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  1. This is the first season I've watched this show, so I have to ask - is that how the voting/selection show typically works? If 7 were to go through, why did we have to do a last minute vote on 6, 7 and 8? That seems really odd. I have to agree with this completely - I actually said out loud, "What a douche!" when he said that - especially to two young ladies who are both good. I personally think Amanda is better because Courtney comes off as so incredibly inauthentic that I find it grating. But, whatever. I thought Vicki was funnier in her earlier round and was pretty atrocious on the live show. If we're going on that performance, no way she should've advanced. SO happy that Shin and We Three advanced and we don't have to see the spitters again. I really despised that act.
  2. My initial impression of Courtney was that she was too fake, that the shy girl thing who transforms into something else entirely on stage was an act. It felt forced and inauthentic and last night it felt even more-so. She's okay, but I don't understand the over-the-top reactions. Was also surprised at the reactions to Vicki, as I didn't think she was funny at all last night. I gotta believe that comedy is super hard, but if that's her A-game, I don't think she's good enough. Shin is my fave. Love him and can't believe that Simon told him to move away from cards. Kind of stupid since he's amazing. I also liked We Three, they seem sweet and I think their songs are catchy. I think there's some true talent there - singing, playing instruments and writing original material.
  3. S15.E10: Top Ten Perform

    I absolutely hate what the producers of SYTYCD have done when it comes to "assigning" dancers a style for the week. Wish they'd go back to the early seasons' format and draw a style randomly. Something with this show just isn't clicking with me anymore. Maybe I'm just getting too old...
  4. S02.E11: Duels 3

    I am not understanding why we have these categories for the dancers of "Upper" and "Junior" as well as "Upper team" and "Junior team" if there is only one prize in the end? Second, why do we have Jenna watching the acts and giving her advice when they clearly have already completed their choreography and aren't going to change anything based on her critique? So much time wasted on this show... Finally, I am not typically a fan of solo performances on this show - but Jaxon Willard is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.
  5. S02.E10: Duels 2 2018.08.01

    I was wondering WTF Jenna was wearing. Seriously, every single time I see her on this show I feel like they need to fire wardrobe. Everything looks too small, ill-fitted or plain ugly. I can't remember one outfit she has worn in 2 seasons that I thought was flattering on her...which is saying a lot considering she has a rockin' body.
  6. S06.E02: Sh*tstorm Coming

    Why the hell wouldn’t the investigators just ask the damn guards what happened and who the ring leader was? I don’t understand the point of Ruiz and Mendoza against each other when you’d just have to ask a guard what happened.
  7. S01.E10: Bedwomb

    It took me 3 days to get through this episode - I kept pausing and forgetting about it. Overall, I found it really boring and too unbelievable. Seriously, I felt like Plum left Calliope House and 2 seconds later she had made contact with Jennifer and was off to a secret location, inducted and living there. So what happened to her apartment? Her life? Then she's just...out and then back in? And I guess I missed what was going on with Leta? She was normal, and then... going crazy? And Kitty wants to align with Jennifer because she figures it will help her keep control? Huh? I'm certain I missed some stuff because I truly wasn't engaged. The first 8'ish episodes were interesting to me - as I've said before, I don't mind vigilante / revenge justice stories - but this shift in the last 2 episodes was too jarring and out of left field for me. Like they had too much to wrap up so they crammed it all in.
  8. The showboating bothers me sometimes - not when it's sincere joy about getting through an obstacle, but as you mention, the stopping between obstacles to show off is annoying. And the heart sign thing is overdone everywhere - if the producers cut that out, that's fine by me! You have to expect a certain amount of campiness from ANW - but I think pretty soon they are going to run out of ninja-names. It's the weather-ninja, the cardiac-ninja, the princess-ninja and the cowboy-ninja!! Haven't they run out of names yet? Pretty soon we're going to have "the tall ninja" and "the blonde ninja!" lol
  9. S10.E09: Miami City Finals

    Possum Kingdom, SC, y'all! :)
  10. Totally agree. We could've had two more women and two more men just by cutting out the last two dumb episodes. I enjoy seeing the auditions and Academy week, but I'd rather cut out a couple audition episodes to have more competitors in the end. It seriously broke my heart tonight seeing Dustin get so excited when Nigel was talking to him, thinking he made it, only to see his entire expression change when he realized it was a no.
  11. S01.E08: Rad Fatties

    I must admit, I am a bit taken aback at the attitudes towards Plum at the moment. I think the point (at least one of them) is that she is immature/stunted about certain things in life (like pretty much everyone on the planet about something). She has no idea why any man would find her attractive/be interested in her and so she trusted the wrong guy. Age is irrelevant when you've felt unlovable, ugly, fat, etc. your entire life. Smart? No - of course not - but realistic? Yes, I'm afraid so. And yeah, her rant at the beginning was just that - a rant. She's finally starting to feel a little powerful, a little confident, a little normal. She feels marginalized, right or wrong, by men. Again, I see an intelligent woman who has felt silenced because of how she looks for so long that she's become accustomed to being quiet, not having an opinion - basically, being invisible. For the first time, she is starting to feel free from all that bullshit - but clearly feels the bullshit came directly from men. I fear she'll only go further down that path after the assault. I'm also not embarrassed at all by her rant - I'm embarrassed that anyone in 2018 still blames the woman for getting herself raped instead of putting 100 fucking percent of the blame where it belongs - on the assailant.
  12. S06.E19 Doug 2018.06.27

    Dear Show. Please stop doing 2-hour long episodes featuring only one person. Especially when that person is kinda boring. Thank you. P.S. Can you please send Doug a copy of the tape so he can watch it and hear that Dr Now didn't call him a failure, he said he was failing at weight loss surgery. P.P.S. Also please let Ashley know that I think she kicks ass.
  13. That was painful. I totally disagree with people who say James and Lisa are delusional - they know exactly what they are doing. I don't believe in the concept of "lying to oneself" - we all know the truth, we just don't want to admit it publicly. We all know what we eat. We all know when we're doing something terrible to our bodies (unless we have giant corporations telling us "it's okay" like with tobacco, sugar, etc.). These two know what they are doing and simply don't want to admit it on camera and in front of Dr Now because they are broke and want the show's money. Plain and simple. James doesn't want to stop eating. It's that simple. He can cry and whine all he wants about getting healthy, losing weight, blah blah blah - but he would rather consume 30,000 calories per day. Honest to God - how does someone even eat 30,000 calories in one day? I had to rewind that twice to make sure I heard what Dr Now was saying correctly. I'm sure he'll be dead soon and it seems that's what they both want. They are using the show to alleviate his symptoms, not save his life. Cynthia was a whole different kind of frustrating. The words, "I have to stop the program because I need to concentrate on my kids right now" doesn't even make sense. This isn't a program, this is your life now. This is what your lifestyle should be forever. To say you're happy at 350 lbs is mind-boggling. You might be able to get around better than at 600+ but you're not really healthier. You're still morbidly obese and you're still stealing years of your life from your children. Can't we just have more updates from Diana? :(
  14. S01.E03: Y Not

    I would think Joy Nash is around 300 lbs. In fact, I just did a quick search and found an article on Newsweek stating she was 293 lbs. She's doing a kick ass job with this role, IMO and I fully buy her struggles. Around 8 years ago, I lost a lot of weight and I was shocked at how differently people treated me before and after. At 5'6, when I was 230 lbs, I was invisible - as hard as I tried, people (particularly men) didn't want to look me in the eye, smile or say hello. Now, at 140'ish, the world is so much friendlier (literally, everywhere). I never got harassed like in this show, but I was in NYC last year on a business trip and went out to lunch with an overweight coworker - she's a little shorter than me and built much like Joy Nash, so probably around 300'ish. She was put together, in work clothing, hair and makeup done and she's quite pretty - and guess what? We walked by some construction (I assume) workers eating lunch and she got full-on harassed. One even called her a "big blue elephant" (she was wearing a blue dress) and one guy made pig noises. I was pissed, but she insisted we ignore it. I followed her lead and didn't bring it up, as she obviously didn't want to talk about it. All that aside, I'm digging the show. I've not read the books, but I find it intriguing and I like that they're portraying it a "bit out there" - it keeps the vigilante justice in line with other comic book / superhero shows I like (Jessica Jones, Daredevil, Arrow, etc.).
  15. I felt like he did this because he recognized her extreme emotional immaturity and needed her to really prove she could stick with it. It was jarring for me to see someone who is visibly an adult, but who literally acts & speaks like an impulsive 9-year-old. The carrying on about being left alone, you know, to be an adult - was pissing me off. But, I guess if you've had everyone around you treating you as such, that's how you'll be. Still seething about the POS Michael. Hopefully we'll never have to see him again on this show. Good for Roni - can only wish her the best.