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  1. ... and I'm skipping this season.
  2. All Episodes Talk

    They played the ep with Sammy Davis Junior on MEtv yesterday. I do not know why, but I could have sworn it was a two-parter!
  3. Did the Angels ever meet Charlie? I recall a couple eps where he was kinda stalking them but I recall there was the one time he was kidnapped in Hawai'i and they commandeered the boat the kidnappers kept him, but I'm not sure what happened next.
  4. Fast Food Ads

    I concur! I got it the last time it was available! Wait, there's not inexplicably rerunning 10 year old Bud Light ads? I hated that "wazzup?" thing and automagically tune it out.
  5. Lillian Carlson: [after Andy leaves, Mrs. Carlson tastes her coffee, and is pleasantly surprised] Why Hirsch, this coffee's delicious! Hirsch: Uh-hm. That's because we were having a guest, Madam. When it's just you and me, I prepare it a little differently.
  6. Ah, so THAT'S why the name looked familiar! My parents made us watch this instead of Wonder Woman, but I will always remember a scene from the "Real People" ep of WKRP with Lucille describing Mary going blind and the school buring down and telling the cameraman what a wholesome show it is! If memory serves, it's a LHotP movie (or an extra-long one), so it's not in the regular rotation.
  7. I noticed there are a lot of Herb eps in the third season. This usually happens when an unlikable char is on a show, but I'm not finding eps about him to be very interesting.
  8. All Episodes Talk: Come at Me BRO!

    You're right, it's Travis Walton.
  9. Small Talk: It's safe, Squatch Friend!

    I've been seeing guest announcements for DragonCon and guess who they announced?
  10. All Episodes Talk: Come at Me BRO!

    Did Zak investigate Randy Travis , perpetrator of the Fire in the Sky hoax, or did someone change the channel at the gym ?
  11. I am pretty sure "milk steak" exists. At least I remember looking it up on Google after that ep originally aired. Hurray!
  12. S16.E07: Petey IV

    Were they playing it in the 1990's?
  13. Small Talk: Up and Down the Dial

    How many of the eps on MEtv play the original music? I am noticing they are playing more "real" songs on the show now.
  14. S02.E02: Mortynight Run

    I just realized "Fart"'s songs were riffs on Bowie when I saw this commercial! Duh!
  15. The Early Seasons

    Wow, the OC Register! That brings back memories of the crazy shit on the first RHoOC forum on TVwoP before it was shut down and deleted! I remember calling him "Billy Claven" b/c he acted so much like Cliff from Cheers. I noticed! Is there a new season coming soon?