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  1. S09.E23: A Heck of a Ride

    I liked the finale a lot; it was exactly what I expected and wanted. I'll never understand parents who moan and whine about their adult,children moving away. That's the point of parenting - you push them out the nest and they fly away. More to worry about if they don't want to leave. The empty nest is a wonderful thing. Well, that's why urban coastal people call the middle America "flyover country". It's a condescending jab that the middle isn't even worth stopping by to check out.
  2. S04.E22: Collateral Damage

    Interesting that so many comment how much they hate this storyline ndont want to watch, yet the ep threads are filled the next day. I'm sure next week (the season finale, right?) will have even more viewers. Yeah, big mistake by the showrunners. I don't care one way or another, but this mid-century modern style is becoming all the rage. I've seen kitchens with these exact cabinets - dark brown wood grain look - pop up on HGTV shows. In five years, everyone will want to rip out their stark white kitchens and replace them with warm brown ones. My actual peeve about TV kitchens is that the counters are always covered in clutter. And not normal toaster-coffeemaker-vase clutter, but crap from end to another, even in nicer homes like Modern Family, for example. Drives me nuts. A divorce would be a bold choice for a family sitcom; I give them props for maybe going there. And I epeat, black-ish has east with many serious issues in the past; it's not a punchline-laughtrack driven sitcom. I thought that was obvious. Probably better to call it a dramedy. I have no issue with Dre's shirt at Junior's grad. It's not a wedding or funeral, just a high school grad. They're long and dull, might as well be comfortable. And you know Dre probably spent $100s on it. I've never seen people get all done up in suits and dresses for high school grads. Or throw their kid a giant party. As someone with dozens of nieces and nephews, that sounds awful. Now the graduating kids having their own party? That's what happens around here. And sounds way more fun for the graduate then partying with a bunch of relatives.
  3. S04.E21: Blue Valentime

    A family disaster is too cliche, and not realistic. A marriage on the precipice is not going to be permanently healed by something contrived. Just remembered at the end when they're trying to do better. Dre walks in with the ramen noodles and suggests a snack, reenacting when they first moved in. Bow then says her reenactment line about how they're bad for you, and instead of smiling and going along, Dre takes that comment as a rejection. Either he's forgotten their initial repartee about the noodles, or he's so sensitive that he can't see beyond it. At the same time, Bow is polishing the farmhouse sink that she clearly chose because Dre wanted it (which, why, when he never does dishes?), hoping he notices, which he doesn't. The entire scene is filled with moments where it could have gotten better for them, but because of things left unsaid or misinterpreted, it just gets worse. I found this so realistic. And devasting.
  4. S04.E21: Blue Valentime

    I thought the episode was amazing. It's black-ish, this is the show. It tackles some serious shit, and what's more serious - and worthy of a multi-episode arc - than the disintegration of a long term marriage, the basis of the show? Maybe the darker kitchen is just representative of the darker stage they're in. I didn't think it was ugly; frankly, I'm so tired of all-white kitchens anyway. I thought they did a great job of one person misinterpreting the other's reaction (Bow laughing at the one rose) and then it becomes a long term thing (Dre never gets her flowers again) can blow up out of control. It happened several times in this ep and the previous one. It's happened with my husband and me too; so easy. I'm sad that more viewers don't appreciate the importance and the brilliance of this type of storytelling, and that it all has to be viewed through the lens of behind-the-scenes producer and cast plans.
  5. S09.E03: Feng Shui & The Golden Nook

    Yeah, the parents' bedroom seemed freakishly bland. Not one picture on the massive expanse of wall? Odd. I would give my left nut (I don't actually have nuts) for an alcove in my bedroom. I'd line it with bookshelves and put a comfy reading chaise in there. But Vern said if you had to buy them they'd be $3000! Oh Vern, please. What idiot spends $3000 on string art lights? Would have been easier to remove and cheaper if he had used a jumbo balloon instead of an exercise ball. Both rooms were nice, with lots of interesting touches. Loved the bird fabric.
  6. S04.E20: Fifty-Three Percent

    I'm in ththe minority in that I really liked this episode. It was well done. As quoted above, this show is not a constant laugh sitcom; it has addressed many unfunny things over the years - the N word, racist pay scales, cops killing blacks for no reason, and their fear of Obama being assassinated during his post-inaugural walk down the street. That's heavy stuff. Watching Dre and Bow bicker over stupid stuff, my hub and I just looked at each other knowingly. It was a very real look at how a marriage can hit a wall, and how one extra thing (in this case, Devonte's development) can be the catalyst that might destroy it. I look forward to the next three weeks to see how they work it out. Is Dre demanding and selfish? Yes. Is Bow condescending and arrogant? Yes. But neither is like that all the time, and the also have a fun and lusty marriage, or at least they did. I'm interested in seeing the show bring them back to that.
  7. S09.E18: Thank You for Not Kissing

    Mature relationship? Joined at the hip? They're not even a couple yet, and if the Snowglobe of Contrivance can't get them there, then I don't know what can. Let's see... Sue finds an opportunity go to Ghana and goes without telling Sean so she can surprise him because, you know, Ghana is just a small town. But, har har, Sean decides not to go at the last minute so he can tell Sue how he really feels, and they're separated yet again, wacky sitcom hijinx! I did like Axl's sad realization that his selfish laziness made him miss an opportunity to be nice to his now dead aunt. And Frankie's "I just raked under there!" in reference to Axl's bed. Snort, of course you rake the carpet, Frankie.
  8. S01.E01: Pilot

    Looked forward to this since I like the "everyday sci-fi" genre. However, I'm prepared for disappointment and annoyance. To start, no one is acting the way normal people would. A small child is one of the refugees, they know she lost her mother, yet she's left to hang out on her own. No social worker, no guardian to make sure she's okay? She has to line up by herself to get a key to her cabin? The time travel claims would be side-eyed, to be sure, but if they talk about a future war in the US, I'd have a million questions. Who was fighting? How did it start? What's the world like 150 years in the future? Even if I think they're bullshitting, I'd still ask about tech, and space travel, and who is president, and a thousand other things. Speaking of the future, it appears that in spite of 150 years of change and technological development, clothing styles and hair styles are exactly the same as 2017. What a coincidence! Think how much fashion and hair has changed in the past 150 years. Yet we're supposed to believe it's the same in the future as now? Or did they research 2017 and whip up some matching casual wear to blend in? That said, where is the tech? I suppose I wouldn't take my iPhone if I was time travelling to 1867 because what's the point without internet or hydro to charge it? But tech has changed and improved so much in the last 50 years that you have to wonder what the exponential change will be in another 150 years. Surely something from their time would have been useful and desired in our time. Then there's the concept of time travel, the whole butterfly wings effect. Just by coming here they've already altered the future. Maybe the boat captain who picked up the woman missed a night with his wife where he would have conceived the great-great-grandmother of one of the refugees who now won't exist. Dun dun dun...
  9. S02.E18: The Venue

    It's been a couple weeks, but I thought all other venues were booked. Maybe George Hamilton will leave his estate to Oliver and Katie will use it for the gala. I'm assuming the season finale will be the spring gala, since Katie's been working on it all season. As much as she brings a lot of her problems on herself, I do hope the gala turns out okay. I hope it's not one of those ridiculous sitcom-y disasterfests.
  10. S02.E15: The Car

    Hollywood funerals are always outside on perfect sunny days because they're filmed in California. They don't give a crap where the shows are actually set. I've never been to an outdoor funeral, even if the weather is nice. Funerals are in churches or halls, and the family goes to the cemetery for a private interment service. (Note it's not "internment", unless the deceased got an entry level job in heaven. 😁) I do understand the urn being there, though, because Rebecca wanted it with her. Many cemeteries have columbariums for urns or even for plaques for people who don't have remains to bury. Having a plaque or headstone even without remains is nice for people to visit or bring flowers, and is useful for future genealogy research. As for the car, haggling for a price is still a thing. That Wagoneer was one butt ugly car, though.
  11. S02.E14: Super Bowl Sunday

    We have Mars Bars in Canada, delicious! Chocolate here doesn't have that waxy undertaste that American chocolate has. I agree with those who felt the episode was overwrought, and I have issues with no neighbour noticing the fire until the house was a raging inferno. And with Jack not being taken to the hospital in an ambulance. He had second degree burns and smoke inhalation, that's a terrible EMT. Even after a minor car accident, everyone I know gets checked at the hospital just to be sure. And Jack running back in for the damn dog and taking time to save the family's one and only photo album (yeah, right) and Kate's video. I guess Kevin and Randall didn't have any mementoes worth dying for.
  12. S09.E13: In Your Head

    The episode was tired. Luke is on the roof all along, hardy-har-har, that was funny when The Hangover did it 10 years ago. Way to make a current movie reference, writers. And surprise, Haley gets the guy, again. I hate so much how Alex is written as the frumpy loser because she's smart. While Haley just falls into jobs and money and men because she's cute. I know it happens in the real world sometimes, but Haley is too old for that. And for a show that's supposed to be progressive, with second marriages and gay parents and adoption and interracial relationships, it would have been nice if they didn't constantly dip into the cliche of boring smart loser vs successful pretty sister. Ugh.
  13. So any thoughts on why he's not getting the press or accolades he deserves?
  14. Not in a million years. American football is perceived as boring and stupid by most of the world. (And rightly so, imo) I agree that Trevor has interesting guests, esp compared to Stewart. He's also a better interviewer, and I don't understand why he's not getting the attention and accolades he deserves.
  15. Buy vanilla extract in Mexico, its real and its spectacular. I'll agree that Cool Whip is acceptable, but margarine is vile. Always choose butter. As for the show, the editors are having fun with the judges' comments. "More spice!" "I can't taste the ginger!" "Where's the spiciness?" followed by "Too much spice!"