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  1. Mark Hughes, movie blogger for Forbes, is on this week's Holy Batcast podcast, and let slip the following about Birds of Prey: Lots of good info in that podcast, TBH.
  2. So the latest rumor (and that's all it is) is that DC and Margot are now considering a Harley trilogy: Birds of Prey (which is apparently in production as of this week), Gotham City Sirens, and then Birds vs Sirens (cue the BvS jokes). Again, all it is is a rumor, and there's no telling how any of this might dovetail with James Gunn's Suicide Squad 2. I think a lot might hinge on which characters Matt Reeves wants control of for his Batman film(s) (e.g. Batgirl, Catwoman, Poison Ivy). I also think the "Joker vs Harley" / "Mad Love" movie is probably off the table because supposedly Margot Robbie was so disgusted by Jared Leto's antics on the Suicide Squad shoot that she no longer wants to be on the same continent as him,
  3. Thanks; I really liked what he had to say about her.
  4. It was specifically mentioned that the Legends had dropped it off. The really funny part was Nora saying, "you're reading Mick's book?" like she had met him and knew about it.
  5. In last night's Flash, Barry talked about Leonard Snart as well, and referenced his death.
  6. Rex Tyler

    "Starbucks"? Auto correct or deliberate snark? Hopefully Stargirl's own show will be better.
  7. Titans [DC Universe]

    I'm seeing reports that Titans is now available on international Netflix (I have no idea on which countries when), so welcome to anyone who's just getting it now!
  8. Going back to New Orleans maybe?
  9. DC Universe is teasing season 1 of Krypton, but nothing for the CW shows. Warner Media is also planning their own new streaming service which will likely subsume the DC app, plus have the WB library content like Casablanca, so in general I wouldn't be surprised to see that start to vanish from other services.
  10. Rex Tyler

    I'm going to fanwank that it went away as part of the changes wrought by the Spear of Destiny. The Flash's Flashpoint also happened around that time, so maybe that changed it. (The real answer is probably that, between S1 and S2, they decided to take the show in a much lighter direction and "you're all going to die" didn't fit with that.)
  11. Stargirl

    Well, I was wrong about Christopher James Baker's character.... Luke Wilson will be playing Pat Dugan, aka Stripsey... @starri that does help answer your question about him being a sidekick for the Star Spangled Kid vs Starman.
  12. That place is here but NSFW! Should be a good Mick episode; it's a strip club.
  13. Titans [DC Universe]

    It's conventional wisdom at this point (at least among those of us, myself included, who get way too wound up over the DCEU) that, while the desire and intent for the Batgirl movie may be real, Whedon's stated involvement was more of a smokescreen to cover his being brought in to take over Justice League. Personally, I tend to wonder if Barbara may be caught up in the penumbra of Matt Reeves's Batman film and so she'll have to wait until after that's settled as per casting and production design. Further movie discussion should go here :) .