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  1. S08.E10: The Final

    That was hilarious --especially using kitchen items like whisks & beaters as microphones! [Sorry I just watched this season today]
  2. Tents, etc

    Hoping this works. I'm curious to chat about tent location and set up. Things like garbage disposal (doubtful), if there is hot water to the tents. The tents manage to hide all manner of electrical lines & plumbing.
  3. Yep I get cranky about their lack of space. The ovens seem too small (but I'm an American so what do I know), the work surface is too narrow from front to back & way too cluttered. It seems the bakers could benefit from a table behind them that was empty --- just for spreading out. I realize the tent would then be huge, but their work surfaces now are so messy. And each baker ought to have her/his own frig/freezer.
  4. S03.E10: The Final

    ^^ I didn't know that about the UK. I, too, thought I heard John's mention of a partner but figured I was wrong since I didn't see him tonight at the fete.
  5. S03.E10: The Final

    Brandon's partner seemed a lot younger than B. And B was wearing a ring but the fellow was a partner not husband. That's plus the whole chiffon cake story begged for more info.
  6. Wrecked Season 3 All Episode Discussion

    They weren't on Declan 's wall, we're they?
  7. Rabbit hole is right. I'm still waiting for someone here to guess what area Dr Lee is squeezing on some quite brown skin.
  8. Don't pay any attention to me. I was just yelling at the neighbor kids to get off my lawn. I found Robert Hoppy appear s to be 71 so just 4 years older than I am. Crikey
  9. Hoppy's parents *may* be 12 years older than me. I strenuously object to their being called 'elderly' and 'advanced aged.' Jeez. That's awful.
  10. Wrecked Season 3 All Episode Discussion

    So dumb question but where are the guys who were hunting in the first episode?
  11. Am I the only one watching this gem tonight? Dwayne & his cheery demeanor in offering to catch the arrows. Oh, Dwayne, never change you crazy pecker. Respectfuly, rhys
  12. Season One Talk: Making It!

    Was Jeff the only one to use outside help? I should have been paying better attention or something should have been explained better--like each contestant has access to a carpenter for x hours for example. I loved the dome.
  13. I'm watching older seasons of GBBO in my kindle and please don't be shocked, but I'm watching Dr Pimple Pooper on YouTube also. Anywho, I have diagnosed Paul with 2 or 3 cysts in his forehead& he needs to go see Dr Sandra Lee and get them removed. They are so distracting. This is what happens during super hot weather! Too much crazy tv watching.
  14. S03.E11: Jackpot

    the Codys live in the San Diego area so quite close to Mexico. i don't know why Pope isn't dead. There must be some reason. I, too, thought Smurf just said that just to get Pope back. Who wouldn't?
  15. Season 3 Discussion

    Man, she just vaporized didn't she? I was hoping Karl hadn't included any adult pix of Saben/Francois for Lana. She didn't need to know what he looked like now. Still don't understand why they killed her blind friend. Super cruel.