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  1. Hi, everyone! Just a reminder: episode threads are for discussing the episode in question. You can mention the events of prior episodes if they're relevant, but please don't spoil anything from subsequent ones. That means that this specific thread is for discussion of episodes up to season 6, episode 10, but not 6.11 or 6.12. Thanks! For the character and media and other general topics, once an episode has aired in North America, it's fair game for discussion. Thanks!
  2. 'Famous in Love': TV Review "Thorne, beloved by 'the kids,' plays Paige Townsen, a young college student whose most distinctive trait is repeatedly telling people her last name is spelled without a 'd.' At the urging of her friend Cassie (Geogie Flores), who harbors a deep, dark secret that is hilariously lacking in deepness and darkness, Paige goes out for an audition for Locked, an adaptation of a popular YA literary series that is simultaneously wildly popular, critically revered and, based on what we see of it, entirely ridiculous. The consensus at the studio is that the cattle call is just a formality and a star (Niki Koss' Alexis) will get the part. But when star Rainer Devon (Carter Jenkins) sees Paige, he's instantly agog and her audition leads everybody, including Rainer's producer mom Nina (Perrey Reeves), to agree that she is the only person who can play the lead. The pilot is structured around a 'one year later' framing device telling us that Paige will soon become hounded by the paparazzi and that fame will become, at least a little, a nightmare. That framing device doesn't return in the four other episodes I had the patience to watch. Instead of returning to the presaged nightmare of notoriety, Famous in Love generates its drama through crises like whether or not Paige will be able to act and also finish her econ midterm essay, since her professor dad thinks that education is important and following her dreams is not. I call that the Reverse Yentl."
  3. Yep, last episode Vivian said they give cash to crematorium operators in exchange for brains. I think the show's been doing a much better job so far this season with keeping the brains' effects consistent. Previously, it seemed like Liv only acted like she was under the brain-of-the-week's influence when it was necessary for the plot (or when it was funny), but then she'd have these important conversations with people where she sounded like herself with no trace of that brain. This episode, she was still Liv but with Dad Brain influence the entire time, and Major was Teen Girl Brain the entire time. It worked well, and I hope they can keep that up. I appreciate that it's a hard thing to balance because the audience can't come off thinking that zombies have no personality of their own, but we know they can't shut the brains on and off as necessary, either. Maybe now that we have a good idea of Liv and Major's base personalities, the writers can show the brains' influence a little more.
  4. I have not enjoyed the show this much in literally years. Every single aspect of this storyline is working for me (yes, even Ward, who I usually dislike). When Fitz was pointing the gun at Agnes, I was torn between wanting him to shoot her and wanting him to remember who he was, because the story would be interesting and entertaining either way. And I caught on just a moment before Daisy did that Mack was just parroting information, which I also thought was a great idea (I like Mack going to SHIELD of his own volition, even though he doesn't remember his real life). Finally, any story that puts Jemma Simmons front and center really works for me, because I think she's one of the stronger characters (and Henstridge one of the stronger actors) on the show. I'm so excited for the rest of the season.
  5. That's the one I've been waiting for! Not sure how much I'm going to enjoy the Mon-El/Lena (unwanted, attempted) arranged marriage nonsense, but the Alex stuff? I'm 100% in.
  6. Supergirl: Katie McGrath Is in Love With 'Badass' Lena Luthor — Aren't You? She is aware that a subset of the fandom ships Lena and Kara: TVLINE | Do you remember the first time you heard the term [Supercorp], or who from? Who did I hear it from…? I couldn’t even tell you…. I think it was Melissa, actually, who first told me. I’ve played quite a few characters that have either been gay or they’ve had, you know, some very obvious gay undertones, and to be completely honest, this was the first time I was like, “Well, this role doesn’t have any!” You’re laughing now — how naive was I? And then after the first episode… I go back and I watch and I was like, “Oh, yeah, now I can see it. That makes sense to me.”
  7. Polly seems off to me. I'd be satisfied if she's the killer. I could give or take a multiple personalities/she doesn't even know she did it "twist." (That would also work for Cheryl, but I love her and want her to stay out of jail and in everybody else's lives.)
  8. Wynonna Earp season one is available on Canadian Netflix now!
  9. What to Expect From Legion Season Two (More Aubrey Plaza, for one! Excellent.)
  10. "If you're not the monster, then-" "I'm you. Your rational mind. You're having a breakdown; stress response. Your power is kicking in to save you. It created me. You did." "And you're... British?" "Like I said, I'm your rational mind." I've been enjoying this show, but that exchange was the first laugh-out-loud moment for me. I've always enjoyed Aubrey Plaza, the beautiful weirdo, and she's amazing here. Is it bad that I almost want the Shadow King to win so she can stick around for season two?
  11. Yes, Melanie and Cary discussed this while in the elevator: "Do you miss her?" "Kerry? Is that dumb?" "No. It's sweet. It still amazes me how she only ages when she's outside your body." "I know. Here I am, getting old. What happens to her when I die, I wonder?"
  12. Not an April Fool's joke -- we have a season two trailer! Link to E! Online's article about it, in case the YouTube link stops working.
  13. I agree that it would make the most sense/be the most emotionally resonant for Mon-El to somehow defeat his mother, but this is an example of what people mean when they say that it feels like he's taking over the show and that (in general) this season isn't about Kara. It appears that Rhea will be the "big bad" of the remaining episodes, and the villain arc should center around our hero, not her love interest.