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  1. S04.E14: A Dark Knight: Reunion

    If it's someone like Lee or Barbara doing the beating, they'd show Sofia getting hit like a pinata. It's why they could show Lee getting her hand pummelled- because another woman was doing the pummeling.
  2. S13.E17: The Capilanos

  3. S04.E14: A Dark Knight: Reunion

    The ratings might be lower because of NCAA basketball. I still think this is one of FOX's signature shows and they'll give it a proper sendoff at the very least.
  4. S04.E13: A Dark Knight: A Beautiful Darkness

    It's true, though I admit there's no way I can show you.
  5. S04.E14: A Dark Knight: Reunion

    I suppose Gotham loves chopping hands because without one's hands they're not physically capable of doing a lot (you need your hands to hold on to a weapon, for example) so it's a statement of how one loses their power. I also think the show mutilates hands (and eyes) since it doesn't require too many special effects to display on screen (since the loss of a hand or an eye can be easily covered through clothing choices). It may also be the least unsettling parts of the body to mutilate. Since the show can't go for the privates (like real criminals would do), they have to pick "less risky" parts to dismember.
  6. S04.E13: A Dark Knight: A Beautiful Darkness

    I have a friend whose last name is "Greenbaum" so that's why I mixed the two up.
  7. S13.E16: Last Gasp

    He looked Asian to me so I made that connection. It's possible that Victor Buno is Filipino owing to the Philippines' heritage as a former Spanish (and American) possession.
  8. S13.E16: Last Gasp

    If you really want to get into racism, how about the show opting for the "horny Asian" stereotype for the guy getting busted by the OPR in the opening scene?
  9. S13.E17: The Capilanos

    Press Release:
  10. S13.E16: Last Gasp

    If the show wanted the BAU to go rogue, this could have been a great way to do it. At the end, when they solve the case, or maybe would have before Barnes foils them after she finds out, they could go to the Director or the Justice Department and argue Barnes' racism prevented the team from finishing their job. Barnes would be out of there so quickly that she wouldn't have time to utter a response, because there can't be.
  11. S13.E16: Last Gasp

    What about X-Files references?
  12. S01.E14: Ghosts

    One day I hope we actually get to see how Luca lives and see just how bad a roommate he is. Of course, I fear this could be a "Noodle Incident" (to borrow the term from Calvin and Hobbes) where the show might be better off always referring to it and never displaying it, because all those times we've been told about how bad Luca is as a roommate may never live up to our expectations about what it would actually look like. ...and I wholeheartedly agree that Deacon and Hondo have great chemistry. I think the whole team is good but Deac and Hondo are a special pair.
  13. S04.E13: A Dark Knight: A Beautiful Darkness

    ... ... ...... You might be right about that. Alexander Siddig is having a field day with me...
  14. S13.E16: Last Gasp

    What would be some other examples? Well, they could be "realistic" versions that investigate "abnormal" crimes (like the ultrasound attacks on American diplomats in Cuba) and try to figure out what is "really happening". I grant that Mulder is known for having a belief in the paranormal, but we could get around this by having Mulder research this in his own spare time and always hopes he chances upon a case that "proves" the paranormal, having been disappointed he hasn't had one case yet. (...and yes, I realize I'm putting too much thought into two characters the show will likely never bring back)
  15. S13.E16: Last Gasp

    One thing I'm not sure I mentioned- I would have loved seeing one case where the BAU operated under Barnes' conditions. I think it would have given the story more of an impact. Never heard of any department being "The public face of the FBI." Guess the writers wanted to butter up our team, but it makes no sense. The police would rather remain anonymous, for obvious reasons. As for Mulder and Scully- technically, it's illegal for the show to use the characters without permission, but- assuming CBS didn't reach out to FOX anyway- CBS can get away with using Scully and Mulder because: They did not name the characters onscreen. Two and a Half Men took a similar track when Dharma and Greg cameoed on their show. The idea is a matter of technicalities- the characters are functionally the same characters as on the other show but they're not named that way so "you can't say that for sure". The scenes were harmless, in that they did not tarnish the characters or even hit any notes we didn't know about them already. They were also in throwaway scenes unimportant to the plot- from a PR standpoint, FOX would look foolish suing CBS for using those characters. Of course, using Mulder and Scully is an interesting choice given that CBS has a slew of FBI types they could have called upon- this was, after all, the network of The Mentalist and NUMB3ERs, as well as CSI. Why not bring back Patrick Jane or Charlie Epps or Jim Brass or someone else from CBS' vault and see how they're doing? I was a fan of many of CBS' procedurals back in the day and I'm sure I'm not alone...why couldn't CBS throw us a callback? The rogue thing made me think of all those times Hotch or Emily said, "there's no shame in not being in this one." Never has someone said, "I'm out" and I understand why- though these conditions would provide the perfect opportunity. I mean, wouldn't these guys care at all about their careers? Forget Barnes- the rest of the FBI will care that the BAU are a bunch of agents who only follow orders when it's convenient for them. Those aren't the kind of workers that stay employed or get promoted.