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  1. I have my nieces and nephews visiting, is it terrible of me to want them to go home? They are 13 and younger. They are well- behaved, but they talk so much. Everytime there is silence, they have to fill it up with asking a million questions or make unnecessary commentary on things. I really like my quiet, since I rarely get any.
  2. Officers on Call: And They're Foxy

    Corporal Walker from Pasco is gorgeous. I hope he is on the show more often.
  3. Season 5: All Episodes - Got Nose?

    Big boob lady looks similar to LaToya Jackson.
  4. Chit-Chat

    Thank you for the great ideas!
  5. Chit-Chat

    Ooh! That's a great idea. What kind of food, drinks and treats were served?
  6. Chit-Chat

    Party at work.
  7. Chit-Chat

    A co worker is retiring and i'm helping out with the party. I'm trying to come up with some themes for her party. She loves to dance and loves snack food like chips and candy. I don't know a whole lot about her. She's in her late 70s and kind of fiesty. Do you guys have some ideas? It would be much appreciated. Thank you!
  8. What do you guys think about Officer Bermudez in El Paso?
  9. Detective Cox is annoying. I feel like he plays it up for the camera's and is always trying to be in control. He railroads the other officer's a lot.
  10. He loves to hear himself speak. At times it's interesting because I learn something new, but other times, he goes on for way too long.
  11. Officers on Call: And They're Foxy

    Officer Baker, from Georgia, is yummy.
  12. Thank you for that! It's hard to think that about myself because I never think it. I put myself down a lot and it is catching up to me.
  13. I don't want to get my co worker, who told me, to get in trouble.
  14. Even a raise wouldn't tempt me to stay in that position. She's a terrible person. I'm just waiting for her to bring up the topic about me staying in this position. I know she knows more than she is telling me. What I find maddening is that she is very secretive about things that she shouldn't be secretive about. She plays mind games and it sucks. My co worker tells me that I'm too young to get stuck in a position that I hate. She's encouraging me to find another job. I feel obligated to stay because I promised to stay until the lady came back. Now that I've heard that she might not, and my boss isn't saying anything, I don't know what to do.