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  1. I didn't see that one but I concur re Star Trek: TNG and having Denise Crosby back as Tasha Yar's hateful, ingrate daughter who was a total bore ( to say nothing of the hoops they tried to insist the viewers jump through re their failed attempt to sell the preposterous).
  2. Its surnames begin with M- and end in jealousy! Why is anyone considering giving either of the Couldda Bin Contendas Markels or Mr. Morgan ANY credibility? It's not as though they haven't shown their true colors here (or, in Mr. Morgan's case, virtually his entire 'career')
  3. Yep, let's just say that I've NEVER thought Mr. Baldwin had to stretch very far as a performer to do that impression! Oh and IMO calling his own teen daughter a 'thoughtless pig' on her voice mail was VILE!
  4. Season Five Discussion

    I agree- and I REALLY liked how Shawn identified with Superman as a child being raised by loving parents who had not borne him. That's so cool- and I noticed he named his son Clark (which likely will bring him far less grief than Nicolas Cage's son named Kal-El). Yeah, Aimee seemed as though she truly was appreciative of not only learning his fate but ALSO about her own original family through him but not overwhelming and clingy unlike Lazaro's mother. This, despite the fact that it doesn't appear that she ever married or had other children. It's not that I'm unsympathetic to what had happened to Lazaro's mother and, yes I'm very happy they they DID get reunited. However; I can imagine that her high-strung intensity will be something Lazaro and his family will find challenging to cope with as time goes by. Oh, and her other kids are going to have to struggle with NOT getting resentful over him being considered by her to be her most attractive offspring. My sibs and I all looked different and our mother praised our looks but I can't ever recall her saying one of us was the MOST attractive- EVER. Still, the bottom line is the reunion has brought happiness to folks who were very unsure and distraught re what had happened re their original family so that's the most important thing.
  5. OK, I stand corrected re David but evidently, it seems Rick did NOT go to college during the the show's time.
  6. Congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex! Regardless of anything else, THE most important thing here is that the health of both the Duchess and her offspring are good throughout the gestation, birth and afterwards!
  7. Why would I not be surprised if the Duchess of Cornwall's 'previous engagement' excuse will get a bit of an earful from other Royals? Royals have TONS of engagements they've set up months (sometimes years) in advance- yet no one would have objected had she told said engagement organizers 'Sorry, I can't make it because my niece-in-law's getting married at that time!' IIRC, the late Queen Mother initially attempted the 'previous engagement' excuse to get out of attending the Princess Royal's 2nd wedding at the tail end of 1992 but it seems the Queen made it quite clear that after the 'annus horribilus' they'd all had, she wanted ONE happy family event to cap the year off and expected all the bigwig royals there! Maybe the Queen had already gone toe-to-toe with Prince Phillip over attendance to their granddaughter's wedding and either didn't have the energy or simply wasn't put out rethe Duchess of Cornwall skipping it.
  8. Fair enough, Janie jones. However; since stuff has exactly the same number of syllables as that other term, I've never seen a reason to use them interchangeably (except when repeating someone else's usage of the other term via calling it 'stuff' so as to respect the person I'm talking to).
  9. Somewhat along those lines, it was not until adulthood that I FINALLY got why Gloria was SO upset with Mike for getting especially turned on seeing her in a black fun wig she'd gotten and the fact that Mike was acting more interested than usual via that wig - and why Archie was downright disgusted at seeing Edith flaunt the very same wig at the tag of that All in the Family episode!
  10. Whoa! Sarah's standing right next to her seated ex-father-in-law Phillip with no trick photography involved. Never thought I'd see that day! At least the younger Princess of York now has ONE moment of civility between her mother and paternal grandfather she can look back upon that nothing can take away!
  11. pachebo, Interesting that he sounded somewhat like Rudy Vallee here. He didn't sound so raspy yet as he would on the show (and he was a lifelong nonsmoker during those smoking times)!Also, this was about the time of his marriage to Harriet so I'm wondering why he didn't have her sing it instead unless he thought that it would have been more acceptable for a man to say he'd be free the rest of the night from a quarter to nine than it would have been for a woman. Can anyone imagine how Mae West would have run with this song with just a few gender terms changed?
  12. pachebo, Fairly good tribute but it does the question of how Rick would have coped had he actually lived to the current day! It's hard to imagine that he'd do much more than dine off his past laurels as Micky Dolenz has been doing for the last couple of decades.
  13. True- and it seems that Queen Alexandra was also not eager to let her daughter-in-law Mary have the title Princess of Wales straight away for that reason. But then she'd later get upset when Edward died and George V succeeded- and got told that Queen Mary would have precedence of her ( the Queen Mother) as the king's wife in England had precedence over all other royals except for the king. Queen Alexandra tried to argue that since her baby sister was Marie, Empress Mother of Russia and the Russians put their empress mother over the empress consort in precedence that George should do the same for HER. George dug in his heels and let 'Motherdear' stew in her own on that issue. BTW, the reason WHY the Russians had this arrangement was due to the fact that when Czar Paul was murdered in his own room in 1801 with the evident approval of his heir Czar Alexander I, Alexander I's mother Maria Feodornova all-but-openly accused him of plotting the murder but once Alexander I declared that she would have precedence over even his own wife the empress consort, she cooled off a great deal- and this became the Russian order for all future czars' widows who were mothers of czars.
  14. Actually, I originally thought it meant that the viewers LIKE you (actually ME since I was the one watching it). As in, 'hey all these organizations support our station/program AND the viewers LIKE you personally!'. I guess that was a rather mild effect after watching Mister Rogers say that he liked me for just being me!
  15. Although David Nelson would not become a top tier performer, he did do a fairly good and believable job in The Big Circus (1959)as a sinister trapeze artist. Not only did David do his own trapeze work (which he and Ricky diligently trained before the filming started) but he'd actually work with circuses from time to time. Oh and there's a good showcase of David's trapeze skills in the episode 'The Circus' in which he had a dream of having to serve a subpoena to a trapeze artist on the wire! I mean, he actually pulled himself up from the ground and flipped himself onto to the chest-high trapeze net with only his arms AND climbed the rope to the trapeze platform using only his hands! I mean how strong arms would one have to have to be able to do that?!