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  1. Project Runway In the Media

    Vulture.com - Karlie Kloss and Christian Siriano Look Cut From Heidi and Tim Cloth in New Project Runway Promo
  2. S20.E11: Plastic

    And Ava was Willa Fitzgerald who played Feuerstein’s half-sister on Royal Pains. Awkward.
  3. S20.E06: Exile

    Does Lieutenant Benson not have any paperwork to do? I don't remember Captain Cragen or Lieutenant Van Buren out on cases as much as she is. Or course, neither Florek nor Merkerson are Executive Producers and both of them were on ensemble shows.
  4. S10.E05: Good Grief

    Nope. Made especially for this episode... https://ew.com/tv/2018/10/24/modern-family-death-good-grief-halloween-episode/2/
  5. TGABS in the Media

    What Happens When You Win a Cooking Show That Nobody Can Watch? Vallery Lomas is working to earn the reputation she should already have.
  6. TGABS in the Media

    ABC’s Great American Baking Show season 4 will have a new host and new judge
  7. S09.E06: Sandra

    The house is done...
  8. Did anyone else find the footage jumpy? I wasn’t sure if it was some sort of flaw in the telecast or something artsy they were trying.
  9. You didn’t miss it. I rewound the intros to check and he wasn’t there.