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  1. There were no new DC films announced at the Comic-Con presentation yesterday, just presentations for Aquaman, Shazam, and some brief clips from Wonder Woman 1984 that weren't officially released.
  2. So, this news broke at Comic-Con, and it might be the LAST DC character I expected to see on this show...
  3. Aquaman (2018)

    From yesterday (the WB panel starts at 10:30 PDT today)
  4. Teen Titans Go! to the Movies (2018)

    Supposedly the initial reactions from the premiere at SDCC are positive. It's currently running at 100% at RT but there are only 10 reviews in.
  5. Not only that, but they were also coming off their own attempts at two DC films that approached the MCU style and tone: Superman Returns and Green Lantern. So, "we're not good at that" might have been a logical reaction. According to "reports," WB went to Nolan with their idea for where they wanted to go with the DCEU and asked if he wanted to run it. He said no, but suggested 2 names: Zack Snyder and Darren Aronofsky. My takeaway from that has been that WB already specifically wanted to go in a very different direction from Marvel, because you don't bring up those names if you want a Ron Howard film. (And no disparagement of Ron Howard at all, he's made a lot of good movies, but no one ever came out of one of his films wondering "WTF was that?") And Zack had already built up some goodwill in the WB offices because, after 20 years, he was the one who actually got Watchmen made. (And for all those who say they hate that film, just ask yourself: would you rather have Terry Gilliam's version? Because he was attached to it for a long time.)
  6. Titans In The Media

    VERY NSFW (Rated TV-MA). I'm not embedding for that reason (no nudity, sorry). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d5dIwGAYcWk
  7. They've said Renee Montoya, no word of whether she'll be the Question or just a cop. Personally I'd like to see Vic Sage since my main exposure to the character was the Denny O'Neil / Denys Cowan book. I've also seen speculation that maybe Charlton's lawyers weren't 100% on the ball with their contracts so maybe there are legal issues around using some of these characters in films, and personally I wouldn't be surprised if Steve Ditko (RIP) had some extra riders in his contract for the Question; I'm pretty sure he was the biggest name Charlton had on their roster at the time. This one isn't technically DCEU as it's out of the main continuity, but the Todd Phillips / Joaquin Phoenix Joker movie is official. It's going to be titled Joker, filming this fall in NYC with a release date of October 4, 2019, just a month before Wonder Woman 1984.
  8. Titans In The Media

    TRAILER DROPS TODAY, 9 AM EDT! http://comicbook.com/dc/2018/07/19/titans-tv-show-2018-trailer-release-date-dc-universe-sdcc/
  9. Opens July 27 in the USA, but the world premiere will be at SDCC this week.
  10. Aquaman (2018)

    Oh, it'll be Saturday at SDCC; the WB Pictures panel is at 11:00 Pacific time, and we're expecting a trailer for Aquaman, one for Shazam (this is the only SDCC before it releases) and some kind of a tease (or just a still photo of Kristin Wiig in full Cheetah makeup) for Wonder Woman 1984. I'm guessing that everything will be online shortly thereafter. I honestly don't think the lack of any Aquaman footage to date is due to concern about the movie; I think it's because the film will have to be so heavily CGI-layered (because people can't actually talk underwater, etc.) that it's taking a very long time to get ready.
  11. Aquaman (2018)

    They won't release the trailer, but we did get this...
  12. Aquaman (2018)

    And apparently, when we see them in full (and if you look at the right rear), those will actually be mer-people (it says it in the original article).
  13. The Bachelor in the Media

    I couldn't find a "where are they now" thread, but on the June (24? 26?) episode of To Tell The Truth, the one with Alex Trebek on the panel, one of the impostors was actually the first woman to have gotten a kiss on The Bachelor, ever, back in Season 1.
  14. Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon

    I'm glad that Hollow Man doesn't come up very often. Damn, that movie was awful. And sound stages are cold.
  15. This is technically outside the DCEU, but THR is reporting that Joaquin Phoenix has signed to play The Joker in the off-label origin movie that has been discussed (with Martin Scorcese producing at one point); shooting should begin in September in New York. Also, The Rock is teasing other DC cameos in the Black Adam movie, and here is an article from last month saying that DC should make villain movies for a while.