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  1. In Memoriam: Celebrity Deaths

    I saw her in lots of things during the 70's and always wished she was around more. However; Lucie Arnaz said the family considered her one of their faves and Miss Ballard was one of the last folks from Miss Day's performing career who stayed in close touch with Doris Day! Thanks for the laughs, Miss Ballard and RIP!
  2. 2019 Awards Season

    Yeah, I'm a bit bummed that Mr. Cooper didn't get a Best Director nom for his debut effort (and it can't have been easy to supervise every single aspect of the film WHILE playing someone self-destructing and out of control). However; I'm glad he DID get noms for Best Actor and Best Adapted Screenplay because he REALLY poured his guts into this!
  3. Maybe they're using it for THIS Halloween! Look at the bright side, at least they've not been using the Christmas Jingle from December 26th on for this coming Christmas (but that may happen next year ).
  4. TV Tropes You Hate

    BINGO! Which is EXACTLY why individual viewers need to ask themselves 'what were we THINKING' re watching stuff like that in the past- to make BETTER choices in the future so that, if they do it in large enough numbers, that'll cause ratings (and, especially advertising revenues) to plummet, and get the execs to stop greenlighting this stuff and put on worthwhile programming again!
  5. It's starting to look like their non-involvement re the Lockerbie victims' families. Come on! How tough can it be to send an 'I'm sorry' card (much less offer to compensate re lost wages,etc.)? And let's not forget that a baby was put at risk here!
  6. Yeah, unless everyone happens to work in the very same BUILDING (and all get lunch at the very same time), in Real Life few if any sets of actual working acquaintances actually get to have lunch together at the very same time- much less on a regular basis!
  7. Absolutely! And someone should tell the Duke of Edinburgh that the attitude of 'seat belt laws need not apply to him' is NOT cool but rather adolescent ! The accident should have demonstrated, he may have thought that the' joke' was on others but HE is the one who got the 'punch line'!
  8. Pet Peeves

    Angeltoes, Somewhat reminds me of what happened in my high school ages ago. Long short is that the male best seller of the school raffle tickets got dinner for two at the city's finest restaurant but the female best seller got- wait for it- a DOLL! Yeah, it was a fancy doll but still a doll. Come on! Didn't they think that not only were not all high school girls interested in dolls but also that THEY might have wanted to make use of a dinner for two at the restaurant? ! For those not interested in why there was gender disparity re prizes. I'd like to offer my pet peeve of raffles in general! Even back when I was a kid, not only did I dislike having to pitch stuff I knew others would have no use for to total adult strangers and neighbors but I hated how we were pressured into selling quotas JUST to keep from being one of the few students stuck at school while all the quota makers got a 'free day off' and dissed by other classmates. I wish there was a movement BANNING them -especially for private schools which already get monies from parents just to have kids get in! Oh, and how safe is it for even teens to be pitching stuff to indifferent if not hostile strangers?
  9. Pet Peeves

    I find the terms 'fooling around' ,'making love' or 'making whoopee' far more appealing than the technical 'having sex' or the profane 'f-word' but to each one's own. I understand that in times of duress or during strong emotions, one can let said profanities slip (which I have done) . However; I dislike it when public figures or television personalities who know their words are to be broadcast to viewers of all ages, genders and demographics DELIBERATELY interject profanities even when they know they'll be bleeped out (e.g. the late Anthony Bourdain would actually frequently use them in post-production narratives which was not something I liked about him, I mean would it have been so tough for him to have said 'effin' , 'blanken' or even 'freaken' if not actually have attempted to use some imagination or consulted a dictionary to think of other terms that would have better made his point). Yeah, I know it's an UO and as I said, to each one's own and I'm not attempting to dis any other posters here but, re public figures and personalities, that IS my Pet Peeve!
  10. Whoop dee do! 'Well, wishes'- instead of ' I shouldn't have been driving at my age and with all my conditions and I'm sorry that this happened so Her Majesty and I will foot any and all expenses re your recouperations'! BAH! I can't imagine it was fun for ANYone involved having to give the Duke of Edinburgh the breathilizer test! P.S. And I say this as someone who has found him intriguing (if not always likable or 'right') for his resilience and independence down the decades in spite of incredible odds- both before and after his marriage to the current Queen!
  11. WHAT?! It's not as though they don't have DOZENS of folks in each of their residences on their payroll who could drive them anywhere they want at a moment's notice! While I admire the Duke and Queen's determinations to stay as independent as possible even well into their 10th decades, THAT accident that should have been the END of the Duke of Edinburgh's driving anything but a tricycle in his great-grandkids' nursery porch and ,Queen or not, she should not have driven an inch without a seat belt.
  12. TV Tropes You Hate

    I wonder if anyone here has asked any known longtime fans of General Hospital what they were thinking re eagerly celebrating Luke and Laura's union (and helping to make their wedding a ratings giant) rather than dumping the show, writing the producers,etc. for heaping kudos on a criminal and the crime itself! It would be interesting how many viewers in hindsight now regret having done so!
  13. Agree with you- except I couldn't even get through five minutes of South Park despite all the hype!
  14. In Memoriam: Celebrity Deaths

    I saw on that site that rhymes with Dew Loob a clip of Rowan and Martin's Laugh In from 1970 of the recently deceased Miss Channing with their regular cast member Teresa Graves (who would die in 2002) performing the song' Soul Sister'- with Miss Channing in a blonde Afro wig! I know Miss Channing was a guest performer and not a regular and a star in her own right so I have to wonder what Miss Channing was thinking re agreeing to perform that song that seemed to make fun of African-Americans while pretending to celebrate them- especially considering that it wouldn't be until 2003 that she'd reveal her own African-American ancestry.
  15. You're right! Yep, Folgers was the brand that annoyed from 1965 to 1986 via having the quasi- Scandanavian busybody Mrs. Olson attempt to solve any and all neighbors' marital tiffs via pitching the 'mountain grown' coffee (which she stressed was the RICHEST kind of coffee- omitting the reality that ALL coffee is grown in the mountains) -for 21 years! She never said a peep about her OWN marriage (and we never saw hide nor hair of MR. Olson or any offspring despite her being in the PTA) but she seemed to think that that one brand of coffee was the cure-all for others' marital woes.