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  1. Things that make you go "Hmmm": Supergirl isn't the only female heroine moving to Sundays; so is the Thirteenth Doctor. No word on the permanent Sunday timeslot for the Doctor, though, just that the season premiere will simulcast with the UK.
  2. As someone said in the comics when Kara did indeed become a Red Lantern, "a Kryptonian with a power ring is an extinction-level event."
  3. Technically, this isn't DCEU as it's essentially a Black Label / Elseworlds movie (they're calling them DC Black Label in the comics now), but WB has let out the start-of-filming press release for Joker:
  4. Small Talk: Hall Of Just Talk

    Hey, @Lantern7, did you make the trip up to Boston for the Mets series this weekend? Because I went Saturday, and I think there were more Mets fans there than there probably are in all of Westchester. Game story: There was a large contingent of Mets fans who had made the trip up to Boston, and for most of the game there were some dueling "Let's Go <xxx>!" chants (and from where I was sitting the Mets fans seemed to be winning the shouting competition). But then we got to the middle of the 8th inning, and everyone in the park happily joined in for "Sweet Caroline..." and then, in the bottom of the inning we finally had our kumbaya moment when both the Sox and Mets fans joined together in chanting our common creed.... "Yankees Suck!" It was a moment of treasured beauty.
  5. For those who are interested, two podcasts are doing a combined live episode today at 1 EDT to talk about the show, and specifically the ending...
  6. There was never a plan, in fact AFAICT there was never supposed to be a plan. The DCEU was/is a framework that WB and DCE could use to open up their full encyclopedia of characters for Hollywood types to use as they saw fit (within reason). You can't do what Marvel has done - create this enormous narrative that gets to Infinity War - if the emphasis is truly on "filmmaker-driven" movies, and that's where WB is most comfortable and where they wanted to put their money. (Harry Potter was a special case because JKR was around to act as creative consultant and keep an eye on her baby.) At the same time, I think DC has had their greatest success in comics in recent years in letting creators do their thing with slight regard for a bigger picture, and that's what they were trying to do with the movies.
  7. Super(girl) Media

    That's cool; I like his episodes. But... they're getting $40 CAD to watch those guys record a podcast????? I clearly have the wrong job....
  8. Super(girl) Media

    I'm not sure about that character. The actor at 0:17 is playing Agent Liberty the Supergirl with the face mask is presumably Kara's "Melissa is performing on Broadway" look. Other characters in the video:
  9. Super(girl) Media

    6 seconds in: BEEBO!
  10. Oh, it's definitely going to be a thing. They've announced Crystal Reed of Teen Wolf and also Sofia Falcone on Gotham as the female lead, Abby Arcane, and also Maria Sten (a main cast member in Season 4 of Channel Zero) as her friend, bartender and local reporter Liz Tremayne.
  11. The Anti-Monitor (sorry Marv, over 30 years later and that's still the lamest villain name ever) isn't so much a "monster" though... he's a giant ugly thing with horrible goals, but he's not really a creature of blind malevolence. Plus, he didn't have any sort of herald in the comics (Pariah was doomed to witness the destruction of the worlds, but he was horrified each time). I'm thinking (pure spec) it could be something like Doomsday, which would be more of a "that monster". But it does give credence to the idea that it could be the Earth-1 folks' turn to visit Earth-38.
  12. Gotham in the Media

    I couldn't find a "cast in other roles" thread, but Crystal Reed, who played Sofia Falcone, has gotten the lead role of Abby Arcane in the DC Universe "Swamp Thing" show.
  13. The Official PTV 2017-2018 Football Pool

    Sorry about that; I think I know why I didn't get your PM. I'm afraid I'm not able to run it this year myself; if anyone is interested in taking it over (and if it's okay with @Athena) be my guest :) .
  14. This relates to the original web series, not the Cartoon Network reboot, but back in July Kevin Smith talked with Pernille Ørum, who you've probably never heard of but who actually did the original DCSHG character designs, on Fatman on Batman. She shows up at 1:10:13 here... (Language probably NSFW because Kevin Smith). She will also be the artist on the Hit Girl comic he's working on.
  15. Yeah... the first glimpse of the new DCSHG is actually the short at the beginning of the Teen Titans Go! movie. I'm surprised that they've been releasing S5 of the original versions online with the CN stuff coming soon.