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  1. Criminal Minds Unpopular Opinions

    I am too. Lately, the only time Reid ever seems to appear is he's the central character in the episode- and doing just about everything. The S13 finale is a perfect example of that. I do think, though, that it's a criticism that you could level about the writing for any character on CM, really. Other than Prentiss as team leader and Garcia as the Deus Ex Machina database expert, does anyone on the team really have a well-defined role? I find that the characters tend to only shine if it's their "turn" to get their own "very special episode". Otherwise, they're just robots who fulfill whatever the plot needs them to do. This just gets more noticeable with Reid because I think he's the only "likeable" character left- Matthew Gray Gubler, the professional that he is, seems to be the only one not mailing it in every week.
  2. 1) I did add that in. I was certain that Erica Messer- in her rather convoluted answer- said that but maybe she just alluded to it. I assumed that Messer asserted that both would be "not available" that it means they are kidnapped- unless the whole episode happens with the two stuck in their standoff. 2) True- though the team operated as if both were not there. I believe Garcia was phoned for a brief moment but that was it. The climax had three agents using computers, though.
  3. We have a premiere date and this little tidbit about what could happen in Episode 300: (from: http://www.tvguide.com/news/criminal-minds-season-14-premiere-date/) Now, the snarker in me says, "we've had several cases where both were unneeded", and Erica Messer (surprise, surprise) seems to have forgotten "All You Can Eat" had Reid on sabbatical and Garcia not involved in the case because she was asserting her moral superiority helping her brother. I also feel that kidnapping both is a cop out to the cliffhanger...but, we'd likely be sharpening our pitchforks otherwise, I guess. Knowing this, are you still excited for "300"?
  4. S.W.A.T. in the Media

    As per Deadline, Patrick St. Esprit- Commander Robert Hicks- has been promoted to series regular for Season 2. Which is not a surprise considering he was practically a regular last season. I do wonder if this means Hicks will start getting some meaty stories. The character certainly has the potential for some- we do know he is a widower, for instance.
  5. S04.E09: A Dark Knight: Let Them Eat Pie

    I think we're going in circles now, so I'm checking out here.
  6. S04.E09: A Dark Knight: Let Them Eat Pie

    I'm not quite sure it did that. I think the show paints it that Jim just makes things worse. They sure did after he killed Galavan, subverting the law in the process. I'm also not sure what benefit Jim stood to gain by shooting Penguin's lackey early in S2. He didn't have to do it, and only did it because Penguin wanted him to do it. There was nothing "justice" about it- just Jim trying to collect Penguin's debt. Which he could have declined to do.
  7. S04.E09: A Dark Knight: Let Them Eat Pie

    Arguably Jim committed all those murders simply for his own gain. The City never did benefit from what he's done, for sure.
  8. S04.E09: A Dark Knight: Let Them Eat Pie

    Harvey's corruption was noble too- Penguin's "crime cards" did keep crime down in Gotham. How, I don't know, but I'm not going to dispute the show at its word. Let's also not forget that Jim has three murders in cold blood on this show- Theo Galavan, Mario Calvi and Penguin's lackey in S02E01, whom Jim only killed because the lackey owed Penguin money. I think the bigger thing is that Jim takes "the easy way out" and is so blinded by his crusade for justice that he'll stomp on whomever it takes to get where he needs to go, even if that person is a dear friend like Harvey or even his love interest in Lee. I mean, Jim was only protecting Lee by killing Mario- and Lee, rightly, "thanked" him by leaving him. Perhaps there's a bit of the "screwed if you do/screwed if you don't" in Jim's world, but Gotham is pretty clear that you "clean up" the city at your own peril.
  9. Season 1 Discussion

    Maybe she didn't leave the windows open- it's how Randall Garner broke in.
  10. S04.E08: A Dark Knight: Stop Hitting Yourself

    Seems to me that in the GCPD "Detective" is right below "Captain"- it's been consistent lately. Then again, the stock answer of "it's Gotham, they do things their way" always applies.
  11. S01.E22: Hoax

    I agree. At least if we're going to go the route of killing off Annie, do it in S4 or S5 or something, so we can at least get to know her. Personally, I'd rather have Annie become a character in her own right (maybe as the team's unofficial counsellor) than what the show is doing now where it literally feels like a clock is ticking and you just know Annie will die at some point. Bre Blair is a great actress and this show has been good at actually developing the side characters (Hicks, Plank, Mumford, Rocker, Hondo's dad, Street's mother, Buck, etc.) that Annie deserves to be more than just a plot device. Besides, the way Annie looks at Deacon with the sparkle in her eyes...man, I wish she was doing that to me. :P I believe the show is trying to sell us that Street is blind to her mom's manipulations because she's "family" and the jury's out on whether or not it works. I think Alex Russell is doing a great job selling it, but I think the writing of the storyline needs more nuance and depth than what we've been getting.
  12. S01.E22: Hoax

    I was more worried that more drama was coming Annie's way...I thought, "not again". Then came the pregnancy announcement...I still shed tears of joy thinking about that.
  13. Designated Survivor Do-over

    I'm going to add to this. First, I like the storylines @Pindrop has come up with, so I'm not going to offer an alternative. It's essentially the same track that I would take. I'll make a note for what I think the characters should be like, since that was not addressed: Tom Kirkman's character development where he goes from clueless to a strong leader remains. It's essential to the show. What I will establish is that Kirkman is extremely calculating and headstrong, someone who is like Dr. House in that he always believes he's right and most of the time, he is. This creates drama as his charges find him difficult to work with, though they respect him because of his brilliance. Having said that, Kirkman is a good listener and will consider other points of view before making a decision. He just sticks to that decision once it's made. Cornelius Moss is there right from the beginning, being the only one Kirkman looks up to. Kirkman knew Moss from a brief meeting while Moss was President that didn't go very well, though Moss saw "something" in Kirkman that day. Moss is Kirkman's Secretary of State and his chief confidant, with Moss' advice allowing Kirkman to eventually grow into the role. Kimble Hookstraten and her equivalent on the Democrat side would be there as "frenemies" of Kirkman, people who will only help him out if it suits their interests. The Texas Governor is a main character (at least for S1 or however long Texas remains independent) to give a face to the secessionist movements within the show. Lastly, Maggie Q and her band of FBI misfits are not series regulars. I always found their spots to be distracting from the main show, so much so that I felt like I was watching two different shows at once. It was jarring. If a law enforcement person needs to be a series regular, make it the FBI Director or the Director of Homeland Security- someone who'd actually have regular contact with the President.
  14. You'd be correct. That day would be the end of the NFL regular season, so FOX is pairing it with arguably the strongest games on its schedule since its feature games will be teams battling for playoff positioning.
  15. S04.E22: A Dark Knight: No Man's Land

    If nothing else, know that you only have 13 more episodes of the show to go. You've made it this far and you're so close to the end...why not see it through?