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  1. S02.E13: Bye

    I guess if nothing else, Christian Navarro did spend the season looking somewhat less terrified that he'd catch Gay from Tommy Dorfman or RJ Brown. Between a character named "Montgomery" and a second named "Scott" and the fact that both halves of Star Trek: Discovery's gay couple appeared before the season's end, they had to be doing that on purpose, right? My headcanon is now that the minister and Dennis are a couple. It was nice that Lainie had quit her corporate job to work with Dennis on stuff that doesn't make her skin crawl, but that seems like something she'd tell Clay about beforehand. The scene of the Justice League wrapping Clay in a hug circle as he broke down was enough to make me forgive a lot of sins.
  2. 13 Quotes

    That right there made me almost see what Tony and Ryan saw in each other.
  3. S02.E13: Bye

    They showed ammo and pipe bombs. I actually thought the end result was going to be suicide by cop, and I'm glad they didn't go that route.
  4. S02.E12: The Box Of Polaroids

    I cried when they pulled back from Jessica's doorstep and showed the rest of the Justice League there to support her. Although I was slightly miffed that the producers didn't think to include Sheri, since I don't think there's any way she wouldn't have been there within the fiction of the narrative. The one black mark on an otherwise stellar episode was Clay telling Hannah that he couldn't forgive her. What does she need your forgiveness for, asshole?
  5. In addition to John Douglas being a bloviating gasbag, and ruining the otherwise excellent Criterion Collection Silence of the Lambs by turning it into a polemic on how awesome the death penalty is, I must point out, yet again, that he actually has precious little actual education in psychology or psychiatry, and is just part of the wave of FBI agents in the 70s who made shit up and called it science. Rebecca has made her rant about profiling on Crime Writers On several times, and it delights me every time. Just basically every single thing I feel about it. The absolute nadir being some retired mechanical engineer who I guess is good at reading things he finds on Google and was billed as a profiler on that Killing Season show. And thank you both for getting through a discussion of Casey Anthony without mentioning a certain harpy, formerly of HLN. And I agree with both of you, that Hillary Duff episode of SVU is awesome. Although nothing is going to top the one where they did the Spotlight sex abuse case with Eric Stoltz.
  6. S02.E11: Bryce and Chloe

    Alex using his cane to whale on Montgomery and/or Scott was to date the highlight of the season. With Courtney pulling the fire alarm being a close second.
  7. S02.E10: Smile, Bitches!

    I'm going to just say that so far, Zach and Sheri have been the heroes of this season. I still really don't know what Ryan and Tony ever saw in each other.
  8. S02.E08: The Little Girl

    I swear, I think all of these scenes where Clay sees Hannah just mean he has a brain tumor.
  9. Zach seems like a pretty decent guy who was too weak to stand up to his bad friends.
  10. Randy Newman's score is everything.
  11. If nothing else, while Roswell: TOS wasn't exactly one for the history books, it's a much stronger template than Charmed.
  12. The UM theme is my ringtone. I ain’t ashamed.
  13. Marvel Comics: All-New, All-Different

    West Coast Avengers return, this time with double the Hawkeye. And also America and some other people. But really, it's just for Hawkeye^2 and America. Although they're apparently being bankrolled from the producers of a reality series, which REALLY didn't end well the last time a superhero team tried that.
  14. In light of Margot Kidder's passing, the best scene in Superman. She wasn't a great actress. What she was, however, was a perfect Lois.
  15. S01.E05: Heartless

    Does Andy just seem a little too perfect? Like he's never anything other than unfalteringly supportive of Dylan, which is kind of unrealistic, unless they're supposed to be complete newlyweds. They are really not helped by airing these episodes so wildly out of order. There's no continuity in Dylan and Lizzie's relationship at all.