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  1. I was worried they were going to kill her off! (There were rumors that she died in episode 18 of this season; the source was sketchy but I was still worried.) I'm so relieved by this news.
  2. Liked the songs and pretty much every interaction between Barry and Kara (they play off each other so well), was disappointed by everything else. If you're going to hinge an entire plot on teaching our heroes a lesson about love, make sure that the lesson works for both heroes. Mon-El does not deserve Kara's love or forgiveness. I don't even watch the Flash, but it was obvious that what Kara and Mon-El have after having dated for five minutes (with him minimizing her accomplishments and defying her wishes every step of the way) pales in comparison to what Barry and Iris have. Kara couldn't even say "I love you" back. I mean, come on. Also, over on the Supergirl forum, we were wondering how in the hell the writers could justify Kara's sister, Alex, letting J'onn and Mon-El take Kara to another Earth without demanding to come along. She loves Kara more than anyone in the universe, and her identity up until recently was almost entirely tied up in protecting her. It appears the writers' solution to the problem was to just not explain it.
  3. Somebody on Tumblr made a relevant gifset that made me miss Cat Grant.
  4. Yay:
  5. Winn's father is Toyman -- there was a season one episode dealing with him!
  6. @stealinghome -- Based on your latest post over in this week's episode thread, I think you're going to enjoy this quote from Kreisberg (from here):
  7. I've been resisting because it looked to me like a mashup of recycled Dawson's Creek plots and The Vampire Diaries or something, but maybe I should give it a shot. Sometimes I enjoy so-bad-it's-good type of stuff. (I shouldn't talk when it comes to bad TV, anyway -- I already signed up to moderate the forum for Famous in Love, Marlene King's next project, which will feature a sure-to-be-unsatisfying mystery component.)
  8. Why would he dump his cat when he gets married? Pets should be a lifelong commitment... plus Aly likes the cat.
  9. I love this show, but I hated this episode. As mentioned, there was zero suspense, everyone was acting out of character/holding the idiot ball to make the plot work, and there wasn't nearly enough time spent on Alex and Kara (I would even have sacrificed the little Alex/Maggie scene for a Danvers sisters reconciliation scene, and I love Alex/Maggie). But my biggest issue is with Mon-El. I hate that he outed his and Kara's relationship immediately after she asked him not to. I hate that she was amused/exasperated instead of angry. I don't find his disrespect of Kara's wishes and his minimizing of her job amusing. Yes, he keeps apologizing after he screws up, but I don't feel like he's learning anything. Even with the (admittedly sweet) end scene, he was only listening to Kara because Winn told him to. Next week he'll probably be right back to the same behavior. I'm sick of him and I hope he gets lead poisoned and shipped off to the Phantom Zone.
  10. Moved a bunch of posts about actors with disabilities to Small Talk. If you want to continue that discussion, please do so there!
  11. It airs at the same time, and will likely lose live viewers because of it.
  12. I've had the same feeling, Mark... probably shortly after doing something heroic, for the extra emotional impact. I actually like the character (not as a romantic partner for Kara, but I find him amusing otherwise), but I wouldn't miss him.
  13. I'm just impressed that Kara remembered how to spell Mxyzptlk after seeing it in writing only once. I've read it a bunch of times these past couple weeks, and I still had to copy/paste.
  14. Here's a screenshot of the Golden Gate Bridge during Jiya's little episode. The bridge was constructed between 1933 and 1937, so she's not just flashing back to the one other time she visited. I thought this was a decent season finale. This show, while flawed, is one of the few I always watched the night it aired, and I'll be back if it gets a second season. I'm interested to see more of Emma (and what Rittenhouse does when they have control of a time machine) and find out what's up with Jiya being unstuck in time.
  15. I agree. People keep calling her a grey character, but... is she, really? Sure, the camera lingers on her sometimes while ominous music plays and she has an inscrutable expression on her face, but have we seen her do anything that even comes close to putting her on the black hat side? The only thing I can think of is inventing a device that indicates whether or not someone is an alien, but that's pushing it. If she goes full evil later on, I'm not going to buy it, because so far, even in private, even in the company of bad people who are trying hard to get her on their side, she's not budging.