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  1. You know, if anybody other than Adam had gone home, I may have ragequit the show. I know he could probably blame editing, but as Heather B said on the Real World many, many years ago, the editors only work with what you gave them. If you looked like an asshole, it's because you acted like one. Good riddance.
  2. I am currently in the "Liking a lot, not loving" camp. I'm not going to go into spoilers, except to say that the gender of the player character is handled in a unique way, and when you're starting a new game, it defaults to Sara Ryder over Scott. And whatever skin color and facial features you give to your Ryder, the game skins Ryder Sr to look like he could realistically be the father of your version. The gender diversity in general is really impressive. One of the first characters you meet who is not a member of the crew of Ark Hyperion is a female krogan, which I totally didn't expect. I get what BioWare was going for here, but I think this will end up being the same kind of progression, which will take an Andromeda II to iron out some of the wrinkles. A college friend of mine is married to one of the team members at BioWare Montreal, and I know they worked really hard to put out the best possible game. Re: Other races
  3. I'm two out of the three of those. Just saying.
  4. That's like asking if you'd rather be shot in the arm or in the leg.
  5. I may have to skip next week's episode so I don't have to look at Kelly Siegler's smug face.
  6. Also, McKenzie's dress, makeup and hair on the Reveal Stage were utterly flawless.
  7. They were talking about doing a multi-part film adaptation a few years ago. I think they decided to focus their efforts on the new version of IT, which is supposed to be two films, one set when the Losers Club are children and one when they're adults. I believe they moved the time forward so that the past stuff takes place in the 80s and the adult stuff takes place now. Which makes me feel ancient. But we all float down here...
  8. [pedantic]Shyriiwook.[/pedantic]
  9. Long-winded medical explanation incoming: April no longer has TB. If I remember the plot right, she was found to have a latent infection, and was started on the treatment for that. While she was taking the meds, it interfered with her birth control pills (I guess she's not too Catholic for those), and she got pregnant. The pregnancy dropped her immune system which made her TB go active. She didn't want to treat the TB initially, because three of the four medications used to treat it (you take all four) are thought to cause birth defects. But she wouldn't be back at work at all if she hadn't been treated, because TB is incredibly contagious.
  10. Long Answer: during a crossover event with the Guardians of the Galaxy, he was exposed to a Celestial relic called the Black Vortex and got cosmic powers. He told X-23 it was because he wanted to avoid turning into Archangel in the future. Short Answer: Because reasons.
  11. It's...serviceable. It's not nearly as awful as the advance reviews made it sound, but it's just a bit plodding. I think starting out with this "prove you're Danny Rand" plot was a mistake. It's also so different than the other Netflix shows. Nelson & Murdock is in a rundown building. Alias Investigations is in a rundown building. Luke works in a barbershop. Half of this is in a skyscraper or a fancy mansion off Gramercy Park. Danny Rand was always basically Martial Arts Batman, but without some tweaks, I don't know if he quite meshes with his live-action friends. If they're going to continue with him after Defenders, they should just take a page from Marvel in the 70s and combine Danny and Luke into a single Heroes for Hire series. And give Colleen and Misty a Daughters of the Drago miniseries. And nothing he's going to do later in the series is going to be braver than walking down Park Avenue barefoot. Yech!
  12. Marvel Executive 1: How can we tell people that we're bringing back the X-Men in a big way? Marvel Executive 2: How about a trailer using the X-Men '92 theme?
  13. Natalie is a lot like Jill Flint's character on The Night Shift. Torrey DeVito and Jill Flint even look very similar. I thought Flint was the absolute nadir of TV doctors, but boy has Natalie managed to eclipse that. Torrey DeVito. Is. A. Terrible. Actress. I can't find any way to feel about Wheeler. On the one had, physician suicide is a real thing. On the other hand, all we knew about him was that he was struggling. If they'd even tried to connect him to someone, like Dennis Gant was connected to Carter, it would have had more of an impact. And also, I think, if he was having problems focused around one particular person, like Gant was with Benton. I'm glad they didn't make a bigger deal out of the Conversion Disorder Kid's orientation. I figured that was where it was headed when the boyfriend showed up, but that wasn't the point of his problems.
  14. The other thing about the friction between Sharon and Brenda was that they eventually sat down like grownups and admitted that they just didn't like one another. I think by the end there was a mutual respect but no more than that, and that's a very mature way of handling it. Which is not to say that I think the conflict between Sharon and Davis is anything catty or regressive. But what I don't like it is that after four and a half seasons of Sharon Raydor's Major Crimes Division playing well within the LAPD's command structure, they're suddenly back to the same problems PHD/MCD had under Brenda. I think I could like it more if we'd seen some kind of organic through-line (preferably running through the entire show, but at least through the season), of Rulebook Sharon starting to realize that some of Brenda's style had its advantages. And if Davis was a little more nuanced. Like, if they knew Taylor was going to die, if they'd brought her in earlier, to like, audit MCD, instead of dropping her from on high. TL;DR: I'd rather have Sharon as a boss, but I'd rather Brenda work on my case.
  15. Well, if nothing else, we've got copious amounts of product placement. I'm surprised they didn't make them say what a sweet ride the Hyundai Veloster is.