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  1. S01.E10: The Phantom Zone

    In this version, Adam is from Detroit. That was a Tigers cap he wore in the first part of the season. So it's intriguing that Brainiac took it, and that Adam got stuck there.
  2. S01.E10: The Phantom Zone

    Are you folks saying Kal meaning Val, the grandfather? Also, I didn't pick up on it but I was told on Twitter: that's not some generic bottled city that Adam found himself in, it's a futuristic Detroit.
  3. I saw a notice specifically asking for that.
  4. I zoned out during her performance, but I think that's the point of the song, that "even if you're miserable you still have to look pretty" is yet another unreasonable pressure put on young women.
  5. S01.E10: The Phantom Zone

    I wonder what happened to the baby egg? It vanished after Nyssa found out she was a clone. And, even though it was really well done and I didn't see it coming at all, tricking Brainiac into the Phantom Zone was delightfully Silver Age.
  6. S16.E19: Grand Finale

    I actually liked Sanjaya's sister more than I liked him, but IIRC she either didn't make it to the public voting or went early in the semifinals.
  7. S03.E18: Shelter From the Storm

    I was, without trying to insinuate anything about anyone particular, also thinking about Canadian laws that won't let you in if you have e.g. a DWI / OUI conviction. I know there are ways to purge that, but it's not automatic.
  8. The show is actually available on Amazon Prime now. Talk about it here!
  9. S16.E19: Grand Finale

    I am all kinds of happy that Maddie won. I think she was a little shy about the dating thing, but her smile during that duet was the best natural smile I've seen from her all season. They'll need a new sponsor. Ford is actually giving up on cars except for a hybrid Focus. Just trucks and SUV's.
  10. S01.E09: Hope

    Remember, we've only seen Kandor. I get the impression that, since the exurbs became frozen wastelands, the cities are all largely independent city states, And, even in large cities it's not unusual for a handful of families to stay near the top of the heap for generations.
  11. Relationships in Riverdale

    Please Note: If you cannot talk about your favorite ship without flaming those who have a different opinion, your post will have a very limited shelf life and will be subject to moderation.
  12. Reminder: This thread is for spoiler speculation and discussion only. Relationships chatter belongs in the Relationships topic. Further off topic posts will be removed without warning. Thanks.
  13. I also find it interesting that the very first words of the description for Charmed are, "Stronger Together" :).