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  1. Intent and context are important. I think the censoring made people at least talk about it. So, for me, that's a good outcome of all this.
  2. Worst of Friends: Your Least Favorite Moments

    Ross' little eyebrow raise: That's right. He's not Drake. He's...dramatic pause... Hans Ramoray, Drake's evil twin! The whole scene cracks me up with the water throwing and the Soap acting.
  3. S12.E05: The Spy Who Loved Murdoch

    Hahaha, this was funny. Murdoch's face: Yes, I must be informed.
  4. The Harry Potter Movies

    I would think that is a problem with European history too. Anti-Semitism, racial or religious genocide, or the slave trade are not just part of American history. So the whole concept of the isolated magical world is pretty flawed if you want to put it in the real world. I'd rather imagine it an alternate world, both the magical and the muggle world. Otherwise, there is always the question of how the problems in the Muggle world could be ignored all this time. Especially considering the concept of Muggle-born wizards and witches. Jewish Muggle-borns in the Middle Ages, prosecuted early Christian wizards and witches, Moslem wizards during the Crusades, Roma wizards and witches, Bosnia in the 1990s, the Cold War, not to mention Nazi Germany, for just a few examples. I thought the little mention of Medieval witches being burnt at the stake for fun was a cutifying way to give some nod to European history but not really putting this story into a real-world context. Because, as this discussion shows, that opens a whole can of worms.
  5. Party of One: Unpopular TV Opinions

    Well, some of those stories were utterly tragic, some were funny and/or absurd, some were scary and/or creepy. I won't tell you which was which. But these were some of my favorite episodes. I can take or leave the alien stuff but these were what made the X-files for me. And Gillian Anderson as Scully. That woman could act circles around people even at the young age of 23.
  6. Party of One: Unpopular TV Opinions

    And a twin living inside his brother and who wanted to leave him, a liver-eating guy squeezing through chimneys and vents, a disease creating the most revolting boils, soldiers who hadn't slept in a decade, possibly a Loch Ness monster, a serial killer reborn in his daughter, a sasquatch that was a woman but not really a sasquatch, horny gender-bedning Amish-type people, really, the most engaging alien/government conspiracy story was Scully's abduction.
  7. The Alias Reboot: If Not Now, When(nifer)?

    Has any of the recent continuations lived up to the hype? I don't think any have. I'm thinking X-files or Gilmore Girls. I'd rather not have my good memories tarnished. It's enough to have to ignore the ending/most of last season, I don't need a reminder in a new show that is and isn't Alias. So, I'd rather have a prequel with different actors. It keeps the universe and those rather compelling characters. And if they do, they better have actors of the caliber of Lena Olin, Victor Garber, and Ron Rifkin, because anything less would just be annoying and disappointing.
  8. The Alias Reboot: If Not Now, When(nifer)?

    I think that's the only way I would watch. New cast, somewhat new stories, same highspeed plotting.
  9. It took me years to watch another movie with him. He freaked me out so much. It didn't help that he looks a lot like an ex-boyfriend of mine.
  10. S11.E02: The Ghost Monument

    I'm so glad this show I used to love is back. A Doctor I adore already, companions that seem like normal people with no bloody catchphrase for them that sum them up and say nothing. Shades of 11 and 10 I could see/hear in her. I like with how much flourish she waves the sonic screwdriver around. I even like the outfit! The planet looked gorgeous, the tooth fairy from last episode might be back and overall, I'm delighted, including the TARDIS. It's different, that's all I need.
  11. The Last Kingdom in the Media

    Yeah!!! I can't wait.
  12. Having read through this, Hannibal sprang to mind. It's hard to explain if you haven't watched the show but to me, it was perfect. I agree on the Justified nomination. True to the show's spirit and the characters.
  13. Movies Based on Real People

    That's why I thought the casting in Spy Game was so inspired. A mentorship where they actually look like father and son.
  14. I think the main drive of the story is that Frankenstein realized that he created what shouldn't have been created in the first place, in other words, representative of humanity crossing a line. While being ugly was certainly an impetus in the realization, I don't think it was the main reason. I mean, he put the monster together from dead people parts, aesthetics clearly wasn't foremost on his mind for his creation. But his horror, I think stems from something else. I don't quite remember if the movie reduced it to that alone, but I never saw the book as a story about deadbeat dads but of humanity going farther than they should. And the casualties in its wake. What I do remember is the monster's story as the ultimate outcast and his violent reaction to it. Hence his need to have Frankenstein create him a mate. JMO.