a boy doesn't deserve the same right to sexual autonomy as a girl being taken into consideration? I seriously doubt that if the same accuasation of sexual assault was being levelled against Lionel Ritchie for giving a teenage girl an unwanted kiss, this argument would even be coming up.
  7. S04.E16: Run, Iris, Run

    Well the popular theory is that AK leaving meant a lot of the bad writing left with him. The last 2 episodes were very "Iris-positive" and they were created after his departure. I checked some of my old bitter posts in Relationships and Lighting threads and I used the word "checklist item" to describe how the writers wrote Westallen and Iris (since she was defined almost entirely by being half of Westallen). There's always been something wrong about the way Iris has been written on this show (after Season 1A), with the few shining episodes that put her in her rightful narrative place (The Runaway Dinosaur, Cause and Effect) making that wrongness even more glaring by contrast. In season 2A, she became a recurring character to all intents and purposes and I believe that's when the showrunners were seriously considering the possibility of replacing her with another white character. Even the publicity for that half of the season - talking about Barry getting a new Felicity, and no word about Iris and Westallen? Wtf? Anyway to keep this on topic, I was really impressed with how well they've been writing Iris and her dynamic with the rest of the characters. And it's all these, practically insignificant things that you mentioned: the fact that there was a dynamic between Caitlin and Iris that wasn't just cordial but downright friendly. It was Caitlin who said "We have a Flash" and encouraged Iris to go stop the fire. Ralph and Iris definitely had some cool character moments and even though I resented the fact that Iris didn't snap back a "I do go into the field, don't you have eyes!" at him, I didn't mind the direction they took it. It not only led up to the main plot, but it doved into some great Iris PoV and character growth - with the talk about Savitar, her journalism, being fearless, etc, etc. And yeah, I did pick up a kind of vibe from Ralph. Which I'm not opposed to. The fact that they haven't given the leading lady a secondary admirer/Prop for the past 3 seasons is actually one of the signs I saw that they were not writing Iris or Westallen with any kind of enthusiasm. I'll probably write more in the General Discussion thread.
  8. This is so disgusting on so many levels and it is at least sexual assault.
  9. S04.E14: A Dark Knight: Reunion

    I don't hate the storyline too. But it just makes me wonder why they couldn't have kept Claire Foley for it. The scene in the police station where they kept raving that Ivy was the best/the coolest/the greatest would have been just as appropriate yet manic-creepy (not perverted creepy) if Ivy had been Selina's age. It just makes it glaring that they really don't know what they're doing with the character.
  10. S07.E14: The List

    Mellie's constant back pain made me think we'd find out that she's being poisoned... so the "reveal" that its point was to damsel her enough to become attractive to Jake was a let-down.
  11. Spoilers and Spoiler Discussion

    That's kind of the point I was getting at: I don't see what this new meta can do that Vibe couldn't do already and then some. This new meta doesn't seem to be bringing anything new to the table. It still serves the same dimension-hopping purpose.
  12. Spoilers and Spoiler Discussion

    So what's the difference between this power and Vibe's?
  13. You know, I never even thought of this? I don't suppose he was leaving a voice mail to Annalise or Nate?
  14. Spoilers and Spoiled Speculation

    Well can you blame anyone? The show always does the opposite of what fans expect/want. The whole mess with recasting Ivy twice. I can't believe how much they sidelined Selina for the first half of the season. They're finally writing her character well, giving her interactions with Ivy, Jim and Bruce and some cool individual arcs but it's too little/too late at this point.