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  1. "He'll grow on you" (After all, I did :) ). ROFL.
  2. Episode 5: Together (11.09.2018)
  3. All Episodes Talk

    Since there were so few posts, I've reverted to a single thread in case anyone wants to discuss the show in the future. MarkHB
  4. Aquaman (2018)

    Yeah, I remember for "Attack of the Clones," one of the earliest big digital releases, they leveraged the later lead time for digital to add the shot of Anakin's robot hand at the wedding; the film prints didn't have that. They really only need enough time to create the hard drives and add the subtitles where necessary (the movie opens in China at the beginning of December). My understanding is that, other than the prologue, this film is intended to follow Justice League, I believe that the underwater scene in JL was intended to be the first meeting of Arthur and Mera. Also, if your preferred method of fighting is "poke it with a stick," it appears that this film's for you!
  5. Did Ava have to go to Gary for socks? Because I think we can all agree that, even if he's wearing dark socks, he's wearing white tube socks under them because he's worried about hygiene. The ratings never worry me, first because the CW tends to run a "if you get 2 you get 6" plan, second because so much of their revenue is from the downstream Netflix deal that they're less reliant on the broadcast side.
  6. S04.E04: Ahisma

    I went back and rewatched, the darts came from the Hellgramite behind Alex, so like this (very roughly, don't hold me to it :) ):
  7. We have our Alec... and our Swamp Thing!
  8. Aquaman (2018)

    It is apparently finished! https://www.instagram.com/p/BpvNOBeFpA-/
  9. No, and he hasn't been in the comics for years (and he was pure Silver Age comic relief) so I'll be surprised to see his name mentioned at all in Season 5.
  10. Episode 4: Doom Patrol (11.02.2018): If this was originally planned as a Hallowe'en episode, they nailed it. They made it creepy as hell, with just enough levity (Larry in the kitchen) to lighten the mood. And, they did a great job bringing the Doom Patrol itself to life and showing us their pathos (with, I think, a bonus appearance by Celsius)! So now, I think we've completed the exposition, on with the show! Favorite quote: Larry: "Don't make me fight you. You don't want to see what I really am." Kory (lights up): "Same."
  11. And more Birds of Prey news: Ewan McGregor is playing the villain, Black Mask.
  12. Cathy Yan spoke about Birds of Prey at the US-China Entertainment Summit in LA: She also confirmed that they're going for an R rating.
  13. Batman-News has the promo photos for Episode 104. They don't have a still of Elasti-Woman losing control of her powers as we saw in the preview, but in general the Doom Patrol have a really creepy, horror-movie vibe. Perfect for Hallowe'en week!
  14. Not that I'm aware of.
  15. I loved what Destiny's Materioptikon turned out to be (I'll omit the spoiler, go read The Sandman! ) I also just realized last night that the tagline on the poster is, "Destiny will be rewritten." I think that in general, the crossovers tend to be aimed towards those of us who watch the shows more for superhero action-adventure (or because we love the comics) than for character drama.