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  1. If the most important criterion now is to elect someone based on their assurance that they wouldn't whip out their penis, standards have become very low. Having said that, I like the ad.
  2. Very true. It's mostly actors, directors and producers that make me not want to rewatch some all-time favorites anymore. I tried the other day with L.A. Confidential. I skipped all the Spacey scenes. It wasn't fun. But I also can't look at his face anymore. Not just Hollywood. Peripherally related, I read an article about a feminist movement from Syria complaining that, the people from the UN negotiating about the future of Syria are AGAIN mostly men.
  3. I didn't know about Bryan Singer. Looking at his imdb credits and although I've already taken off the Usual Suspects because of Spacey, .. my list of rewatchable movies is getting shorter and shorter. Geoffrey Rush too? Damn! Is there a place on the internet where I can symbolically burn my digital copies of movies that I now don't want to rewatch? Just to make a point?
  4. I've been rewatching season 7, which is still my favorite season and I noticed this time that Meg actually is the first one to call Sam Bullwinkle. And I still want to smack them both sideways for smashing that tablet. While not intended and it could have been any prophet on the list, it does feel like they caused Kevin to be "activated". Poor Kevin. Advanced placement,
  5. That would be funny. Could we have Harry instead of Charles?
  6. True, I should have included men in my tirade. I still think the main point stands. Society lets them get away with because they are in a power position to do with other people as they please.
  7. Yeah, I'm disappointed too that I now can never watch one of my all-time favorite movies L.A. Confidential without skipping quite a bit of it. That movie is ruined for me since one of the most moving parts was Spacey's character dying because he did the right thing for once in his life. So, yeah, I'm a very disappointed and angry fan. I'm NOT however excusing the things these men do with "psychological issues" because I'm disappointed. They treat people like shit because they get off on the power they have, nothing more.
  8. Well, now I'm really glad I never watched Breaking Bad. "deeply rooted psychological problem" my ass. They do it because they think women owe them their bodies. They do it because they don't see women as people, but as meat. They do it because society lets them get away with it. Because women are still mostly seen as bodies. To be had, to be decorated, and to be judged.
  9. Yeah. NO. No Gandalf can ever beat Ian McKellen. Just NO. Not in my lifetime, I don't think. The extended versions of the Peter Jackson movies last a whole day. I don't really see what a series can add to this. Sure, some parts here and there. These characters aren't all that complex, no offense to Tolkien but they are more archetypes than actual characters. What layers there are were brought out by the actors. And the plot, well, it's been mostly covered and in my mind New Zealand is Middle Earth. So, I'm not going to f*** with my headspace and watch this. No. Just. No. Not happening. No.
  10. I only ever laughed as much with Craig Ferguson's show. So, no I don't think it's just the booze or the language. They bleep it and played with the restrictions a lot there. It's the host.
  11. I do think Dumbledore kept Snape around because he was afraid Snape would revert back to being a Deatheater if he had nowhere else to go. He also kept Trelawney around to protect her although she was useless as a teacher. I do think Dumbledore sacrificed education over the fight against Vodemort, at least in parts. While I do think that was the higher goal and there was not much else, a few students suffering under Snape and Trelawney was a small price to pay. A very calculating man, But then, Hogwarts overall seemed to have an odd attitude towards their students' well-being. Three-headed dogs, excursions to the forest, keeping the school open while a Basilisk was out and about... He had few good choices but maybe he could have given Snape Filch's job. Although that probably would have made Snape run back to Voldemort even faster.
  12. That one I have no problem with. Mrs Figg kept tabs on him and probably let Dumbledore know how things were going but I believe that he thought there was no other choice to protect Harry. The isolation however, keeping Harry in the dark about who he was, I think was pure manipulation to keep Harry in place so he wouldn't try to escape from them. Well, and genre conventions, I think. I will never understand why Harry ended up naming his son after Snape. He was a terrible person. His bravery and his smarts saved him and the Order, but he was an awful bully. Poor Neville. Snape had no business being a teacher. Sometimes, it feels Dumbledore lost sight of what the school was for and misused it as a tool for the fight against Voldemort. Overall, I am happy that Dumbledore turned out having a lot more layers to him than well-meaning older mentor. That part of the books I still think is outstanding, how Harry's perspective changes over time and with his, ours as well.
  13. I think a series would give HP a bit of breathing room, give some more space for the other characters' perspectives. I really would like a bit more from Seamus and Dean and some conversations they might have on the goings-on, maybe their own stories. Some more perspective from the other houses and the teachers, a bit more insight into Draco. Most of the Slytherins are quite one-dimensional since they are mostly described from Harry's perspective.
  14. Must comment that I too am under 50 (not much though) and used to have a Walkman well into the 90s. While traveling on public transport between my three jobs every day, it was essential. Lifesaving, I would say. I never had a portable CD player. They were so big! @DangerousMinds, that makes me sad.
  15. I might have said this before and she's only 10 years older than me but I do want to become her when I grow up. Or at least have drinks with her. Once.