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  1. That too. I think he's a nice man and I loved his amused reaction to the Oscar kerfuffle but as an actor? Just so blah. And then there's the smirk. He seems to make fairly interesting choices in movies that's what prompted my initial comment on him. I wonder if we should have put this in the Unpopular Opinions thread. Back to topic: Aehm, it's too hot here to think about going to see a new movie and sit in a freezing dark room instead of out in the sun!
  2. I know, he seems like a nice guy but I avoid movies he's in. I just keep being annoyed when I see him on screen. Drive was such a chore to get through and I'm fairly certain I would have liked it if had been anyone else.
  3. I sometimes wish I liked Ryan Gosling. But he has resting smirkface, so I just want to have him off my screen.
  4. Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    I had a sickening thought. Maybe they are also implying that why would one WANT to rape an "elderly" woman, implying it's all about sexual attractiveness. So, that's why the age of the women is so headline worthy. The more I think about the possible implications of such a headline (I really hope I'm overthinking), the more I want to just punch the world.
  5. Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    Why is the big thing that they are older? Is there an age window on rape that I'm not aware of? Is it more acceptable to rape women under 50? WTF? Btw., I'll be 50 next year, and I'd like to punch this author in the face and show him "elderly".
  6. I agree, it's beautiful. Why did they have to hire Casey Affleck for The Old Mand and the Gun, though? Now, I don't want to watch it. And I love me some Redford.
  7. S07.E14: Plucky Pennywhistle's Magical Menagerie

    Re-watching a little Supernatural and I noticed that the board behind "bad cop" Sam says: No sideburns. Heh!
  8. This makes me very happy. I've always had a soft spot for Jennifer Garner and her Sydney Bristow. I hope it's a good movie. If Liam Neeson can do this, why not her?
  9. Thank you for giving context. I was vaguely aware of Mike Tyson at the time but I lived in Germany and at least from what I remember, this wasn't big news. It overwhelms me to think that WOC are being asked to stay quiet about sexual assault because the justice system isn't colorblind. Really, anything is being used to minimize sexual assault, it seems. Because there are always "bigger" concerns.
  10. I don't think she knows what the word means. Even so, it's appalling.
  11. I don't remember her at all. But, as I said, my draw was Gina Torres and then I was just annoyed with those two douchy lawyer dudes. I couldn't tell you what they looked like either.
  12. S09.E12: Hell Bent

    Well, I finally watched this season. With more or less attention. I'm glad the Doctor (and I) can now pretend Clara never happened. I can't say I ever really warmed up to Twelve but overall, watching this way, it wasn't as bad as I thought. As long as I ignore most of what was Clara-related. Obviously, she's gonna pollute the universe some more with her awesomeness and impossibility until she feels like going back to her death. Which really, could mean another few thousand years in her lifetime since she can't die any other way. Being just sort of dead and all. I was surprised Ashildir managed to survive. Huge spoiler for season 3 in case someone hasn't seen that. Seriously, the best in the series if you ask me: I'm just glad Moffatt is gone after the next season. Is it just me who finds it odd that Gallifrey has people living somewhere in the desert with apparently no electricity or running water? Some back-to-nature movement on Gallifrey abandoning all technological advancement? I found that ridiculous in
  13. I tried Suits for two episodes when it came out because of Gina Torres. But I found its premise ridiculous and the main characters were quite smarmy and full of themselves. And they did look like a Boss Suits commercial. And I wouldn't believe that blond guy for one second if he told me he went to Law School. Not for one minute. So, even fabulous Gina Torres couldn't save it for me. I'm surprised it's still running.
  14. Damn, I've been doing yoga for over 3 years now. I wonder what those tricks are. I should ask my yoga teachers what trick would get me a handsome prince. I think I know what the answer would be. Why are people so stupid? These medieval attitudes are just embarrassing in this century.
  15. Black Panther (2018)

    It's called feeling entitled to women. I think it goes across race. Without having context, I can't really comment on Glover but it is common. Some call it nice guy syndrome. The idea they are entitled to women because they are "nice" and "nerdy". Big Bang Theory has a cast of (mostly) white main characters who behave(d) that way. And it's supposed to be funny. I think the Incel movement (if it can be called that) is its most extreme form. One of them ran a truck into mostly female pedestrians in Toronto recently. Back on Topic: Can I just say that I wouldn't have missed T'Challa in his own movie much?