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  1. Thor: Ragnarok (2017)

    Odin didn't want a reminder of all the female warriors he had sent to death to lock up his unruly offspring? Clearly, they didn't plan that far ahead when they had this conversation, but for me, I can live with that idea. I was wondering about the whole change in Odin that prompted him to lock up his daughter. That kind of seemed to come out of nowhere. Hela clearly had no idea what happened.
  2. Oh for F's sake. Problem is, the so-called due process has failed victims time and time again and has protected perpetrators of sexual assault and harassment time and time again. So, until that due process becomes something that treats women's testimony at face value not only when they have been burgled and their TV is missing, the court of public opinion will have to do. Just like it did for men for the longest time. Attitudes may be changing but it's a very very slow process until the last judge, detective, lawyer, boss and work colleague stops treating every woman's testimony as false by default. MeToo has only been around for a few months, it will take generations to eliminate what is so very ingrained in society. One only has to read the comments under the article about John Bailey. And Terry Gilliam? Shut up.
  3. The Crown In The Media

    I would have thought, between Matt Smith's name recognition (that's mainly why I started watching) and Claire Foy having the title role and clearly being the lead, this should have been a no-brainer for equal pay regardless of her name recognition. I am also surprised it took so long to make news.
  4. The Crown In The Media

    I love Matt Smith from his Dr Who days but this is ridiculous. She played the title character! Why is this still allowed to happen? Are women's agents asleep on the job?
  5. Hm. I don't have a strong opinion on Andy McDowell. She was the main character in one of my favorite movies, Sex, Lies, and Videotape and she was excellent in it. I've only seen Four Weddings... once and I don't remember much of it. This is the romcom that made Hugh Grant's career, wasn't it? Without this discussion, I wouldn't even remember her being in it. So, I guess, for me, she wasn't memorably bad.
  6. Just finished season 2 and loved it! I usually have very little patience or tolerance for "quirky" but this show manages to keep me because I love the characters. They have so much more going on than their quirkiness. Now, after I come here to read about other's reactions, I hear about Landis. I'm starting to feel I have to check things before I watching anything these day. Not, that that's a bad thing but I don't usually want to know about writers'/showrunners'/producers'/actor's lives. So, damn, now I don't feel so good about wanting to rewatch season 1. Anyway, as to the question whether this show would be ok with another showrunner, I checked out Landis' other stuff and I have seen exactly two other things. Bright which was clunky, boring, and outright terrible. And American Ultra. I don't really know why I even watched that one. It wasn't terrible but also not very engaging other than for Kristen Stewart, who I had seen before in Snow White and I thought was so much better than her reputation. So, I'm not sure why this one works for me but I know why previous Douglas Adam's adaptations didn't. Too much quirk, slavish retelling of plot, not enough character. I still haven't forgiven Martin Freeman for The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. That movie was terrible. Maybe another showrunner might be ok. Landis has full writer credits for 9 episodes in total, so that's not so bad. If one of the current writers could take over. Possibly. In general, I'm rather left with two good seasons of a show instead of another where the tone is missing and I watch with disappointment because I liked the previous seasons. And I do think quite a few developments didn't make much sense. Ken's development, for example. While I can fanwank it around the confinement in the taxi, I also think that's not where his character was headed based on season 1, especially with respect to this relationship with Bart. He seems like an opportunist but I don't really seem him wanting to lock up Bart while letting Dirk or Mona go open a Detective Agency. He does seem to understand these people's role in the universe, so it all makes very little sense to me. I do appreciate that for once, I actually liked a character Tyler Labine plays. For once, he added something else to the bumbling, crass idiot that he seems to get hired for a lot. I don't know if that's down to writing or direction. I tend to think the latter in this case.
  7. S11.E08: Familiar

    I have to comment on this one. I haven't watched this season yet since I was rather bored and disappointed with the last one and decided to read the reactions here before I decide to spend time and money on something that might influence my enjoyment of earlier seasons negatively (Supernatural, I'm looking at you). Anyway, I don't mind writers not knowing each little detail but I do expect them in an age of readily available information ready at the drop of a google search to check whether the names you choose for a character have significance in the show's history. If you write for a show you KNOW has a large and dedicated fanbase and was around for quite a long time, then this should be part of your writing process. It's not that hard to do.
  8. Darkest Hour (2017)

    I haven't seen it and I'm not planning to and a few of the reasons is pretty well written about in this piece in the Toronto Star. The glorification of Churchill in British pop culture. Churchill the barbaric monster
  9. Media Things

    I agree. I like her but a few well-delivered lines does not flesh out a character. And I've already been wondering what the whole point of adding more characters was in season 2. I still doubt the addition of Max and her clichee brother. They barely managed to give them any layers, now they're adding more characters?
  10. S02.E09: Chapter Nine: The Gate

    I just finished season 2. I think I liked this season even more than the first. Probably because I wasn't quite so tense. Overall, I liked the character development and the focus on the repercussions from the events from season 1. However, like many, I still have no idea what the Billy character was for. To show some kind of growth for Max? It fell flat, both of them weren't fleshed out at all and to be honest, Max felt more like a plot device and a place holder than an actual character for me. She was awesome with a side order of love interest and sad backstory. So, no, not a fan of the writing and introduction of the newbies. While I appreciate the growth for Steve, it did come rather abruptly in season 1 and while it sort of worked, it did feel a bit like lampshading when he called himself a babysitter. While the train track scene with Dustin was fun, it also felt clunky. Which brings me to the problem that I worry that the show won't be able to handle so many characters adequately every season. I stayed suspicious of Bob until the very last minute when he started running after the broom fell, which just tells me, I have very little patience for or trust in such nice people. Poor Bob. I'm sorry. I agree with the praise of all the young actors. This show would be only half as charming as it was. I loved that they focused on Will this time and Noah delivered in spades. I also loved the Hopper-Eleven development. That was outstanding work and provided me with most of my favorite scenes. I also worry about getting into teenage angst territory next season and that doesn't excite me at all. While I don't have that much nostalgia of 80 movies for kids or teens, the teen parts of season 1 were annoying me and I don't need a repeat of those tropes with the boys. For me, the show works because of the chemistry between the boys, a few chuckles about the 80s and the music, and Joyce's and Hopper's friendship. And the outstanding acting from everyone involved.
  11. S02.E04: Chapter Four: Will the Wise

    That surprises me. Wasn't this supposed to be a show about the underdogs, the weird and the bullied? Does Barb not count?
  12. The Pulse: Jessica Jones In The Media

    It looks like there will be a lot of punching. I can't wait!
  13. S11.E14: The Great White Moose

    How much do I love the fact that the constables seem to borrow Murdoch's contraptions to hunt raccoons. I agree with Julia that a child should have their own name. I've come to like Meyer's appearances. Simply because of Murdoch's put-upon face when he shows up.
  14. A discussion in the "Unpopular Opinions" thread reminded me: Blackadder! I watch it once every year.
  15. S11.E13: Crabtree a la Carte

    Yes. Not a fan of the music. I like the web series.