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  1. I actually think you're right. I forget that a lot of the jargon probably sounds like gobbledygook if you're not used to saying it. The actors on House used to have someone feed them the more complicated terms, just because it hard to both memorize and pronounce correctly. I don't think that's the only reason though, because I remember him doing it a lot in Batman & Robin as well, and that's got to be written at a third-grade level. I mentioned this in the episode thread, but I hated Peter's "COME ON PEOPLE, LET'S MOVE! LET'S MOVE, PEOPLE!" in every trauma. It makes the show exciting, but he's a surgeon, not the captain of the SWAT team. I actually appreciated that Elizabeth was a lot more sedate. In fact, I think in her first episode, she suggests everyone pause to catch their breath, which is closer to what would actually happen if the trauma/code were to get that heated for some reason.
  2. Note to self: See WW at Alamo Drafthouse.
  3. Michael Michelle is so beautiful, it's a shame she's such a lousy actress. I mean, she does fine with patients most of the time, but she's just putrid with this pairing with Benton. Also, whoever had Emile Hirsch on their BINGO card can cross it off. Romano's fondness for Lucy was really one of his few good qualities. This is more of a general comment than from this specific run of episodes, but I've never worked with anyone, EM doc or surgeon that shouts as much as Peter. Generally, in a real trauma or code, you try to be as calm as possible. But, it's a lot less exciting. It just jumped out at me because, alone in an elevator with a patient and Connie, the first thing he shouts is "LET'S MOVE!" when the patient coded.
  4. I only noticed this because the song "Our Corner of the Universe" is one I'm fond of, and then I figured out the plot. It gets me every time.
  5. "It's a hyphenate, actually!" It's nice that after all their friction, Rachel and Elizabeth ended up close. ETA: That Zillow ad with the widowed dad finding a house with a skylight so his son can say goodnight to his mother is manipulative and I fall for it every goddamn time.
  6. I can't even lie. Legends of the Fall is what made me figure my orientation out.
  7. At one point late in S6, someone (her mother, maybe?) asks her about that, and she answers "Doug's been seeing them." The problem was that they weren't quite sure if Margulies was going to renew her contract or not. That's where the whole will they/won't they with Luka came from. They'd offered her the same deal they'd already given to Anthony Edwards and Eriq La Salle, and she said no.
  8. My insurance company keeps running this ad for preventative care on Facebook with a bunch of TV doctors: Cuddy, McDreamy, Alan Alda, Turk, and Carter. Makes me smile every time. Since Hulu Live has been a little spotty, I went into my Amazon library to my selection of a few episodes and decided to watch the finale. I had quit the show around S8, but tuned back in for Doug and Carol's return. And stuck around for the two or three that were left. I didn't have the emotional attachment to all the characters, but I really think they stuck the landing. It was all about what made the show great. And Tony, who may have been an iteration on Doug, but was superior to Luka in every way, most obviously because John Stamos is a lot more likable.
  9. Also, her telling Mark that she could go get the pads, but that would mean leaving his "menstruating daughter" with his father. I'd also forgotten how much I loved John Cullum as Mark's dad. I think this was the last time I really felt any real connection to Mark as a character.
  10. Yeah. Alan Alda reminds me a lot of my own father. My dad's about ten years younger (although I think he's older now than Alda was here), and blessedly dementia is one of the few things we don't have a family history of, but it's been something I've worried about before. I think that may be one of the reasons, besides just how much Gabe meant to Kerry, this was a story that stuck with me. The other thing is that you can tell, even with his faculties diminished, that Gabe Lawrence was a great doctor and an even better teacher.
  11. It is when you're free of a family you hate and a homeland that keeps you from being who you are.
  12. The sweet old lady with the husband. Same lady came back as Abby's patient in "Be Still My Heart." Not only did I not remember that, I don't think I'd caught it the first time. Regarding Carla, I think the transcendent Jackie said it best: That bitch. "...locked away in some home, nobody coming to see me..." "I'll come and see you." <sniff>
  13. Loudest applause I've ever heard in a movie theater was for "NOT MY DAUGHTER, YOU BITCH!" from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I...uh...may have contributed to it myself.
  14. At least they don't have to half-ass Steven's orientation this time?
  15. It was barely in the number one spot last week. I won't be surprised if it comes in third behind GotG.