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  1. I think the story would have supported a two-part movie, but I think I kind of understand why they went the way they did. I haven't read the book since it was first published, but I think I remember Skloot saying that there were things that she left out in consideration of Henrietta's family. They probably also figured that the story in the present was what was going to connect with audiences. If this had been filmed after Hidden Figures' success, they might have thought differently. I actually had to take a minute to compose myself when they mentioned that Elsie had gotten a pneumoencephalogram while she was committed in Crownsville. It's an old, incredibly barbaric type of brain imaging that was blessedly replaced by CT scans and MRIs. I have a hard enough time thinking about an adult having to endure it, trying to imagine a little girl who was probably autistic being forced to was like getting punched. Oprah was fantastic. She absolutely nailed Deborah's manic phases.
  2. Friends don't let friends skip Leg Day. Were the Ass Tights that different from any other aspirational brand like Lululemon? From what little I know about the latter, it seems more like a cult than a manufacturer of workout gear. Like, the one selling point that made this any different from anything was her putting her spandex-clad butt on social media, no? Will Daymond require her to take out an insurance policy on it, like Mary Hart's legs? The guy with the bag had such an annoying voice, I was begging the universe to send him home without a deal. Wino Moms got one point from me, and only one: Neither of them whined about all the sacrifices they'd had to make, which would have rung a little hollow when we saw them at the $10K barbecue island in one of their backyards. I also...look, I'm not much of a drinker, but I do enjoy a glass of wine on those rare occasions when I do. I do not see the appeal of putting half a bottle into a sippy cup, and risk running afoul of open container laws. I especially think someone who feels the need to do that frequently might need to go on a certain other reality series. And also, when I AM drinking, it would usually be a wine that costs less than that glass does. After they mentioned the MD 20/20 to Mark, I wanted to throw up. I have some bad memories of that shit.
  3. For a kids' movie, that was really frigging dark. It was like Lars von Trier's Miracle on 34th Street in patches.
  4. EWWWWWWWWWWWW! They're never getting on the show if they don't change the name.
  5. I hate the concept of shipping with a fiery passion. And I hate the idea that every couple must have a portmanteau even worse.
  6. Yeah, I had a hard time with this one. Seeing animals chained up like that really upsets me. Doubly so when it's something as intelligent as a chimp and knowing what abuse "acting" apes and monkeys have to endure.
  7. I can't really find myself as part of the outrage machine on this one. I completely understand why people are unhappy, and I'm certainly sympathetic to the LCS employees who balked at decking themselves out in Hydra apparel. But no, I'm not reading this one. In parts, it's event fatigue. In a bigger part, I just can't find any entertainment value in something that's uncomfortably close to actual reality. Maybe if this ends with Wanda saying "No more Events."
  8. He was saying that Victorian architecture had castle-like features, which is correct. The Palace of Westminster, where the British parliament meets. It was was built in the mid-18th century after the original palace was lost in a fire, in a Gothic Revival style. When you think of the gingerbread Victorian houses, that's Queen Anne Revival. Both are Victorian schools.
  9. *I'm* not crying.  *YOU'RE* crying.
  10. I actually thought this one was worse than the first one. The cast tried a little harder, but the plot was, if possible, even more nonsensical. Also, I was severely disturbed by David Carradine's lack of pants.
  11. And of course, if she was a man, this wouldn't be remarked on at all.
  12. The movie is Argentinian, so I'm just hoping that wasn't a really disgusting Iguazu Falls.
  13. I'm sorry, but Stella Star is an awesome name.
  14. I kept thinking it was Tracy Scoggins from Babylon 5. But then I went back and was like "No, she's not quite that old."