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  1. And for the third episode in a row, the departing candidate is someone who I knew with utter certainty was not the mole. NOT HELPFUL. She had actually been my prediction to win the season, because it's pretty common for someone who's obviously fake-moling to make it to the end, as others feel like they have to spend some questions on them just in case. At this point my order is Stine > Simone > Olcay> Ruben > Jan. I'm not buying into this whole "Could it be Ruben, COULD IT, COULD IT, MAYBE IT IS, HMMM" edit the show was pushing so hard this time.
  2. Oh goody. Get rid of one of the few people I know it isn't. (Pro tip: the Mol is NEVER the youngest contestant.) I still don't have a clear bead on the Mol. I do think it's a woman but I'm not sure which. I'm still on the "Loes is moling too obviously" track, and sort of doubt Olcay, so I guess I'd focus most on Simone and Stine by process of elimination.
  3. I feel reasonably confident it ain't Loes, because she's just being far too obvious. I also don't really suspect Emilio, who seems to be too fanatic. No strong suspicions otherwise yet. I do love that two seasons after Ellie Lust, we're still getting "etherdiscipline"!
  4. WIDM: Foreign Editions

    I'll second the recommendation for Belgium, but man do we disagree on Australia, which I found painful to get through.
  5. Different strokes. I think Jan is very hot. Ruben ain't bad either, and I'd do Emilio as well.
  6. "Georgia on Their Minds"? I also loved the episode. I agree that it's not all that fair, but we've had other seasons where people or teams were split up in the beginning, though they did come together for at least one task before the execution. But if you just go the typical Episode 1 spread-and-go-fast technique (and use your joker, if you got it) you should be okay at the execution.
  7. What Would Your Drag Name Be?

    Dixie Jackie Leighton.
  8. It should have been Dracula, Blacula, Bakula. I am not a crackpot.
  9. EHG 160: Scoring The Gong Show

    Am I crazy, or is Old Milwaukee not THAT great of a name?
  10. Bob Newhart, king of the comedic phone call.
  11. WIDM: Foreign Editions

    What, you didn't solve that one? You slacker.
  12. Was anyone else hoping for Remington Beatrice Steele?
  13. I would vote for Deep Thoughts over the vast majority of options, but it got a bad draw. No way can I not vote for one of the best TV theme songs of all time.
  14. ...Huh. So, that happened. I'm not convinced that the Mole necessarily did a "great" job so much as a "did less than many previous moles" job. And I'm really ticked that "Miss Mole" wasn't a clue, but that other book supposedly was.
  15. OK, I'll play. I think my top choice would be a woman, Ellie Lust; she'd inject the fear of the Lord into the kandidaten as required. Man: I want someone who will both have enough gravitas to be a good host and also be easy on the eyes, because I am shallow; I'm thinking maybe Tim Hoffman, maybe Jan-Willem.