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  1. She had (I repeat "HAD") the best relationship with Charles while she was still a student, better than she did with any of the other doctors. I can see why she'd want to work with him. But she didn't quite lock into Path when she discovered that she liked the ED. She was waffling and was leaning towards EM, but the death of a patient made her skitter back to Path, a move she regretted as soon as she got her Match letter. Which are more Match emails these days, so I don't know what was up with that.
  2. ER as well.
  3. One of the things that bugs me about S9 is that after spending its early years coming down against the scuzzier, unethical side of medicine, there's product placement everywhere. Every available surface is covered with ads for Zofran, which I guess was new at the time. And I think we see people drinking from coffee mugs that say Zoloft on them. To the show's moderate credit, I haven't noticed them actually USING any of that. When Paul Sobricki makes his return, Susan gives him Compazine, not Zofran, for nausea. Speaking of, if Susan wouldn't transfer him until she'd ruled out him having a brain bleed by getting a CT, there's no way he wouldn't have been first in line for one. Man, Michael Michelle isn't much of an actress, but she just lights up when she has a scene with Reese.
  4. We don’t know, but probably.
  5. God, did I hate the relationship between Susan and Carter. I think the last time I completely liked Mark was when he sat down with the kid with the favored half-brother who drowned. Just the overwhelming kindness he showed...
  6. We can be a minority of two. I would like her more if they gave her better storylines, but that's true of just about all of the characters save Maggie and Goodwin at this point. Although realistically, she actually should be rotating between different attendings, not just following Charles as he seems to be exclusively the hospital's Consult and Liaison attending, whereas this Doctor Chapman was inpatient. I mean, we did see her doing a month with Abrams, although he's a neurosurgeon, not a neurologist, so that's not quite accurate.
  7. Well, there went the "No, see, Becker actually is a real person and not an inhuman monster" portion of the program, right on schedule.
  8. But we know Klingon anatomy is very different than human. Even if they could make over Voq's skin on the outside to look human, what did they do with his redundant liver, extra lung, and the other four chambers of his heart? That last one doesn't even really make sense from an evolutionary perspective. Still, given the comments from Shazad Latif over in the media thread, it's encouraging that he seems to say that there is a "real" Ash Tyler.
  9. As I think was best expressed with Carter's "Doctor Greene, you coming?" I'm reminded of Julianna Marguiles saying that she'd only do a cameo at the end of the show's run if Clooney agreed to it, figuring he'd say no. And then he was happy to. I get a day off after my grueling ICU month AND all of ER is streaming on Hulu ad-free? It's not even my birthday.
  10. I discovered it today. I'm delighted. And also finding the last couple of seasons I watched (8-10-ish) weren't as bad as I remembered.
  11. I don't know if my cord-cutting service has Bravo or not, but I love Tabatha so much, I will find a way to watch this.
  12. DRINK!
  13. I had several lectures on it when I was in med school. You're taught to say things very directly: "died" and not "passed," for example We were also required to practice, and were also graded, on an interaction where we had to inform an actor playing a patient that s/he was HIV positive. I had to do my first death notification on Sunday. I would like to think I handled it okay, but it was tough.
  14. Kirk also had his first interaction with Helen Noel while skirt-chasing at a departmental Christmas party (subtle, show). And I think Phaser Special Martine genuflected to the altar when she was walking up the aisle in "Balance of Terror." Maybe it's a TNG relic that people think actually started earlier. Although Data references an observation of Diwali, now that I'm thinking about it. There was a (terrific) series of books called Star Trek: Vanguard that were set on a space station in the TOS era. There were mentions of a bunch of chaplains aboard: a priest, a pan-denominational Protestant minister, a rabbi, an imam, and even a few clerics from non-human religions. I thought it was the coolest thing.