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  1. This is fantastic:
  2. Derry Girls

    There's not a dud in the bunch! I think Sister Michael is my favorite character; she certainly got a lot of the lines that made me laugh out loud.
  3. Derry Girls

    From here. I watched this series yesterday -- it's only six ~22-minute episodes, so it's a quick binge-watch -- and it was hilarious and surprising and somehow mean and sweet at the same time. I was glad to hear that a second season is on the way!
  4. S05.E00: Bandersnatch

    There are links to a bunch of flowcharts here, if you want to try triggering all the endings: https://www.polygon.com/2018/12/29/18159525/black-mirror-bandersnatch-all-endings-guide-netflix I think my favorite is still the Netflix ending(s), although the train ending is the most fitting (and arguably the happiest, as it lets Stefan undo his greatest regret).
  5. S05.E00: Bandersnatch

    I've gotten one of the five endings so far, a "happy" one! It's such a cool experience. The action doesn't even pause as you make decisions; it's super smooth. You can "lose" multiple times but keep going, as it's sort of a time travel story, and sometimes the decision trees change based on stuff you've learned/experienced in the different branches. At one point I made it go super weird and meta (without getting spoilery, "Netflix" is one of the decision tree options!), but I suspect it can get even crazier. Gonna play around with it more tonight. The amount of work (including programming) that went into this is impressive.
  6. Black Mirror in the Media

    Separate and coming later. This is classified as a film.
  7. Black Mirror in the Media

    This sounds so good. "It took 35 days to shoot Bandersnatch, and it takes approximately 90 minutes to get through one story iteration. There are five main endings with multiple variants of each, replete with Easter eggs throughout." "Given the mind-boggling number of possible choices, there are more than a trillion unique permutations of Bandersnatch." "The creators of this episode say choices come, on average, every 1.5 minutes." "This is a foray into a new world, and each person’s experience with Bandersnatchwill be different. Disparate outcomes, feelings and connections are to be expected. As a part of the story, you can choose what breakfast cereal Stefan eats in the morning, or what music he listens to on the bus. On the heavier side, you have to make weighted, more serious choices that you probably don’t want to make, but you have to for the story to continue. One thing’s for sure, it is very immersive, and a first run-through is exhilarating."
  8. Runaways

    Jonah wanted to stay in his current body because it was the one he was in when he fathered Karolina -- he explained it to her on the recording he left her: "Before the man you met, I lived as many men. I watched cities rise, religions form, technology advance. It was a lonely existence, waiting for your world to catch up with mine, so my family, our family, could be freed. But when you were born, my dear, I felt a connection far deeper than anything I had ever experienced. I could not bear to lose it. The sacrifices that you discovered were done so that I could stay in this form, stay as your father. To struggle with another host, risk losing you forever, I couldn't do it."
  9. Runaways

    Oh gosh, right? When she hit on Janet, I was cackling.
  10. Runaways

    Finished. The show better get renewed after that! I need to see Nico and Xavin team up to save Karolina. I need to find out which one (if any) of the kids is a host. And I need to see Janet get the hell out of there, because I've really come to like her, which is impressive considering she was my second-least favorite parent last year (after Victor). The Minoru vs. Minoru and Minoru fight was excellent. Lyrica Okano said that all three of them are black belts and that she actually did that flip herself. Nico was my fave this season, hands down. The superhero landing after flying up out of the hole was great, as were the times the Staff of One took over and blasted the hell out of Nico's opponents. There was more action in general this year, and the show was better for it.
  11. Black Mirror in the Media

    I am so excited for a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure episode. What a blast from the past! I know what I'll be doing next weekend... trying to see every single ending like I did with the books. Are We Finally Getting a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Black Mirror? "Netflix already put a page up. It doesn't sport one of those sometimes-neat, sometimes-annoying autoplay trailers, but it confirms that Black Mirror: Bandersnatch is 'A Netflix Film.'" ... "Redditors translated the film's Korean description as reading, 'A young programmer makes a fantasy novel into a game. Soon, reality and virtual world are mixed and start to create confusion.' Bandersnatch is listed being directed by David Slade, who helmed last season’s 'Metalhead,' and starring Dunkirk’s Fionn Whitehead. Most intriguing of all is the incredibly long stated running time: 312 minutes. At more than five hours, that's way too long for a film—but it would make sense as the total runtime of all possible storylines in the rumored choose-your-own adventure feature."
  12. Runaways

    I'm only on episode eight right now, but I know what happens and am not worried about spoilers. Episode seven was like a finale itself! Really liking how much more action there is this year. I think this type of show also benefits from a binge-watch, but the pacing just seems a lot better. I like how we're getting mini-arcs like Topher's within the larger arc, too. Although Gert has been sort of sidelined, I like how the show is handling her mental illness. I also like how all of the relationship conflict between her and Chase (and Karolina and Nico, too) is realistic. They're fighting about people lying to them and keeping secrets from them, and about being shut out. There's no stupid triangle drama or forced misunderstandings that could be avoided if people just asked the right (or any) questions. For example, Nico knows Karolina is lying to her, and she doesn't just sit back and stew about it or assume she knows what's up and make decisions based on that; she confronts Karolina and asks her about it. Chase explains to Gert why her solo plan hurt him so much -- because she didn't ask him for help, but cut him out without a second thought. It's good stuff. Episode five was much funnier than the others -- it had a lot of good lines. The scene with Eiffel and the parents was ridiculous, but entertaining. I looked it up and the episode was written by a satirist, and was his first and only Runaways episode. If you're writing an ep of a TV show, you're supposed to make it match all the others as best you can; it's not supposed to stand out to people like me as obviously having been written by someone new... but damn if I didn't love it.
  13. Runaways In The Media: Missing Posters

    ‘Runaways’ Season 2 Review: Marvel’s YA Drama Pulls Off One of the Biggest Season-to-Season Improvements Ever "At the end of the series’ 13 episodes, which honestly still could have been cut down to 10, we’re left with a thrilling season that puts Runaways indisputably in the conversation as some of Marvel’s best television work, even if the first season wasn’t exactly your cup of tea. In continuously pushing the boundaries, it also sets up a third season that has the potential to reach even greater heights." (Other reviews I've read aren't quite as effusive as this one, however.)
  14. Runaways In The Media: Missing Posters

    And another short promo: And for any spoilerphobes: Do not read the episode descriptions (I've seen them posted a few places). One of them spoils a major plot point.