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  1. If memory serves, I liked the election ep but rolled my eyes at Adam "debunking" the Electoral College by gaming the system and claiming it was racially motivated. The system was put in place to decentralize and help even the playing field amongst the states. Any system can be gamed.
  2. Season 17 Discussion

    Ah, I missed Peter setting up the photo before speaking b/c I thought I knew how to turn off the audio narration feature.
  3. Season 17 Discussion

    Unfortunately, my viewing was impeded b/c my cable settings were changed (trying to get me to switch to X1, perhaps?), so the audio was muted and there was a disembodied voice cutting in and describing what was happening. Ugh. Anyhow, that was a funny yet heartfelt eulogy, even if performed at the wrong funeral, tho I don't know why they had her photo there. I hate the tired assembly line gag from I Love Lucy, but I loved the payoff later when Peter recognized Pawtucket Brewery's "Trucker" beer. "Eww!" and "HA!".
  4. Yeah, Lori quit before her "Brady Bunch fairy tale" could be examined too closely. Oh, I am sure Gretchen is very aware of the financial implications of getting married to Slade! Is Vicki wearing one of those dresses you carry your baby around in or use to hold your groceries? If memory serves, the bio-dad was fine with Donn adopting Mike and Brianna but it was Vicki who objected.
  5. Oh no! Was Vicki doing commercials for Dirty John because of her connection with Brooks? I always wondered if Tamra won that fitness competition b/c she had more cameras. *cough cough*
  6. The fact that he lacks the impulse control to stop himself from throwing his wallet away annoys the stew out of me.
  7. All Episodes Talk: Come at Me BRO!

    I'll have to look for it on demand. Zack slipped on ice while reading a love sonnette for the lady ghost at the Wzyward Inn, right?
  8. All Episodes Talk: Dan Curtis Did It First.

    I don't recall the 1795 storyline being extended either, but I am pretty they did that for the 1897 one, considered the high point of the series.
  9. I was going to mention AMC was playing them all weekend but someone beat me to it. I did find it strange, tho, that some of those specials were an hour long. I remember them all being an hour long, maybe more. Don't forget to include the flap this year about "Baby It's Cold Outside". I was mocking that a decade ago.
  10. Season 17 Discussion

    Well, they were basically stringing together the names of big companies for her name.
  11. All Episodes Talk: Come at Me BRO!

    I assumed the new ep was a rerun of the (fake) Seattle Demon or some sort of update.
  12. S07.E01: A Decent Proposal

    Didn't they demonstrate that adequately last season? If memory serves, successful businesswoman Lisa Vanderbucks gave them a task and they dropped the ball with that one too.
  13. Season 17 Discussion

    Them identifying the old woman by her 2-minute long last name got old very fast (pun intended) but I liked the payoff when Tom Tucker announced her death and was like "screw it" when he started reading her name. OHHHH! I recognized the song but didn't know the name!
  14. S07.E01: A Decent Proposal

    Of course she's being a bitch; successful businesswoman Lisa Vanderbucks is all about the money.
  15. S07.E01: A Decent Proposal

    I missed most of the last season and wondered why they were playing it yesterday! I was planning on catching up but bailed shortly after the opening credits last night. I dunno, it seems extra scripted top me now... Jax probably banged Brittany for the first time there.