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  1. To be fair, I haven't seen anything that has won in this last segment, but they must be incredible because every single actor that was nominated for Versace last to them, and they were all incredible. I am really rooting for Darren Criss. Jesse Plemons looked...rough in the audience. Facial hair does not suit him.
  2. Angela Basset does not age. Seriously. It's amazing.
  3. Is there room on the couch for me to join you? Because...same.
  4. S20.E33: Nominations #11

    I feel like this show has more couples that have lasted than the Bachelor/ette franchise and Married At First Sight. Clearly those matchmakers need to be fired and should just send people to the BB house.
  5. Me to my radio after Brandon's reminiscence: None of that happened! Tara, immediately after: None of that happened! I even used the same tone. Perhaps I've been listening too long.
  6. I don't know about where he is from, but in some states the only requirement to be a substitute teacher is having a GED and passing a background check.
  7. I will never forgive Kelly for making me be on Brandon's side of this. His delivery of the argument is painful and brayful, but his sentiment is correct. Damn you Kelly Taylor!
  8. S19.E03 Abbie 2018.06.19

    There was something so likeable about Abbie. I didn't buy her ex husbands sincerity, but I agree with the poster above that it took a lot of guts to come on this show after being so honest about the abuse he heaped on her.
  9. S20.E01: Season Premiere (Part 1)

    Yep. When he introduced himself as a bro who does bro things...ick. That's the best way to make me dislike you. Congratulations.
  10. Nitpicking

    Yes, this was another thing that annoyed me. She chose over 50 classes to go to? That's more than 50 hours in the week, assuming that they are only hour long classes. And that is more than a full time job, which is crazy. Freshman are usually stuck with the early classes and the basic classes, since they tend to register last in line. There is no way she could have access to all these classes.
  11. Nitpicking

    Why didn't Lane tell Rory that Jess was hardly ever at school? She hears from Lindsey that Jess "used to" go to their school. Certainly Lane would have noticed never seeing Jess there. It isn't like Stars Hollow High had a population of a large college campus. Also, would someone please explain the mattress thing to me from The Lorelai's First Day at Yale? I went to college, moved into a dorm that had a mattress. I assume that mattress stayed there the following year (they were new my freshman year). But in their universe, you can bring your own mattress to college, dispose of the old one (not store, but dispose of) and that leaves the next student who moves into that dorm with nothing? I would assume you would bring home the mattress that your brought to school, since you paid for it and all. You bring the rest of your personal belongings back. But not everyone brought their own mattress. I don't get it. Am I an idiot or is there something I am missing?
  12. I am also sad that this podcast is ending, I was looking forward to hearing your snark on Piz. I think I liked some things more that the podcasters as well. I liked the scene at the end with Logan and Veronica, him holding her, then how he just silently snuck out of the apartment and let her have time with her dad. But I do agree about the Jackie reveal. I remember the first time I watched the series, I thought it came out of nowhere and that surely I had missed something along the way. After several other viewings of this series, I realize that I didn't miss anything. The show just did a poor job of writing all of that.
  13. Definitely had a health final. Health was and still is a required class. For me it took the place of a semester of PE and we had a written final. I know it is still a required credit for high schoolers to graduate. It was standardized and super easy and basic, but we definitely had one. (Public school outside of a major metropolitan area in the late 90s, for what it is worth. I also work with students in high school now and I know the requirements). absnow54, I loved that line as well!
  14. S10.E07: Go Cubs

    Yes! You could tell that had been one of several takes, and they just couldn't help breaking. The genuine laughter you see with Roseanne and Sara Gilbert is especially nice.
  15. I always liked the Veronica and Logan stuff in this episode too. And that song is still on my Spotify playlist. I too, disagree with the complaints about this episode. I thought that part was well done, and this was one of my favorite episodes almost for that scene alone.