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  1. If someone has an idea for a snappier title, go ahead and suggest it! This is the place to discuss Glee overall (themes, arcs, character dynamics, whatever), so once an episode has aired, its content is no longer considered a spoiler. Please spoiler-tag any info about upcoming story lines.
  2. A place to discuss particular episodes, arcs and moments from the show's run. Please remember this isn't a complete catch-all topic -- check out the forum for character topics and other places for show-related talk.
  3. Alliteration! This thread is self-explanatory. Show us the non-humans who live with you and require you to drop large sums on vet care at inopportune times! I have two dogs and two cats. The dogs are little, but I promise that they're well-trained and non-yappy. No stereotypical little monsters here! Papillon, Crystal. Smarter than many people I know, including all YouTube commenters: Alaskan Klee Kai, Casper. Everyone thinks they want him, but they do not actually want him because he is an asshole: I also have two cats -- Lily and Fynne, orange tabby sisters I adopted from the humane society.
  4. I wonder if this means they won't do the same "big bad becomes the big bad" thing with Lena.
  5. Spoil away! I read a detailed summary of Tuesday's episode on Reddit (massively spoilery, obviously). Not sure if it's accurate, but it sounds intriguing! This show could really use a shakeup.
  6. I enjoyed this, and the chorus actually makes more sense this way.
  7. This discussion reminds me of that study that said people stop listening to new music at age 33. That annoyed me because it was pretty accurate for me, which spurred me to go out and listen to a bunch of new albums because who wants to be average and predictable?
  8. ...I don't think I'm going to like this album.
  9. Season finale time already! Boooo. It's been renewed for a third season, though!
  10. She actually said "fucking" in this episode! Apparently Melanie had been wanting to do that for a while. I didn't know they were allowed to say that on Space or SyFy. Gifset from Earpsource. Peacemaker turned blue when Wynonna shot Willa.
  11. Yeah. I think that Emily Andras is an intelligent woman who does a great job managing her cast and crew (it's clear that everyone who works on the show loves it) and who writes amazing, strong characters and fun dialogue. My one big issue with her is that she tries to lean way too far toward showing and not telling. That's an admirable goal -- exposition almost always sounds bad, no matter how well you try to write it -- but when your show's not making sense without your Word of God clarifications after the fact, it's a problem. Lost Girl (where she was a consulting, then executive producer) was much, much worse for this than Wynonna Earp is; I actually had to stop watching Lost Girl in season five because I literally could not understand what was happening in some of the episodes, and I'm not a clueless or inattentive TV viewer by any means.
  12. I don't like any of Taylor's older stuff, but I thought 1989 was pretty great and I was hoping for more of the same. The new single is awful. The lyrics are amateur (she rhymes time with time and the chorus is just the same line over and over). The song is petty, repetitive, and not even catchy. I have this thing, too, where even if a song is actually good (like "Bad Blood," which is a well-crafted pop song), but I know the backstory and it's stupid and petty, I cannot enjoy the song. "Bad Blood" is the only song I skip over when I listen to 1989. This song will be the one I skip on the upcoming album (assuming I even like the rest of it).
  13. It was all about the Cult of Bulshar and had photos of lots of people lying dead. Not great! A lot of stuff in this episode made no sense to me (such as Peacemaker glowing blue again and Waverly being able to shoot, but not kill, Rosita), but I'm glad the baby was not a demon and that it got out safely. I figured Mama Earp would be showing up at some point; I'm interested to see who they get to play her! Entertainment Weekly postmortem. TV Junkies interview with Emily Andras. TV Junkies interview with Melanie Scrofano.
  14. I hate the idea that being from a bad family makes you bad even if you try to be a good person, like it's your destiny and you might as well not even try to escape it. Having a Luthor as a good guy is one of the things this show has going for it, and I hope they don't mess that up.
  15. It's filming now for release next year! Everything I've read makes it sound like it will be just as good as the first.
  16. I don't even dislike Danny, not really, but there was something so satisfying about watching the other Defenders beat him up. He does work well as the little brother they all roll their eyes at. I found he was the weak link in his own show; I liked all of the supporting characters and the overall plot, but Danny doesn't have the maturity required to be a real hero or to give inspirational speeches (much less speeches that strike fear into the hearts of his enemies). Having pretty much every "important" thing he says fall flat is a great choice here. I actually like Elektra, so I'm glad to see her remembering who she is, and I'm interested to see what happens next. I really have no idea whether she's a "bad guy" for real now, if she's just out for herself (and immortality), or if she has some sort of plan that will benefit Matt in some way.
  17. Yeah, he made it sound like she was still an Earp... but he's said before that she's not, so I have no idea. I kind of wanted this to be a little more bonkers than it was, but I liked it. I was surprised that literally all of the good guys "died"! I liked that Jeremy got to be a part of the final three; for a brand new character, he's fitting into the gang really well (same with Rosita, really). It was fun to see just how into Waverly Nicole ended up being after having the chance to actually become her friend... and I guess she'll remember that Waverly finally said "I love you" to her, huh? I also enjoyed, "Listen, I can't really talk; I'm in a barn wired to explode. Also, I think I'm gay; call you later?" EW's postmortem for this episode. TV Junkies interview with Emily Andras.