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  1. The Fantastic Beasts Series

    I'm probably come across as an apologist, but I think even in 2007, it might have been pushing the envelope a little too hard. I think the subtext is pretty apparent, and not for nothing, but Elphias Doge and Slughorn are both pretty clearly gay as well.
  2. And, because someone has to go there, at its heart, the main story behind New Gods is about a powerful space being in search of a magical MacGuffin that will allow him to become all-power and control the universe. Stop me if you've heard that one before.
  3. I think it's awesome that Ava has such a deep connection to the source material, but it's kind of a hard sell even for a lot of comics fans. The Fourth World is Kirby at his most esoteric.
  4. Avengers: Infinity War (2018)

    Well, they've certainly replicated the feeling of reading a good Crossover Event. Worlds will live, worlds will die, etc. Tony's CGI Bleeding Edge armor CGI'd onto RDJ looks a whole hell of a lot better than the same trick with Ryan Reynolds in Green Lantern, albeit with the technology having progressed a lot. And Thanos is much, much more convincing than either Ares or Steppenwolf, so they've got that much going for them.
  5. Mass Effect

    His voice also sounds quite a bit like Legion's. I know that could just be the result of it being modulated to sound electronic, but it's so close, I wonder if it might also be DC Douglas. There's no one credited yet on IMDb.
  6. Diagon Alley is a phenomenal experience. Even pictures don't quite do it justice. It puts most of what Disney has done the last fifteen years to shame, although now that Universal has provided them some real competition, they're upping their game again. Pandora: The World of Avatar doesn't really interest me, although their E-ticket flight simulator is supposedly awesome. I'm kind of lukewarm on Toy Story Land, and they really need to knock Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge out of the park (pardon the pun). I'm hoping the new Guardians of the Galaxy rides mean that Disney is edging towards buying out Universal's contract with Marvel, because they've really neglected that area, and I've wanted them to replace it with some other property like Star Trek or Lord of the Rings for a while now.
  7. S01.E01: First Date to Life Mate

    And stealing things. When they showed the video of the guy's friends, am I crazy or was one of them Kevin McHale from Glee?
  8. I had no idea that Quacker Factory had survived the passing of its founder. I really didn't realize how much I had missed the home shopping clips. Those Japanese clips were...disturbing.
  9. Unpopular Opinions

    Wonder Woman has had the same basic story for over 75 years.
  10. The Star Wars Saga

    The current canon explanation for lightsaber color is that the Kyber crystals take on a color based on the aura (for lack of a better word) of the wielder. The most recent Darth Vader comic revealed that the red crystals are created by the Dark Jedi corrupting it. Although the gang from Rebels did happen upon a giant crystal being taken to Project Stardust, that was also green, so...
  11. The Greatest Showman (2017)

    Ack! Note to self. Scroll up next time.
  12. A Wrinkle in Time (2018)

    Well, I'm still going to see it, I think, but my expectations are tempered somewhat.
  13. Have you had your Ugly Cry today?
  14. The thing that made me smile was that the instructor that Karyn and Tabatha had in the class at the other gym showed up for the relaunch party. It seemed like the two women were pretty willing. I doubt they would have featured that so prominently if they'd said no.
  15. S03.E11: Folie à Deux

    Yeah, they managed to make me feel sympathy for Noah. It makes me uncomfortable. But the error wasn't even his, really. He's an intern, he's supposed to goof up, which is the whole reason that you do a residency. I'm betting Becker and her sourpuss would have missed it as well. If there was no mediastinal widening on the x-ray and even Stohl looking at it thought it was an MI, barring doing an echo of his heart, there wouldn't have been a way to tell. And in the overwhelming majority of cases, all he would have done was delay getting a stent. I am glad they seem to have finally dropped the noxious attempt to pair him with Sarah, though. Run, Sarah, run. Damn it, Natalie. Stop making me agree with you. That said, I wouldn't be screaming at an anti-vax parent. I had a similar situation when I was in med school, and it honestly look a lot for me to hold my tongue, so I understand the impulse though.