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  1. S04.E02: Breathe

    Ding ding ding! (too soon?)
  2. S04.E02: Breathe

    I think all was well at first. Jimmy was feeling the nostalgia for the copy room. He was ready to get down on his hands and knees, throw his tie over his shoulder and get toner all over his hands on behalf of a local business with an established family history. And then the boss comes in and dismisses all those keepsakes (including some legitimately valuable ones!) as crap that needs to be thrown away but it's not important enough for him to get around to it. That offended Jimmy and he decided if these guys were running that kind of shop they deserved every bad thing that could happen to them. I was wondering why Howard's office looked kind of dull and washed out after that scene until I realized it was because Kim peeled the paint off the walls. We see in this episode that Lydia is from some distant corporate part of Madrigal and her connections to day-to-day operations consist of her visiting once in a while when she's in the area. So she sees Mike's actions as "OMG, he stole a badge!". Gus, being much more conscious of potential infiltration, says "OMG, look how easily he stole a badge!" Lydia is stuck on the action while Gus is looking at the potential consequences that action exposed.
  3. S04.E01 Smoke

    I feel compelled to note that with Vince Gilligan shows this is not a bug but a feature. In a world of fast food entertainment this show is a full course meal and is meant to be enjoyed as such. There was some great camera work in this episode. I also liked the embers floating over Kim and Jimmy and the scene where Jimmy was at Chuck's house and the firefighters were milling about, doing post-fire cleanup stuff that never makes the news. No kidding! Does this dude never stop to take a shit? Drug runner 101: flush the product when in trouble! He could dispose of the pill container anywhere or fill it with aspirin and say it's his and he's been having headaches lately. Instead he stops on a bridge where he has no real business stopping, dumps the pills discreetly enough and then flings the friggin' container in such a way that anyone following him would immediately know he was trying to dispose of some evidence! Mike is still a cop at heart and wants to know who he's working for and what they are all about. If they're into some gangsta shit, could a curious investigator with a clipboard compromise them? Apparently the answer is yes so he wants to help them beef up security before cashing his consulting cheques. University of American Samoa for the win!
  4. S01.E09: Back Breaker

    However, I find myself hoping that the hope-stealing effect on the victim is just as temporary as the high Tandy gets from doing it. After all, it's not like hope is something that is gone forever once you have lost it. You can hope for the same thing over and over again even if you're let down from time to time. Just ask anyone who visits the same coffee shop every morning even though the coffee is hit and miss. The hope-stealing is a drug metaphor which is kind of silly since we saw Tandy doing actual drugs in this episode. But it was meant to show that she's trying to engage in the same behavior of the past except this time it's different because of the whole hero-journey situation. So she's going to try snorting hope like it's crushed up Adderall but I would imagine enough mainlined hope will have a totally different effect on her. Edit: Tandy's first hope-stealing experience had a very sexual tilt to it, making her the first Marvel character to discover a new power and immediately use it for the purpose of masturbation. The cop beating situation was weird and made me wonder if it was all a dream somehow and the female cop (whose name does not stick with me) just bashed her own face against the bar repeatedly. I've heard legend of the Blue Shield but it seems a little unlikely that a cop who confessed to murder would show up at the wake for the cop who arrested him, brutally beat the other cop who arrested him and all the other cops just carry on like nothing is happening.
  5. As I pointed out in the 24 forum, this show is 24 with Gordon Ramsay as Jack Bauer. They even used the same split screens and the same beep boop beep when the timer was counting down. Jack Bauer never stopped to take a shit either.
  6. Luke Cage Quotes: Sweet Christmas!

    Season 2 didn't have a lot of great quotes but I found a couple of laughs: Mariah: I'll cut your balls off and roll them like dice! Comanche (unimpressed): You gonna blow on em first? Luke: Bitch please! ...No offense. Mariah: None taken... N****.
  7. Avengers: Infinity War (2018)

    This adds to the tragedy. Why is it that Samuel L. Jackson could only get half a muthafucka out while Peter is able to describe his pains in detail, give a speech about great power and great responsibility and ask Iron Man to promise to hand in his homework? It's because the Iron Spider suit had the nano-tech in it and that nano-tech slowed down the dusting process. So Tony Stark gets to watch Spider-Man die slowly and painfully because the kid is wearing a suit that in an attempt to repair the damage is actually prolonging Peter's suffering.
  8. S01.E03: Stained Glass

    Short version: we started with Tandy's perspective and when we cut back to the crash it was from Tyrone's perspective. Tandy started tripping balls because she got a knock on the head (Voodoo Auntie said that was the other way to get there), Tyrone was tripping balls from the voodoo bath he took. They got a good but mostly metaphorical look at each other's traumas. Tyrone recognized the church Tandy lives in (from his vision) and decided to wait for her there so they could compare notes.
  9. 24 in the Media

    I just watched a new episode of 24. It had a battle-scarred veteran going undercover and then revealing himself to go into combat. There were threats and hostage situations and torture and some really gory scenes. There was family drama and a betrayal by a lieutenant. There was a truckload of elite commandos with state of the art gear. There was even a couple of people who were blindfolded and driven into the woods to be shown a shocking secret that changed their lives. I am of course referring to the new series Gordon Ramsay's 24 Hours to Hell and Back. It is bizarre how much it resembled an episode of 24. It even had split screens and the beep boop beep as the clock ticked down. I hope I'm not the only one who noticed this show is 24 set in a random restaurant except instead of a dirty bomb the threat is a dirty walk-in freezer.
  10. S03.E12 Elmsley Count 2018.06.10

    I think Axe has too much class to do something like that but I noticed Wags went for a gendered insult right away, calling Taylor a bitch. Bitch can certainly be a gender-neutral insult but tends to be associated more with women. The ending scene felt earned to me. Compare for example why Brody and Carrie could possibly be working together in Season 3 of Homeland. The answer is because Brody was supposed to be killed off in the first season but the producers liked the pairing of Damien Lewis and Claire Danes so they kept contriving up plots that would force the two of them back together. Consequences were a big theme all this season and this episode put a nice bow on it. Chuck and Axe got to where they are by stepping on the people beneath them, not realizing that those people would not necessarily stay loyal. Chuck was able to placate Sacker on the Lugo case by having her set up the war room but when he went to her father against her wishes it was a step too far and Chuck even acknowledged it at the time, saying something like "I'm glad you're on my side at this moment". Last episode he took her to dinner at the living meme restaurant. Turns out that isn't enough to overcome her objection to having her family put in danger. Dake and Connerty were both humiliated by Chuck but humiliation isn't a vanquishing and they end up turning up at the worst possible time. As for Axe, he failed to anticipate that scooping Taylor's investment would lead to resentment, he casually used Maffee's integrity in a scheme (and although I am sure Maffee had no idea what was actually going on, he knew something was up) and he got his firm in deep with a Russian gangster. Taylor called it when talking to Wendy. Axe really does think loyalty and integrity and all of that are commodities to be bought and sold. My heart goes out to Chuck's (former) secretary. That lady acted the hell out of the few lines she had and I could feel how devastated she was by the whole situation.
  11. S01.E13: Memento Mori

    Wasn't that the same park where Frank's family was killed? If so, that's why Russo did it, for psychological shock value. Russo knows that while he's been running a mostly bloodless business, the Punisher has been out there doing his thing day in and day out. He knows Frank is the better soldier so he wants any edge he can get to tip the scales in his favor.
  12. Billions of Quotes

    Douchebag: You're a real son of a bitch. Chuck: Oh, a lot of people hate me. Tell 'em why they hate me, Carl. Carl: You're a real son of a bitch.
  13. Cobra Kai Quotes: Just Words

    My favorite Johnny bit was when his female student was describing the online bullying. "Oh my God..." (and here is where you think he's about to have a moment of genuine empathy) "What a bunch of PUSSIES!"
  14. S03.E25: Boo Normal; Once Upon a Time

    As far as a finale went, THAT WAS SOME BULLSHIT! I did not know there were episodes beyond 3x24 and I wish it had ended there! I enjoyed seeing more about Ella but we could have done that mid-season!
  15. S03.E09: Icebreaker

    I read it more as hubris. The might of the US government couldn't take him down and that has left him feeling invincible. But to join up with a Russian mobster? That's dangerous right there and Axe should know that from 30 some years of Russian mob mooks as bad guys on TV. They have certain characteristics: They are ruthless - check, John Malkovich already threatened Axe's family. See also the story about gang-raping a random woman and leaving her son for dead. They have lieutenants who do the dirty work for them - check, directly referenced by JM and indirectly referenced by Hall saying couldn't protect Axe. They change the rules at random - check, JM already tried in wanting a direct line to the Secretary of the Treasury. They cannot be stopped, only killed - check, JM just got out of jail. Russian jail. Now I have no idea how this plot is going to play out but I cannot imagine Axe successfully invests the mobster's money, everyone gets a great return on investment and nothing goes wrong along the way. JM has already set the red line, do not lose my money. So that by necessity means Axe will be wrong about something, billions worth of gangster money is going be lost (or seized or stolen) and we're going to find out in short order what happens to investment guys who think they are better crooks than actual crooks.