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  1. S07.E07: Episode 7

    It may come as a surprise to tv/movie producers, but some people make plans to move to,the country and actually live to do it. /eye roll Just binged on this entire series, and while Barbara's death was very sad, it is the circle of life and all that. People come and go, in various ways. I think this show does a good job showing that's. I find it amusing that some posters are so indignant that the actresses playing Barbara or Cynthia would deign to leave a job, that they're not attractive (i.e. worthy) enough to get better work elsewhere. How dare they? Maybe they're just tired of this particular gig, maybe they want to try something different, maybe they want to travel, maybe they want to focus on their family, maybe they prefer to try a new role. The secondary plot with the young father in jail pissed me off. He gets three years in jail for stealing a car? After a sincere admittance of remorse to,the parole board (or whatever that was)? Yeah, that's a good use of resources. Take a potentially productive person out of society and stick him in jail where he might be abused or become hardened. I think, as an actor, playing a dramatic death scene would be great.
  2. S03.01 Mom Guilt

    Because many housewives go back to work as the kids get older, partly to make extra money for their kids post-secondary education. If it's part time, you still call yourself a housewife (speaking from experience). I like this direction, it makes sense. Katie isn't one of those housewives who throws herself into baking and crafts and volunteering, so she might as well be useful in a different way.
  3. Season One Talk: Making It!

    Yeah, naked cakes are stupid. Cake is a delivery vehicle for frosting; it's all about the frosting and decorations. The cake is secondary. "I want a piece of cake with as little frosting as possible," said no fun person ever.
  4. Modern Family in the Media

    They like to say a "major character" will die, but viewers know that network hype machines are always in overdrive. Dede? Not sure how her death would affect everyone over several episodes. They don't like her very much and she's only been on a few times. Out of sight, out of mind, and all that. People mention Stella, and I had to scratch my head over who that was. Oh, the dog. Not sure how that would affect anyone besides Jay and maybe Joe. I figured Phil's father, since he's played by a name actor and has been on several times even though his death wouldn't affect most of them. The guesses for Pam make the most sense, since her death precipitates an addition to the family, and a new son, brother, grandchild, nephew and cousin does affect everyone. It also continues the concept of the modern family, with its unique makeup. My personal wish is Gloria, since her screechy overacting adds nothing to the show.
  5. Season One Talk: Making It!

    I really enjoyed this show, although the constant references in this thread to GBBO (or GBBT or GRBT or whatever acronymed other show) were tiresome. Not everyone watches everything on tv so those were just scrolled by. Kheim deserved the win because he seemed the most skilled, but I liked a lot of things over the season that the others made. I really liked Jo's cake topper; I thought it was pretty and personal. Amber's circle arch was odd, I didn't like it. I agree with those who thought the turntable was weird. A hope chest with a special wood crafted insert to store wedding memories or whatever would have made more sense. Sure, a few people still have records, but most don't. And inside a storage chest? Weird. I didn't understand the point of the wedding couple when they had no input in choosing the winner. I would have preferred them decorating for a theoretical wedding if the couple was just forced to use whatever a couple of strangers pick. I guess they got a free wedding out of it. Glad it's coming back. I hope,they have more contestants so there are even more crafts next season.
  6. Season One Talk: Making It!

    Global TV, are you sure? Because it airs on CTV in Ontario, and I can't see the same show being aired on two competeing networks. So is next week two hours long (I hope)? With a big grand finale type challenge?
  7. Season One Talk: Making It!

    I'm enjoying the show and the craftsmanship is amazing. I'm not a fan of timed challenges because I think creativity needs to blossom in its own time, but I understand the constraints of a tv show. I think Amber will win, and I'm okay with that. I understand this show as a crafting show, meant to inspire viewers who might want to take some of what they see and try it themselves. There's a real vacuum for shows like that, and I welcome this. It's not an art show, which is completely different. That's where Kheim is, and while his designs are inventive and artsy, they're not as much "craftsy", which I believe is the intent of the show. I'm watching for ideas to maybe try, and his stuff is too much beyond that for many everyday crafters.
  8. S02.E11: Holly 2018.06.27

    Has there always been snow? I vaguely recall June and Rory (sorry, can remember her name) walking and talking outside and it was more summerlike. When she stole the car? Honestly, I thought the wolf was symbolic, just in June's mind. Because it seemed to appear and reappear so quickly. As for the car, that wasn't a muscle car. It was a Trans Am or Firebird, which are sports cars, not muscle cars. And people drove around for decades without car seats for their babies, even newborns. And almost all of them lived to tell the tale, without neck damage. June's baby would have been fine. (Yes, I know car seats are better.)
  9. S09.E23: A Heck of a Ride

    I liked the finale a lot; it was exactly what I expected and wanted. I'll never understand parents who moan and whine about their adult,children moving away. That's the point of parenting - you push them out the nest and they fly away. More to worry about if they don't want to leave. The empty nest is a wonderful thing. Well, that's why urban coastal people call the middle America "flyover country". It's a condescending jab that the middle isn't even worth stopping by to check out.
  10. S04.E22: Collateral Damage

    Interesting that so many comment how much they hate this storyline ndont want to watch, yet the ep threads are filled the next day. I'm sure next week (the season finale, right?) will have even more viewers. Yeah, big mistake by the showrunners. I don't care one way or another, but this mid-century modern style is becoming all the rage. I've seen kitchens with these exact cabinets - dark brown wood grain look - pop up on HGTV shows. In five years, everyone will want to rip out their stark white kitchens and replace them with warm brown ones. My actual peeve about TV kitchens is that the counters are always covered in clutter. And not normal toaster-coffeemaker-vase clutter, but crap from end to another, even in nicer homes like Modern Family, for example. Drives me nuts. A divorce would be a bold choice for a family sitcom; I give them props for maybe going there. And I epeat, black-ish has east with many serious issues in the past; it's not a punchline-laughtrack driven sitcom. I thought that was obvious. Probably better to call it a dramedy. I have no issue with Dre's shirt at Junior's grad. It's not a wedding or funeral, just a high school grad. They're long and dull, might as well be comfortable. And you know Dre probably spent $100s on it. I've never seen people get all done up in suits and dresses for high school grads. Or throw their kid a giant party. As someone with dozens of nieces and nephews, that sounds awful. Now the graduating kids having their own party? That's what happens around here. And sounds way more fun for the graduate then partying with a bunch of relatives.
  11. S04.E21: Blue Valentime

    A family disaster is too cliche, and not realistic. A marriage on the precipice is not going to be permanently healed by something contrived. Just remembered at the end when they're trying to do better. Dre walks in with the ramen noodles and suggests a snack, reenacting when they first moved in. Bow then says her reenactment line about how they're bad for you, and instead of smiling and going along, Dre takes that comment as a rejection. Either he's forgotten their initial repartee about the noodles, or he's so sensitive that he can't see beyond it. At the same time, Bow is polishing the farmhouse sink that she clearly chose because Dre wanted it (which, why, when he never does dishes?), hoping he notices, which he doesn't. The entire scene is filled with moments where it could have gotten better for them, but because of things left unsaid or misinterpreted, it just gets worse. I found this so realistic. And devasting.
  12. S04.E21: Blue Valentime

    I thought the episode was amazing. It's black-ish, this is the show. It tackles some serious shit, and what's more serious - and worthy of a multi-episode arc - than the disintegration of a long term marriage, the basis of the show? Maybe the darker kitchen is just representative of the darker stage they're in. I didn't think it was ugly; frankly, I'm so tired of all-white kitchens anyway. I thought they did a great job of one person misinterpreting the other's reaction (Bow laughing at the one rose) and then it becomes a long term thing (Dre never gets her flowers again) can blow up out of control. It happened several times in this ep and the previous one. It's happened with my husband and me too; so easy. I'm sad that more viewers don't appreciate the importance and the brilliance of this type of storytelling, and that it all has to be viewed through the lens of behind-the-scenes producer and cast plans.
  13. S09.E03: Feng Shui & The Golden Nook

    Yeah, the parents' bedroom seemed freakishly bland. Not one picture on the massive expanse of wall? Odd. I would give my left nut (I don't actually have nuts) for an alcove in my bedroom. I'd line it with bookshelves and put a comfy reading chaise in there. But Vern said if you had to buy them they'd be $3000! Oh Vern, please. What idiot spends $3000 on string art lights? Would have been easier to remove and cheaper if he had used a jumbo balloon instead of an exercise ball. Both rooms were nice, with lots of interesting touches. Loved the bird fabric.
  14. S04.E20: Fifty-Three Percent

    I'm in ththe minority in that I really liked this episode. It was well done. As quoted above, this show is not a constant laugh sitcom; it has addressed many unfunny things over the years - the N word, racist pay scales, cops killing blacks for no reason, and their fear of Obama being assassinated during his post-inaugural walk down the street. That's heavy stuff. Watching Dre and Bow bicker over stupid stuff, my hub and I just looked at each other knowingly. It was a very real look at how a marriage can hit a wall, and how one extra thing (in this case, Devonte's development) can be the catalyst that might destroy it. I look forward to the next three weeks to see how they work it out. Is Dre demanding and selfish? Yes. Is Bow condescending and arrogant? Yes. But neither is like that all the time, and the also have a fun and lusty marriage, or at least they did. I'm interested in seeing the show bring them back to that.
  15. S09.E18: Thank You for Not Kissing

    Mature relationship? Joined at the hip? They're not even a couple yet, and if the Snowglobe of Contrivance can't get them there, then I don't know what can. Let's see... Sue finds an opportunity go to Ghana and goes without telling Sean so she can surprise him because, you know, Ghana is just a small town. But, har har, Sean decides not to go at the last minute so he can tell Sue how he really feels, and they're separated yet again, wacky sitcom hijinx! I did like Axl's sad realization that his selfish laziness made him miss an opportunity to be nice to his now dead aunt. And Frankie's "I just raked under there!" in reference to Axl's bed. Snort, of course you rake the carpet, Frankie.