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  1. ....and she does't even know how to....she's got Babe the Third in a massive crotch grab. Is Mullet really eating her adult daughter's birthday sundae? Is this how Jana is spending her ((30th???)) birthday......with her creepy, narcissistic, attention-hogging parents?? Yes, Mullet and JB think they're the first parents on earth and would love to be called "Adam and Eve". Don't give them any ideas.
  2. That was so stupid...I think he meant the kids were tech savvy...they're playing with a IPhone. Duh.
  3. Who knows how many times Jessa made him rehearse. He looked bored. That pic of Jana ^^ up there...she looks absolutely gorgeous. Bet Jinger took the pic. And I see thigh-above-the-knee-tops!!! So....has Babe The Third's head ever been exposed in it's entirety?
  4. Aaaaand Babe is the dead middle focal point. The photographer probably said "OK, cleanest in the center and then fan out accordingly." That's why there's no Jessa nor Jill. She absolutely knows what she's having. This is her form of suspenseful teasing. The "twins" will be thrown out there next week.
  5. Fifteen. She probably thinks it's the name of a month. There are no words for that dress. Give her a bonnet and she could switch over to that Breaking Amish show. They're going to have a bajillion kids. Make note.
  6. Season 8 Discussion

    Oh, don't worry...Fundies would use heroin it if it meant having another blessing. Erin and her stupid "Baby Fever".....don't forget.....Anna and Jessa live with it every day. Mullet still has it in her delusional mind. Menopause has not been kind to Kelly Jo. Whitney was carrying on like she murdered someone and got away with it. I think she just wanted to wear a sexier dress on TV. ((Never saw this show before....my new cable carrier has it ...has it been on long? It's boring but not as bad as the Duggs, which I no longer watch. All the Bates kids are very, very camera-friendly.))
  7. Aaaaaaaand, most likely has a wicked case of "Baby Fever".
  8. There's more room for his Moobs.
  9. Well, Josh IS lurking in the back there. ((shudders)) One trip to Dollar Tree would do it. A red stocking with a fluffy top for each of them....then a set of glitter markers. Each kid could decorate their own. Actually, now that I'm thinking about it, I'm surprised Josie's bag doesn't say "#19" on it.
  10. I have a feeling that plastic bag is her Xmas stocking.
  11. Also note that most of the guys at the counter bar are fiddllng with Iphones and Ipads. Joshley looks like he just rolled in from the back room after a phone "session". ETA: Jana and the oldest single Jboys have to hold babies since they're the next ones on the marrying-off docket.
  12. Holy Crap. Those mustard-colored sweaters have reproduced and spawned a swing dress for Jessa. Mullet is clinging to the last vestige of her reproductive worth, AKA Josie. Where in the bible does it say to go forth and adorn oneself in denim?
  13. How did Mullet manage to look 12 and 60 at the same time? #nooneshouldwearasailordressexceptdaisyduck
  14. That's a toddler fight. UnderBite is trying to get a toy away from FilthyFeet........ Go, FF !!!! It's probably the last time you will triumph over a DuggMale.
  15. Are those kids coloring the rug with crayons?