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  1. Spoilers and Spoiler Speculation

    There's a word missing there I think. Grey's had too many female characters, so kick two out so there can be more man-eye-candy. Or something. If you had too many characters, get rid of the interns! I don't think anyone would have been upset if they just disappeared this season.
  2. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    Jokers says Sam and JC, with Sam being the target this week and will go unless she can pull out a veto win.
  3. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    Tyler told Sam during the Double Eviction that Angela was not coming for her. But now Angela is HOH and her target is Sam. How exactly does Tyler plan on playing this when he told Sam "trust me [Angela] is not the one coming for you" ??
  4. S20.E34: Power of Veto #11

    I have a feeling Sam would have won that veto if she hadn't missed Winston. We were so close to having JC on the block this week!!
  5. I kind of agree, but I also know how really dangerous that thought can be. I live in Saskatchewan, where we joke that you can see your dog runaway for 3 days. Roads are long and straight and my province is small in terms of population for such a large land area. But in April a semi ran a stop sign and hit a bus carrying a hockey team killing 16 of the 29 on board. This accident was pretty much in the middle of nowhere, a small town hockey team headed to another small town on a long stretch of road. So no, she shouldn't be running a red light. There's a light there for a reason, and another car could have come speeding through that intersection thinking "oh there definitely won't be anyone else around this late at night". On topic: Chloe's mom should set boundaries with Max. That way him wanting to be apart of the baby shower wouldn't be seen as him wanting to be around at all times, but rather wanting to be around for this one thing. The kid having mail delivered to their house is weird and shouldn't be happening. Kelsey needs to stop threatening and deliver on the threat.
  6. This is the one thing I can’t knock Jill for. My niece is 2 now, and this is how my sister introduced food to her. It’s a new thing called “Baby Led Weaning/Feeding” (https://www.mamanatural.com/baby-led-weaning/) that encourages babies to learn the texture/taste and feed themselves solid food. It’s messy as kids can throw food everywhere and get it all over themselves but it apparently helps kids to decide what they want to eat and how much. Not sure if Jill knows about this but maybe she does. My niece is starting to use utensils now too so it’s not all only using her fingers.
  7. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    I’m not much of a Sam fan anymore, but trying to come up with ways to make someone (who obviously has some issues) flip out is a really shitty thing to do. And kind of mean spirited.
  8. I was bored last night so I looked up the Instagram accounts of the various girls. It looks like Chloe and Max are still together (or at least were in March). She's also been to Las Vegas and New York this year, so she must be getting that money from somewhere (or it was funded by the show?). Lauren and Tylor are still together. Emiley and Diego are still together too. And ugh, she has an Instagram account set up for her child already. She also has a youtube account with a video of her driving around in a vintage car with her baby and holding said baby. Lexus and Shaydon are still together too. This photo makes me especially nervous:
  9. Small Talk: Til Death Do Us Part

    If by “American words” you mean American spelling, that’s a simple explanation. Teachers will usually accept both versions of the words, just as long as you’re consistent. As a Canadian, my phone accepts both colour and color, and Safari on my computer always tries to tell me that the Canadian version is wrong. So when you grow up being able to use both versions, some go one way and some go the other way for spelling. Technically we should use the “u” versions, but it was never marked wrong and we were never dinged for it.
  10. The Buffet Line: All-Seasons Discussion

    Oh agreed, hence the quotes around unlimited budget. Her wedding was nice, but I liked the wedding of the bride who came in third better. Though the ceremony place for the winning bride was pretty nice. Winning Bride reminded me of Heidi Montag in some of the shots.
  11. The Buffet Line: All-Seasons Discussion

    Two of the "best friends" had the same dress, except one ended up adding sleeves to it. Which caused drama for the bride who added sleeves to it (as her wedding was second). Added Sleeves bride critiqued another bride for having a Pad Thai station at her wedding because "it can be a little risky having random exotic foods at your wedding", and she proceeded to serve mac and cheese and chicken nuggets at her wedding. Added Sleeves Bride came in second. Shockingly, the bride with the "unlimited budget" (who still had a buffet supper) came in first while the bride who had a $10,000 budget came in last. If Added Sleeves Bride hadn't made a big deal about "OMG IT'S THE SAME DRESS I DON'T KNOW IF I SHOULD COMMENT ON IT" I doubt anyone would have realized it's the same dress. Ball gown with some lace? Dime a dozen.
  12. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    Oh his version is definitely lame, but I don't think it was an attempt to go viral but just a video he thought was funny.
  13. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    It’s actually just his take on a Key and Peele skit: http://www.comedycentral.co.uk/key-and-peele/videos/substitute-teacher-key-and-peele
  14. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    Kaitlyn really needs to stop with this Tyler's dead father thing, yikes. It still makes me uncomfortable how she crawls into his bed to wake him up like this.