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  1. A perpetually photo-bombing star. I think he's been sent to Pre-Alert many times. Run, Jackson, run! Grab Josie and head to Dollywood!
  2. S09.E23: A Heck of a Ride

    Yup, agree. I think the time frame was jumpy for the future revelations. And when (still looking exactly the same age ) Axl came home to those three boys, I thought it was the Glossners sitting on the couch. I had a serious case of deja vu for Sue's wedding dress.....as in "Where have I recently seen this?" Then it hit me.....Oprah had on the same dress at the royal wedding last weekend...only in pale pink and 4 sizes too small. And sidenote: Sue Sue's waist is teeny tiny. Who knew under all those crazy sweaters....? Not a very good send-off for Brad. Shoulda had a love interest for him after all his years on the show. Tsk. All in all, it was't too bad. Too much lead-up to Axl leaving. And the bookcase was funny...but I was screaming at the TV....."TURN IT ON ITS SIDE !!!!" Geez. Hard to watch the reruns now, knowing they'll never be back. Sniff. The character I'll miss the least is Frankie.
  3. S09.E23: A Heck of a Ride

    Newhart. (The one that was set in Vermont. Best finale ever.) My tissue box is ready....even though this season was kind of a disappointment, I'm going to miss this show terribly. Sue Sue Heck is just about my favorite sit-com character of all time.
  4. First J on left....she's got boobs, so now she's forced into the Denim Skirt of Servitude. Joy, Part 2. Jackson, aka Peter Pan, but without the fun. Jyler....well, at least Peter Pan has a pal now. Jkid #4.....all the cute playclothes in Walmart, and she's forced into that shmata? Poor kid. Jkid#5...I swear that's a bridemaid's dress from one of the weddings. Josie....gotta love it.
  5. Meechelle....is that you? Is the pic for the cover of their brochure?
  6. It could've been a baby shower gift, given to them by several couples. At least they didn't call it their "Babymoon" ....they get 75,000 extra points for that.
  7. S09.E20: Great Heckspectations

    They should've had Axl pull off an impromptu surprise for Sue like he did on that class presentation, or when he rented the bounce house for Devin.... back when this show was funny. However, Sue's lines throughout the whole blindfolded part were hysterical. One minute Axl spends all his money (usually), then they write that he's been saving (not likely). This one was back to slacker, broke Axl . This show does a great job with make up, styling, wardrobe, etc.....(actor) Cindy is beautiful. So are (actors) Sue, Carly, and Weird Ashley. Brick going to the prom. Awwwww....to the whole thing. {{ Around here we say "THE prom" , not "prom."}} Didn't Mike get a new remote in the episode about Brick doing magic tricks and losing the old remote? C'mon , show, stop the recycled story lines. Oops. Too late.
  8. I'm sure the LaCroix waters are just for Boob and Mullet.
  9. S09.E19: Bat Out Of Heck

    Thank goodness you were all OK. Not to get off topic here, but my friend had a bat in her bedroom all night and they didn't find it til morning. Everyone in the house had to get a rabies shot. Bats can bite you while sleeping and you won't necessarily feel it. Just a heads up, y'all. Good-bye, annoying dentist (or dintist, as he says it). Totally unnecessary character. I wonder if they'll address the death of Tag (Jerry VanD)........seems like too frivolous a season to even go there. Hope there's no Pam Stags, Bob, or Janet and Lucy. Ugh. Sue is back to her toddler clothes. No continuity, as usual. But her "interview" sweater was nice, so there's that.
  10. Maybe Joshey's new kink is "Farm Whore". Isn't Mullet's sister a member of the LGBTT community? I would think that Mullet would have radar for the signs, and she'd be Journeyed to the Heart at a moment's notice. Jessa's Old Navy Tall Department frock is hideous. All of them look like borderline Amy Farrah Fowler characters. The dresses on the little girls just make me sad.
  11. S09.E01: Not Our First Rodeo

    Oh, show...Paige does not need to be swaddled in a Chico's sweater.
  12. S09.E00: Reunion Part 1

    Wow, these people look pretty great, mostly. Ty has aged the most....and what's with the Keith Partridge , circa 1970, get-up and necklace? Just looked it up...he's 53. Egads. And he still talks as if he has a mouthful of nails. Paige's hair isn't so flattering....and she's very fit, but looks a little bigger-fit, if that makes sense. Vern and Gen with the Botox: Extreme Edition. Yikes. Hildi is even thinner. The rest look the same. Doug looks better with grey hair. Amy looks girlie-girl, which seems strange. Guess they all needed something to do. Glad they found them available....probably wouldn't have 5-8 years ago. ETA: The Ty observation is from the first episode (now airing)....got a little mixed up. He and Hildi are now riding bikes through paint wearing flip-flops/ kitten heels respectively. Dumb as ever.
  13. S09.E18: Thank You for Not Kissing

    At this point, I'm expecting that Sue and Brad will get a summer job at a paper bag factory and Sean will show up and carry Sue out to the strains of "Up Where We Belong", while Brad claps. (I shouldn't be giving them any ideas.) That's how horrible this whole thing has become, with the most horrible part being Sue's complete lack of career goals, when she used to have many. Ugh.
  14. Awww....he's just a few Crest White Strips and a regimen of Proactiv from being a Bates boy. (And maybe a few highlights.) He better grab himself a Fundy girl quickly before he Joshes out.
  15. S09.E18: Thank You for Not Kissing

    She's probably a pretty actress IRL. I happen to love how weird she is. Perfect for Brick. (This IS a crazy sit-com, after all.) I've seen every single episode of this show at least once......it finally dawned on me last night......Sue's chemistry is, and always has been, with Brad !!! He's really her true soulmate. And, speaking of Brad, he's a guy who has really grown into his looks. Never noticed what nice hair he has until last night. (New haircut/style?) And, speaking of hair, didn't recognize Axl at first. Not sure just why........ LOVED Frankie raking under Axl's bed. ((Makes a mental note to go get an "indoor" rake at the dollar store.))