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  1. I think a few things contribute... many queer fans are more used to looking for subtext between pairs of the same sex, so will pick up on tiny things; comics readers were watching for any hints of the pairing (I won't post any book talk here, but there's been a will they/won't they discussion around the girls for a long time, so the TV series' writers may wrongly feel they can take shortcuts); and the actresses maybe played it too subtle thinking everyone was expecting it anyway. I like the pairing, just as I like Gert and Chase, but I feel like only Karolina's feelings for Nico, Alex's feelings for Nico, and Gert's feelings for Chase were obvious on the show. Nico was harder to read (with both Alex* and Karolina, at least until Alex's kidnapping/Karolina's showdown with Jonah, when her, "What if I lose this person before things really get started" panic set in) and Chase's feelings for Gert were barely hinted at, either. The show's not really about romance, which is fine -- we've got enough plot going on -- but the writers could stand to develop these relationships more before diving right in to the "I'm not leaving you" type of proclamations. Maybe the three extra episodes next season will help. *Interestingly, Lyrica Okano states in this interview that "[Nico's] always had a crush on Alex, and Alex has always had a crush on Nico." The latter, yes; even Amy commented on how his crush had been obvious since he was 11, but I wouldn't have guessed the former.
  2. While the “I’m not leaving you” may have been unearned, I disagree that Nico’s feelings came out of absolutely nowhere. The actresses have pointed out in interviews that there are several little looks and touches between them (like Nico brushing Karolina’s hair back while talking about her powers, or... anything in that scene where they’re getting dressed, like Karolina lacing her fingers with Nico’s and helping her put her ring on — I mean, come on, who needs help putting a ring on?). I’d also buy that Nico has been at least considering it since Karolina almost confessed to her in her room; the look on her face suggested she knew Karolina was talking about her, and even Gert, without hearing a word of the conversation, picked up on the tension in the room. That said, yeah, the buildup was subtle, maybe too subtle considering that many fans didn’t see it coming. I do have to wonder if people would have picked up on it if one of the girls had been a guy, though.
  3. Based on the tweets coming out of the cast livetweeting session, you're in good company... Lyrica seems to be the captain of her own ship, as they say! (Ginny Gardner is a good first mate.) The cast seems to get along really well in general, which I like; when that's the case on a show it always seems to come across in the performances.
  4. 'Marvel's Runaways' finale postmortem: Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage talk Season 1 ending
  5. The EPs won’t confirm who the text was from. I was watching with a group of people who were worried it was from Karolina, and I hope that’s not the case (I doubt it is*, but I suppose it’s possible Jonah said something convincing to her when they were alone — we didn’t see their full conversation). *I don't think she had anywhere to put a phone in that dress.
  6. I really enjoyed this one. I don't have many coherent thoughts because it's late and I'm tired, but Old Lace got her name! And Nico was ride or die for Karolina! And the kids actually ran away! The battle scene, while short, was great, and I liked the bits of comedy with "Yawn" (especially after Molly broke down the door). It seemed like every character got at least one good moment in the episode, and we got to see people interact in different pairs and groups than usual (Nico and Chase, Nico and Gert, Chase and Molly, Leslie and Stacey and Dale, Catherine and Geoffrey and Jonah), which was nice. I'm looking forward to season two -- we're getting 13 episodes!
  7. Renewed for season two -- this time officially! 13 episodes!
  8. Hey guys, keep the Arrow talk to its own forum, please! It's off-topic for this one. Thank you.
  9. Rumor is that the show has been renewed, but nothing's been officially announced yet. I have no idea how reputable that site is, but I hope they're right. Here's a nice interview with Gregg Sulkin, who is pretty confident the show will be returning (he says he's heard Hulu is happy with it).
  10. I liked this one, but I have to agree with AV Club reviewer Vinnie Mancuso that most of the big moments were unearned. Chase's "I always saw you" to Gert came out of nowhere -- no he hasn't! She was clearly into him, but he was all about Karolina two episodes ago. Ditto with the "we're a family" line from the kids, which should have been a big deal -- I'm a sucker for "found family" stories, as I know many people are, and we know Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage can write the hell out of that shit; the first season of The O.C. was wonderful. These kids are getting there, but they aren't really there yet. I did like the Karolina/Nico kiss, which at least has been set up since the first episode. It was also a fun mirror image of sorts to the Chase/Karolina kiss. The dialogue alone: Chase to Karolina: "Considering you almost died without me ever doing that, I thought this would be a good time to go for it." Karolina to Nico: "Sorry. I've just wanted to do that for a really long time. And after tonight I didn't know if I'd get the chance." But with the former, we saw Karolina, eyes open, clearly uncomfortable, while Nico closed her eyes and kissed back. I'm still not sure where they're going with this storyline (it's hard to get a read on Nico and this damn show loves interrupting people in important moments to draw out the drama), but I like it so far. Gert, Gert, Gert. Sometimes I love her -- like when that horrible girl made that crack about Karolina and the water polo team and Gert snapped, "We'll take five tickets, you hateful bitch" (and then later: "Guess that means we're not going to the dance. Probably woulda had a better chance at a refund if I hadn't called Eiffel a hateful bitch." "No, the dance is still on. It's the perfect cover." "Then I regret nothing.") -- and sometimes I just want to shake her. I know she's a teenage girl and all, but she needs to just chill a bit and stop sabotaging things before they even get a chance to start! Molly kissing the dino on the snout was adorable. I liked Molly a lot more this episode -- she seemed more capable than usual. Alex was fine. He's the least interesting of the kids to me, but I don't dislike him, and I think Nico's being a little hard on him. Like the AV Club reviewer said, Chase smashing that laptop was more of a betrayal than anything Alex did, and they've all pretty much forgiven him already.
  11. Promo: "Where We Left Off" featurette:
  12. It's up at midnight EST, I believe.