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  1. Sierra Burgess is a Loser (2018)

    I was going to link that same video, @methodwriter85! I've watched some of her stuff before and I think she does a great job of pointing out a movie's flaws and explaining how the movie could be improved. I think she's pretty young, too (recently out of high school?), so I'm even more impressed by how insightful she is and how much she knows about movies from the '80s and '90s. Anyway, I did enjoy the movie and I'm not sorry I watched it, but I agree with her.
  2. Hereditary (2018)

    I thought the first 75% of the movie was great. Suspenseful, creepy, really well-acted. I was in a fairly busy theater and everyone was silent. The only noise I heard was everyone gasping during the accident scene! But the last bit, once we realized there really was a demon and people started flying around... that was just cheesy and over the top, and people in the theater were laughing in disbelief and actually saying, "What the fuck" out loud. The ending ruined the movie for me. Like some of you said above, I would have preferred if some of the characters just had legitimate mental problems and torpedoed their own lives. I find that much scarier than people flying around.
  3. S03.E09: Undo It

  4. S03.E07: I Fall To Pieces

    That was so good. The one-liners all hit this episode; I laughed out loud several times. I love that Wynonna and Nicole ended up bonding after their ordeal. It's always been obvious that they have a grudging respect for each other, but it was nice to hear them admit not only that, but that they actually care about each other. The Nedley/Nicole scene near the end was sweet, too. I even liked the Wynonna/Doc fight at the end; it was well-acted and emotional, and I'm not too worried about the team because the rift won't last. This episode felt more tightly-plotted and coherent than a lot of them; this is what I want the show to always be. I do agree about Kate, though. She feels too outside the plot at this point, like she was just a device to make Doc immortal again. She's not at all likable or sympathetic. The show needs to figure out how to use her, and fast.
  5. S03.E07: I Fall To Pieces

    I have been waiting for this one! Wynonna and Nicole handcuffed together can't not be comedy gold.
  6. S01.E07: The Black Mandala 2018.07.18

    I don't feel like this is the type of show where I'm looking to ship anyone, but I definitely prefer Mara/Paul over her and creepy mustache guy.
  7. S03.E05: Jolene

    Definitely do! She played Catherine de' Medici and she schemed and insulted everyone in sight and chewed up so much scenery -- it was fantastic.
  8. S03.E05: Jolene

    I think Wynonna was being literal when she said she'd run out of ammo. Once Doc found some, the gun worked again. I liked the past couple of episodes. I didn't like 3x03... I think Emily Andras is a great person, a motivational and kind showrunner, and has amazing ideas, but her episodes often have this weird problem where they don't explain enough. It's kind of the opposite of the exposition problem some shows have. The characters will make these weird logical leaps or make a declaration that's only tangentially related to whatever they were in the middle of discussing. It's a problem I've only ever seen on this show and Lost Girl. This episode and 3x04 were written by different people and were a lot more coherent. I hated Jolene but I was supposed to, so I thought Zoie Palmer did a great job. She plays unhinged really well! I'd only ever seen her as Lauren on Lost Girl, and Lauren was pretty reserved. I think Megan Follows is doing a wonderful job, too, which isn't surprising because I get the feeling she really enjoys shows like this and Reign where she gets to be over the top. I enjoyed watching her and Wynonna bond, and I'm glad she isn't a complete shit who hates Waverly.
  9. S01.E10: Point of Origin

    Oh man, if they're going the USS Callister route they're really gonna have to bring it, because that is one of the best Black Mirror episodes. I don't know if these writers have it in them, but I would like to see more mythology, so bring it on, I say. I don't love this show or really even look forward to it every week, but I enjoy it well enough while I'm watching. I'll come back if we get a second season.
  10. S03.E05: Jolene

  11. Runaways In The Media: Missing Posters

    Ooh, Netflix style! I don't know if that bodes well for the show's chances of a season three or not, but I will enjoy not having to wait a week between episodes. I felt while watching season one that even though I enjoyed it, it would have worked better as a binge-watch.