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  1. S02.E09: gaMe changer

    "Why could Marcos have lasered out their tires? Then a blinding flash to disorient them while the he John and Invisible Guy got away?" Because Marcos has been useless this entire season, that's why. And why did Earthquake Guy have to sacrifice himself? Why couldn’t Lauren have just force field destroyed all the samples with one flick of her hands? Why couldn’t Reed have red hands the cases? Seems way easier than rumbling everything off the shelf." In this instance, Reed had just taken the dampner thing that suppresses his abilities. He couldn't have red-handed anything. I think Reeva's plans are to create chaos as a means of starting a civil war that the humans have no chance of winning (unless they nuke themselves and mutants alike). That's what I've been gathering. And as for Andy...I think he lowkey is blaming himself for what she did at the bank because he was the one that stoked her anger in the first place. So "It's not her fault because it's mine." Bring on Darth!Lauren!!!! *insert Elmo Fire gif*
  2. S01.E05: Malivore

    "Considering that Kaleb, who has knowingly and remorselessly brought problems down onto the school already, was rewarded for it instead of being sent away like Landon, that explanation rings hollow to me." Kaleb hasn't done anything that the vampires living in Mystic falls for decades hasn't already done (Snatch, Eat, erase). Putting their vampire students on Stefan's bunny diet is a deservice to them. It makes them weaker (Stefan only started drinking human blood again in season 1 so that he could be strong enough to protect Elena)and therefore puts them in danger should they come across other similarly aged vampires and need to defend themselves. Kaleb's not wrong, Alaric is knowingly nerfing these kids and setting them up to fail once he sends them out into the real world and they haven't been practicing control.
  3. S01.E05: Malivore

    No, Hope's tests were inconclusive. The fact that he can't be compelled is fishy enough, tacked onto the fact that he has no magical ancestry in his lineage which Emma mentions being both strange and improbable. It's almost as if Landon is another creature they know nothing about (Julie Plec already stated this as fact) and therefore don't have the knowledge to test him. If this is true (it is), then Josie's point still stands. They don't know what Landon is, and if they don't know what he is then how do they know he isn't dangerous.
  4. S01.E05: Malivore

    Butting in on this to say that nothing about Raf's interaction with Lizzie seemed to have malicious intent. It seemed more of a both of them seeking comfort and distraction and they were both just...there. In fact, Raf pushes Lizzie away initially, then passively lets her take his shirt off and then seems to just...go with it (as Lizzie asked him to). Saying anything else until we see next week's fallout seems more like projection than anything else. And since next episode's synopsis seems to hint that . I still maintain that neither party (Lizzie/Rafael) were thinking. But you're working off of the assumption that Josie has all the information (re: to the knife) and she doesn't. All she knows is that the knife sat dormant in the school doing nothing until the day Landon stole it and all of these creature crawled out of the abyss of forgotten toys woodwork. The catalyst is Landon. That is a canon fact. Whatever happened, him being in proximity to the knife jump started everything. We also see at the end of the episode that whomever the creatures are bringing the knife to, their symbol is the same as the symbol on the necklace Landon's mother is wearing in the picture he has of her. HE IS CONNECTED. MAGNETO JOSIE IS RIGHT! Why? There are humans that know of the existence of vampires. The Dryad's long lost boyfriend tracks one down to turn him so that he can be with her forever (before the great spell of forgetfulness). Landon has also promised to keep the school a secret, if only for Rafael's sake. So either he's a trustworthy kid, or he's someone with nefarious intentions. He can't be both.
  5. S01.E05: Malivore

    I still maintain lowkey. Hayley was very much present in Hope's life before she died two years before this show. As was Marcel and Freya and Kol (via Facetime). Josie mentioned how often Hayley would visit Hope. The book she pulls out for the black magic spells in episode two was Kol's gift to her (hidden so she could bring it to school unquestioned). The spells she uses that Josie/Lizzie don't know, she learned from Freya (she says as much re: the astral spell she uses to see Landon in episode 3). In The Originals, her mother's boyfriend Declan has a very strong relationship with her (even taught her how to drive) showing that even though she's in boarding school, she was still very much connected to her family. I don't think her closeness with Alaric was a thing before she was 15 (and lost a mother, a father, and an uncle). And almost seems revisionist, given his only scene in season 5 of TO was arguing with Caroline in regards to using their daughter to save Hope's life (something he was hesitant to do). The problem with the show is that they're making it seem like Hope has no one, which isn't true. She's got 2 biological aunts and an Uncle left who love her very much and would more than likely keep in touch (as they did even when they physically couldn't be around her). And through them she's got an Uncle (who's also her adoptive brother, and made a promise to be there for her) and two aunts. If anything happened to Hope at the school and none of them show up (or they don't mention them dropping by/being in town, but never on screen) I call foul. Because even Davina helped Klaus (who she HATED and didn't even come to his living funeral with her husband) when Hope was in trouble. The girl is very much loved and very much not alone. Agreed. But again, I think that has to do more with how Hope's family have prepared her. When she leaves the school, she's still being educated by Freya, Vincent (who's Freya and Keelin's baby daddy), Kol (who has a lot of witch knowledge, trinkets) and Davina (who's no slouch) with her witch stuff. She's probably more equipped offensively and defensively to handle threats than most of the teachers. In fact, she's taken out 50% of the monsters on this show.
  6. S01.E05: Malivore

    I remember our honor council's had to do things like that: decide the punishment of a fellow student. We had one in college too for the same thing. I didn't see Hope blaming Raphael for Landon getting beet up, but pointing out that he can't protect him all the time. None of them can, it's impossible. And they go to a school where the students tend to show their anger through setting people's clothes on fire or beating them up. I thought her reasoning had merit, but Josie's definitely made the most sense. Rafael didn't have an argument for it, and that might also be why he got so angry. Josie's logic was sound. Ehh, kind of saw it as him copying off of what Hayley, Freya, Vincent, and Josh did in NO (on The Originals) They had peace there for years before the Natzi vamps ruined it. To be fair to Raf, he was kissed on both occasions. He has never been the instigator in anything physical with either sister, just reacted. I still maintain that Hope cannot be the Elena of this series, because that it Raf. Everyone loves him. And if those student file spoilers are to be believed, then LMAO! That was literally the most Klaus thing she's done since stuffing her mother in a coffin! 15 year olds have sex in real life. I will say that most of my friends in high school were active around 15-16ish. It's kind of the norm and also why some states in the US (not all) have their schools push sex education around that age I think Jed ran off after the fact. Emma left the Honor Council to help lead the search party to find him. I have no thoughts of my own because everyone's already said them. Alaric sucks as a headmaster and needs to check his relationship with Hope a little (even if he did lowkey raise her). We see him talking to her at the end of the episode instead of his own daughters. Penelope was right, if a little harsh. Rafael is the new Elena and is gonna come between two siblings one way or another. Hope is still my fave, but I'm not feeling her with Landon. Do like that he makes her smile tho, so I guess there's that. I liked Landon this episode and I'm calling either blonde vamp (he was way too attractive to be a one off!) or Landon's mom as the season's big bad. Good job not dying, Dorian. Legacies has more black male actors in the first five eps than VAmpire diaries had in all 6 seasons! (Never forgive Elena for Killing Nanceford!)
  7. S02.E08: the dreaM

    While I do NOT agree with Lorna making all of the parental decisions with Dawn, she made the right choice because Marcos and his whole "love will save everything" BS he's been spewing this season is a whooole ass choice....And that's all I have to say about that. (She did kind of listen to his input, though, by not sending their daughter to Switzerland, but instead to live with her aunt) I did like that the situation brought her full circle to understand the sacrifice her father made for her. Now she has an even bigger motivation for seeing her stint with the Inner Circle through, if they succeed then she gets to reunite with her daughter. Although, you know, facetime is a thing now, Lorna. Call your daughter. I do feel bad for Marcos though, even if he often toes the line of being too idealistic. And speaking of idealistic! Clarice is right, John is operating like a man with a death wish. How does he expect to go against the inner circle all by his lonesome when they have a whole ass army equipped with people who could take him out with a wave of their hand? He's also being dumb. also being dumb? Lauren passively letting her blood be taken, knowing that the research from it is (once again) going to be used as a weapon against mutants. You know that the purifiers are going to use Madeline's suppression drug with carte blanche.
  8. S01.E04: Hope Is Not the Goal

    She's not the alpha tho. They've never said she was the Alpha or even explained how the crescents handle succession. Hell, Luciana seemed like she was the Alpha before the Nazi vamps killed her. But I'm almost 75% certain that she's not the alpha...Hell, even in OT season 5, Hope was pretending to be only a witch at her school and no one (outside of Caroline, Alaric, and that one kid) even knew who or what she was. I'm assuming Klaus and Elijah showing up (coupled with the fact that she's now Hope Mikaelson and no longer Hope Marshall) kinda threw that notion for a loop. It's probably safer to say that they left her alone because she's a hybrid and normal wolves have always been hot and cold with hybrids than her being a 17-year-old alpha.
  9. S01.E04: Hope Is Not the Goal

    Lizzie vs the gargoyle, she siphoned off of that Pedro kid before she sent him off. nd every time Josie does magic with Hope, she siphons off of her (red hands). I wanna know how the school Alpha approached Hope after her first transition, if he did. Bc I don't see hi being able to bully her the same way they did Raf. And why didn't Raf just say he was part of Hope's pack?
  10. S02.E07: no Mercy

    Whew, Blink spilling all that tea was needed. Viewers have been saying that the mutant underground is incompetent and short sighted since last season. Poor Sharif Atkins :( The Inner Circle has all of the big personalities on their side. And it's almost hilarious watching their teamwork taking down the back vs TMU last episode's failed fight against humans in pickup trucks Damn, the light-skinnededness keeps jumping out of Jace! I don't care, I still like Rebecca. I called her turning people inside out the moment they showed what her power was. The Sharif aside, I kind of loved it? It's the first time I've made any noise for this show (outside of the Cuckoo reveal last season). It was a horrified squeal, but still. "Crazy" characters are fun because they tend to throw a wrench in things and stoke drama in believable ways. Rebecca knocked TIC win train off the track, while also proving that they do have moral guidelines that they follow. No unnecessary deaths on missions. But I wonder how Andy's gonna take this? Is he gonna turn on his new girl, or is he gonna stick by her and attempt to reign in her crazy?
  11. S01.E03: We're Being Punked, Pedro

    I had these exact same questions! For the first one, I just chalk that up to movie/tv logic. No one ever closes and locks the door unless the writers are making the point that they're the smart and capable character. And the other, I can fanwank that there was more than 1 superviser and they drove Lizzie back. I don't agree with people's assessment that Hope is the Elena of the show. She has too much of her parent's in her and I doubt she'd ever come off as a damsel or even helpless. She's prickly and standoffish, and Alaric stubbornly spending time with her that he should be spending with his daughters has more to do with her father than her as a person. She's not even the one all the boys are after. If anyone's the Elena, it's Rafael. Landon doesn't bother me, but I don't like his relationship with Hope. He's a foster kid with a fucked up childhood, he's bound to be offputting. That's par for the course with most (not all) kids in the system. If you've ever worked with them....you kind of learn to give them a lot of leeway, I can't explain it. He makes sense to me, just not for Hope. He's too wishy-washy for her. Josie, on the other hand (but I don't they'd go there). I'm waiting for the Salvatore kids to go off on the Mystic Falls kid. Especially the blonde dude. I don't remember the kids at MF High School being assholes just because. And it can't be a money, thing. Aren't there other wealthy kids in the area? Or was that just the Salvatores and Lockwoods with money? Jeremy's still looking good. That is all. For me right now, my character ranking is: Hope, Josie, Raf, Landon/Lizzie, MG, Jeremy (he needs to recurring!)
  12. S02.E06: iMprint

    Mindee and Celeste!!! My babies!! Best scenes of the episode, hands down, was everything Esme and Lorna. They have a great chemistry, I noticed it back in season 1 so I'm glad they're steadily building on it. Andy and Rebecca are still cute, but now I wonder how Lauren and Caitlin'll take knowing how close Andy's grown to the "psycho killer" Jace continues to be the worst. The Mutant underground stays taking L's. Like, the Purifiers in the comics make this version of them look like amateur hour. Makes sense given that the X-men make the MU look like amateur hour. PS MU...the X-men (cough*Wolverine*cough) weren't so rigid on the no killing rule. Just saying. Poor Shatter. Knew you were a goner the moment you spoke 2 consecutive words. The show would be better if they focused on The Inner Circle. They're the most interesting because they actually seem to be building towards something.
  13. S02.E05: afterMath

    Eclipse = a weaker/older Sunspot. They couldn't use Sunspot, bc he's in New Mutants. So they just used a part of his background (unless Marcos isn't idr) and half of his powerset (Sunspot also has super strength) The whole of the MU (minus Reed and sometimes Lauren) seems to be under the impression that they're friends are being influenced/forced to be their instead of believing they made an informed, rational decision to be more forceful in their quest for mutant rights. If they're honest, Lorna and Andy are acting very much in their character, right down to their reluctance to kill/hurt people without reason.
  14. S02.E05: afterMath

    Marcos was kind of a jerk this episode. Turning his nose up at Erg and co and where they lived. I liked that lights girl more or less put him in his place about it. A sewer is better than a mutant prison/psych ward/concentration camp/etc. Though the branding is a bit much... The Mutant Underground continues to disappoint me. Know how easy it would be to release tapes of random citizens (along with an ex government agent) harassing a mutant friendly clinic would be in that climate? People are already protesting in favor of mutants in the hundreds of thousands. That's easy funding for your clinic and others like yours. It also puts a target on the Purifiers' backs and makes it harder for them to harass people. But again, they literally do nothing! Say what you will about the inner circle, but at least they understand PR. Same as the X-men did ---who the MU claims to be taking over for. I feel bad for John, but I'm glad that seeing him fall apart helped Caitlin course correct with her Andy obsession a bit. I know she's crazy (Lorna all but smelled it on her), but I thought Rebecca and Andy were cute. He's been a lot more smiley and upbeat this season. It's a good look on him and the character. Please let them be crazy together. The mutant version of Spike and Drusilla. I didn't understand Lauren and Reed's looks at the end. Are they gonna be the only members in the underground that can see both the good and the bad with the inner circle? Hell, even lights girl was wondering why Marcos was so hateful of them, and he couldn't even give her an answer outside of "my baby momma left me for them." Heck, even a "they're willing to kill and I am no longer alright with torture and killing" would've been a sufficient enough answer.
  15. S01.E01: This is the Part Where You Run

    I actually thought she was doing the opposite. Unlike the MF gang, Hope was acknowledging that both of her parents (Klaus and Hayley) weren't necessarily good people, but they were good to her. A very healthy perspective to have in a world like theirs, tbh. The MF gang always came off as needlessly self righteous when every single one of them (Caroline included) had done some fcucked up things themselves (except maybe Tyler and Matt, but I didn't watch past season 5, so maybe that changed?) all in the name of Elena ---and Elena for herself. I'm only watching this show because I liked Hope and I wanted to see where she'd be mentally in two years. She promised both her parents that she'd live her life to the fullest, but it's obvious that she isn't? I Also wanted to know what her relationship with the remaining Mikaelson clan was like. Does she stay with Freya and Keelin during breaks or Rebekah and Marcel? Does she bounce around between all 3 ---Bekah, Freya, and Kol? Lizzie's not just a mean girl. And she's made it clear that she's tried multiple times to be friends with Hope and been rebuffed each time. While it's not an excuse to be openly hostile to a person just because they won't be your friend, it fits with what we've seen of her personality. While Josie handles it rationally (she's polite enough to Hope), Rejection sends Lizzie into fits ---probably due to the mental illness that runs in her family. Alaric was doing good fatherly work by trying to give her calming techniques to use when she feels herself slipping. But he also needs to send her to a therapist. I'm sure there's a supernaturally knowledgeable therapist out there somewhere. I can already see where this love triangle is going ---Raf is gonna pick Josie...and then somewhere in season 5 pick Lizzie just cause. Or maybe JPleck will surprise us and Lizzie'll just move on to MG and the real triangle will be Penelope/Josie/Rafael. I could be down for that.