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  1. S02E03: Fire and Smoke

    Arguably, they did it much better than on other shows. Usually, the non-cop shouts "do you have X?" out of the assumption that the cop doesn't have X and thus cannot sympathize. Instead, Deacon went out of his way to tell the husband, "I know how you feel, I have a wife". It was completely natural and pointing out a commonality is a great way to build trust, so it was very realistic.
  2. S02E03: Fire and Smoke

    That's one thing I like about this show too- the characters feel and can empathize without any of it being forced. Even the show's most macho character, Street, has a sensitive side, and, arguably, Street's bravado is what holds him back. I also like how this show has never used the "do you have kids" line. FBI used it in its first episode and it turned me right off.
  3. S02E03: Fire and Smoke

    The magic is back. Hopefully the viewers can come back too. Tonight's episode was hot- literally- as SWAT is forced to look for arsonists trying to affect a bribery case. There's also some business concerning Tan and possible reassignment ("I hate politics"- understatement of the year), and Hondo Sr. and his car, stolen by a bail bondsman. Oh, and Street still wants to come back to SWAT but can't man up and admit to his own mistakes. Anyhow, overall, tonight was a lot of fun. The pace was just right, but, more importantly, the characters all rang true tonight. The case was pretty straightforward, but it was effective, as the focus was on Nia Wells and Peter Melkonian, whose wife was torched to set off the episode's events. Nikivia Dionne and Hrach Titizian did very well as Wells and Melkonian, respectively, wonderfully expressing the stress of the case and all its twists and turns. I thought Melkonian was going to either kill the Armenian mob or die in a blaze of glory, so I'm happy neither happened- though I gotta feel for the character, since while he may have survived and his wife's killer is now in jail, he gets to go back home without his wife. That's not much to live for. Good thing Deacon recognized that- wonder if he'll call him up later in the season. The real star tonight was Hondo Sr. I always thought Obba Babatunde did a decent job as Hondo's father, but tonight he took it to the next level. He was hilarious getting his activist schtick on, freaking out the mild-mannered Deacon in the process, all while Hondo can just look on and roll his eyes because he's heard his father's ramblings before. I also loved the scene where Senior tells Junior that his life started in the back of the car- "I am doing everything I can to not hear this story!" LOL. All I can say is, glad he got his car back. What a shifty bondsman, but not surprising, I guess. I guess I should mention Tan and Street before I close. I don't know how much I can say since their stories don't have much to them at the moment, but I wonder if Tan and Street will be stuck on patrol for the season. They were on patrol together last season on, ahem, "Patrol", so there's precedent. I would miss Street's current partner, Tony Larmen- he was actually engaging tonight- but there's only space for so many people. All I'll have to say is that I hope by mid-season at least SWAT is whole again- the show shouldn't mess around with its characters too much. Overall, great effort.
  4. S13.E16: Last Gasp

    I don't recall anything that established a connection between the two. Of course, I saw the episode months ago, so there may be something I missed.
  5. S14.E01: 300

    I do think Reid has been more confident as of late. He didn't cower at all in this episode and seemed calm and in control throughout. I'm hoping this means this is an actual transformation for Reid where he takes charge more often and is no longer a pushover.
  6. Gotham in the Media

    Thanks. I got a feeling FOX may still want to get to that magic 100 number, and I would at least think the finale will be two parts, if not four. I could see a two part premiere and a two part finale.
  7. Gotham in the Media

    Is it confirmed at a 10-episode order? Will there be two-part episodes?
  8. S02.E02: Gasoline Drum

    Despite the fact there were fifty different things going on this week, tonight was a better effort than the premiere and was actually a coherent effort. S.W.A.T. just has this ability to make things work. I appreciated that today's gang came from Turkey instead of the usual Mexico/Colombia/Korean gang a lot of other L.A. depictions use, although it seemed obvious from the writing that the only city in Turkey that the writer knew was Constantinople Istanbul. I also liked their military-grade weaponry and tactics, as well as a plausible reason to have them- that Omega was trained by the Drug Enforcement Agency. It does make me think villains this good should be used for more than one episode, and I'm not sure we'll get that. The base storyline- that of a custody battle- felt derivative, and the acting from the Turkish side of things was pretty flat, so that took something out of the story. Still, Jim bonding with Ela and trying to use Google Translate was fun to watch. Usually, when TV cops try to show their "sensitive" side it's awkward and forced, but for Alex Russell it just comes so natural, which gives Jim Street his depth. If Russell can keep this up, Street may just need his own show. Other things: "It must be tough being a Catholic". Doesn't Deacon know it. So I guess "Nindo" is back on after Nia Wells said the divorce was still on. We'll see how that goes. Thought Wells would assist Hondo with Daryl but that didn't happen. It likely will in a future episode. Luca's got himself a real fixer-upper, but he seems to relish the challenge. I just love Kenny Johnson's unbridled enthusiasm- makes Luca a real joy to watch. Thought the Hondo/Daryl story was very balanced. On the one hand, you have Hondo begging Daryl to stay out of trouble, and Hondo is right about that. On the other hand is Daryl's father, Leroy, who seems to have a better grasp on reality than Hondo does- and that reality is that Daryl likely can't help but live the life of crime. It's this kind of "rock and a hard place", "no one really wins" mentality that drives the best drama, and the tools are there for this storyline.
  9. S14.E01: 300

    Prentiss mentioned that there were two possible locations that the cult could have driven to- Caanan or Arcadia- and she concluded they were headed to Caanan because it was close to where Cyrus was incarcerated. I thought then, "watch them go to Arcadia to throw them off", and I'm thinking now that the FBI could have easily sent two teams to both locations, the team didn't need to put all their resources in one town.
  10. S14.E01: 300

    They kind of did that when an incidental character from "Profiler, Profiled" became the UnSub in "Restoration", but I would agree that this should be done more often. How many victims experience trauma just as bad if not worse than what many UnSubs go through? You'd have thought by now some of the rescued victims would be so consumed by their experience that they would snap.
  11. S14.E01: 300

    It could have been an interesting twist if Emily was the intended 300th victim, and Reid was just a ruse to get Emily there. Cyrus did rough her up in the original episode.
  12. S14.E01: 300

    That was awkward. If having a very bland, generic murderous cult was bad enough, and basing a story around them targeting the BAU's "damsels in distress" is worse, shoehorning one of the best episodes in CM history, "Minimal Loss" to give the cult relevancy is the absolute worst. Blech. Just for the record, neither character- Karen David's Mary Meadows and Michael Hogan's Benjamin Minerva- were actually in "Minimal Loss", at least not in credited roles. It's possible they were extras, but I'm banking that the scenes were re-shot- it's doubtful the actors both looked at Reid and Prentiss with purpose in the previous episode, not knowing if they'd be used again. I'll admit, the team rattling off all those theories concerning "300" was kind of cool, and I at least appreciate that "300" was more than just a reference to the episode count. Plus, JJ crying over Reid was a real joy to watch, because JJ made it so real. Oh, and Reid doing what he could to outsmart his captors and actually have some agency was great too. Reid could be a special character if given a real chance. Still, it's not enough to pull this from the bottom of the barrel- everything else fell very, very flat.
  13. S01.E02: Rituals

    Solid, if unspectacular. Ryan Eggold's Max Goodwin is still charming, and I'm warming to Tyler Labine's Dr. Frome and Janet Montgomery's Dr. Bloom. In fact, I'd say most of the cast does very well- no matter how treacly and strange things get at this hospital, at least the actors give the characters some life and make things watchable. I'd say what stuck out most about this episode was how, well, "spiritual" it felt. Perhaps it's because this show is really trying to emphasize the hospital serving "a higher purpose" and that hospital stories share a lot with religious stories anyway, which is why the show wanted to really present this vibe. I'm undecided on how well it's working here, because New Amsterdam hasn't exactly struck the right kind of balance with this tone. If unchecked, NA really risks becoming preachy and sanctimonious, which will turn a lot of people off. The only way this "spiritual"-ness will work is if NA truly emphasizes the idea of "hope", and how there will always be "hope". This needs to be a show that is about reassurance, without the show getting smug or sounding like it "knows all the answers". It's a very difficult balance to achieve, but if there's a set of actors who can sell it, it's this set.
  14. S01.E01: Pilot

    *wags finger incessantly* C'mon now! Remember, he prefers "Americanist"! *sigh* Getting serious, I just learned via Wikipedia that "Americanist" actually refers to someone who studies North America and its culture, with many studying Native Americans. This should be something the baddie- who was a scholar, I believe- should have known. (From what I understand, most in the alt-right call themselves "patriots"- that would have been a better choice) So either Dick Wolff was being clever or he goofed pretty badly. I lean on the latter.
  15. S01.E01: Pilot

    It wasn't perfect, but it was a great hour. Most of that honour goes to Ryan Eggold, who was so charming and in control that, no matter what ridiculousness goes on at this hospital (and there was a lot of it), Eggold's Max Goodwin will be able to make sense of it all. Eggold truly commanded his presence, and I would say his performance alone is worth giving this show a very long look. Of course, I think there's more to this than just Eggold. The characters look like they've got some depth and nuance that are just waiting to be explored, especially Drs. Kapoor, Bloom and Reynolds, in addition to Goodwin, who looks like your typical "will bite off more than he can chew". Yeah, Reynolds didn't get a good start with his overt racism, but the show seems to be hinting that there's actually something boiling under the surface, which could be interesting to explore. Yeah, there were plenty of cliches- like, for example, the "resolution" montage where a soft song plays in the background- and I'm not sure what to make of Goodwin's cancer diagnosis (seems like a cheap way to give him drama, but it could work if played right), but I think this show has displayed enough to prove that it could develop into quite the show.