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  1. S02.E04: OMG 2018.06.26

    She's gone from my least favorite of the girls to my favorite -- the Richard story was dragging her down more than I'd realized! I love that the show is focusing on her career now and on how tricky it can be when friendship and romance get twisted up in it (having to reject Richard so she can stand on her own, taking a chance on hiring Adena, weighing the benefits vs. risks of her new "friendships"). I hope she doesn't lose her job over this cocaine thing. I liked that, while Jane was definitely being judgmental, nobody was right or wrong in that religion storyline. That is a very tricky subject to negotiate, and the writers did a great job here. I didn't mind the Kat/Adena storyline, although I think I'm gonna need to start seeing Adena screw up more often. She has her moments, like not understanding Kat's insecurity, or initially steamrolling Sutton at the photoshoot, but most of the time she comes across as super tolerant and mature, always knowing the exact right thing to say to calm poor overemotional Kat or teach her a life lesson. It feels unbalanced. I'd also like more stories that don't revolve around their relationship -- that photoshoot one last week was a great start.
  2. We didn't have a thread for fanfic/fanvids/other stuff of that nature, so I made this into one! Thanks for the inspiration. This is the place to post any PLL fan creations, whether yours or someone else's.
  3. S06.E11: No Place That Far 2018.06.21

    Topic title formatting is broken right now, so we are indeed typing out the dates for the time being. However, the story tag is only used when the site editors link a PTV story -- there shouldn't be any tags on the episode threads in this forum.
  4. S01.E01: Nice Face

    The official site says of Eve, "Eve always dreamed that she’d be working as a spy in a secret assassin-hunting department for MI5, but really she is just a desk jockey tasked with assigning protection to foreign people of interest during their trips to London." So nope, no field training there!
  5. Nashville in the Media

    You US fans should enter the sweepstakes to win that big Highway 65 painting or one of Rayna's platinum album plaques! Kind of cool.
  6. Ocean's Eight (2017)

    I mean, they didn't say it out loud, but nobody can convince me that Lou wasn't 110% gay. Debbie feeding her off her own fork and the lines about them having a "rough patch" and the like were pretty intentional, too, I thought! I agree that some more interaction between the various characters would have been nice, and I thought the "twist" of the bigger heist was pretty predictable, but I still enjoyed it. It was fun. It was nice to see a bunch of ladies working together with nobody trying to screw each other over, even when some of them could easily have gotten away with a bigger cut.
  7. Media Thread: La Vida Pública

    I guess low ratings don't matter to Starz, because they renewed the show! It doesn't hurt that it got excellent reviews, and, as this article points out: "Since its premiere, Vida has grown 171 percent to earn the largest Hispanic audience composition for a premium series this year." That's great, and hopefully the good word-of-mouth will help it get even bigger.
  8. Mrs. Waterford, the gender traitor

    Debate is fine here, but please refrain from personally insulting your fellow posters or ascribing motivations to them. Keep your comments about the show. If you can't manage this, block the people you disagree with so you won't be tempted to engage.
  9. S01.E06: Episode Six 2018.06.10

    I hope this gets another season, but if it doesn't, this finale gave a decent amount of closure. I'll assume that Eddy recovers (the doctors said she'd be fine) and that she and the girls turn the bar around, that Emma gets into a real relationship with Cruz, and that Lyn works on herself a bit more before finding an actual good guy. Of course, I hope we actually get to see all of this! I thought this episode did a good job of redeeming Lyn somewhat. It was about time she realized she was the bad guy, and it's great that she wants to actually help with the business instead of just expecting the world to take care of her. I also liked seeing Emma soften up, at least just a little, feeling terrible when Eddy got hurt, wanting to save the bar even though it's not the smart thing to do, and even staying the night with Cruz instead of having another panic attack and running away. I would have liked to see more of Marisol, but I honestly didn't notice she wasn't in the episode until it was over. And I also laughed at "You know I don't like places."
  10. As usual, the poor girl. I can't wait for that episode where Wynonna and Haught are handcuffed to each other! Those two are always fun together.
  11. Spoilers For the Hulu Show

    No real-world politics, people. You know the rules! Thank you.
  12. S01.E06: Episode Six 2018.06.10

    Season finale!