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  1. Well, regardless of the article's claims, from now on, the Duchess of Sussex will have shoemakers and clothiers ready to make outfits for her at almost a moment's notice. As long as we're on the subject of shoes, it should be noted that her new grandmother-in-law (the Queen) actually has someone on her staff with her EXACT same shoe size for the express purpose of the staffer walking in Her Majesty's new shoes in their stocking feet until they've been sufficiently broken in for their employer's comfort!
  2. Your Favorite Episodes

    OK, how about a positive episode from its heyday? I thought "Douglas a Go-Go"(1966) had some good moments. Long-short is that Chip has turned 13 and insists he's ready to make the scene with girls so he wants to have a formal party thrown to make his intentions known. Steve and Uncle Charley agree to set it up in their living room then discreetly 'chaperone' it from the kitchen popping in every so often. OK, perhaps the most retroactively funny moment happens when they suddenly quit hearing music and discover the teens have turned out the lights. They rush in only to find that the teens had just HEARD about how much fun could be had in the dark but had no idea WHAT they could do in that state. Ah, the innocence of mid-Sixties' sitcoms! Can anyone imagine a sitcom in the last two decades in which teens would have NO idea what could happen under the cover of dark? The biggest 'uh-oh' moment, though, is when Chip's guests start to leave due to the record player breaking and the hosts are worried about how to keep the party from collapsing when Ernie has an idea before the fade to commercial. It's only upon returning that the audience finds out that Ernie's idea is to recruit an impromptu live band- with Steve playing his saxophone, Robbie his guitar and Uncle Charley his cello! The latter three do a fairly good job keeping the dancing (and party) on track and they played long enough to entertain the guests (and audience) with their respective talents re these instruments but not stopping the entire episode's actions to do so. Oh, and it was refreshing seeing Chip in particular THANK Ernie for the idea rather than just being a oblivious teen. I have to admit, I always liked when they'd have a 'family band' (and the performers all definitely were quite able in playing these instruments- no faking or dubbing for them!). It should be noted that Mr. MacMurray had started his performing career playing the saxophone in college (which was one reason that the instrument was featured in the theme song) while Mr. Demarest had played the cello from childhood onward as a means to support his mother and Mr. Grady not only was quite the guitarist but could play seven instruments from childhood onward!
  3. Preach it, Mojo! Not too long ago, I was at someone's house- and they actually used a devise to call for a time out for their kid! Yeah, why not look stuff up in dictionaries, encyclopedias or other b-o-o-k-s- and why not use an egg timer or a watch for time outs?! Even though I admit that sometimes I'll surf via the desk top to look up things, I think it would be ore stimulating to the brain cells to type a word (or set a clock) than just yell out a name then ask it to do stuff one is perfectly capable of for oneself. Personally, the only folks I can think that devise would actually be a boon to would be the blind and/or paralyzed folks who are genuinely unable to actually read, type, etc.
  4. Yes, her two younger siblings have had the ability to work hard and be nice, but Aimee Osbourne is the only one in their nuclear family who has has consistently avoided 'reality' shows -and for THAT I am grateful and like her the most of all of them. Her parents are in my 'can't stand' category, though.
  5. You may have to ask Aimee Osbourne that question. She seems to be that family's Marilyn Munster!
  6. No, that's not entirely true- because that would mean there would be over 1000 TIMES the current population of 7 Billion folks eight generations ago and I don't even think our planet had 1 billion people until about 1800. The answer is that quite a few cousin marriages occurred especially in isolated and small communities. While I can't fault Miss Smart for getting upset at her distant ancestor's fate, I do agree it's a bit much that she seemed to have reacted as though the woman had raised her!
  7. Your Favorite Episodes

    Agree- and also it doesn't help that especially the first season, she spoke in a rather flat, annoyed monotone most of the time but her diction DID improve as did her overall acting ability (though it never became award-worthy). To keep this ontopic (even though Dodie wasn't anywhere near this particular scenario), I have to say they did a fairly good job depicting the characters' reactions to the preposterous yet dangerous scenario in "There's a What in the Attic?" in which a real escaped lion got loose in the Douglas house in Season Six. I know that the Livingston brothers have said that the lion was drugged and never really in the scenes with them. However; they DID pull off scenes showing Steve in his pajamas in the very same shot as the lion trying to keep his family safe and I don't think CGI had been invented yet!
  8. Totally agree! And, of course, it helped make things more interesting in that even during those times those two were at odds with each other, no matter what insults they may have lobbed, one could tell that those characters were each other's best friends. A few years after Mr. Gwynne's death, Mr. Lewis was interviewed and said he'd enjoyed working with the former the most out of ALL the performers in his career- and that, yes, he missed him. And, yes, Lily and Marilyn were also each other's best friends but there never was any conflict between those two- even if Lily did consider her niece to be 'unfortunate'. What also made it interesting was how devoted and protective the Munsters were to Marilyn and vice versa (even if it seemed preposterous that Marilyn would be clueless re how she fit in with the outside world far better than her family). A bit ironic that few viewers remember that Yvonne DeCarlo had been considered a great beauty in her day but most just think of her in that green makeup and long black wig (and she had a much different speaking voice from her iconic character).
  9. In Memoriam: Celebrity Deaths

    I feel sorry for Dr. Francine Patterson who'd cared for Koko from 1972 onwards and had been the one who'd taught her sign language. I mean she started caring for her when she was 25 and now is 72 but dedicated virtually her entire adult life to this gorilla (and appears to have never married or have had children) . I suppose, though, it's better that she's outlived Koko than Koko outliving her, though. RIP, Koko.
  10. Well, he evidently forgave her enough to appear with her and do a clown skit with her on the Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour. Of course, it wasn't so easy for him because she was a huge believer in rehearsing to the nth degree while he believed in ad-libbing whenever possible. Moreover, she told the tale of how Mr. Skelton walked into a house barefoot in his swimming trunks for a tour like he was a lord of the jungle- and wound up lord of the manor when he BOUGHT the place on the spot with several $$ thousand in cash he'd carried in said trunks!
  11. Samantha's Mother

    Technically true. However; NO ONE could have played her as intriguing and entertainingly as the late Miss Moorehead had done-despite the character's always threatening the entire show's premise. I seriously doubt the show would have managed to limp its way to the end of the season had they attempted to bring anyone else to play her!
  12. True but she also knows that if she NEVER gets seen, that would take away the magic altogether. No doubt it was drummed into her head from an early age how her great-great-grandma Victoria came somewhat close to having the whole royalty deal shut down with folks calling for a monarchy-free republic thanks to her decade-long seclusion after Albert's death (and all the ribbon cutting by junior royals just wasn't cutting it). Then, too, she had her daughter Princess Anne nearly get kidnapped at gunpoint and other threats against her family. However; IMO, the Queen has always thought herself a soldier's wife and soldier's daughter and has been willing to take risks for what she considered the greater good! On a somewhat shallow note, she seems to choose her wardrobe for public ventures quite carefully so that she can be easily seen by the crowds despite her shrinking size yet not be considered a threat to other women (though any woman who considers a 92-year-old great-grandmother a threat would have to some issue).
  13. Your Favorite Episodes

    You make a fairly good point here. However; with the viewers seeing all these folks 'from Bryant Park' in North Hollywood who had never before been depicted or mentioned on the show, it DOES open the possibility that maybe (just maybe) Mike + Sally and other relatives &friends the audience HAD seen (but who had seemingly dropped off the face of the Earth), could possibly have visited and interacted with the Douglases in Bryant Park when the audience wasn't watching. Remember: the show only depicted a single half hour a week for roughly 30 weeks in their lives so other stuff may have happened in the other 167 and a half hours that the audience was unaware.
  14. Yikes, that kind of 'vacation' can help a person appreciate the 'great indoors' in places such as museums and historic sites not so well trod! What stories that towel and those tissues could tell of their journeys from Australia and China! LOL
  15. Your Favorite Episodes

    Interesting. I'll have to check that out. OK, I've checked it out. It starts out a bit of a potential thriller with Steve working on a secret project and being told to be on the look out for suspicious characters. Despite Steve's efforts to downplay how secret this project is around the family, Ernie picks up the vibes. Anyway, Ernie notices this unusual character sitting in a car reading a newspaper- for two days straight while Chip just shrugs it off and Uncle Charley thinks nothing of singing like a canary about Steve's aeronautical engineering skills to this character he meets in the park. Thanks to Dodie attempting to use the project for a toy, Steve, Chip, Ernie and Uncle Charley suddenly get suspicious about this character and call the Fed fuzz on him and they're all ready to pounce on him when. . Barbara returns from her shopping and calls him 'Papa'. It turns out that this is Professor Harper, her late husband Larry's father and Dodie's paternal grandfather and he simply wanted to make sure his onetime daughter-in-law and granddaughter were now settled in a good family! Still, even though Professor Harper is depicted as a sympathetic character who has suffered the fate of outliving both his wife and son, it does seem a bit jarring that he'd have spied on the family for two days before attempting to visit them despite the fact that he and his former daughter-in-law had had a warm bond. In any case, all's quiet on the Douglas front as Professor Harper leaves. Oh, it should be noted that Professor Harper was played by none other than Lew Ayres the star of All Quiet on the Western Front (1930) a timeless classic movie condemning war! Curiously, he was several months younger than Mr. MacMurray, yet the character was supposed to be a generation older than the senior Douglases. Even more curious was that Mr. Ayres was credited as 'Mister X' despite him being identified as Professor Harper in the climactic scene- AND the fact that at NO point was he termed that by any of the other characters. Oh, and one last bit of trivia re Mr. Ayres, despite depicting a grandfather here, he himself had only become a father about two years earlier when his only child Justin was born by his 3rd and last wife (and his second wife had been none other than Ginger Rogers).