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  1. S02.E03: The Worst of Conditions

    oOooOOh. That's an interesting idea, I like it. They were pretty consistently calling him Havoc anytime they were on a mission, weren't they? Or are they calling him that now while not on missions? My only gripe with Blackburn is when they refer to him as "Lieutenant" - I actually called my brother-in-law who is ex-Navy and asked how a Lieutenant Commander should be addressed and he said as "Commander" - so I'm hoping they fix that goof.
  2. S02.E03: The Worst of Conditions

    OMG - that's where I know her from! I used to watch Homefront (as short lived as it was) when I was in college with some of my friends. We would all get together and discuss how Kyle Chandler looked in every episode (it was always good). When I saw her last night, it was such an itch in my brain not knowing from where I was remembering her! My family also suffered a loss due to a car accident many years ago when we lost my older sister. I thought they did a nice job showing the shock, grief, anger and sadness - and I absolutely loved that the team's response was immediate and absolute. Ray running to Jason, regardless of what was happening between them, made me happy - and even more happy when Jason broke down and admitted he was being such an ass to him. Even more happy (though it was sad) when it finally dawned on him that he took Alana for granted. I think people in exceptionally high-stress jobs such as this can become very self-absorbed - perhaps as a defense mechanism, but I think also because they feel like they are "saving the world" and everyone around them should cut them some slack because of it. Unfortunately, every relationship is 50/50 - it's not all about Alana, but it's also not all about Jason. I like that the show went there with her death. I don't feel like Alana was well-written or the relationship between them was well-played. It could've been very meaty and interesting, but ended up being a drag where she came off as naggy and whiney. I'm looking forward to seeing how Jason builds relationships with his children and what it means for the team. I mean, I can't imagine he'll never go back to the team since that is the primary focus of the show, but hopefully it'll humanize him without making him go nuts considering what he has to do each day at work. Overall, a great episode.
  3. S02.E02: Never Say Die

    I am not a fan of how they’ve portrayed Alana, but gotta speak up here to say there is no way to prepare yourself for being with someone who has a job like this. You can go into it accepting their job, being supportive, etc., but once you’re actually “in it” it’s a totally different ballgame. Part of me understands that she knew him “before” and fell in love with that guy - but when you’ve been through the training a SEAL goes through, get deployed, go on special missions and deal with not only having people trying to kill you, but also with killing other humans...that changes you. I think the writers were attempting to portray this, but IMO failed miserably. I saw Jason trying, I saw two people who really loved each other and I saw her always saying it wasn’t enough - which made me not understand or like her. I wasn’t married to a military man, but I spent 2 years with a guy who went from college ROTC (when I met him) to a fighter pilot who was deployed in the Middle East and in a war. I thought I was prepared for it, but I wasn’t and neither one of us could weather our new relationship. I imagine that would be multiplied by a million after marriage, kids and years between them.
  4. S01.E03: Every Last Minute

    I sincerely hate the Ocean’s Eleven jazzy caper music at the end and beginning of scenes. Freaking HATE it.
  5. S02.E02: Never Say Die

    I'm still not convinced Alana died, or will die, as a result of the accident. Still super annoyed that Jason is so upset about the Ray thing - and then gets even more angry when he realizes that Ray isn't putting is life and career on hold because Jason doesn't think he's repented enough. Honestly, I love Ray, but I think he should leave the team no matter what happens after the shitty way Jason has treated him. He keeps preaching about "trust" but how does doing this to Ray make him trust Jason? Can't believe Stella didn't speak up during that dinner when her father was being such a gigantic asshole?
  6. S01.E03:I Lie To My Kids

    Officially dropped this show from my DVR after this episode. Really intensely dislike the grandmother, not sure why Hollywood thinks it's funny to have overly critical parents - but they've made her too mean and too unlikeable. And the ridiculous change once she thinks her grandson is on the honor roll is just too illogical for me, even for a sit-com. I find all of unappealing and can't say I like anyone except for maybe the father and the daughter. The nerds in the office are annoying. She is annoying. The grandparents are annoying. Nope, not for me.
  7. S02.E01: Fracture 2018.10.03

    Jason shunning Ray is incredibly hypocritical given that he went back into action, what, the next freaking day after a massive concussion that he knew he was feeling after-effects from. So it was "okay" for him to go into combat with a traumatic brain injury because the end result was that no one got killed? Not liking that bit of drama at all. Let's have Mandy gone for every episode, permanently. She was the only character last season that was 100% unbelievable to me. Maybe it was the writing, or the directing, but I think it's just that I don't feel she's a good actress - or else that she doesn't have the moxie for this role. I don't quite understand Clay in the Bravo 2 position, either. I like the new guy, though. I'm glad Jason is moving out and finding his own place. I never liked the story of Alana breaking down and leaving him because she can no longer handle "the life" as it were. I get it, I was with a Navy fighter pilot for two years and it sucked never knowing - but given that they obviously still love one another, I'm finding it difficult to root for her at all. Finally, Sonny is breaking my heart. One of my mom's closest friends when I was younger married an ex-Navy SEAL (the only one I think I've ever known) who served in Vietnam. It was her 2nd marriage and his 3rd (they eventually divorced a few years later) and I always saw him as a lonely guy. Even when we were all together, having a cookout and with a lot of people, he was always isolated - apart from the rest of us. I just don't think he ever felt comfortable with life "on the outside" as he would call it. Glad that the show has a character like him, full of life when he's with his brothers but pretty lost when he's not.
  8. S02.E01: Under Pressure

    I'm not a fan of JLH and was disappointed she was cast for this show. But - I feel like the show kinda does need a 9-1-1 operator given that the show is named, "9-1-1" - no? Now, did it have to be her? No... Given my dislike of the actress, I was concerned I'd be overly distracted having her on the show, but after E1 I'm so far okay with it. I kind of liked the story of her arrival and also why she took the job and I like that she is Buck's sister so he won't try to sleep with her...
  9. Kidding All Episodes Talk

    How was she responsible? It was pretty clear from episode 1 that the light shorted and was green for her and the delivery truck that hit her. It would’ve been more the truck’s fault since he hit her and would’ve been the one that “could’ve” stopped. I can’t imagine any custody judge in the world who would take that into account. Second, I imagine he is too nice to consider taking Will from her. Third, he’s a tv show host and she appears to be a nurse - again, can’t see how any judge could hold that against her?
  10. Wikipedia now has Mel B, Simon, Howard Stern and Kelly Clarkson as judges with Mario Lopez and Sharon Osbourne hosting. That does not sound appealing.
  11. S02.E16: World Final

    Nope, not the only one. I loved him. I was disappointed in The Lab winning. For me, it would've been: 1) Michael 2) Charity & Andres (though I have to say I freaking love them, too) 3) The Lab 4) S-Rank. I felt like The Lab was good and fun, but worth a million bucks? No way.
  12. Amen! We weren't stunned in a good way when she came out with her "act" the first night, we both felt it was too rehearsed, too fake and not really that great. This is the first season we've ever watched and really had no clue how the judges would react and I have to say we were pretty shocked that they liked her. Shin Lim and Brian King Joseph - all the way!!!
  13. Pretty shocked that Makayla Phillips stayed and Front Pictures is out. What a crock. Her performance was really pretty awful. Da Republik is okay. Are the judges serious with this whole, "You are amazing! You are the best! You'd win any dance competition around!"? They were okay. Just okay. I personally do like Noah Guthrie and feel like he's actually talented. Glad Duo Transcend stayed in, they're cool to watch. Bummed that the Savitsky Cats are out. They were interesting. So glad Quin and Misha are out - other than her being 71, which is amazing, their dancing was pretty horrid. Ditto on Yumbo Dump, pretty stupid. I thought the Sacred Riana has gotten worse each time she's performed, and her most recent performance wasn't good. Not surprised she's out and wish she would've performed a better illusion to stay in. The rest was a big "Meh" for me. Side note: Tyra Banks is the absolute worst host of any competition TV show I've ever seen. Truly terrible.
  14. This is the first season I've watched this show, so I have to ask - is that how the voting/selection show typically works? If 7 were to go through, why did we have to do a last minute vote on 6, 7 and 8? That seems really odd. I have to agree with this completely - I actually said out loud, "What a douche!" when he said that - especially to two young ladies who are both good. I personally think Amanda is better because Courtney comes off as so incredibly inauthentic that I find it grating. But, whatever. I thought Vicki was funnier in her earlier round and was pretty atrocious on the live show. If we're going on that performance, no way she should've advanced. SO happy that Shin and We Three advanced and we don't have to see the spitters again. I really despised that act.
  15. My initial impression of Courtney was that she was too fake, that the shy girl thing who transforms into something else entirely on stage was an act. It felt forced and inauthentic and last night it felt even more-so. She's okay, but I don't understand the over-the-top reactions. Was also surprised at the reactions to Vicki, as I didn't think she was funny at all last night. I gotta believe that comedy is super hard, but if that's her A-game, I don't think she's good enough. Shin is my fave. Love him and can't believe that Simon told him to move away from cards. Kind of stupid since he's amazing. I also liked We Three, they seem sweet and I think their songs are catchy. I think there's some true talent there - singing, playing instruments and writing original material.