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  1. I recall Michael from “The Office” mistakenly buying and wearing a woman’s suit.
  2. I wonder if he has to sign a non disclosure agreement... and be searched for any contraband photos at the end of the shoot? Kim... and she goes to bed thinking about the ones she took that day. If she turns around and stands on her head, she could get a really good ass cleaning. actually a good photo shopper could really turn this pic into something totally porn.
  3. Yeah, once Caitlyn (then Bruce) moved to Malibu he was pretty much forgotten by the Kardashians even though they talked big about how nothing would change, she was “ their dad” after all. I never thought that relationship would last once she moved out, even if there was no transition. As big a jerk as she was at times, and she was a BIG jerk, I do think she was right when she said once the money was rolling in Kris had no use for her anymore. Scott is father to the grand kids and he brings the funny. I do think if he moved on emotionally from Kourt, eventually he would pull away from the extended family. I thought Kim and Khloe were out of line to question him about his feelings for Kourt and their future if any. First they want Kourt to dump him, then they talk about them getting together again. Push him away, then pull him back.
  4. Khloe

    Both Tristan and Khloe are big people.
  5. As long as he brings the ratings they will.
  6. Khloe

    I read somewhere that Khloe and Kylie never spend a night away from their men, baby or not. I guess the fear that they’ll cheat is that strong.
  7. Back end of the Triple Crown Winner.
  8. Kylie

    Reminds me of the pic of Kanye in his backwards sweatshirt. if their giant asses were in front it would make wiping it easier.
  9. Kensley and Olivia deal with the same. At least Kensley has a father in her life.
  10. They all hated Scott in the beginning. And he was a real smart alec too. Who knew that even with his issues he is the most relatable. At least he admits he enjoys the easy money of the show and the perks it brings. Love too when he calls Kris, Kim, Khloe and Kourtney on their bullshit.
  11. Kylie

    She calls herself a “mum” I guess she thought being on the cover of “Vogue Australia” meant she was Australian.
  12. North will become to Kim what Kim is to Kris. Chi will be the Kourtney/Khloe. Saint will most likely Rob.
  13. But that comes from Kris. She expects her kids to meet her emotional needs and gets all weepy when they fail. If you look at North on the yacht, while Kim is busy posing and playing to the paparazzi, North is just left to her own devices but you can see that she knows that paps are there and that it’s useless to try and get her mothers attention when she’s in the zone.
  14. It has to be custom to fit over her enormous ass.
  15. Khloe

    From a full on front face shot, it looks like she has no ears. Her head looks like a turtle. Cute but like a turtle cute.