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  1. I was so happy to see Juan Redinger in this episode even if he was playing a drug-dealing dirtbag. He was one of the main characters on a CBC spy drama called The Romeo Section and I am glad to see his work in Hollywood North has brought him to acutal Hollywood even if he is being typecast as a druggie dirtbag.
  2. The last Marvel series I watched prior to this (excepting The Punisher, Netflix series are a different animal) was Inhumans and that show sucked. I am enjoying this show perhaps more than it deserves but nonetheless. I like that the parents aren't straight up evil but rather seem to be arriving at this point by painful compromises and self-interest. The kids are appropriately curious and appropriately doubtful. The Stan Lee cameo was made of awesome-dipped awesome and I loved it! I notice Stan Lee did not go out of his way to make an appearance in Inhumans. Karolina and Nico? I'll be in my bunk.
  3. A bulletproof vest stops the bullet but not the kinetic energy. So Damian got hit in the chest right near his lungs by an object going about 900 miles an hour and it hit him hard enough to spin him around and off the bridge (which is funny because I didn't think Hannah was rocking a Desert Eagle, it looked like a 9mm or a .45 to me but I'm no gun expert). Hitting the water from that high up would also be the shits. And any river anywhere near DC in mid-December is going to be insanely cold. Wet leather is heavy and I am sure that even people with a fetish for it still don't enjoy swimming in it. And of course, in true 24-style this confrontation of the jilted lover takes place where there is no backup within easy reach. After Hannah shoots her prime suspect off a bridge she goes out drinking rather than filling out the infinite paperwork that would accompany such a profound screwup. Look Designated Survivor, I know having Keifer Sutherland around makes cribbing from 24 irresistable. But steal the good stuff, not the bullshit! I can see it being a hygiene rule before the concept of hygiene really existed. Non-refrigerated blood would spoil quickly and wouldn't be good for much except getting other people sick. So at some point some priest/doctor said "God says this stuff is bad, don't mess with it." But I don't recall any particular prohibition in scripture that specifies exactly what God will do to someone who disobeys this. That was what I would have asked the lady in the first place. Okay, you're going to defy God's will to save your daughter. First and foremost, if God is indeed all powerful, can you defy Him? And second, supposing you do and you have now offended God with your blasphemy (neverminding the fact that one having the ability to offend God means that one has power over God), what exactly is the Almighty going to do to settle the score with you that would be worse than killing your baby?!
  4. Murtaugh, from tonight's episode: How mad is she? Riggs is usually the deadpan snarker so Murtaugh casually dropping this while his house was getting hosed with machine gun fire was hilarious.
  5. I heard Dale too and I thought it was weird. That was strange too. I have never been shot in the torso with a flare gun but I don't imagine that when a person is shot with one they find a nice deep dark hole to climb into. I'm also calling BS on Adam being able to bypass the toughest banking laws in the world in twenty minutes. That's not connections, it's a superpower. And while I can also proudly say I've never had any manner of hemorrhagic fever, I am pretty sure when you are minutes from dying you wouldn't be able to go for a swim. They also specified that the villian who supplied the virus was a chemical weapons guy. Chemical weapons and biological weapons are not the same thing and being an expert in one would not make you an expert in the other.
  6. So Reade goes to his boss for some clarity about some dealings that could be shady if looked at from a certain perspective and she comes back with "You'd better trust me or I'll destroy your career!" I feel like she might have missed a lesson in establishing trust and team-building. On the other hand, I loved the ending! Finally, the team is actually behaving like a team! All they had to do was get out of the office! I want to give the show a hard time for those propane tanks that turn into giant fireballs from the gentle caress of any nearby flame. I'm pretty sure real propane tanks can be fully immolated and won't explode right away. But these were movie-prop propane tanks so I guess they were supposed to do that.
  7. She certainly isn't neglecting them! Agreed on the excess brutality. There was a similar scene on Angel way back when with Faith getting her ass handed to her by a monster that was basically a big, muscular rock. But Faith knew what she was getting into and is also a Vampire Slayer with more than five minutes of training! And even that scene was rough. Seeing a tween get beat on like this is a remake of the alley scene in They Live was a little much. Isn't 616 a significant number in the Marvel comics? Ah, so it would seem: http://marvel.wikia.com/wiki/Earth-616
  8. I don't wish to be over the top in my praise of this episode but I think this could easily have been an episode of Star Trek. And by that I mean a good, well-regarded episode! Enterprise's "These Are The Voyages" is Trek's skidmark and Braga's stint on 24 showed that he never met a cliche that he wasn't willing to reverse the polarity of and route through the deflector dish. But this episode shows that he has learned from his mistakes and if given a chance, he would make it not suck. Kudos, Mr. Braga. If seeing your name once dismayed me every 11 days it now dismays me once every 700 years. "Have faith in Discovery"? Were my ears deceiving me or was that a shout-out? Also, was Kelly's date dress a tribute to the random cut outs of William Ware Theiss' TOS costumes?
  9. So the final exfil plan is for the team to throw all of their flash-bangs... and all of their white phosphorus. Would this be the same white phosphorus that one of the guys specified burns at 4000 degrees? I hope the next episode details the tragedy of how 700 Chinese soldiers and a dozen Russian commandos perished in a gigantic forest fire.
  10. "Do you see a sign on my shuttlebay door that says Dead Klingon Storage?!?!"
  11. It is after all the original invention for seeing through walls!
  12. Tani's brother was watching a TV that didn't have an antenna or cable hooked up to it. I know the era of the CRT is long done but TVs still need a means for the signal to come in. Speaking of Tani's brother, I thought she was trying to keep him out of trouble. Did it occur to her what might happen to him if he got caught robbing the evidence locker in a federal investigation? Also, do none of these agencies have cameras? 5-0 HQ doesn't have cameras? If Steve wanted to know how his mystery evidence came to land on his desk he might want to check. Then again, I can buy that he was being coy about it and "forgot" to check the cameras. The NTSB guys can't say the same thing. I don't know much about the NTSB beyond what I read in "Sully" (and commentary on the movie that notes the NTSB investigators were portrayed as villains in the movie but the real Capt. Sullenberger had no such difficulties with them at any time) but it seems unreasonable to me that one guy from that agency could be assigned to monitor one particular company and no one would notice that this guy was getting rich on the side. My impression of the NTSB is that when they investigate something you don't get a choice as to which particular agent is in charge of that investigation to prevent situations just like the one this show tried to give us. I appreciated that Steve came in last. It's a refreshing change from the Steve of seasons past who could do absolutely anything the plot called for and could do it better than anyone else.
  13. Ah Weller, you epic shitbag. So we learn the secret of Berlin and it's how Weller know about Jane's daughter before she did! Now I realize there's no good time to bring something like that up but there's also no good time for Jane to find out he knew all along and didn't tell her because... I liked the team of Zapata and Patterson, especially Patterson saying "You don't hate me for all this sneaky shit do you?" and Zapata's reply of "Girl, come work at the CIA!" I see this team gets their perimeter management skills from CTU. "We've got this place totally locked down so fleas can't even fart without us knowing about it!" is code for bad guys are already in the building. So Roman somehow knows about these rape kits with incriminating evidence on the king of some fictional country, knows the serial number of the evidence bag this evidence is in and knows that the team will crack this code on the day that the Khazarussians are going to try to burn it all down. Why is Roman doing all this when he clearly should be a stockbroker or professional sports-better? Dream big, Roman. Revenge is so beneath your obvious talents!
  14. There were lots of scenes with Russo and broken glass, so I wasn't sure how they were going to un-pretty him. In Punisher: War Zone he falls into a glass-crushing machine and Frank assumes he's dead. So I thought maybe there would be something similar with the merry-go-round and Russo's face would get chewed up by the gears or something. But nope, not this show. In this show, Frank cracks Russo's head against the mirror repeatedly (causing brain damage, something these characters never seem to suffer from considering how many knocks to the dome they take over the course of a season) and then uses the broken mirror as a cheese grater while using Russo as the cheese. Now that's why he's called the Punisher!
  15. Half the trouble with the holodeck on Star Trek was that it had safety protocols that could be turned off. I assume the same is true for the Orville. Edit: in fact, since we see that a simulation can put someone into medical distress but the holodeck can be locked so that even the captain can't override the simulation, that would indicate that the safety protocols (if any) can be turned off.