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  1. Here it is - So. This is me below. Racist $100,000 Pyramid Guy. Let me tell you the story about perhaps the most embarrassing moment of my life. #KillMe (Thread 1/13)
  2. Returning in January! http://www.thefutoncritic.com/news/2018/07/31/season-five-of-finding-your-roots-with-henry-louis-gates-jr-premieres-winter-2019-on-pbs-beginning-january-8-427313/20180731pbs01/
  3. I believe they are David Foster’s kids, a/k/a the future stepchildren of Katherine McPhee.
  4. Behind-the-scenes of the big Gordon Ramsay television shoot at Fetch Bistro
  5. Season Six All Episode Talk

    You mean Drew’s house, right? The profits did seem a little paltry - $20,000 total for charity. But I think all the furnishings from Wayfair end up getting donated to Habitat for Humanity Restore. At least they did in one of their seasons.
  6. I knew immediately John Wayne’s son was #2 when I heard his name. Ethan Wayne used to be an actor and about 30 years ago he was on the soap The Bold and the Beautiful as a character named Storm Logan. Not sure how proud I am that I remembered that. I was impressed that Ashley Graham correctly guessed that the Harlem Globetrotters people might be related.
  7. Here it is... http://forums.previously.tv/forum/2851-american-woman/
  8. They are still in North Carolina.
  9. That was Garrison Keillor. https://www.twincities.com/2017/12/11/garrison-keillor-pulled-from-pbss-finding-your-roots-series/
  10. The first episode of American Woman is On Demand on Spectrum/Time Warner right now. I watched it and it’s . . . . . not horrible. It’s watchable and mildly entertaining.
  11. Project Runway In the Media

    Here's an article the NBC lawsuit about the move from Bravo to Lifetime... NBC Goes to Court to Keep ‘Runway’
  12. https://www.tvinsider.com/689506/ask-matt-lucifer-cancellation-rise-designated-survivor/
  13. Project Runway In the Media

    They changed production companies when the show moved from Bravo to Lifetime - Magical Elves to Bunin-Murray. Magical Elves still produces Top Chef for Bravo.