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  1. Bellas in the Media: Twin Magic

    I totally agree. Brie is so smug all the time. She thinks she is so much better than Nikki. I think Nikki is more likable and fun. Bryan's "better than you" attitude has rubbed off on Brie. I feel like Brie made a huge deal about leaving the WWE to have a kid. But when she saw how much attention Nikki was getting, she wanted to come back.
  2. Officers on Call: And They're Foxy

    So true. I thought he was always very well- spoken and calm when assisting people. I am also glad that he didn't hurt anyone.
  3. Officers on Call: And They're Foxy

    Corporal Steven Walker, from Pasco County, was arrested for driving under the influence. He is being terminated from his job. https://www.wfla.com/1450301230 That's a shame.
  4. I liked this episode. The way Dennis had to control himself from scratching Mac when he found out that Mac told Charlie and Frank about the lock, was hilarious. Then you find out that Dennis scratched Mac anyway because he wanted to be in posession of the lock. My other favorite scene was how scared and grossed out Frank was when he was in Mac's room. And Mac then asking if Frank and Charlie had touched is bike. I also laughed out loud when you see that Mac's bed has no fitted sheet.
  5. I was cackling when Kelly was giving Shane a verbal beatdown 🤣 Everything she said was so true. Shane is a little bitch.
  6. Officers on Call: And They're Foxy

    The Pasco officer's are so sexy! They have an Instagram page where they post videos and pics of the officer's that are featured on Live PD
  7. He looks really, really tired. I wonder if it's because he is doing his A.P. Bio show? But, he looks very pale and extra thin.
  8. His body is gorgeous! But, I also love fat Mac.
  9. I liked this episode. I love how Dennis controls the gang even when he not around. It really shows how insecure they really are. The Dennis sex doll was so creepy. The close- ups of it was hilarious. Sidenote- Does Glenn Howerton look like he aged 20 years? Maybe it was the lighting, but he looked very tired and worn down.
  10. If I do tell HR on my boss, I'm just nervous about what she is going to do and how she is going to treat me.
  11. Thank you all for your advice!! I really appreciate it. My boss has a really bad attitude and she spoke to me in a way that I didn't appreciate. Taking that position would literally drive me crazy. I have a feeling that if she asks me to take that position, and I say no, she will keep badgering me about it or act really cold towards me. If it gets to that, I am going to go to HR. She has gotten away with acting really terribly to people for way too long. I am a pushover and that is my weakness. I let her speak to me terribly and I didn't say anything about it. But, I am worth more than that and I should never let her do that to me.
  12. I need some advice, please. I have a feeling that my boss wants me to take over someone else's position when they retire. I really, really don't want to take that position. My boss is "training" me on what this person does. The thing is, that I did this person's position for a few weeks while they were out. I made a few posts about this a few months ago during that time. I can't work that closely with my boss. She drives me crazy. I honestly had suicidal thoughts while working that position, and it was only for a few weeks! My boss is unbearable and very demanding. I could barely get any of my work done because she kept giving me her crap to do The position is full time and the one i'm currently in is part time. What I wanted advice on is that if my boss asks me if I want that position, what should I say to her? I feel like she expects me to take it. I don't have the mental health to deal with her. I still work with her in my current position, but it is not as closely. She is a very mean person and I wouldn't be surprised if her heart is full of ice. She is not understanding of anything and I honestly don't like her.
  13. I don't know how I feel about Mindy Kaling being on this season. Hopefully she doesn't ruin the flow of the show.
  14. It seems like Elena's parents are detached from her.
  15. Noooo!!! It was so funny! They have a lot of terrible shows/ movies on Netflix, and they cancel this?