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  1. S10.E11: Evil Twins

    Minority opinion, I guess, but I honestly thought Aquaria was the worst of the night. That evil outfit was disjointed as hell and needed to be simplified to make any sense. And her "read" of good Aquaria was so weak! It was just random potshots rather than really getting in deep, the way they insisted everyone else do.
  2. Small Talk: Wait For Bandage Man Here

    Did anyone else try "Busted!" which is streaming on Netflix? It sure seemed like it was in the same vein -- a murder mystery series with puzzles and so forth -- but I gave up after 30 minutes of the first episode. I'm still not entirely sure if it was a reality show, a fiction series, or some sort of blend of the two; I didn't get the sense that they were competing against each other, exactly, but they did feel like regular people (poorly) playing roles while trying to "solve" something. Whatever it was, it was slow, that's for sure.
  3. WIDM: Foreign Editions

    Have just watched the reveal. Anyway, I thought that was a very good season, just as WIDM was this year. Looking forward to seeing more details about the sabotages next week!
  4. WIDM: Foreign Editions

    Really liking this season. Between this and the recent season of WIDM, it's been a good Mole year. Re the phone call in episode 7: could anyone tell me what the specific notes were that were whistled? Am wondering if they spell a word (probably in Flemish or something) that's a clue to the actual Mole. It's hard to believe that "the sound of the Mole's whistle" was supposed to be the big giveaway hint that Gilles was suggesting was there.
  5. WIDM: Foreign Editions

    Just watched episode 5 of season 6 of De Mol, and my absolute last suspect got eliminated. As usual, no help at all. At this point, I think my suspect list, from top to bottom, is Pieter - Pascale - Lloyd - Joke - Baha. I really only suspect the first three. Lloyd was my #1 until this episode, but I can't figure out why the Mole would have taken $1000 from charity to get unnecessary jokers, unless Belgian moles are just real assholes. Even if I'm wrong about Pieter, I want it to be him. I'd love a drinking, swearing priest to be the Mole.
  6. WIDM: Foreign Editions

    Looks like Natalia's YouTube account has been suspended. Can't find anything on Daily Motion. I'm starting to panic -- I'm really enjoying this season and don't want to give up on it! Does anyone have any leads on where we could still get subtitled episodes?
  7. WIDM: Foreign Editions

    I believe Natalia is still planning to post links on YouTube to DailyMotion and/or a place where you can watch it directly.
  8. I still think Ellie Lust would have been a great, semi-menacing host in the Anderson Cooper vein, but I'll be okay with Rik.
  9. Art is leaving WIDM! He's changing networks, so they're looking for a new host. :-(
  10. WIDM: Foreign Editions

    Has anyone else watched episode 1 of the new season of Belgium's De Mol yet? The opening is utterly awesome, and I got one of my biggest laughs ever from a Mole episode when you-know-what appeared in the bullring. I'm starting to think this may actually be the best version of The Mole, even over WIDM.
  11. S10.E01: 10s Across the Board

    "Brianna Cracker" is one of the best drag names I've ever heard. Cannot BELIEVE she changed it to the horrible "Miz Cracker".
  12. So Jan was ... a pretty good Mol. A great Mol is the perfect balance between "not bringing in money" and "not being suspected"; he was great at the latter and okay at the former. (He brought in the least of the three finalists, but still maybe a bit more than he should have.) I did love his cocky attitude, though; much more entertaining than the take-no-chances moles of the last few seasons. And the walking-by-in-the-park thing was awesome. And I was happy to hear that Jan's dive into the river was a molactie in exactly the ways I described above. :-) Still sorry it wasn't Olcay, though.
  13. Pretty sure this was a new format for the test, yes. I was sorry no one took the "see the Mol" path because I really wanted to see how that would work (even though obviously they wouldn't have shown us what the candidate saw). It sounded to me, from Art's description, that the money would go into the pot if the person who grabbed it won the season. If that interpretation is right, the Mol could grab the money (for the viewers' benefit) because the winner wouldn't get it. (That said, I still don't think it's Ruben, and if it is, he sucked as Mol.) PRAYING that the Mol is Olcay because what a finale that would be.
  14. After giving it some more thought, my new Mole order is Jan > Olcay > Ruben. If the Mole is Ruben: then everything is as clear as it seems: everybody since at least Stine, and probably before, has been voting for Ruben, and the one who knew the least about him has left. Either Olcay or Jan could win. Booooring, and bad mole, as I said. If the Mole is Jan: then Ruben wins, and Olcay will be the Freek/Jochem of this season who gets to the finals by doing better than all the others who also didn't know the mole. (Jan did do one very moley thing this episode: that whole business of diving for the tube -- and probably grabbing the wrong one, since nobody could tell -- then struggling to get back in the raft wasted a ton of time and probably prevented them from grabbing several tubes.) If the Mole is Olcay: then I honestly think this will be the season where nobody guessed the mole, since Jan will vote Ruben and Ruben will vote Jan, and the winner will be the one who accidentally hit her on the test the most. I'm actually hoping it's Olcay, because that ending would be great, and I can imagine it being possible that she committed a ton of mole actions that I missed. But I think I'm slightly leaning toward Jan, as I said.
  15. I QUIT. They keep getting rid of the mole! If it's Ruben, he was a terrible mole, though in a different way than Thomas was last year: Thomas was terrible because he didn't mole much, Ruben because everyone suspected him. If it's not Ruben, one of the contestants has either been lying to the camera all this time, or has managed to squeak through to the finale despite being very wrong. And I don't know whether contestants typically lie to the viewers in the talking-head interviews about their suspicions and votes. I will say I was starting to wonder about Simone, even though I was firmly on her, because if she was the Mole then either a) everyone else was lying to the camera, or b) she had fooled EVERYONE. And as much as I am dying to see a season where nobody gets it right (which I understand happened in one of the non-subtitled seasons), I don't think this is it.