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  1. S03. E05. The Missing Piece

    Why did no one ask about scratches on the real doctor's skin? If there was dna under the dead guy's fingernails I thought maybe there could have been scratched skin on Dr Harper.
  2. S10 E03

    Loved the boards. I'd order some for xmas gifts or wedding gifts but I'd rather wait til the siblings' site is showing some to sell if theirs is $50 vs Amazon 's $119. What gives? The other thing---why is the board an inch thick? That is really heavy duty. Not sure if needs to be but maybe it has to accommodate the mechanism attachment. I have a heavy, thick Boos board & it's a beast.
  3. I got married in 1972 in a Catholic church but I'm non practicing. But the Clearys are ahead of me by what 20 years? Should be easy enough to keep up. Someone in the first episode thread mentioned "take a chill pill" sounding wrong. I have to agree. My parents would never have bought High C (nor would my husband& I) to accompany meals. It was always milk. While it was fun to see a can that needed a church key to open it, it seemed an odd drink choice. thanks for starting this thread.
  4. S07.E04: This Isn't Charity

    The bar woman used to work at med. She's Rhodes's RL wife. I can't remember what she did on med.
  5. S01.E04: Crossfire

    I did like how the show portrayed sitting Shiva. I'm going by an old memory tho--i thought mirrors were to be draped in black. The drapings last night appeared to be tan.
  6. S1:E01 Pilot

    Any explanation as to why 'all right' is misspelled?
  7. Her jewelry reminds me so much of the judge on the Australian bake off show. So much in fact that I thought they were one and the same. But the Aussie judge is so obsequious & i couldn't figure out how she grew a spine before joining Paul here on GBBO. So I had to do some digging & found out that Prue is not Maggie (the Aussie judge). Duh on me.
  8. S01.E01: Pilot

    Except N F doesn't look anywhere near 40. What is the point? Get an actor who does would be my choice.
  9. S09.E08: Danish Week

    Man I so agree and I was so sadly geared up to say goodbye to Rahul. I was shocked he was saved Loved the shirts!
  10. S2: E4 Tough Titmouse

    Poor Dr Glassman really wanted to continue with his delusion. I've had medical delusions & enjoyed them (but I knew they were delusions & just rolled with them).
  11. S02.E04: Awful People

    Can that really happen? That was truly disturbing (but happened to such a deserving fellow). I thought funeral protesters had to be so many feet or yards away and were regulated on time or something too.
  12. S10 E01

    I can't imagine a paper straw. Huh? How does *that* work? i don't use straws & refuse them--who knew I was ahead of my time? Ha!
  13. S10 E02

    Omg those poor dogs. Applesauce? Really? I can't imagine the weight of those glass jars. I do like applesauce once or twice a year with pork but I found the presenter's position about a $35 billion industry a bit off putting.
  14. I was born in 1955 in a big city and I never heard of or saw those savory sandwich cakes. But I'm in the U S. i hated Julia's yellow eye shadow, too.
  15. Clearly I don't get out much (+ I tell asleep during this episode). Was "S" cookie ever explained?