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  1. Why is the baby doll named "Suzy Homemaker"?
  2. Isn't that the fate of anyone who meets The Gang?
  3. I just accepted the concept of an "all female" flight (even tho it would be in grave danger of crashing 😉), but thought it might have been a cynical promotion for suckers attending the march in California (which I assumed was a fictional event for the story), much like Artimis's New Age merchandise. I sppse it could have a private chartered flight, but who would know Dee and want her to join them? 😀 OK, that was pretty funny when Charlie's mother started freaking out after hearing the crew would be all females.
  4. I was underwhelmed but loved the constant lampshading thruout the ep. After reading the comments here about the ep possibly being a commentary of "chick remakes", I think I am appreciating it more. Leave it to Frank to hide in the bathroom as an easy way to get banged. I was totally expecting Dennis to be the person in first class who tried to ruin everything, possibly wearing a ridiculous disguise. Sorry to say, I didn't recognise Drink Slave, but I assume he was in the ep with her using an expired Groupon deal. I didn't catch whar Artimis said was in her bogus cleansing drink, but damn that was funny! Hey, she's going to be in another show on Fox!
  5. S07.E06: Emeralds Aren't Forever

    Reza and Adam are little bitches. Wow, I ever knew that before now! I figured Reza was lording over Adam that he was the one making money, now I wonder if we're really seeing Reza's resentment of Adam's success. One thing fer sure, Reza has no intention of having children and is doing everything he can to stall stall stall.
  6. All Episodes Talk: Come at Me BRO!

    Post Malone ‘cursed’ after messing with ‘most haunted object’ before string of unfortunate events I have no clue who he is, but the Dybbuk box is nonsense.
  7. Yeah, I remember Frank's collection of strange meat when Charlie and Dee thought they had eaten human flesh.
  8. I was excited about where they were going to go with this but was underwhelmed, although Dennis's escape room cracked me up for all the wrong reasons. "Remember, if you're having fun, you're ruining it for me." I didn't expect the lock to be the first of many clues, but I've heard enough about escape rooms to have known, but why didn't Dee know?
  9. That is not what I remember. Wait! That's one of Dennis's fav songs to play in his car, isn't it?
  10. Agreed. I never knew sea monsters could be so dull!
  11. This commercial confused me for a long time b/c I did not realize she was knitting the sweater her grandson is wearing in the 2nd part, which is kinda gross. It didn't help that I thought she was knitting socks or maybe a scarf. Why would he wear a sweater when doing yardwork?
  12. Looking stoned is generally frowned upon. I hate how the mother is all like "Noooooo!" in super slow motion but doing nothing to move her laptop (which appears to be in no danger of gettting soaked). Does the roscia or the medicine make them blue? I hear that ad all the time on the radio and assumed they don't play the TV version where I lived, but it bugs me that she says "woohoo!" After announcing she learned to speak Spanish instead of "Ole!" or something Spanish.
  13. S16.E18: HTTPete

    Holy crap! I didn't know Peter's recreation of "a bunck of black guys overreacting to a mild burn" GIF was a real thing! 😲
  14. All I remember from that music video is a woman stalking another and peeking in her bedroom window. There's a new ad from Olde Spice that confuses me in which a couple are completing a jigsaw puzzle when he notices it's them completing the jigsaw puzzle surrounded by Old Spice bottles and starts freaking out while looking at the puzzle and the box it came repeatedly. Is fhe puzzle changing every time he looks at it?
  15. All Episodes Thread

    That was my problem. I missed so many new eps that I was a bit lost about the current state of everything.