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  1. Hahaha....yup...need at least 33" and some in the family wear 36". It's serious. What is Chad's business?
  2. S03.E01 Nine Bucks

    (Finally got around to watching this) Must add: 4. Was this fair in Pennsylvania? There were Christmas decorations at the fair and in another scene. Rebecca was in a sleeveless halter dress with a skinny little jacket. Then she took it off. Brrrr....... So...when are there fairs at night in PA in the winter? And who dresses like that in the NE? 5. Why does young Jack only talk out of the right side of his mouth? 6. They just met and it was her idea to "go somewhere else", so why did he have to pay for everything? And she kept wanting stuff cuz she thinks she's so cute. It wasn't really a "date". Ken Olin is the master of this craziness. I can tell. (I've seen all his other series.) I'm waiting for his RL wife to appear as a vixen in the past, ready to snatch up Jack.
  3. LOL. I'm the exact opposite. My family all has overly long legs, and finding any pants that bunch up with extra material is like hitting the jackpot. My sis and I still call each other when we find a brand that runs long. (Long arms too....my mom used to look for extra material inside the sleeves of coats, in order to "let them down". ) That Bates bride is stunning and I love the on-trend mega-bouquet. These girls do their Pinterest homework!
  4. Morning light? My first thought was that he was playing with some artifacts below deck on an old pirate ship.
  5. Went to check on some recent pix of him.....he's pretty damn hot IMHO, especially for a Fundie guy. I think it's just that pic. Bates girls sure know how to do footwear....and kind of slutty footwear at that.
  6. Jessa Blessa must be sneak-watching "This Is Us", because that's how they market every episode. Verbatim.
  7. JB must be the chaperone....after all, Anna has to take the Mkids to the bathroom, and that's a lot of alone time for Joshley and his Iphone. .....like Joshley's favorite porn star.
  8. But it looks like her curls are real and not permed in, so she goes up about fifty points for that. Maybe they are selling to the Amish market. I don't mind the reclaimed wood.....it'll be in style for about 5 more minutes, but easy enough to cover up. As for grey....that's what is selling right now!!! Everything is grey for new builds and resale. White cabinets and grey walls....I single-handedly blame Joanna Gaines.
  9. See? Jinge finally got her CITY in spite of Mullet. Now, Babes? Take that stupid headwrap/bow off that poor little newborn. Those things are devices of torture and should be banned. ((The Babes' baby is my birthday mate....met 3 people in my life with the same birthday. Highly uncommon.))
  10. Sadly, she probably won't ever be in a class.
  11. But they don't cook, so why would they think of that! It's funny...they're so old-fashioned in everything and claim to not watch TV. But when it has the scent of money on it, they're up to date for resale and obviously have watched some HGTV. I think they now twist that and rationalize that watching on an Ipad doesn't count.
  12. Nope, super dangerous. My kids were barefoot most of the time also, but never around machinery or outdoor equipment. Especially if that's where Bin is spending most of his time, so he's always there to assist him.
  13. OMG....CRINGE ALERT !!!!! Spurgie running around and climbing on outdoor equipment with BARE FEET! All kinds of places to get his feet stuck or worse as he climbs ....aaannnd old wood lying around on the ground. Cue Jessa's defense in 5....4....3....2....
  14. Is Jill wearing jean shorts (again)? Are those her new "look"? Wow, sleeveless, only one modesty insert, and a pierced nose (that is a piercing, right? or a wart?). Best news is: hair off her face. And they all look clean.
  15. My first thought was : Pay attention! We all know you're horny, but you're piloting a plane, for god's sake! What a beautiful view from up there! Lucky Abbie, if she lives, to go anywhere she wants when she wants. So the scruffy V-bro and Jana, huh? Hmmm....not looking like a match to me. He seems too worldly. She seems so mousey.