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  1. This remains the greatest Christmas ad of all time. Just Kidding.
  2. I'm not a fan of Hobby Lobby, like at all. But I'll give them credit for making a holiday ad that made me, and will make you, feel ALL the feels.
  3. I was going to chime in to say that ad is just so awful and NOT bc it's overplayed....it's because the people in it should be loaded into a rocket and shot into the sun. Here it is in all its offensive glory. https://www.ispot.tv/ad/d0cU/2019-gmc-acadia-2018-holidays-one-for-you-one-for-me-t2
  4. S44.E05: Liev Schreiber / Lil Wayne

    Sure, that's what I meant: was it planned with Pete (i.e. they warned him) or not? I'm thinking they didn't. But if they did, he's a better actor than I gave him credit for. That looked like a real reaction.
  5. S44.E05: Liev Schreiber / Lil Wayne

    So, stupid question here....was the "Ariana Grande ringtone" bit planned in advance or was it a surprise? I always assumed most of the Weekend Update segments are scripted and planned to the hilt (except maybe when Leslie Jones "improvises"). But it really looked like Pete wasn't expecting that.
  6. Love Connection

    One thing that's nice about this show is that if the first date is awful but the last one goes really well, you "appreciate" the latter that much more. By the time Ahmed and Alyssa finished describing their date, I had forgotten all about Katie.
  7. Who is America?

    Good gracious, the Kingman segment. On one hand, I'd have sympathized with any community (like my own) that doesn't have a strong tie to the Muslim world objecting to a mosque that big. But on the other hand, you get the feeling the people in that room would have objected just as hard to something much smaller, like one Muslim immigrant moving to Kingman. So screw them.
  8. S15.E07: Top Ten Women 2018.07.23

    "This Is How We Do It". LOL. I'm glad Genessy got through. "Like Hennessy but with a G" as her Insta helpfully reminds us. (And with one less N). I'm also glad Magda got through, though that "just got out of bed" outfit was distracting.
  9. S13.E04: Auditions 4

    I'm not usually a fan of sob stories, which part of the trapeze artists' backstory was (the part about being on the road a lot and it being hard on their infant child). But if that was true, Simon's "this is what this show is about, helping people like you" comment annoyed the hell out of me, since it sounded more like "the show's wealthy judges and producers would like to throw you a few crumbs and have you fight for them for our amusement, in your case by doing a stunt that's dangerous for someone with vision problems."
  10. I'm really sad to hear about this too, not just because he made a lot of damn good TV, but that he's someone who gave a lot of people hope that you can overcome your demons. Not that said hope shouldn't stay alive, but to many, Bourdain was more than just a TV host. If you've read any of his books, there's some stuff in there that suggests those demons were never far away.
  11. S16.E01: Auditions

    Oh my. This was so bad. I liked the first few seasons of this show, but it's clear those days are gone and aren't ever coming back. This has totally stopped being about talent (I guess people who want are watching "The Voice"). Instead, it's become all about personality - as in obnoxious millennial over-the-top "personality" - and trying to get tweens to fall in love with a singer before, and regardless of, how they perform. Kentucky girl was the prime example. I did like Alyssa, who seemed like a throwback to the best Idol auditioners of the previous decade.
  12. If you thought the Diet Coke Mango ad was bad.....they've bottomed out with this one.
  13. S43.E03: Kumail Nanjiani / P!nk

    Kumail's monologue was similar to Aziz Ansari's in that it touched on some of the same themes - but even though Aziz appears to be far more popular, I thought Kumail's was much funnier and less annoying. I too hope to see Kumail again on SNL.
  14. S14.E05: Academy Week #1

    It appears to be the Valley Performing Arts Center on the campus of Cal State University - Northridge.
  15. I wish Moldova had won. The sax guy? The dancing? The brides? I floved the whole thing. (Yeah, I come from the school of thought that Eurovision is not to be taken seriously....) Honestly, I found myself wishing the music would cut out during the Portuguese guy's victory performance and switch to "Hey Mamma" instead, while the Moldovan bridal party "running manned" their way back on stage.