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  1. We’ve used them, easier than trying to wrestle the sheets night after night or she can use it as a comforter. Next to Nicole, Sister Pedro has the most punchable face on this show.
  2. I think he was told to say that. He couldn’t even look at her when she came out. I don’t think mom was happy either.
  3. And no signs that she just had a miscarriage a few weeks ago. Not even a mention of it and why was her hair covering her tits the whole photo shoot?
  4. They probably are each other’s passwords.
  5. Clearly neither one is a rocket scientist. The fact that Chantel didn’t question that the airline ticket just happened to cost as much as the sofa was equally strange. Interesting too that Pedro agreed to go furniture shopping after inviting his sister to stay for 2 weeks, a sudden interest in having a nice comfortable couch, coincidence?
  6. The stories it could tell ... The things it has seen ...
  7. I think it’s a holdover pose from her days as a camera girl. She probably didn’t wear any undies then and it was easier to flash a bit of snatch to keep her customers watching and paying.
  8. I can’t wait till they marry and the shoe is on the other foot and their spouses are put under a microscope. And will again.
  9. She needs to “push him a little bit” according to her friend, I’m thinking that means there’ll be no sounds of David’s ass slapping nightly till he starts making good on his promises.
  10. Khloe

    She rarely has pics of him posted on the internet. They need to get together and come to some agreement about publishing pictures. And the three of them need to honor it. I can see why she is upset. Especially since it is looking like Khloe is going to try and play it off as one big happy family. And IMO she is using a baby that isn’t her for attention.
  11. I’m happy to see she got Kensley out of the house. Smartest thing she’s done since meeting Luis.
  12. I’ve always thought he had a pretty close relationship with Kim’s ass, apparently both kissing and kleaning!
  13. Khloe

    Ive said it before Trues head is shaped like a turtle’s.
  14. All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    Whew!! Thanks.. I was worried there.
  15. That clip of Molly really kind of shocked me. I thought she had it more together and that the business with Luis might have been a fluke. But then I read about her DUIs and see her weird behavior and this drunken scene.... and “Molly you in trouble girl” She needs to get some help with that drinking and get her life back on track. Kensley is still young and needs her mom to be there for her. Olivia too. Get out of bars, get off Instagram and reality tv and straighten up.