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  1. For everyone too young or not alive- allow me to fill in some gaps 1. Waverly Wonders- Had Namath playing a coach of a high school basketball team that always lost but somehow everyone in the school was charmed by him enough to keep him employed there. . Amazingly, Larry Hagman had vied for the role! 2. David Cassidy: Man Undercover- Not only did this showcase all the dramatic,serious talents one could expect from the recently deceased Mr. Cassidy but, perhaps the most ludicrous thing about it was that it used the performer's name rather than the undercover cop character's name. 3. Mrs. Columbo- Yep, it sure did star the future Star Trek Captain Miss Mulgrew but that wasn't the only issue of this show. First of all, for everyone too young to recall, the rotating Columbo detective series had starred Peter Falk as a bumbling detective who sometime would trap the bad guys to incriminate themselves by telling stories about his never-depicted wife whom he seemed to have been wed to most of his adult life. It should be noted that the late Mr. Falk had been born in 1927 while Miss Mulgrew was born in 1955 (24 years old at the time of this series). Anyway, it started out as this mother of a young girl who did some work for a local paper getting drawn into detective work with it vaguely inferred that she was following in her unseen husband's footsteps. Then, since there was zero chance of Mr. Falk ever appearing on this series, they chickened out of this and, for some bogus reason, had her (and her daughter's) name changed to Callahan with her marital status somehow in limbo and the series retitled Kate Loves a Mystery. Obviously, it didn't save it. 4. SuperTrain- Believe it or not, the network seemed to think that this series would sink The Love Boat and it seemed to have everything a cruise ship would have on rails- including a cutting-edge disco! Oh, and it was supposed to travel at 190 miles per hour yet someone fell asleep in the math department since it would take three days for it to travel from New York to LA. 5. Pink Lady and Jeff- This was one of the very last variety shows to air and it's easy to see why this helped sink the format. Pink Lady was a Japanese teen girl duo singing group who had a flash-in-the-pan single that somehow charted in the US . Hence someone got the brilliant idea of teaming them with the virtual unknown US comedian Jeff Altman. Problem was that while the duo looked cute and could sing that one song, they could speak virtually no English and were able to do nothing more than politely giggle at Mr. Altman's puns. Oddly enough, it had the onetime legendary comedian Sid Caesar guested three times in its six episode run- playing their samurai father who was strongly objecting to their choice of dates! 6. 1980 Olympic Disaster- Long short is that NBC had pinned a great deal of time and energies into broadcasting those Olympics set in Moscow. Problem was the US pulled out of the Olympics to protest the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan so that made this hugely anticipated block of time suddenly needing to be filled. Yet, believe it or not it was CBS who courted even more ridicule via this historic event re greenlighting a comedy about a Soviet athlete eloping to the US with an US American wife called Phyl and Mikhy whose premise seemed even more preposterous via the US pullout. 7- Brady Brides- Not even close to it's original show but, at least it was better than either the Brady Bunch Variety Hour or the cartoon Brady Kids. Though some may think it's somewhat like saying Red Roof Inn is better than Motel 6 while trying to ignore the existence of Crowne Plaza hotels. And here's a bonus I don't think future generations should forget: Manimal- a detective has the ability to change himself into any animal he wants to fight crime. And yet, in spite of how all those bogus choices failed in the early 1980's, somehow we're now in a place where there's 600 channels and nothing worth seeing on more often than not.
  2. Except that, instead of attempting to work, he and his other daughter are trying to MILK what they'd like to believe is the family's cash cow even though she seems silently but udderly through with them!
  3. Does he think France would cough up the dinero at this late date (and could they have any power to dump Albert and his heirs from the Monageque throne)? Would something that happened during their Third Republic be considered something for their current Fifth Republic to be liable for? Surely France has bigger fish to sautée!
  4. Utterly loathed Snotty Boston Rob and Abuse-Enabler Amber (at least the former was honest about not being a nice person) and actually wound up bailing the rest of that Season when they didn't EXPEL them for deliberately sabotaging oncamera other contestants. Still, I've hung onto the show overall thru some rather annoying contestants because I like the locales and travel!
  5. Somebody needs to clue them on what most guys find appealing. Here's a hint: Whoever heard of a non-dentist male more eagerly subscribing to the Journal of the American Dental Association than Playboy?
  6. Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    Happy Birthday, Miss Ciccione! No one could have predicted when she first burst into the music scene that she'd still be front and center at THIS particular age (but then no one would have said that for Dietrich either). Not just a survivor but a thriver!
  7. In Memoriam: Celebrity Deaths

    It's hard to imagine a world where Miss Franklin's not in it. RIP, Miss Franklin!
  8. Sounds like Czar Nicolas II's wife the Empress Alexandra who also was so soft-spoken that few could understand her. However; Nicky and Alix (her actual given name) DID have fun among themselves and their family. I only hope there's a much happier end to the this couple currently ruling the world's smallest monarchy in landmass as opposed to those who ruled the world's largest one just over a century ago.
  9. Without going into detail, can I just say how annoying it can be to work with folks who act dumber than boxes of rocks and do their best to dump their messes for others to clean up regardless of how busy the others are with work so they can gab a storm?
  10. Your Favorite Episodes

    Yes, that's true but I suppose they did that so viewers would know that while Steve was not interested in re-marrying for the foreseeable future, he WAS interested in the opposite gender (and attractive women were interested in him). I thought it was refreshing that not only was she portrayed as levelheaded and shrewd but that she was not eager to do the 'instant family' deal of landing someone with kids but seemed to just want to see where things led with Steve and seemed to be happy if things only got into a flirtatious stage and nothing more. Not only was it rare to see a woman engineer on television back then ( that profession was considered quite exceptional for women) but it was also rare for a single adult female to either not be a desperate husband-hunter or a comically awkward 'old maid' . 'Chip's Harvest' aired this morning on ME TV. It was a bit how much time it had turned out Chip had spent with this 'bummy' Johnny Squanto character in his edge-of-town shack despite the fact both of his older brothers and Bub reviling him. In hindsight, it seems a bit careless of a child's guardians to let their child spend so much unsupervised time with an adult who not only was a stranger to them but also whom they disliked via rep. Thankfully, Mr. Squanto was harmless and, in fact, had seemed to have spent his entire life trying to scrape an existence on the edge of the society that reviled him. Yet, this character WAS a great deal like Buster Keaton's characters in that he was stonefaced and silent almost the entire time but when he DID speak up, he was quite eloquent. Yes, I know that ' Indian regalia' Mr. Squanto wore to the Douglases instead of his usual 'bummy' attire was that of a Hollywood stereotypical Native American (and of the Midwest rather than the New England area where he claimed his tribe had originally been when they'd contributed to the Pilgrims' First Thanksgiving). However; it was interesting how he walked a fine line via saving the Douglas's Thanksgiving by cooking the entire meal in a firepit when their stove failed (and Steve was unable to get a repairman to fix it on said holiday) and talked of the Native American contributions but did NOT spell out how they'd been pushed out from their own land,etc. And, yes, it was somewhat cathartic to see this reviled character shine and show up the Mike, Robbie and Bub's smallminded dismissal of him but, of course, that was the only time he'd be seen on the show.
  11. That's such a lame rationalization on Miss Mills's part it's not even funny. I mean, those toxic relatives haven't been in the Duchess of Sussex's life in ages while her mother Ms. Ragland has been there every step of the way. However; Ms. Ragland is someone with integrity who keeps her daughter's and the in-laws' confidences so the rags can't touch her while the toxic folks will blab garbage as long as they think it will suit them!
  12. MushMarch, According to recent interviews with Miss Cole, she thought Mr. Demarest was very nice- and even said she liked him better than Mr. Frawley but she only got to work with the latter two times when she appeared in pre-Katie roles before his departure while she got to work the Uncle Charley the entire time she was Katie. I don't think the Uncle Charley/Katie dynamic would have worked if the performers truly disliked working with each other but it seems quite the opposite (though I've never heard of what Mr. Demarest had to say).
  13. Your Favorite Episodes

    MushMarch, Yes, I liked the 'Countdown' episode for the reasons you've mentioned and I had my fun laughing about how 'high tech' and 'cutting edge' the computerized rocket technology was and how the narrator bragged how 'foolproof' it was but not only does that technology seem understandably dated now but also the episode's climax showed how it failed despite all this progress. Still, one must remember that manned spaceflight by US Astronauts had not yet happened by the time of the episode and no doubt quite a few viewers shared Chip's eagerness in wanting that to become reality if not maybe hoping to one day become astronauts. Yes, it was a bit ironic that despite the goof of mixed up Daylight Savings Time, the WORST thing that happened to the Douglases was waking up two hours early as opposed to all the near disasters that were forecast (and Robbie actually used his smarts to take advantage of that). Good review of 'Adjust or Bust'. BTW, speaking of Buster Keaton, there's a good Thanksgiving episode coming up which shows a very Keaton-esque performer playing an outcast whom only Chip believes in making things right. I'll go into more detail after it re-airs, though.
  14. Not a bad theory but I liken those two as more 'birds of a feather' myself whose offspring somehow seemed to have turned out okay IN SPITE of their examples.
  15. Pet Peeves

    Keep in mind that there's lots of folks who pick who they pick to be friends with, date, jobs etc. JUST to hear themselves complain about the resulting scenarios because THAT is what they value the most in life! The acid test is whether they've deliberately taken steps and expended more energy to get themselves in these spots than it would take to get out of them or avoid taking said steps in the first place.