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  1. I doubt Rob is any better a father than she is a mother. From what I’ve read he emerges from his room to play with her and then hands her off to the nannies. He probably spends more time with his imaginary son and friends.
  2. Is that Cousin It in the blue?
  3. Is anyone else getting Proactive ads on this forum? None so far with Kendall.
  4. What else does he have to think with?
  5. Khloe

    She’s posting “ cryptic” messages about being hurt.. (according to OK magazine). All a set up to get chatter going about a possible break up. Soon she’ll post a nasty comment about the haters “reading into” things that they know nothing about. Same old same old... “Cryptic” interesting word, she’s definitely morphed into that realm in the looks department.
  6. She looks like she’s sitting on a toilet in some of those shots. She can’t even keep the jacket on her shoulders while standing still, how will she do runway work? I can see a “fashion roadkill” moment in her future.
  7. Kylie

    I don’t belueve they look to buy something they think their kid will like or enjoy, they look at the price tag. All about how much they spent. As if it proves how much they love their child.
  8. Kendall

    Probably getting more press and free publicity without having Kendall’s wooden and uninspiring delivery of the product pitch actually air.
  9. Kendall

    “Despite there being bigger problems in the world” she goes on to talk about her debilitating acne. She goes on about the pressure to be perfect ..... and neglects to mention that her family is instrumental in perpetuating that idea. Wants other young people to know that it’s okay not to be perfect.... (now that she’s managed to achieve clear skin). I haven’t seen her commercial yet on television... has Pro Active released it yet? This girl is so unaware of anything other than what affects her and her little world and takes no responsibility for being so obtuse.
  10. Khloe

    She’s looking like Liberace and the earrings are hideous.
  11. Kylie

    Or donate to the family church for a nice tax write off,
  12. She knew Colt lived with Debbie. If she didn’t like that set up... don’t get involved any deeper with Colt and move on to the next possible candidate. One word I’m sick of hearing from these couples is “love”. Whatever they’re feeling for each other has nothing to do with love. I don’t even think some of them “like “ each other. And Ashley with her obsession with “respect”, tossing out a laundry list of things she’s done for and how much money she’s spent on Jay makes me puke. I’m not feeling a bit of sympathy for poor Ashley, curled up in her hospital bed, having wasted a small fortune on dick and now needing to beg for $$ for medical care. Didn’t she buy it as required by Obamacare? Or was vacationing and trolling for sex more important?
  13. Kylie

    You don’t, the help does.
  14. More likely Larissa made it up on her own or with her friend Carmen’s help. Probably saw the photoshopped pic of the booze in her purse and ran with it. I don’t see any signs that she drinks. Even if she did talk shit to John, Larissa was a nasty bitch to her, it gave her an outlet instead if fighting with Larissa.
  15. S06.E13 & E14: Tell-All

    She had three weddings to one guy? WTF? Trying to make up for the two weddings she bailed on?