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  1. S02.E03: The Worst of Conditions

    Although I cannot be sure how meaningful consolations from internet strangers are, I am sorry for your loss. This was a surprisingly emotional episode to me and I have never lost anyone to such circumstances. I don't know if I'd be able to watch the whole episode if I was in your place. I had forgotten that David Boreanaz can actually act! His grief was certainly his finest work on this show to date. I also appreciated the understated moment where he accidentally-on-purpose smashes the beer and then deliberately trashes the rest of it. Speaking of beer, Clay insisting that the beer not be that fancy imported stuff was a nice callback. The idea of mom's special tacos verged on absurd but I will take it at face value that grief caused the Hayes family to forget that tacos are not difficult to make. My mother had a recipe for empanadas, made with her own dough from scratch and when she passed the recipe went with her. I don't bother with empanadas from other sources but I might if they were as simple to make as tacos are. There were some other great moments in this episode as well, like when Blackburn came in with that look on his face and even the most junior guy on the team immediately knew why. I loved how Ray was the first one to show up at the hospital. I felt like the scene with Mandy was a hint at her past, as if to say she has never been involved with Jason but they have a very intimate bond with one another and if he needs her to just show up and sit quietly with him she is always ready to do that. While I am sure they have said it before, I loved that Cerberus is "the hair missile". I do wonder about that Hollywood shield Cerberus has protecting him from harm. If terrorists would shoot up a hotel lobby full of innocents they certainly shoot a dog so Cerberus can only really lead in situations where the bad guys aren't going to do that (similar to how Buffy was generally safe from harm if she was wearing a skirt, was certain to be kicking someone's ass if she was wearing pants).
  2. S02.E02: Never Say Die

    Oh no, they killed what's-her-name! And now Jason gets a double dose of shame since his ex-wife was doing a beer run for him! I know Jason was away for a few days but how did it not occur to him that there was no beer in the fridge? Seeing as to how this is a team of high-functioning alcoholics (Mandy admitted as much in this very episode), you'd suppose Jason would stock up on his way back home. Having an argument with an old friend should also suffice to send him to the local liquor store. I liked Blackburn's trick with the radio. Judging by the stinkeye the Saudi commander gave him I am assuming the guy knew what was up but let it slide out of soldierly solidarity.
  3. Boozer! Seeing Bozer do the keg stand was awesome! "I was put on this earth to do two things: kick ass and drink beer!"
  4. Tani, when it is 106 degrees out and you know it's going to get hotter maybe don't wear your leather pants to work?
  5. There was a great moment in this episode, one that is long overdue! Danny questions Steve about why he was chosen for the jungle mission. It is simple. It is because 5-0 spends a lot of time chasing their own tail and Danny knows this. He knows it well enough to see the obvious boot-print is obvious and point out to Junior (who was ready to follow the false lead) that it is too good to be true. Finally, after nine seasons of jumping to conclusions (which they still did a bit of in this episode - ermagerd, the guy has Chinese documents on his laptop, he must be a Chinese spy!) they have hung a lampshade on "we always go for the obvious and we always get screwed." It was indeed a teachable moment.
  6. S04.E09: Wiedersehen

    I thought Mike had rewired it because that was the last of the blasting to do and Kai was a pain in the ass the whole time so one bang and both problems are gone. But that wouldn't work because the crew wouldn't light the explosives (which had a fairly involved process to activate) off when there was a man down there. However, Werner didn't know that and thought that if they were going to kill anyone he could force the issue and get them to kill him first. When they didn't he realized he had some more time to plan an escape. And for what it's worth, Werner asked if he could leave and Mike said no. They both knew Werner wasn't asking for a weekend so he could go see his wife. I think if Werner had any illusions about completing the job and getting out alive they were put to rest last week when he drunkenly drew out part of the project for some locals. Maybe before that happened he would have been okay but since he compromised the security of the whole project he knows he's toast. He just wants to get there on his own terms. I loved that scene! Little do these teenagers know who their boss really is! And he's so polite to them!
  7. S03:E01 Improvise

    We'll have to see what happens next week but I'm not firmly convinced Jill is dead. Murdoc pops up behind her, she screams and we see the car is crashed and she's slumped over the steering wheel with some blood on her forehead. Murdoc has had multiple chances to kill pretty much everyone and while he has hurt several team members he seems to delight in torturing them. So Jill might not be done for quite yet.
  8. Steve's ex-girlfriend: There's a mole in the CIA! Me: It's probably you because you're being so helpful! Episode: Hey man, we can only work with what they give us. Speaking of Steve's ex, it would have been funny if when he asked her why she had responded with something along the lines about the terrible time she had in Morocco. I have heard of sensory deprivation before (Snake Eyes used to chill out in a sensory deprivation tank back in the old G.I. Joe comics) but I feel like it wouldn't be a great torture device. It is used as such in Tom Clancy's The Cardinal of the Kremlin but that is on an office worker who has no idea such things exist and is augmented by voices whispering in her ear "what have you done?" But try that shit on a Navy SEAL and tell him in advance that you're doing it? I don't think it would work (and indeed it doesn't unless the show really does want to try some dumbass Manchurian Candidate twist later on). Tani wears jeans to the office but when it's time to go out on a tactical raid she decides to wear Kono's old leather pants. I guess when one is kicking ass, it should be done in style! I was surprised by how emotional Steve's answer of "50 years" was when Danno asked him how long they had known each other. It was a fairly subtle tribute to the show's history (and I say that because if I hadn't read about the anniversary on here the line would not have made sense on its own) but it worked so much better than CGI-resurrected Jack Lord!
  9. 03.01 In the Same Boat

    I was prepared to dislike the new partner because you certainly can't get away with replacing the lead singer in a band as far as I am concerned. Also, while I know they didn't re-cast Riggs, replacing him with someone who is going to be like him but not quite is very soap-opera. I also read a bit of the behind the scenes drama and I got the impression that while Clayne Crawford might have lost his temper from time to time, Damon Wayans was being a diva. However, having watched the first episode of the new Lethal Weapon, I find I like it. As regards Wayans, you wouldn't begin to guess at behind the scenes drama from the way he acted out his grief and I was very impressed by that. I almost cried with him and this is not a tear-jerker show! The new guy plays a convincing bad-ass and does not come across as a comedian trying to play a heavy. Instead he comes across as sympathetic and like he's genuinely trying to rebuild himself after a trauma. Which leads me to my main realization in all of this which is: Riggs was an asshole! He didn't really care who he hurt along the way and watching him avoid dealing with his trauma was getting tiring. Speaking of soap operas, we did not actually see a body so this show could pull a 24 and have a team of Navy SEAL trauma surgeons whisking Riggs away so that he can make a shocking comeback if/when the actors reconcile. Now I won't miss Riggs if he doesn't come back but at the same time it would be interesting to see how Riggs would interact with the new guy.
  10. S01.E01: I Saw the Sun Rise

    I was entertained by this episode of Hawaii 5-0. Seriously, not only could this have been a 5-0 episode, they have done this plot several times over where the bad guys hurt or kill someone close to the good guys so that the good guys will lead them to the buried treasure. It's happened to McGarrett, Danno, Chin and Kono IIRC. I got a kick out of Noelani being instantly hostile to Magnum since we've never seen her behave like that towards anyone. Also borrowed from the 5-0 playbook, the ability to re-task satellites courtesy of a connection in the intelligence community. I don't think they are using Windows phones anymore (Microsoft stopped making them a while back) but I did spot a Microsoft Surface in use. Navy SEALs are trained in old-fashioned hardcore navigation so it was silly that Magnum didn't recognize a set of coordinates and equally silly that the other character didn't write them out in coordinate format. I am also under the impression that lat and long will not take you right to x marks the spot but will rather just point you in the right direction which could be an area covering several square miles. The bad guys tortured and murdered a guy because they couldn't be bothered to look around. The information they needed was on a table just to the left of the front door!
  11. Star Trek Beyond (2016)

    Agreed. Is there anyone out there that thinks Nemesis would have been a better movie if when that crewman got sucked out the viewscreen he had left a trail of intestines behind? Star Trek has done good horror before and it did not rely on blood and guts. Ceti Eels anyone? That scene was pure nightmare fuel and didn't need an R-rating to get there.
  12. S04.E06: Pinata

    It could mean that coatis were found in Chile until they pissed Gus Fring off.
  13. S04.E06: Pinata

    In every variation of this story that I have ever seen, every single one of those guys is dead already and just doesn't know it yet. They will complete their work and then be driven into the deep desert where they will be executed and disposed of unceremoniously. I'll spoiler tag it although I can assure you Gus didn't get into specifics. I find Kim and Jimmy to be realistic in the sense that they happened in the way real relationships happen. It wasn't a matter of locking eyes across a crowded room. They were both mailroom lackeys who hustled hard and found a grudging respect for one another. They knew each other for years before tumbling into bed together. Neither of them spend a lot of time socializing so it is somewhat natural/inevitable that they would end up together. At some point, realizing that they ended up together for lack of choice/effort they will drift apart or allow some tragedy to define what comes between them.
  14. S04.E05: Quite A Ride

    I liked the contrast between Kim's public defender cases and the urgency of Mesa Verde's document crisis. There's this bank summoning her because OMG there's an error with the documents and we need them fixed right away. In the meantime, Kim is looking at a human being who is about to anxiety attack her own self into jail and Kim knows she can prevent that from happening. Mesa Verde's incorrect documents aren't going to cause cancer and fixing the error RIGHT NOW isn't going to cure cancer. Kim is starting to realize that all this pressure she has been putting herself under, literally killing herself for this overly ambitious bank is all artificial and meaningless in the long run. Mesa Verde had the resources to fix the problem all along without Kim's help but it was inconvenient for them. Kim is becoming more inclined to tell them what they can do with their convenience.
  15. S01.E07: The Boy

    The video game was ridiculous. I've never been in a CIA safehouse but I can well imagine if you're a "guest" (as in politely-held prisoner) you don't get access to electronics that can be used to send messages to terrorists on the other side of the world, you don't get phone privileges and you probably don't even get to look out the windows! Cathy's outrage was pretty misplaced and as a doctor she should know this. Hey Cathy, tell me about your work day, specifically your patients. What do you mean that's confidential information? I won't tell anyone, I promise! Why are you trying to keep secrets from me? This definitely goes against the Clancy grain. At a few points in the novels a character would kill a bad guy and have that "GIT SUM!" moment but would immediately feel bad about ending the life of another human being. Here they've set the stage that this raid was meant to be Abbottabad 2.0 and the soldiers are frustrated that there's no one to fight so they shot the only guy they could. But in real life that's a court martial offense. I remember reading about a case (in Afghanistan IIRC) where an enemy combatant had basically been blown in half by a shell from an attack helicopter. A soldier sees that this guy is slowly dying and is in absolute agony and he pops the guy to put him out of his misery. It was a violation of the rules of war. Blowing the guy in half was all fine and good but shooting him when he was down ended that soldier's career. Also, that injured terrorist could have been a valuable source of intel. No room on the helicopter I guess. Maybe the wifi network in the house is called CIA_SECRET_NETWORK (open)? The game being used as a message conduit for bad guys was established a long time ago so it's somewhat ridiculous that the communications in that game weren't being monitored. I suppose one could argue that the kids have security through obscurity which is to say no one knows they are the spawn of America's Most Wanted and their fairly innocuous messages got lost in the general traffic. But I am sure after the leader of the terrorist group was caught communicating through that channel it would be monitored.