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  1. Alliteration! This thread is self-explanatory. Show us the non-humans who live with you and require you to drop large sums on vet care at inopportune times! I have two dogs and two cats. The dogs are little, but I promise that they're well-trained and non-yappy. No stereotypical little monsters here! Papillon, Crystal. Smarter than many people I know, including all YouTube commenters: Alaskan Klee Kai, Casper. Everyone thinks they want him, but they do not actually want him because he is an asshole: I also have two cats -- Lily and Fynne, orange tabby sisters I adopted from the humane society.
  2. I guess this mobile game has existed since early October, but I just learned about it last week. It's a lot of fun! TV show tie-in games are pretty hit or miss, but this one's a hit. It reminds me of the old-school Legend of Zelda games, with lots of fun little puzzles and simple combat. You can unlock a bunch of characters, each with an ability (you start with Hopper, who can punch things, then get Lucas, who can shoot things with his slingshot, then get Nancy and her bat... and so on). The game's completely free and has no microtransactions, which I always appreciate. It appears to be an advertisement for the show that just happens to be a fun little game on its own! On Google Play On the App Store
  3. A place to discuss particular episodes, arcs and moments from the show's run. Please remember this isn't a complete catch-all topic -- check out the forum for character topics and other places for show-related talk.
  4. Oh, I know, I was being hyperbolic. Puppies are a lot of work and a big disruption to a routine, though! I must admit that at certain times while training one (mostly when I have to wake up and go outside at 3-4 am), I genuinely do believe they're terrible. I like the idea of White Josh and Darryl (voluntarily!) taking the puppy, although I also wouldn't be surprised if we never hear about it again.
  5. I know! That was so stupid. One should never surprise someone with a puppy... unless maybe the person has expressed strong interest in getting a puppy beforehand, and even then you should give them some input into the breed/mix, size, and energy level of the 10+ year commitment you're saddling them with. Also, surprising an exhausted, suicidal person with a puppy is even worse, because puppies are terrible! They need constant supervision, they chew things, they pee inside, they disrupt your sleep for weeks... "puppy blues" are a thing that happens to so many people, even those who aren't already struggling with mental illnesses or personality disorders.
  6. Not only that, but Vanessa is on the record as saying she wants it to happen. I'm expecting it at this point, honestly.
  7. If you want to discuss season five as a whole, this is the place!
  8. Spoil away! I read a detailed summary of Tuesday's episode on Reddit (massively spoilery, obviously). Not sure if it's accurate, but it sounds intriguing! This show could really use a shakeup.
  9. Love the casting, still hate that this movie is happening.
  10. I actually hate this one. All I heard was, "My life's gone to hell but it's okay because I have a man!"
  11. We didn't have one of these and we needed one, so here it is. This needs a catchy title, obviously! Suggest away.
  12. Your general show discussion topic!
  13. I don't hate this one as much as the last two, but I don't like it, either. I agree, the lyrics are really basic. I don't understand this album.
  14. There's no set rule! In the lesbian wedding I attended, each women walked down the aisle with her parents. I thought that was a nice way to do it.
  15. If someone has an idea for a snappier title, go ahead and suggest it! This is the place to discuss Glee overall (themes, arcs, character dynamics, whatever), so once an episode has aired, its content is no longer considered a spoiler. Please spoiler-tag any info about upcoming story lines.
  16. Wow, two more seasons? I wasn't sure we'd get even one! It's usually a bad sign when a creator is forced out, but I did love Sweet/Vicious, so we'll see how Amanda Lasher does with this show.
  17. I don't know if I'd call it casual, as Eggsy made it clear she was his best friend (which we were also shown onscreen with her in his ear helping him with conversation topics as he had dinner with his girlfriend's royal parents for the first time), and he was very affected by her death, moreso than he was at losing any of the other Kingsmen. However, that's almost as bad, as it's essentially fridging. I don't know if she's alive, but I agree that it's possible. She had a second of reaction time between noticing the missile on the radar and it hitting the mansion. We saw her leap off to the side, but we didn't actually see her die or see any bodies. I've seen several reviews mention that killing her off was a mistake, so maybe they'll rethink that if they do a third.