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  1. S02.E01: Brother

    I very much appreciated the increase in humor. Trek doesn't do outright comedy very well and we have seen from The Orville that dick and fart jokes don't exactly fit either. Disco found a good balance. I loved the bit where Burnham said "Ladies, you've got this, right?!" and Detmer and Owosekun agreed with a wonderful balance of uncertainty and confidence. I also thought the scene between Tilly and Stamets was great. He basically tells her to shut up (and the Stamets we first met would have straight up said that) and she gives him a heartbreaking "I don't want you to go" in response. Well done. It seemed apparent that Pike's shit-talking science officer was going to eat an asteroid for breakfast. I did notice that they didn't have an emotional funeral for the guy, no one was "OMG, I can't believe he's gone" (in fact, when he got squished I'm pretty sure they called it out as the pod being destroyed, not the dude!) and they kinda forgot all about him by the end of the episode. The view of the turbolift zipping around inside of Discovery was very cool. There were a bunch of effects shots that I thought were incredible in this episode. Money well spent!
  2. S06.E03: The Pharmacist

    Hawaii 5-0 did something similar last episode. Normally they spend the first half of the episode chasing false leads and they have to frantically catch up at the end. But when the sub-plot only gets about ten minutes of screen time they become competent cops all of a sudden. As regards Ressler, agreed one hundred percent! Why is he always the one who goes chasing after suspects? He's terrible at it! There was an episode a while back where he was chasing a late-stage cancer patient who lived in a toxic waste dump and Ressler had to put in some serious work to catch up to the guy! And now we know who Reddington really is! Wouldn't that be the crossover we've all been waiting for? It's almost plausible too because Alan Shore originated on The Practice and his character on there was super dark and unethical. His behavior was toned down for Boston Legal but on BL they did have the moment where Alan Shore is at a fishing lodge and encounters a Supreme Court Justice...
  3. S04. E09. Check Your Ed

    For a bottle episode I thought this one was pretty good. I like that Jane and Remi have merged so instead of the extremes of chaotic evil and clueless good we have a new Jane who would rather be one of the good guys but will cut a bitch if she has to. Jane's perspective on Zapata made me laugh a couple of times. The whole "team" wants to go with her except Zapata who gives her a blunt "I'd rather not". There was also the team on the monitors at the end, everyone smiling except Zapata who had a neutral expression on a glitchy monitor. There were a couple of moments that reminded me of other shows. Shepard crumbling reminded me of Thanos and there was a moment where Jane whacked Remi in the face and got that exact same head-turn that has been in every Terminator movie. The pacing was a little off near the end. Jane is taken to the hospital, gets a whole bunch of involved testing done, comes home, shoots Shepard, goes back to work as Reade is coming in with Zapata in handcuffs. There should have been more time between all of these events (unless the FBI has their own special MRI machine that no one else is using at any given time) but it would have thrown off the ending. But Blindspot is one of those shows where police officers never need to do any paperwork. I noticed this when Weller is telling the doctor and assembled crew "I can't lose her!" Dude, you were beating the shit out her a couple of minutes ago and then you stabbed her in the neck with a needle full of an experimental drug! Some unfortunate implications there regarding relationship dynamics that I think the writers might have overlooked.
  4. I know we aren't supposed to pay attention to details like this but I have ADD so sometimes these things stand out like a sore thumb. At the beginning of the episode, Steve is still in Butte Fuque, Montana and everyone has decided to rally there to meet him. This includes Frank Bama's daughter who has borrowed a Coast Guard plane from Hawaii (the plane is cleared marked as being from Barbers Point). So far so good. It makes sense that Bama's daughter would live in Hawaii and would borrow local assets. However, what didn't make any sense was how they were all in a hurry to leave but stopped to repaint the plane before taking off! There's a gigantic red stripe on the side of the plane when it's on the ground but once it's in the air the whole aircraft is now solid gunmetal grey. They paint it back to the original colors by the end of the episode.
  5. SEAL Team

    For future reference, a Charlie Foxtrot is more commonly known as a cluster fuck and Sierra Square, Delta Square means same shit, different day. We also have the classics FUBAR (fucked up beyond all repair) and SNAFU (situation normal all fucked up). I will give them endless credit if they ever describe something or someone as having a Total Inability To Sustain Usual Performance. And now you know how to swear like a sailor! ;)
  6. S02.E02: Primal Urges

    Good episode, especially for going where no Star Trek episode has gone before. We have had Geordi recreating one of the ladies (Dr. Leah Brahms) who helped build the Enterprise and when he programmed her to be more realistic she got a little... enthusiastic in describing the ship. Cue the real Dr. Brahms walking in on this moment and thinking Geordi was a total creep. And Lt. Barclay had Deanna Troi cavorting around in a low-cut dress which was a lot less revealing than her low-cut uniform. But other than that the TNG crew mostly used the holodeck for fighting, scenery or historical re-creations. Nobody ever went in there to jerk off and we know that if there was a real holodeck ever invented that is the first thing anyone is going to do in there. There is no way 32 human-sized beings fit on one of those shuttles but I'll consider this a Voyager tribute and leave it at that. Laugh line of the night went to Dr. Finn for her response to Klyden's "So I don't stab Bortus again?" with her "Yes, that's one of our goals." Bortus had a bunch of simulations with fairly specific details to them and I assume he created these himself. Why did he need to outsource when the main difference was "add more Moclans"? At one point Bortus referred to Klyden as "she" and I thought this was going to be a plot point but it didn't come up again. Minor nitpicking but why didn't they park the shuttle with the ass-end facing the door the people were going to come out of? Make them walk all the way around when the planet is about to get swallowed up by a star? Rude!
  7. SEAL Team

    I would have thought that Special Forces teams from friendly countries would regard each other with a little more professional courtesy but this episode just went straight stereotype with the loud, aggressive Americans versus the reserved, patient Brits. However, Jason wasn't a complete asshole like he was in the Mexico episodes. "You weren't wrong, you just weren't quite right" is a back-handed compliment I suppose. I thought there would be a plot point around the airplane's windshield. It was established that two snipers were needed, one to take out the window and one to take out the terrorist. But at the end it looked like Clay ended up taking the shot early because he really needed to kill someone on account of the shitty day he was having so he just went ahead and took the shot. The bullet embraced some plot physics on the way and did exactly what he needed it to do. I was sure someone was going to give him a hard time for squeezing the trigger too soon but he ended up being ignored by the team for the rest of the episode. Good thing he found himself a new frog-hog, I'm tired of seeing him mope all the time. Davis and Sonny are cute but I agree I don't see a fantastic future for this plot. Will Davis lose her shot at OCS because of her forbidden affair with a team member? Probably because that will keep her around but I also don't really care what excuse they contrive up.
  8. S02.E01: Ja'loja

    Good episode overall although a little sedate for a premier. I have to say I am disappointed that we did not get a Strange Brew reference with Bortus' once a year piss. In the Canadian comedy Strange Brew a beer-loving character ends up in a situation where he is about to be drowned in a giant vat of beer. He escapes this situation by drinking the beer and escapes a later fire by pissing it out. I suppose one can only go so far with showing urination on network TV. We see that the shuttles have cloaking but Ed somehow forgets to engage the cloak while on his drive-by. I suppose he did have a lot on his mind. However, speaking of which, I remember the last episode of season 1 being the one where Kelly inspired a religion. I do not remember that one having some profound Ed/Kelly romantic moments. If it did and I have simply forgotten that's what you get for leaving eighty six months between seasons, show!
  9. Runaways

    It seems as though he was switching bodies before. When we see that one guy in quarantine, I think that is supposed to be the alien that becomes Jonah and he possesses that poor, dumb, fearless Australian doctor. For whatever reason he decides to keep that body and figures out he can maintain it through sacrifices rather than having to switch to a new body every so often. Jonah does mention at one point how the technology for what he wanted to do just wasn't there yet. So he knew there was a way to regenerate himself by building the right kind of machine but until he could do that he had to eat people the old-fashioned way. I think the laugh of the season had to go to those two church-mom lackeys of the Gibborim who as it turns out were the women in bed with the cult leader back in the 70's. I howled at that. "Most devout" indeed.
  10. I found Joe's death sad, especially McGarrett's anger and denial. I don't watch this show for Alex O'Loughlin's acting skills but he sold the pain in this one. I noticed that too, to the point where I was starting to wonder what part Joe had in setting this whole thing up. His dismay at the other SEAL showing up, his asking McGarrett what was taking so long (while McGarrett was snooping through his personal shit)... it started to feel like Joe wasn't one of the good guys for a minute there. Then again maybe he wasn't a good guy. They can take the time to go all the way from Hawaii to Butte Fuque, Montana but they don't think of maybe hiding themselves in the middle of a much more heavily garrisoned military base? It took 24 hours of investigation from Hawaii to figure out who was behind the attack. That's all they had to do, lay low for one day.
  11. S02E09: Santa Muerte

    I thought this was a pretty good episode, one of the more memorable ones so far. It was weird that they were concerned about their ammo situation but didn't scrounge from the bad guys. Once Martinez died his rifle and ammo should have been distributed to the team and when they took down three bad guys they got at least three more guns dropped at their feet. Also, although the parallel to Blackhawk Down is very clear (under-equipped team gets caught off guard and has to fight their way out) do none of these guys carry grenades? I suppose we could say that the rules of engagement for urban combat in Mexico preclude their use but it still reminded me of Jayne's famous remark in Serenity ("Sure would be nice if we had some grenades, dont'cha think?!?!"). I know Mandy isn't a soldier but she should still know the weight difference between an empty gun and a full one. And since that gun was obviously given to her by Mrs. Leather Sneakypants, Mandy should have done her basic gun safety due diligence and checked the weapon first which would have brought to her attention that there were no bullets in it!
  12. Let us hope that MacGyver can follow in the footsteps of Lethal Weapon. For those of you who have not enjoyed that show yet, I will keep it vague and say that a major character, one you would expect to be there all the time... isn't (due to backstage shenanigans). So if it must be the same way with Jack, let's hope the producers of this show are as lucky as the producers of Lethal Weapon have been in replacing a good character with an awesome character. I will miss Jack and his quirks but if anyone can build something out of nothing it is Angus MacGyver.
  13. So that's it for the Adam storyline? The Yakuza banker set it all up because...? And Adam just rolls in, mean-mugs for a second and the dude folds because he doesn't want that Yakuza justice. Not the way I pictured it but entirely consistent with the MO of 5-0 to date I suppose.
  14. I found lots of good laugh lines in this episode. Tani being snarky about the dead guy was great along with her line about Steve's cataracts. They glossed over the amazing coincidence of two burglaries at the same house in one night. The guy who got squished was an airport shuttle driver so he knew the house would be empty. But guy number two was just an extreme good Samaritan who decided to rob this dude of a rare baseball card so he could feed the less fortunate? Okay... I found the Grover family shenanigans mostly pointless although I do appreciate the depth added to Grover's family and his backstory. The scene with the grandpa and Grover's son was great. Respect looks like fear to the young man and it is fear but not in the way he thinks. Overall I've seen worse episodes of 5-0. Good ensembles here, with Jerry and Adam teaming up and Junior and Tani leading an investigation without any contrived romantic tension between them. I wouldn't have liked the episode as much without the humor.
  15. S03.E07 Bali

    I hope they maintain the delicate balance with this. On The Shield we had the Strike Team, doing hard takedowns every episode. But when you saw a raid where Dutch (a detective who was way more likely to pull out a pen than a gun) was rocking a bulletproof vest you knew some shit was going down! I feel the same way when I see Avery out in the field.