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  1. S07.E06: Species Jump

    Out of Money, Ideology, Compromise and Ego, I'd guess ego for Dante as he did hint at a danger addiction earlier in the season. Carrie was definitely off her game about Simone. I was going to post this in last week's thread but I didn't get around to it. It's like if a CIA agent went to Pakistan to hunt a terrorist and she ended up tracking him down by seducing his nephew but at the same time not being honest with the nephew about why she did it or who she really was. I liked the casting for Saul's co-worker. They could have went with skinny and conventionally pretty. It's nice to see there are some real people on this show! I was also glad a certain 24 trope was averted, the one where a jilted lover/romantic interest/etc has to pretend they're happy after finding out they've been betrayed. At first it's going well and then they lose their shit and do something dumb which always ends up alerting the bad guy and allowing them to escape. But Carrie kept it together at least for this episode. Edited to add: Saul's tradecraft sucks. Instead of playing spy games with thumbtacks and trenchcoats under a bridge somewhere, how about you use the power of your office and send a car to pick the son of a bitch up?
  2. All Episodes Talk

    I'll spoiler box it just in case but long story short:
  3. I feel fairly certain that Hogarth chose Turk not for his nice clean guns but for his used-in-multiple-homicides guns that he claims are clean.
  4. S02.E17: The Odd Couple

    I thought Molly's reaction to why Riggs left her was a little lacking. Riggs informs her that a crazy racist monster from their past has come back to haunt them by killing pets and Molly's reaction is more along the lines of "you really need to get over your daddy issues!" Lady, the father of crazy is stalking you! Is he going to stop because she's not dating Riggs any longer? Did Molly completely stop being important to Riggs at that moment? Like if daddy came and took her hostage during their break, Riggs wouldn't have cared?
  5. S02.E16: Hammock + Balcony

    If they had been thinking about it what they should have done is bang the crap out of the safe to make it look like they tried and failed to get in rather than trying to make it look like they somehow missed it.
  6. S07.E04: Like Bad at Things

    The episode has been released online and I must say... wow! I have seen a lot of hostage situations in 24 and Homeland but this one... just wow.
  7. S07.E03: Standoff

    This is where I think the show's reach exceeds its grasp. The over-arching storyline has been that since President Keane survived the attempt on her life, she's been overreacting by throwing everyone in jail and trampling all over civil rights. General McClendon all of a sudden up and dies and we've got the Podunk PD sheltering O'Keefe because they're not fans of the administration either. They're trying to tell us that the country is on the verge of civil war but thus far they haven't really shown us. In Washington DC, people bitch at each other around the dinner table. In Podunk, they ride around in trucks showing off their rifles and "Don't Tread On Me" flags. This civil war is indeed downright civil so far. As for why they didn't just take him, all those events plus some mass murder of civilians (including women and children) would be a bridge too far. Keane is trying to rehabilitate her reputation but she can't do that if she comes down like a ton of bricks on a guy whose crime is basically talking shit about her. The General knew what was up, that was why he had the Chief of Staff repeat himself slowly and explicitly. The thing that doesn't make sense to me is either of these individuals thinking that a successful airstrike that distracts from the President's domestic worries will justify itself in retrospect. Keane is still going to be super pissed when she finds out about it regardless of whether or not it changes the headlines.
  8. S07.E03: Standoff

    I liked this episode. I thought there was some good tension in it, like when O'Keefe's girlfriend ran over the FBI encampment to warn them about the redneck reinforcements coming in. Having said that, what happened to "We've got THE road blocked"? I know this show has its heritage in 24 but does every fictional FBI team have to be that shit at setting a perimeter? I have mentioned before that Carrie's illness hits close to home for me as someone very dear to me has a similar condition to hers. So I shit a fair brick when she took that Adderall. I personally have ADD and I am prescribed Dexedrine (basically Adderall) and I would never ever want to see someone who is on the edge of manic taking those pills to stay awake!
  9. S07.E02: Rebel Rebel

    I find myself wondering if "I'M CIA MOTHERFUCKER!" was foreshadowing. As we are being repeatedly reminded, Carrie doesn't have a job... or does she? She spent months pretending to be mentally ill a few seasons back and as I recall she let the CIA crap all over her career on television as part of some deep cover op. If the same is true this time around it might explain her shock at seeing Saul become the National Security Advisor. That wasn't part of the plan! Did I miss something with that telescoping billy club? Was it just laying around? I thought she'd have it hidden in her boots or something but she picked it up from over by a desk as if she had put it there herself. I assume the computer sequences should include that same disclaimer you see in Apple commercials: sequences shortened.
  10. S07.E01: Enemy of the State

    The NSA as an agency is not the same NSA which is an acronym for National Security Advisor. The National Security Advisor is a cabinet post and gives advice to the President. Saul's fulfillment of the role is probably going to be much more... fluid than the boring bureaucratic position that it's supposed to be. The FBI agent is a new character. As for Max, Carrie must have set it up somehow but it is strange that Max didn't end up in jail too considering he did work at the Troll Farm last season and he did give them his resume complete with the "meth and masturbation" line on it.
  11. S07.E01: Enemy of the State

    Carrie's entire family is like season 1 Skylar from Breaking Bad. So Carrie is getting deep background from an FBI agent she worked with in Kabul but it's not enough for the senator. Carrie, in her infinite wisdom decides to force a meeting between the two and it goes about as well as could be expected. But now the senator knows the FBI agent's first name so I'm imagining this source is going to be compelled to testify if the Deep State goons don't bump him off first. Is everyone at the Podunk PD a fan of Brett Blowhard? There was a squad car or two out front and two covering the alley. That's a lot of cops for a tiny town, someone is bound to notice that entire department surrounded Second Amendment Sleep Solutions and then hustled out of there before the Feds could arrive. I'm also wondering if that cork board that was behind O'Keefe will give him away. His friend took it off the wall but she didn't move it very far to the side. And of course Carrie is happiest when she's got a surveillance package on someone!
  12. S02.E15: Murdoc + Handcuffs

    So Murdoc is playing the villian who was trying to kill Murdoc except now he isn't Murdoc but he's still trying to kill Murdoc? Do I have that straight?
  13. S05.E13: The Invisible Hand

    The unexpected laugh line of the night goes to Ressler for his deadpan snark of "I know, isn't he adorable?" I liked the twist that the bad guy is a cop (was that a Texas Ranger badge?) but I don't know how closely it aligns with the brutal killer he's been shown as in previous episodes. And his guys are obviously not cops although he does have a few on his payroll. I am someone unsuprised Ressler had trouble chasing down a guy who's had bone cancer for two years. That dude should have had the stamina of a fart on a windy day but apparently Mr. Cancer Victim who lives in a toxic waste dump can at least briefly outrun an elite FBI agent. It was nice to see the actor who played the air traffic control officer in Sully getting some work here. Although I am worried he's being typecast as the guy with the world's worst luck!
  14. My understanding is that Ash Tyler was captured by the Klingons at some point and they found a way of copying his consciousness so it could be implanted over top of a Klingon spy, who in this case was Voq. Voq's body was altered by some brutal surgery that did not include anesthetics and when they were finished butchering him down to human size they bolted Tyler's consciousness over top and set him loose. The logistics of this are... whimsical but who knows what surgery will be able to accomplish in the 23rd century?
  15. S01.E13: Getaway Day

    The Tramadol bit was the only realistic part. My girlfriend was over-prescribed Tramadol and had a terrible experience with it that led to her being in the hospital (against her will) for months. I would build a catapault to slingshot that shit into the sun but I'm worried it would fuck the sun up. Bearing that in mind I can see a doctor who knows his patients and what they do over-prescribing "just in case". It's powerful shit. The whole team has a drinking problem. Remember when Clay finally got to officially join? Case of beer, case of beer, case of beer. That much beer, even divided by the whole squad and hangers-on still results in waking up the next day without a hangover... because they're still drunk. I know the whole case of beer bit was just them giving Clay a hard time but these SEALs drink like fish... alcoholic fish. I'm glad others noticed that bit where Blackburn got called Lieutenant. That was weird. The coffee pot scene was weird too. That dude just wandered off with the whole pot. Is he going to go from person to person pouring them each a cup? What if they want to get their own? And why was everyone sitting around the TV watching as the individual names of the dead soldiers were called out? Shut the friggin' TV off! The mourning widow knows what her husband's name is!