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  1. Talking Schitt: The Quote Thread

    "Mmmm, Eat glass!!" is perfect. I have to start using that in life.
  2. My dad has stage 4 kidney disease and his doctor has told him he should start looking for a kidney. I'm pretty numb right now. My dad is hesitant to have me and my siblings checked out to see if we are a match, because he feels guilty about potentially having to take a kidney from one of us. We all told him that having him here and alive is definitely worth parting with a kidney. I'm trying really hard to keep it together, especially at work where I am face to face with people constantly. In the end, it's his call if he wants a kidney or not, but i'm not ready to lose him.
  3. Friends From College

    Fred Savage was my favorite this season. He is hilarious.
  4. Family By The Ton

    Yes he is!!! He has a great smile and is very sexy.
  5. S07.E03: Robin's Story LIVE CHAT

    She likes going grocery shopping! Is that a first for this show?
  6. Thank you! I really love the people I work with, except for my boss.
  7. I didn't get the job that I interviewed for. I had a feeling that I would not get it. It probably was a courtesy interview because my co worker knows the hiring manager. I feel a little bummed out, but at least I got interview experience out of it.
  8. S16.E06: Roaring Munchies

    I really like Eddie. He's not over the top and he puts his head down and cooks. I also think he is pretty cute.
  9. S01.E08 The Love List

    What's funny to me, was that this was in the 90s while I was growing up. She still like this today. I remember her asking me if I still had antibiotics from a wisdom teeth extraction that happened 10 years before!
  10. Family By The Ton

    I loved Amy's swimsuit coverup.
  11. Family By The Ton

    How many temper tantrums do you think Casey will have while being on a diet?
  12. Family By The Ton

    Those camera angles in the talking heads are terrible. We know they are fat, they know they are fat, we get it.
  13. Family By The Ton

    I think they are cousins.
  14. Family By The Ton

    The doctor is so sexy.
  15. S01.E08 The Love List

    I love this show! My mom was/ is similar about going to the doctor. She also gave us random pills she found in the medicine cabinet. Every ailment you had, my mom would say "take some imodium."