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  1. Carina already met her - Stephen got her access to a speaking engagement Hillary had in Vancouver yesterday.
  2. Oliver has reasons to not trust Rene and Dinah - Rene sold him out twice (once to Church, and once to the FBI lady, then he went his own way out in the field in the middle of a mission when Oliver was giving him a third chance). Dinah kept the fact that she knew and was meeting with a guy who tried to kill Oliver a couple of times last year. It's not like just overheard these people saying mean things about him behind his back.
  3. Yes, generally people get angry when someone they trust rats them out to the FBI.
  4. I figured that Cayden James would've found him out and exposed that he's still alive - and that Roy would've gotten a call from Samanda Watson - who is otherwise terrible at her job - to testify that Oliver was the Arrow as well as the Green Arrow and that he took the fall for him the first time around. The wording of the spoiler is kind of weird - I don't know whether his return is good for the team or bad.
  5. I get it - Oliver being the main character, it's important that he has a familial connection (especially since we saw both of his parents die on the show). Ever since Moira died, Thea's filled that spot. Now that he has a wife and son, they can transfer that connection over to them, and write off the person who doesn't seem to be all that into it anymore.
  6. Fare thee well, my parkour prince. Take care of Thea.
  7. I don’t really care about William that much, but I enjoy his interactions with Felicity. If I’m gonna have to watch him, I’d rather watch him with her.
  8. He must be trying to figure out how to send the script pages from 6x09 that he promised to that fan today.
  9. If it was brought up at all, it wasn't more than a passing mention that I missed. I don't think it was.
  10. The last it was addressed was when Diggle was in the hospital on Thanksgiving - William asked him if he was going out as the Green Arrow for his dad, and Digg said he was. Then William asked how the Green Arrow was at the stadium (Billy Joel concert) if Digg was in the hospital. Oliver stepped up and said that the Green Arrow wasn't there, then Felicity took William out to get the car.
  11. I think they left that out because she's forgiven him for the lying, and if she used that as a reason for being skittish about marriage (apart from just turns of bad luck/timing regarding weddings), she wouldn't have worked it out/gotten past it by the end of the crossover, and it would've led to lingering issues between the two of them when there aren't supposed to be any anymore.
  12. I would bet actual money that he doesn't have one.