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  1. S02.E15: The Car

    Hollywood funerals are always outside on perfect sunny days because they're filmed in California. They don't give a crap where the shows are actually set. I've never been to an outdoor funeral, even if the weather is nice. Funerals are in churches or halls, and the family goes to the cemetery for a private interment service. (Note it's not "internment", unless the deceased got an entry level job in heaven. 😁) I do understand the urn being there, though, because Rebecca wanted it with her. Many cemeteries have columbariums for urns or even for plaques for people who don't have remains to bury. Having a plaque or headstone even without remains is nice for people to visit or bring flowers, and is useful for future genealogy research. As for the car, haggling for a price is still a thing. That Wagoneer was one butt ugly car, though.
  2. S02.E14: Super Bowl Sunday

    We have Mars Bars in Canada, delicious! Chocolate here doesn't have that waxy undertaste that American chocolate has. I agree with those who felt the episode was overwrought, and I have issues with no neighbour noticing the fire until the house was a raging inferno. And with Jack not being taken to the hospital in an ambulance. He had second degree burns and smoke inhalation, that's a terrible EMT. Even after a minor car accident, everyone I know gets checked at the hospital just to be sure. And Jack running back in for the damn dog and taking time to save the family's one and only photo album (yeah, right) and Kate's video. I guess Kevin and Randall didn't have any mementoes worth dying for.
  3. S09.E13: In Your Head

    The episode was tired. Luke is on the roof all along, hardy-har-har, that was funny when The Hangover did it 10 years ago. Way to make a current movie reference, writers. And surprise, Haley gets the guy, again. I hate so much how Alex is written as the frumpy loser because she's smart. While Haley just falls into jobs and money and men because she's cute. I know it happens in the real world sometimes, but Haley is too old for that. And for a show that's supposed to be progressive, with second marriages and gay parents and adoption and interracial relationships, it would have been nice if they didn't constantly dip into the cliche of boring smart loser vs successful pretty sister. Ugh.
  4. So any thoughts on why he's not getting the press or accolades he deserves?
  5. Not in a million years. American football is perceived as boring and stupid by most of the world. (And rightly so, imo) I agree that Trevor has interesting guests, esp compared to Stewart. He's also a better interviewer, and I don't understand why he's not getting the attention and accolades he deserves.
  6. Buy vanilla extract in Mexico, its real and its spectacular. I'll agree that Cool Whip is acceptable, but margarine is vile. Always choose butter. As for the show, the editors are having fun with the judges' comments. "More spice!" "I can't taste the ginger!" "Where's the spiciness?" followed by "Too much spice!"
  7. S11.E06: The Proton Regeneration

    Me too. I hate the trope of a couple that is clearly done with having kids not wanting to "close that door"; I'm looking at you, Modern Family. Ugh. I don't know anyone over 40 whose family is grown and then regrets not having another baby. There's more to life than raising kids. Very, very rarely. It's not even a thing. I know many couples who had a V and zero failure rate. Tubals are more likely to fail and even then, very rarely. I thought Howard and Bernadette were going to hear Penny sing "Soft Kitty" to the baby over the monitor.
  8. S01.E01: Pilot

    Work clothing has always been fairly static, it's the same now as it was 25 or 40 years ago - pants or skirt with button up shirt. Jacket added for formality. I didn't expect unisex spandex jumpsuits just because it was the future. Actually, they didn't "make" him look anything, that's how he looks now. I enjoyed it, and find the time tripping interesting with the reveals about why and how he is the way he is and what he becomes. I also like how the episodes (I've watched several now) tie the plotlines together over the time tripping. I'm thinking people who can't follow the time jumps also had issues with Back to the Future II. It's not a concept everyone enjoys.
  9. S09.E02: The Long Goodbye

    Actually, Vanessa Williams looks like a normal 50-something woman. It's because of comments like this that all women in Hollywood - and many in the real world now too - slice, dice, chop, peel, drug, plump amd freeze the shit out of their faces these days.
  10. S01.E03: Buyer's Remorse

    Random thoughts after seeing three eps... Courtney Rose is a weird name choice, a double girl's name. Yes, I know Courtney can be a guy's name, but it's not anymore. The American city council system must be very different than what I'm used to. The city is large enough for public transit and a huge multi-office and staff system just for the mayor, but there are only six members of council? And they regularly meet without the mayor present? And they pass bills and have filibusters like state and federal politics? And they control the budget of the local school? And the council president (huh? Isn't the mayor head of council?) sits in council chambers all day even when there's no meeting? The cast is charming and talented, and the premise has promise, but the execution is cornier than an Iowa farm.
  11. S07.E04: The Spoils of War

    The battle reminded me of Vikings, where the Vikings were brutal and fearless and so damn frightening to the British, whose fighting style was more formed and ordered. I'm confused about the gold. I thought it was in those wagons, being transported along with the food. That's why they made such a big deal about Cersei's Lannister loans "when the gold gets here". I thought it got torched by the dragon, which would mean it's all a bunch of melted blobs for someone to scavenge for later among the scorched ruins. But others said the gold made it to KL? I also find it funny that people are so mad that a dragon might die. It's just a fictional animal. And that thousands of fictional humans die in this show, some of them beloved characters with actual personalities, as well as many horses and some dire wolves, but the death of a giant lizard is too much?
  12. S07.E04: The Spoils of War

    So this is what the producers were talking about preseason, where they said they set a record for the greatest number of stunt people on fire at the same time. Epic! Jaime and Bronn were a little too "lucky survivor" for me. I mean, come on. Was that Bronn or Dickon who grabbed Jaime at the end and ended up in the water? Regardless, logically neither should survive with all that heavy armour. Plus, I doubt in that world that Jaime ever learned to swim. Even though the wagons of gold were incinerated, the actual gold should survive. Someone can get it when everything cools down and chip out the melted and hardened pools of gold. When Cersei kept yammering about paying off their debts and what's-his-name kept saying "when we receive it your debts will be paid", I was pretty sure the gold wasn't going to get to King's Landing. Glad to see an end to Cersei's victories.
  13. S03.E01: VIP

    Two doctors that have to budget to go to Disney are just bad money managers. It's expensive, but it's not out of reach for an ordinary family, much less two doctors. I've been there with my family multiple times and were ordinary middle class. But Dre still has to over spend just to do something ordinary.
  14. S07.E01: Dragonstone

    I could accept Lady Mormont being a kickass leader if she was Sansa's age (middle to late teens) because at least that would be old enough in this world to have life experience and some authority. As is, she looks younger than Arya, and even Arya was written as a frightened and desperate child at first. The GoT world has a lot of old men at all levels of society, but women over 20 seem scarce.
  15. Am I the only one who thought Trevor and Regina were doing some major flirting? Damn! I was thinking of Phil Donahue and Marlo Thomas, and we know where that went.