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  1. I will always see Samone's unfortunate name spelling& hear in my head "Sam One." Come on, parents , Simone is a perfectly lovely normally spelled name.
  2. First Giada has a yuge cleavage while at the same time Christian is sporting my dead grandpa's sweater. Why?
  3. i don't understand the foo foo fabric on a sandy beach either. The long train that would drag seems like a stupid choice.
  4. Omg, Tabitha's Beau colorblind shoe on page 2, smh. Wow. Ha, auto correct made color block into color blind above --I'm leaving it as it's hilarious and so on point!
  5. Can someone explain the Marlboro love too? Thx
  6. Urg, Bravo, you need to post something like FX does warning viewers that some content will disturb viewers. people on screen will be eating while petting animals. Disgusting.
  7. Yes! That's just too difficult to believe. But Pope wanting to clean it & save for Lena's use in 10 years was pretty squicky. Did he really think for a moment that she would want the vehicle her dad got shot in?
  8. The cake baked in hollowed out oranges? Genius. Must try as I love all things creamsicle. I'm a tad surprised they got enough orange flavor from the shell alone. I thought she was going to use the segments somehow in the came recipe.
  9. Yeah I was wondering why they bothered to peel the taters. That's a time waster. I use the Fox app & watch on my phone too. It's not bad.
  10. I think we are all gutted about poor Eric. Man what an awful burden.
  11. I'm just watching these episodes now on YouTube& they are great even tho i don't seem to know what 75% of the food is. I love Monica& how calm & friendly everyone seems. I have a ? about chef Tom from Macclesfield. He was missing some digits from his left hand. Was there some info on that that I missed? He appeared to not need extra time to compete but what do I know.
  12. I am of the age that should know of the children of God "religion" but I have never heard of it. Ugh & barf. How can so many adults think pedophilia is ok? Crikey my brain is boggled. I hope the survivors continue to help each other. as with Leah Remini's survivors of scientology, how do they afford such nice homes when it sounds like their formal education was so awful?
  13. My gaydar is usually on point but it must have been on vacation! I didn't pick up any notion of the dead woman being anything but Hannah's roommate. I do wish Joan would ditch the ties. Too frequent.
  14. Clever way of ferreting out the guilty party by the lack of the sense of smell. I had a student who had that disorder. He had to set his watch to remind himself to eat, drink etc. He was also lacking sense of taste. creepy Mike killing Hannah's roommate. Ugh
  15. I found HD's episode very interesting but wondered if she was unread or playing a bit of a part for the episode. "Who is this Blackbeard fellow? " And "Who is Robert the Bruce?" Yikes not that I know details about those 2 but she made it sound like that was her first time reading both names.