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  1. S02.E04: Other Women

    It doesn't matter that June didn't make vows. It's called basic human decency. You respect other people's marriages because you would want someone to respect yours, whether it's at its best or at it's worse. And, in turn, that means not sleeping with a married person and being a third party that either explicitly or implicitly champions the end of a marriage. If Gilead had not happened, I'm sure June and Luke's marriage would have gone through rough patches, as all marriages do. And if Luke cheated again (because when June's silly ass married him a job position opened up), I'm sure June's position wouldn't have been "Oh, the mistress is not to blame. She made no vows to me." June would have been furious and hurt at the mistress as well, rightly so. And I don't know why people also assume the man gets away scott-free. The men I know who cheated on their spouses had absolute hell to pay. It's just not publicly known because it happened behind closed doors. Or in albums. See, for example, Carter, Sean Corey.
  2. S10.E07: On an Island

    Color me unimpressed by Tinsley’s AB in Art History from Columbia too. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a big accomplishment on paper, but based on what I’ve seen of hyper privileged Tinsley, it’s less so. She picked a typical rich girl major at a school known for letting people from the right part of society in.
  3. S10.E06: Grief and Relief

    This. I spent a good chunk of my teens and twenties being envious of women who had fathers, and then husbands, who could completely bankroll their lifestyles so they could be carefree party girls and then ladies who lunch. And to be honest, I’m a touch envious now, but I know it’s important for a woman to be able to provide herself. A man isn’t a plan, after all. But these women? Are a cautionary tale if there ever was one. Their downfalls, both emotionally and financially, are very very sad to watch.
  4. S22.E11: Week 10

    He did. It sounds like Arie may have been contacting Lauren in a non-platonic way before breaking up with Becca. Becca mentioned that he was liking Lauren’s photos on Instagram and there are reports that he called Lauren (to confirm she would still be there) before dumping his fiancé. The Instagram photos could be innocuous, but when you consider she was a very recent ex and Arie apparently goes back to her, it doesn’t look like dump then pursue. It looks like pursue then dump. Of course, I’ll happily take my words back if tonight’s show demonstrates that Lauren had no contact with the guy until after Becca and him broke up.
  5. S22.E11: Week 10

    To me, it doesn’t matter if he’s someone else’s boyfriend, fiancé, or husband (for 5 days or 5 years). They all mean he is unavailable. And depending on Lauren’s actions and statements (which I’m sure we will hear about tonight), her hands may not be clean. What’s that old saying? The Lord will never send you someone else’s husband (or boyfriend or fiancé). If Arie wanted her that bad, he should have ended the relationship and then pursued her.
  6. S22.E11: Week 10

    Arie did what many contestants do after this show is over: he had a change of heart and I can't blame him for that. But I'm with you 100%. I can't for the life of me figure out why they decided to film this. It makes me feel dirty. Also, Becca might be the most composed person ever. I have never been that graceful when being dumped!
  7. S22.E10: Week 9

    I only disagree because I feel like I've known a few Laurens in my life. Ironically, they too were thin and blonde. I remember meeting one woman and after speaking with her a few minutes, felt like I had hit a wall so to speak. She had shared as much as she could and there nothing there. It was like her eyes glazed over after exerting too much effort. I didn't think much of it until several other co-workers reported having the exact same feeling with this girl. And then another friend hit the nail on the head - this girl had never had to really develop a personality because she was so attractive and that had always been enough. Reserved women have gone on the Bachelor before, but they don't all come across like Lauren. I'm sure she's a perfectly nice person, but I do truly think she's gotten so used to be conventionally attractive that she never really had to compete on anything that was not looks (e.g., athletic talent, personality, book smarts).
  8. S22.E10: Week 9

    Watching Lauren's date. Who knew a woman who speaks so little could be so. high. maintenance. Lauren is EXHAUSTING.
  9. Something Unexpected: All Episodes Discussion

    I’m trying my best not to judge all six teens involved, but it’s real damn hard. I really do think the type of home and environment you grow up in matters a ton. Raised by one parent who works all the time and doesn’t really have time to supervise you? Being raised by a parent who is a child herself? Having parents who refuse to talk about sex? Running with a crowd where teen pregnancy is normal? Never taught any material level of self discipline let alone sex discipline? They all seem to up your risk factors. So many of these kids just seem so slow, though. :( I also watched TLC on demand which chronicles each girl’s story in a 9 minute vignette. While planning her baby shower, Lilly laments that everyone thinks shes a slut because she kept her baby. Not so fast. No one think shes a slut for carrying her baby to term. And I doubt most people would call her a slut for having sex with her teen boyfriend. What makes Lilly’s actions concerning is that she was having consistent, unprotected sex with someone she had just started dating. Hell, I know many married women in their 30s who have unprotected sex for the first time when they are tying to conceive. Also, am I the only one who side eyes a baby shower for a teen mom? I was always taught that showers were for the Mom. A community gathers to support the woman and welcome her to the Mom club. That’s why you generally get one with your first child. I don’t get the “celebrate the life of all my kids by showering me with multiple showers for each baby” mentality. So I don’t really get giving a teen a shower. I also don’t blame the parents of Lilly’s friends who don’t want their daughter attending. I wouldn’t want my daughter attending that event either. Years ago, a soon to be grandma on 16&Pregmant remarked to her daughter that there would be no shower as “this [you becoming a mom yiung] was not something to be celebrated.”
  10. The Bachelorette in the Media

    Because being beautiful and accomplished are neither necessary nor sufficient for finding a life partner. And that's before we even get into the fact, you know, that's she's a black woman. I'm not surprised *at all* Rachel had a tough time dating. But then again, I know plenty of Rachels and many can't find a partner either. ETA: I see a few folks already beat me to this.
  11. Yeah I didn't believe her story either on why she went to Peters's room. I think she wanted to see if he would change his mind and he wasn't budging. I know people keep giving her crap for going with her second choice, but is that really such a bad thing? Isn't that what people do all the time in real life dating? Find the person who likes you, who likes you back, is compatible in key ways, has the same long term goals (marriage, kids) and wants them on the same time table as you? I get that this is the Bachelor Universe so things are obviously different (and Rachel made some concerning comments about rings and engagements), but I'm not sure I object to cutting loose a man who is lukewarm about you. Of course, in real life this would have happened over the course of months/years and here it was like 12 hours, but my point still stands.
  12. Two snaps and a twist to @dirtypop90 and @ridethemaverick on this. Peter is a wolf in sheep's clothing. Peter is the worst kind of guy because he genuinely thinks he's a good guy. It's lost on him how deeply selfish and full of shit he is. He'll do just enough to keep the woman around, but send enough mixed messages that she stays confused. I do think a lot of Rachel's insecurities were at play with Peter - she was continuing to act out the dysfunction she had gone to therapy to stop.
  13. While I agree Rachel had some desperate moments last night (ugh) I do think a lot of her anger and frustration wasn't just about Peter: he represented a lot of the mistakes she had made in the past. I think she also realized upon watching the show that he wasn't really that into her and was angling for the Bachelor spot. Say what you will about Eric, but I think he was the best choice of the three. He really liked Rachel, made that clear/didn't send mixed messages, and was truly interested in marriage long term. I cant say Peter or Bryan satisfy all there requirements. Peter gets a 0/3 and Bryan gets 2/3.
  14. Eh. Agree and disagree. Likes tend to marry likes, but as a black woman, if Rachel limits herself to black men aged 27-35, who have a professional degree and not a single relative who has been caught up in the system/ever needed government assistance, she would *really* narrow her dating pool. And I say this as a black professional woman Rachel's age. In so many black families, folks are only one generation away from poverty and all the implications of living an impoverished life. The impression I get from Rachel's family is that they are like many black families - some folks have done very well for themselves and some folks are still very much struggling, much of this often happening in the same generation. Plus, I know many educated black men who come from very well to do families and they can be the hardest to date. Many are in limited supply, know it, and absolutely capitalize on it if you know what I mean. On Rachel being hard core after the ring: I think there's some truth in that, for sure. She's dating for marriage but seems to have confused that a bit with dating for a ring. But I also think Peter wasn't really into her and didn't have the gumption to simply admit it. So I see it less as she dumped him because she wanted a ring so badly, and more that she knew the risk for Peter to string her along before dumping her at 35 was *real*. I think in her heart, she knew dude wasn't that into her. Edited to note that dirtypop90 made the same point I was making about Rachel's family.
  15. Dear White People

    A little late to the party, but they were absolutely alluding to Alpha Kappa Alpha. (Note that the pink and green was accented with pearls.) Frankly, it was unfair for the show to stereotype this particular black sorority as superficial and status conscious. Explore colorism all you want but no need to stereotype them and ignore all the good it's done. Remember, this is the sorority that counts Rosa Parks, Mae Jamieson, Phylicia Rashaad, and Maya Angelou among its members. Obviously, I'm a member, so I'm biased.