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  1. S07.E10: My Name Is Emiko Queen

    My GAWD this was a terrible episode. Seriously, was it written by a drunken 12-year-old? The writers seriously want us to believe that a DNA scan takes 15 seconds, then we find out Ollie has a sister, then Felicity tracks down a storage facility is the next 15 seconds and the first damn piece of paper Oliver picks up is a letter detailing his previously unknown sister? And Rene gets a random visit from her and then becomes her partner? And freaking Diaz? Seriously? And don’t even get me started on the makeup on Dinah and Rene - and the horrible fake tattoos on Diaz. And that cheesy ending with the new Arrow? I don’t want a new Arrow. I want Oliver. This season is just God awful - to the point that I cannot take it anymore. Off the DVR. Ugh.
  2. I was always a huge fan of Charlie and had forgotten her intro to the show. Loved all the nerd references, her tattoo (LOL) and her flirting with the guard. Perhaps she's a bit unbelievable, the computer hacker prodigy thing - but - people like this do exist in the world. I graduated college in 1993, really just as personal computers, the internet, etc. were bursting into our lives - this stuff just wasn't part of our daily lives. But, I had a friend who picked it up so fast - seriously - his brain just worked differently. He was a hacker and though I didn't understand most of what he said, I know he did some amazing things. I was always a big fan of Dick Roman. Great villain and I love the actor. Overall, an enjoyable episode for me!
  3. S08.E04: Bitten

    I didn't remember this episode even a tiny bit upon rewatch and now I realize why. can respect trying a new format and even trying to show Sam & Dean, along with the audience, the "other side" of monster-hood by seeing that not everyone asks for it or wants it. My primary issue is that I felt like either the writing, directing or acting (likely all 3) were complete crap. I also didn't find the story suspenseful, scary or even interesting. I didn't care even a little bit about any of the characters or what was happening to them. Why would anyone think we'd want to watch 3 young, unknown characters bicker and yell at each other for an hour? And, if we're supposed to believe this documentary, Blair Witch Project type camera work, how in the hell did they get all those shots? I know the kid was an aspiring film maker, but did he really stash that many cameras everywhere in his home? Could he really sneak around and film Sam & Dean so easily? If this whole story was unfolding over the course of days/weeks, how the hell did he edit it so quickly into a short film like this? If he had that many cameras filming all the time, it would take weeks to edit it down, wouldn't it? In the end, I don't know if I get the point of it all. I guess it's supposed to show a softening of Sam & Dean towards certain monsters and the idea they aren't all bad? Dean kills Amy, but then turns around and lets her kid go (which I still don't get). Then he was going to let his monster-spawn, Emma, go until Sam put an end to that. Here again, we see them both - together - allowing Kate to live because...why? She's cute and young and begs and cries better than than the other monsters? Blech.
  4. S07.E15: Repo Man

    Wow. Misogyny much? First we have a, “I smell menopause” joke about a woman who is not that old and then continual fat jokes about women. Seriously, Supernatural? I expect better from you. The episode pretty much sucked anyway and when I realized that the guy was evil and that the dog would die, I turned it off.
  5. S07.E04: Defending Your Life

    This episode felt out of left field for me. On rewatch, I didn't hate the episode, but I don't love it and I think it was mostly because no one really addressed why an Egyptian god would show up out of the blue. I get the various demons popping up, or even the increased activity of "Eve's evil creatures" like vampires, but an Egyptian god? Why? Osiris is a fascinating character, in general, but it felt totally out of place for me other than a vehicle to show us that Dean feels guilty about some of his choices. Even that felt too heavy-handed for me in a show, and character, that is best when nuanced and subtle and was especially so when Sam jumped in to defend him and act his lawyer. I don't mind MotW episodes filling in major arcs at all, sometimes it's a nice break - but in the end, this one was too heavy-handed and forced for me.
  6. I sincerely thought Christina Ramos was terrible - she looked great and loves me some Bohemian Rhapsody; but for me, it was awful. Perhaps it sounded better live? I dunno. I can't believe she made it through. For the life of me, I'll never understand the fascination with Courtney Hadwin. I closed my eyes while she performed so I could just concentrate on her voice and I cannot imagine sitting through an entire concert of that - or even a song or two. Impressed that her song was an original and I didn't find it terrible, but her whole schtick grates my nerves. I've never liked ventriloquists, but I still think Darci Lynn was better than Christina. And honest to God, I love Ashleigh & Sully and Piff. Methinks the Golden Buzzer isn't working in this format. I think they should be able to see all the acts, bring them out - then grant one a pass through to the end based on all the judges voting, and give one vote to the audience. But, whatever.
  7. S06.E15: The French Mistake

    Oh dear God, I love this episode so damn much. I was laughing so hard during the acting scenes...”Dean grimly” and Jared not knowing where to look or what to do with his hands. Misha tweeting. Otter adoption, alpacas in the backyard. Honestly, I cried I laughed so hard. I might have to rewatch this one - again!
  8. S01.E09: Rage Against the Machine

    I still don't understand WTF happened to Jerry Garcia Conner. Did the fishing boat capsize? He is dead? Enquiring minds want to know. Also, and I could be wrong because I didn't watch the original Roseanne a lot in the final seasons, but didn't Jackie have a son also?
  9. I do love Castiel. Another thing that disgruntles me is how great his character was when first introduced and what has become of him. Sure, he lives with humans now and some of that has rubbed off on him, but he was a pretty badass angel back in the day and had some truly funny moments when he just didn't get euphemism and slang speech. I guess that was one reason to keep all the angels vs. demons stuff in the show, to justify Castiel being there, but seems like we could completely do away with Lucifer vs. Heaven (or whatever it is now) and perhaps have Castiel show up for certain cases. I must say, I really miss Bobby. He had his issues and I know there is a certain camp that never liked him - but for me, he rang true. He wasn't perfect, didn't always say or do the perfect thing, but he loved Sam & Dean and he created a stability that I really miss. For me, killing Bobby is probably the biggest mistake the show has made.
  10. I had a week off from work and randomly decided to rewatch the series after seeing it pop up on my Netflix menu. For the past few years, the show has been somewhat of a "background show" for us - we have it on, but we aren't paying close attention to it and are probably playing video games on our iPads while it's on. But now, after rewatching the first 4.5 seasons, I'm disgruntled at what has become of this show. I had literally forgotten how much I loved this show the first couple seasons. I understand that shows have to develop and change over time, but I feel like we got this Angels vs. Demons stuff and it could've been a great story had it ever ended. But here we are, in S14 and we're still dealing with the same crap - the same adversary - the same stories - since S4. I am So.Over.Lucifer. I literally cheered out loud last season when they killed him and now he's somehow coming back? Seriously? Can we not be done with it? I think that's what I'm most bitter about - the complete meaninglessness of death on this show. It's funny I'd forgotten how many times Sam & Dean had died throughout the show - but I kind of understand since the show goes on and they are the two mains (though seriously, enough is enough). But bringing Mary back (UGH)? Bringing Bobby and Charlie back? Castiel has died multiple times and come back. Jack dies and comes back. What is the damn point? For the life of me I cannot understand why the show kills everyone off to begin with. So many fab characters were killed - John, Bobby, Charlie, Jo, Ellen, Pamela, Ash, Kevin, Crowley, Gabriel, Rowena...the list could go on - and I actually don't mind having them come back as ghosts, or flashbacks, or even in time-travel - but to have them come back as reincarnations of themselves just ticks me off. And the primary issue is the show cannot have any death that means anything, that creates drama or emotion, because we all know that everyone comes back. I just finished watching the episode when Jo & Ellen died and I cried a bit at the emotion in the scene. Now when someone dies I'm like, "Okay - how many episodes until they are back?" /sigh
  11. S05.E10: Abandon All Hope

    Since I'm rewatching the entire series, I am picking up on so many things that were lost to me after so many seasons. I have mixed emotions about this episode. First, I think this is the one of the few episodes that made me cry a bit. The moment when Ellen realized Jo had already died...the emotion in her voice, the relief of Jo not having to face the hellhounds or blow herself up - mixed with the agony of losing a child - it was too much for me. Samantha Ferris did a superb job in that scene. Couple that with losing two characters that I truly liked - it was emotional. However, I am invariably perplexed at why they thought the Colt could kill Lucifer. They knew the gun could kill all but five things in creation (I think it was their grandfather that told them this? I can't recall) - how could no one have said, "Ya know, Lucifer has to be one of those five things." AND - we now know that Ruby was working to free Lucifer the entire time and she was the one who made the bullets to get the Colt working again - so why would she have done that if it could hurt Lucifer in the end? For me, it was completely illogical and I was shocked that they still went forward with the plan and no one brought any of this up. And to lose the only two remaining regular female characters to such a lousy plan completely ticks me off.
  12. S03.E12: Jus In Bello

    Henriksen's death was such a waste of a great character. I liked him throughout and the reveal that the supernatural is real and his realization that Sam & Dean's work saved so many more lives than his as an FBI agent had "agent turned hunter" written all over it.
  13. S02.E13: Houses Of The Holy

    I am rewatching and this struck such a chord with me, as well. My husband and I literally had a conversation about a week ago and he asked me if I remembered the moment I’d lost faith in God - it was when my older sister was killed in a car accident and I had a very similar revelation. My heart kinda skipped a beat when Dean said that. I really liked Sam being so vulnerable and Dean resistant, only to have a tiny crack open in the end. Good stuff. My reaction to this wasn’t that he didn’t know this, but that in death things get distorted. Spirits don’t always remember, or don’t want to remember. A few episodes back we had a helpful spirit writing “Dana Shulps” over and over and they said often spirits get things jumbled and eventually figured out it was an anagram for something else. I felt like this priest was confused, thus why he would think he was an angel and he would be instructing humans to take vengeance on other humans - also not something a devout priest would ever do.
  14. Really disliked NotGreg and hate that the show is spending this much time on a new character with so few episodes left.
  15. S07.E08: Unmasked

    I am pretty sure the weirdest thing about Dinah is what is done to her hair every week. The hair and makeup crew working on her should be fired. And never work again. Or hold a blow dryer. Or a brush.