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  1. Wow.
  2. Justice League is likely to lose money.
  3. Wait, Ryan is gay? What was the point of that?
  4. I don't know if that's true. Of the Marvel guys, the only real unknowns were 2/3rds of the Chrises (that's even borderline with Pratt), Tom Holland (where yes, you absolutely need an unknown), Elisabeth Olsen, and I guess Chadwick Boseman. Hell, if my math is right, a majority are Oscar nominees.
  5. So, Justice League is definitely going to end up getting a bunch of people fired, right?
  6. I thought the only ones people were sure she'd started and finished were the first three Dollenganger books and My Sweet Audrina. I'm a bit too young to have been swept up in the Flowers in the Attic mania, and so I've never actually read one of her books, although I think people were still passing them around when I was in high school (early-mid 90s). I should probably get a bottle of red wine and read one some rainy day.
  7. I feel like DC needs to start making animated movies about someone who isn't Batman, but this is still a much better story to adapt than Killing Joke. It looks like a pretty good translation of Mike Mignola's art, though.
  8. Apparently, the story is being told in reverse, so it will open (presumably) with Cunanan's suicide and work backward.
  9. I love it.
  10. The nice thing is that the people at DC and Marvel usually work really hard to keep the emphasis on the first part of "friendly rivalry." I wish their respective fanboys would take a page from the employees that invite each other to their movie premieres and play softball together.
  11. Justice League started shooting something like two weeks after Batman V Superman came out. I know they went back and reshot things, because Gal was pregnant for some of the WW reshoots as well, so there was at least a little overlap.
  12. I mean, I loved Buffy too. Twenty years ago. He lost me when he made his pre-recorded plea to the Firefly fans (not one of those myself, admittedly), that if they didn't care for Serenity, they should keep it to themselves. He was a tonally correct choice for Avengers, but his inability to mature as a storyteller combined with all of the skeevy stuff that came out about his private life, no thank you. By all external appearances, it seemed like LucasFilm tried really, really hard to get her to direct Episode IX. I'm pretty sure she told WB exactly that if she agreed to stay.
  13. Pretty much that. In fairness though, you're correct about one thing: Silk Spectre was actually a much more well-rounded character in Watchmen than in the source material. 300 actually had the same problem for me, and only really seems to get a pass because it was leering at men. Don't get me wrong, the Spartans were lovely to look at, and Gal is a gorgeous woman, but I just don't think this is the kind of thing that needs to be here. And also in fairness, there's more of the male objectification in...well, this movie too, but that as much goes towards male power fantasies.
  14. What REALLY bums me out is that because they had built up so much goodwill from Wonder Woman, when the preview clips were released that featured her so prominently, I got excited to the point that I thought I might actually want to see it in the theaters. I was just that happy to see Diana again. But no, she's the only bright spot. Because it's, as we all suspected, some chimera of Snyder's pseudo-Jesus grimdark and that patented Joss Whedon patter that is often confused for wit.