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  1. Also, I've learned it's pronounced "sen-ZJO."
  2. That looks...better, I guess? Aside from Depp gotta be Depp-in'. They're certainly getting their money's worth out of that Imagine Dragons song.
  3. No episode description, but it's set to drop on All Access immediately after the actual premiere airs on CBS. I read somewhere that this one is a Nicholas Meyer-penned episode, but I can't figure out where I saw it.
  4. Some spoiler-free reactions to the premiere. Some of the tweets are from cast members and former cast members, so take them for what you will, but one is also from a reporter for The Wrap and another a writer for Nerdist.
  5. Can't we have an alternate universe Afterlife with Archie episode first?
  6. I know we're all supposed to have our reservations, but I am just so, so excited. Let's see what's out there...
  7. Glenn and Neville at the Star Trek Discovery premiere.
  8. Good turnout for the premiere. Looks like almost every generation was represented. Inviting John and Bjo Trimble was a classy move.
  9. "The police be beating people with it!" I don't know if I should have laughed at that, but combined with Leslie's energetic pantomime it was the funniest thing I've seen in a long time. Can she be a guest on every game show?
  10. I like "Amazon Prime" personally.
  11. Michelle McNamara's posthumous I'll Be Gone in the Dark about the Golden State Killer is now available for pre-order with a February 28th release date. I'm really glad Patton decided to have her researcher and her friend finish the book, she deserved to have it finished even if she didn't live to see it through. I think she knew who he was.
  12. I don't really want any spoilers, so I'm not entirely sure why I'm dropping this here, but Jonathan Frakes (who directed at least one episode) let it slip that Discovery is going to be spending an episode in the Mirror Universe. I can't wait to see how Michelle Yeoh looks with a goatee.
  13. So, the Wonder Woman Blu-Ray includes "Epilogue: Etta's Mission," which is a delightful little scene, but I'm sure it was intended as a Marvel-style post-credits sequence.
  14. Amazon was thoughtful enough to give me my Blu-Ray a day early. I'd put good money on the Etta short originally being intended as a post-credits scene. It is delightful however. And there's something else that I'm going to mention in the DCEU thread.