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  1. Soon as she hears there’ll be nudity she’s already booking a touch up on her laser hair removal. And having North play “find the freckles” on mommy. For each one she circles she gets a candy.
  2. Kanye probably convinced her the photographer is some kind of genius and that she “had”to with with him. Another example of “ The Emperor has no clothes”with these two dolts falling for “shit as art”
  3. How does she even think that’s attractive, or cutting edge or even interesting? I wss hoping the high point of their African trip would be a mauling by a pack of hyena or wild dogs. Instead we get this shit?
  4. I think Kourt and Khloe have always been second or third string with Kris. Kim has been the golden child that has shared Kris’s desire to be rich and famous. Neither of them has ever gotten the same attention or dedication to their deals that Kim did. At one point Kris was selling them as a package deal but Kim soon resented the fact that she had to share the spotlight and the money with them. I also think that once the show really took off Kim and Kris worked together on the direction it should go, without bringing the other girls in on the planning. Both Kourt and Khloe have complained many times on the show that Kris has done slipshod work on their bookings or missed appointments with them due to her concentration on Kim. Kris jokes a lot about Kim being her favorite, but at some point it doesn’t seem like joking and stops being funny. It just caused resentment and anger between the girls. So maybe Kourt doesn’t work as hard as Kim, maybe she’s content with the time she devoted to “being a Kardashian” Khloe was clearly looking to build a life outside of Calabassas and would eventually cut back or be less flexible on filming availability. It’s not required of them to work around Kim’s solo projects. And I strongly suspect Kim and Kris do work in concert to make sure Kim’s schedule is taken into consideration and the others are just expected to fall in step.
  5. S02.E12: Tell-All

    Paul’s mother and father may have developed a strategy of dealing with Paul and the fact that he is such a “challenge”. His dad has taken on the role of “absolute ultimate authority” or bad cop and mom is good cop. Mom can then avoid Paul giving her a hard time because Dad is supreme being.
  6. Kendall

    Kendall ... “cuz” is not a word. If you want to maintain the myth that you actually graduated high school and mommy just didn’t pay for your diploma, how “bout” you use real words? Especially when you are complaining that Uncle Harvey is putting your life in danger by sharing personal info,that he probably got from your mom, with viewers of his show.
  7. S02.E12: Tell-All

    You think he actually looks at it? I see her as doing all the work, get it up, get it in and get him off. Afterwards he pats her on the shoulder then he takes a long shower ala Silkwood.
  8. S02.E12: Tell-All

    I see it as an act. She certainly turned on the charm when he was a day or two from leaving and still hadn’t proposed. Suddenly she was all into him and playing coy and kissy face, bringing up a possibly rich Japanese guy who might want to marry her. She wants a ticket to the US and will sell herself to the one most likely to get her there.
  9. Passed? More likely they never reached it!!!
  10. In a restaurant it’s called “ Rice Pilaf” but if you look in their garbage, you can see the boxes. LOL I think that’s how they stay thin, they never finish a meal.
  11. She’s doing better than Darcy, who can’t get one engagement. Maybe Darcy should start Ubering drunks home when they are released from the jail, seems to be an untapped source of possible mates.
  12. Is that steak cut on the bias? If not Darcy will refuse to pay for it as she worked in a restaurant and she knows how it should be.
  13. S02.E12: Tell-All

    Tarik was correct to be suspicious oHazel. Why is she looking to bring on her period if it’s just late? Many women have irregular periods or their cycle varies by a couple days or a week. IMO, the only reason to try and “bring on your period” with some kind of herbal tea that you have to get from some back alley supplier is because you know or strongly suspect that you are pregnant. I’m sure Tarik knows what a condom is and if wearing one is the only way he’s getting in her pants, I’m sure he’d be happy to agree.
  14. That’s the problem with having all that work. Without full make up on you just look scary. Her girls are pretty I hope they keep that fresh face look and don’t think they need to compete with mom.
  15. S02.E12: Tell-All

    Don’t any of these men practice birth control? Don’t the women? What the fuck is wrong with them? Rachel gets knocked up by a married man, Hazel has to send her kid to his dad cause she can’t afford to take care of him, but thinks she might be pregnant again Karine, how many times has she been pregnant 2,3 or more? Even idiot Darcy is talking about having a baby. Thankfully Angela is too old.