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  1. Promo: Sneak Peeks: If that second sneak peek is any indication, the Wynonna/Nicole scenes in this one are going to be so good!
  2. I figured that time actually did pass and he turned it back (which the baby somehow ignored), and that he was just doing a kind of "wink wink" thing with Wynonna, all, "Isn't it funny how it seems like a lot of time passes while you're dreaming, but it's only been a few minutes?" The alternative wouldn't make any sense, because time had obviously passed when Wynonna first woke up (there was dust on everything and the diner's food was dried up and had flies on it).
  3. I don't know why anyone thinks the spoiler refers to Supergirl, anyway. Out of the possibilities, I'm kinda thinking it's Elementary, as the show is entirely focused on solving mysteries, probably won't last much longer (this year's renewal was somewhat surprising), and could easily do the flashback structure.
  4. Promo: Sneak Peek:
  5. I've seen her in a few things now and I've liked her in all of them -- the best was probably a romcom she did with Daniel Radcliffe called What If (or The F Word, depending on country). I also liked her in Ruby Sparks where she sent up the whole Manic Pixie Dream Girl thing, although I didn't like the ending. I haven't seen this yet as it hasn't come to my area, but I intend to! I've heard good things from my friends who have seen it.
  6. Crystal's breeder (you can see Crystal in the very first post of this thread!) has a litter of six adorable papillon puppies right now, and I went to visit a couple of weeks ago (when they were six weeks old) to take some photos: I'm not sure which the breeder is keeping for show/breeding yet, or where the others are going, but I'm going back tomorrow to take some more photos now that they all have their ears up! Puppy evaluation is at eight weeks (her breeder invites several breeders over and they go over each pup for conformation and temperament), so I should soon find out where at least a few of them are going!
  7. We know there's a pregnancy all this season, but we have no idea if there's going to be a baby... let alone a "normal" (human) baby. From the article: "That is an excellent mystery. How did this happen? Is this actually a baby? What kind of baby it is, and what the heck are we going do with it? Those are all questions that we have a lot of fun exploring. When did this happen, or how did this happen, is really critical." I don't like pregnancy/kid storylines on shows, either, but with a weird show like this I'm gonna give them the benefit of the doubt. Even if it's a human baby, it won't be incorporated into story lines until season three (if we even get a third season!), and I doubt a baby would be involved in much of the important action of the episodes.
  8. That was intense! I've really enjoyed the past few episodes -- the dialogue has been snappy and funny and the plot has been much more coherent than usual. I like the shakeup with the new (to us) order and with Black Badge being gone. Apparently Melanie Scrofano was actually pregnant during this season's filming:
  9. Definitely faces torn off. The writhing faceless bodies are the sisters, and if you look closely at the replacement ladies, you can see the reddish lines around their faces where they're literally attached. I liked what Valerie Anne said in her Autostraddle recap about the goo demon possessing Waverly vs. Wynonna:
  10. Promo: Sneak Peek:
  11. This show has been getting more press lately, which is good! io9: Why Are We Not Talking About How Much Fun Wynonna Earp Is? Vanity Fair: Wynonna Earp Is TV’s Most Ridiculous Show—and It Knows That
  12. Post-mortem for this crazy episode!
  13. I remembered that I'd read a Tumblr post where someone figured out the location, so I found that for you. It's right here! Also, here's the Show Bible. Some things have changed since it was written, obviously (Waverly, for example).