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  1. Dixie Jackie Leighton.
  2. It should have been Dracula, Blacula, Bakula. I am not a crackpot.
  3. Am I crazy, or is Old Milwaukee not THAT great of a name?
  4. Bob Newhart, king of the comedic phone call.
  5. What, you didn't solve that one? You slacker.
  6. Was anyone else hoping for Remington Beatrice Steele?
  7. I would vote for Deep Thoughts over the vast majority of options, but it got a bad draw. No way can I not vote for one of the best TV theme songs of all time.
  8. ...Huh. So, that happened. I'm not convinced that the Mole necessarily did a "great" job so much as a "did less than many previous moles" job. And I'm really ticked that "Miss Mole" wasn't a clue, but that other book supposedly was.
  9. OK, I'll play. I think my top choice would be a woman, Ellie Lust; she'd inject the fear of the Lord into the kandidaten as required. Man: I want someone who will both have enough gravitas to be a good host and also be easy on the eyes, because I am shallow; I'm thinking maybe Tim Hoffman, maybe Jan-Willem.
  10. So, there's zero percent chance Sanne isn't the Mole, right? It's the only thing that makes any sense given who's in the finals. Thomas has been voting for her all along; Diedrick voted for her all along and got eliminated only because he didn't beat Thomas in the quiz; Jochem skated by with some backup answers for Sanne; and Sanne should not be there at all if she's a contestant and voted the way she claims she's voted up to now. If the Mole was, say, Jochem, the final four would have looked very different. Plus, I really can't imagine they wouldn't have the Mole win the challenge where the pot would get doubled.
  11. Episode 6 is easily one of my favorite episodes of any Mole ever. The pizza challenge was fantastic (the twist it took in the middle made me laugh hard), and the "talk to the Mole" segment was awesome. (I decided how I would have approached it: been completely silent for the first 90 seconds or so, then scream as loudly as possible into the microphone.) I am LOVING this season.
  12. Just watched Belgian episode 5 and I was *shocked* by the outcome. (SPOILERS FOLLOW) That person was my main mol from the beginning, and this episode confirmed his molness in a ton of different ways (the subtle distraction at lunch so that Bruno wouldn't pay attention to the food; suggesting that all three of the paintings were flipped; etc). Also, he was using a tactic I've long said I'd use if I were de Mol -- claim from near the beginning to be 100% sure who the mole was (perhaps saying that I overheard a slip of the tongue, or something), so that it seemed less shocking when I easily slid through to the finale. I've never suspected Bruno or Stijn at all, so if it's one of them, I wonder how much they've actually done. Hanna has done some very moley things but the show almost never picks a young brash kandidat as de Mol. And Cathy has just been so damn blatant in her moling that she'd be a little disappointing. I guess I'll move onto Gilles, who's been my second choice for most of the series so far. Fun to see the art challenge again, though I wasn't crazy about having back-to-back communication-based challenges, despite their major differences.
  13. I agree with just about all of this. My top 2 have been Sanne and Ima for some time now. Throughout the season, Sanne has claimed to be voting for people who went home or are clearly not de Mol, so I just can't understand how she's surviving if she's not de Mol herself. If it turns out to be one of the men, I'll be shocked.
  14. Just saw this episode. There was a challenge where, when it was described, I thought "Oh, I really like this idea a lot". Needless to say, I was not at all surprised when Return December came up. I guess you and I have similar thoughts about what makes for a good challenge.
  15. Someone has just begun putting the Belgian version on YouTube! Hopefully it'll stay there and we won't have to deal with Daily Motion again. Subscribe here: