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  1. Could this maybe, possibly mean they have the FF rights back? Please?
  2. We have a Janet Van Dyne.
  3. Very trippy final trailer. Still no shots of the Discovery herself, but some really cool-looking ones of the Shenzhou.
  4. Firstly, there's no indication that they're going to try telling the story without Thirteen having a Companion. Secondly, even though they'd certainly be within their rights to do it, we've seen episodes and specials where the Doctor hasn't had a Companion (at least not one who lasted beyond the episode), and that hasn't always worked out well. They've never had a female Doctor before. It's kind of apples and oranges.
  5. "People loved Wonder Woman. Let's make sure to show her as much as possible." I wouldn't be surprised if they went and embiggened her role during all the reshoots. ETA: Steppenwolf looks pretty much exactly like Ares, right? I'm not crazy?
  6. They did say that the catering company mixed it up. So not on the airline. I mean, we didn't see any of the passengers beaten and dragged off the plane, so there's that.
  7. I'm fresh out of things to throw, so all I can say is this: I don't understand why the knee jerk reaction is always to hurl accusations of needing a box checked. Why can't it just be that they want to try telling a story a certain way? Because what you're describing, the story about the white guy? They've told that one twelve times now, and it's gotten rather stale of late. Do they not have the right to try something new?
  8. They apparently teased a Flashpoint movie. Hard pass.
  9. You want him *to mate*!?!?!
  10. Because I'm not sure I would be as attached to the Doctor if I didn't see the way s/he interacted with the Companions? I don't think S4 would mean nearly as much to me if it wasn't the Doctor and Donna running around the universe being best friends.
  11. Maybe it's just a Britishism? Like "sultana" versus "golden raisin?"
  12. I just have a hard time squaring the erasing of any mention of it, whether or not he mentioned SDCC, as meaning anything else. When I saw the massive sets they were building for these "reshoots" it seemed like it was going to be more extensive than we were being told. Director's Guild rules say that if a person directs at least 51% of the finished film, he or she gets solo credit, which is why Richard Lester's Superman II required such extensive redoes. I'm just wildly speculating here, but I can picture it where the movie needed extensive work done (not a bad thing in and of itself, given that it worked out for Star Trek Beyond and Rogue One), and because of his daughter's suicide, he just wasn't capable of doing it. And I don't blame him at all for that.
  13. I think the only one I ever felt true affection for was Kylie Minogue's Astrid, and that's probably only because I like Kylie so much. I don't honestly think I liked any of the four David Tennant Specials season, and actively hated Planet of the Dead. I liked most of the Moffat-era ones, except for The Doctor, the Widow, and the Wardrobe, which I found so cloying I had to turn it off, and The Time of the Doctor, which was Moffat Moffating to the extreme, but that was because they mostly involved the established companions. Or, in the case of A Christmas Carol, was mostly about the guest stars.
  14. Any episode which features Mary winking is the best episode. I think this, and Benjamina's win, were the best-deserved Star Bakers we've gotten this season. Andrew just nailed each of the challenges. I knew he was going crush the Technical from the start. Not just because he'd at least seen one before, but also because it required so much precision, which seems to be right up his alley. And he blushes like crazy. I was worried they'd figure a way to contrive Tom to stay for another week, since Paul seems to want to bro out with him so much. Also, just based on the visuals, I'd have switched places between him and Selasi in the Technical, although there's also the taste and texture portion that they can't give us (yet). My preferred final three would be Jane, Benjamina, and Andrew, although I suspect Candice is going to be in one of the slots. I can live with that. Candice had such high heels on in the Signature, that couldn't have been comfortable. I was glad to see her in flats by the Showstopper. And having her hair down suits her features.
  15. Do you have any time to form an emotional attachment to any of the characters if they're only there for an episode or two? Would Bill's cyber-conversion have had any power if we hadn't gotten to know her? Not to mention the gut punch of seeing the Doctor fighting off the Regeneration while at the same time flashing back on all of his companions (except Rory, for whatever reason). I don't need (and really don't want) a companion who is some kind of season-long mystery, because those were highly annoying. But I cannot imagine these last twelve years without Donna Noble, the scared temp for Chiswick who saved the multiverse, or Rose the shopgirl who realized that reality is so much bigger, and weirder, and wonderful than she ever thought possible, or the Boy Who Waited... Hell, my absolute favorite episode of nuWho is "School Reunion," which is all about what being a companion does to a person. I was in tears by the end of it, and I'd never seen a classic episode before then.