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  1. S05.E04: Purple Rain

    My apologies. The first paragraph was in response to your quoted post but the following were general commentary on a few posts I had seen in this thread.
  2. S05.E04: Purple Rain

    But companies have long been run, and still very much so are, by well, white men. Make up companies, feminine hygiene products, marketing, technology, whatever is supposed to be for everyone is usually created and sold by white men. That’s the truth. Hell, the first Apple Watch only worked on white skin because no one there thought to test it on anyone else’s skin. Automatic hand dryers in bathrooms can sometimes not recognize non-white skin for the same reason. So this is a reality. Just because you have to reach a demographic doesn’t mean that you employ that demographic or even personally know things about that demographic. Just look at governments and how many male politicians get information on women’s health wrong. And these are the people who will then make laws regarding women’s health. You can damnwell be clueless about a demographic and still be a successful company. And yes, people like Dre’s co-workers do exist, hit up any Facebook thread or reddit for comments to see evidence of this. The portrayal of Dre’s co-workers are a bit of social commentary I think. They are examples of the explicit and implicit racists that still exist today. And also, if you are annoyed by two/three harmless white characters who you feel are “unrealistic” and you think give white people a bad name, think about the countless and endless actual racist stereotypes of people of colour that are present in almost all media. Then tell me again how annoying these guys are. Reverse racism and reverse discrimination are not things either. The very fact that you have to include “reverse” in there should tell you it’s not.
  3. I don't want to defend Jill too much, but recipes cannot be copyrighted (but you should probably still give credit. just in case). It was something I learned (at university) in a Publishing class for the "online personal self" where we learned how to run a blog and everything that went into monetizing it as well. One student a few years previously was sued (or attempted at least) and ordered to take down her blog by another woman who believed that the student stole her recipe. Lawyers got involved and came to talk to the class, but it turns out you can't copyright recipes and so the student was okay in the end. But it was something the prof made clear to all future students because of it. I can't remember the reasons behind why they aren't covered, I think because it's just a list of ingredients or sequence of events. What can be copyrighted is the words that describe it, the instructions, the preamble, and whatnot. From the US Copyright Office (I am Canadian, but I think the copyright laws are pretty much the same in the US and here.): Copyright law does not protect recipes that are mere listings of ingredients. ...Copyright protection may, however, extend to substantial literary expression—a description, explanation, or illustration, for example—that accompanies a recipe or formula or to a combination of recipes, as in a cookbook So as long as she is saying "I go this recipe from so and so" and it's just a recipe from a back of the box or from another site, she's technically not stealing any copyrighted material.
  4. S02.E05: Pastry Week

    As mentioned above, Megan is from Alberta. But as someone actually from Saskatoon who also uses her grandmother's pie crust recipe -- no, I don't blind bake it. And I actually didn't really know that was a thing until recently (and I'm a few months shy of 30). Her recipe doesn't really have a soggy bottom but since it's the only one I grew up on (and I'm not a big pie eater) I can't compare it to anything else.
  5. He looks 25 because he is 25. I can't imagine what he sees in her mom, besides the television cameras. My older sisters can tend to to the same thing to me since they have more "life experience". They tend to see me as a 12 year old still despite the fact that I will be turning 30 in a few months. There is something wrong with Laura and how she gets pleasure and glee out of bad situations. Her smiling during the conversation with their mom and Anna was weird. She also had the same look on her face when her mom asked her who's week it was to do the dishes. Laura kind of shrugged and said "I think it was mine" in a "oh well, I have a baby I'm not going to do them lol" way. I think she said it was a community-level college didn't she? Or local at least. But I can't begin to understand the American College system though, so I'm not exactly sure what type of school she is going to. McKayla is indeed pregnant again:
  6. Even the brother has that “wide-eyed/constant shock” look about him. The parents could be a bit more understanding of Anna. The girl is 15 and suddenly lives with her sister, sister’s boyfriend (well husband now) and newborn baby. Her world was thrown off balance and it’s like she’s just supposed to deal with it when she has no say in any of it.
  7. I’m still watching the episode, but Diego bugs me so kuch. There was one scene where Emiley said something about them being protected for 3 years and won’t be having another baby (because of her BC) and Diego smirked and had a look that seemed to be like a “well we will see about that”. Dude is controlling and wants Emiley to be distanced from her mom so he’s the one she goes to for everything. He kind of reminds me of Spencer from The Hills.
  8. Spoilers and Spoiler Speculation

    Eh, I understand that there will be interns. But I don’t find any of them interesting or necessary. If you’re worried about a show being too full, the easiest way would be lose at least one of the Interns like they have in the past. Percy, Reid, Brookes, Leah, Stephanie, etc. were all on the show and then they left. We still have all of the new interns and maybe some will leave in season 15...but the excuse of “too many characters” to fire two regulars/fan favs doesn’t work for me when you keep a bunch of low-level characters, and then hire two new docs.
  9. There was a really good Chinese restaurant where I went to school that had Szechuan Green Beans. Similar to the recipe Jilly posted, but with more ingredients.. When made properly they are amazing and I could probably eat enough servings for 3 people myself. Here's another recipe for them too (there are tons of different versions, but the basic ingredients stay the same and it's easy to play around with them). Jill always seems *so close* in her recipes sometimes. She needs to go out to real restaurants and not just American Chains and try some good food. Then she will know what thing should taste like and her recipes could improve. There's more to food than garlic and liquid smoke.
  10. Spoilers and Spoiler Speculation

    There's a word missing there I think. Grey's had too many female characters, so kick two out so there can be more man-eye-candy. Or something. If you had too many characters, get rid of the interns! I don't think anyone would have been upset if they just disappeared this season.
  11. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    Jokers says Sam and JC, with Sam being the target this week and will go unless she can pull out a veto win.
  12. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    Tyler told Sam during the Double Eviction that Angela was not coming for her. But now Angela is HOH and her target is Sam. How exactly does Tyler plan on playing this when he told Sam "trust me [Angela] is not the one coming for you" ??
  13. S20.E34: Power of Veto #11

    I have a feeling Sam would have won that veto if she hadn't missed Winston. We were so close to having JC on the block this week!!
  14. I kind of agree, but I also know how really dangerous that thought can be. I live in Saskatchewan, where we joke that you can see your dog runaway for 3 days. Roads are long and straight and my province is small in terms of population for such a large land area. But in April a semi ran a stop sign and hit a bus carrying a hockey team killing 16 of the 29 on board. This accident was pretty much in the middle of nowhere, a small town hockey team headed to another small town on a long stretch of road. So no, she shouldn't be running a red light. There's a light there for a reason, and another car could have come speeding through that intersection thinking "oh there definitely won't be anyone else around this late at night". On topic: Chloe's mom should set boundaries with Max. That way him wanting to be apart of the baby shower wouldn't be seen as him wanting to be around at all times, but rather wanting to be around for this one thing. The kid having mail delivered to their house is weird and shouldn't be happening. Kelsey needs to stop threatening and deliver on the threat.
  15. This is the one thing I can’t knock Jill for. My niece is 2 now, and this is how my sister introduced food to her. It’s a new thing called “Baby Led Weaning/Feeding” (https://www.mamanatural.com/baby-led-weaning/) that encourages babies to learn the texture/taste and feed themselves solid food. It’s messy as kids can throw food everywhere and get it all over themselves but it apparently helps kids to decide what they want to eat and how much. Not sure if Jill knows about this but maybe she does. My niece is starting to use utensils now too so it’s not all only using her fingers.