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  1. S01.E03: Y Not 2018.06.11

    I would think Joy Nash is around 300 lbs. In fact, I just did a quick search and found an article on Newsweek stating she was 293 lbs. She's doing a kick ass job with this role, IMO and I fully buy her struggles. Around 8 years ago, I lost a lot of weight and I was shocked at how differently people treated me before and after. At 5'6, when I was 230 lbs, I was invisible - as hard as I tried, people (particularly men) didn't want to look me in the eye, smile or say hello. Now, at 140'ish, the world is so much friendlier (literally, everywhere). I never got harassed like in this show, but I was in NYC last year on a business trip and went out to lunch with an overweight coworker - she's a little shorter than me and built much like Joy Nash, so probably around 300'ish. She was put together, in work clothing, hair and makeup done and she's quite pretty - and guess what? We walked by some construction (I assume) workers eating lunch and she got full-on harassed. One even called her a "big blue elephant" (she was wearing a blue dress) and one guy made pig noises. I was pissed, but she insisted we ignore it. I followed her lead and didn't bring it up, as she obviously didn't want to talk about it. All that aside, I'm digging the show. I've not read the books, but I find it intriguing and I like that they're portraying it a "bit out there" - it keeps the vigilante justice in line with other comic book / superhero shows I like (Jessica Jones, Daredevil, Arrow, etc.).
  2. I felt like he did this because he recognized her extreme emotional immaturity and needed her to really prove she could stick with it. It was jarring for me to see someone who is visibly an adult, but who literally acts & speaks like an impulsive 9-year-old. The carrying on about being left alone, you know, to be an adult - was pissing me off. But, I guess if you've had everyone around you treating you as such, that's how you'll be. Still seething about the POS Michael. Hopefully we'll never have to see him again on this show. Good for Roni - can only wish her the best.
  3. S06.E19: Diana & Ashley R 2018.06.06

    This. Honestly, there is no way on God's green earth that a woman who is 400-500 lbs is "eating almost nothing" and not losing weight. Exercise is very important - for fitness. For blood flow, for muscle development and retention, for bone strength, brain health and for heart health, etc. Of course, muscle uses more calories than fat - but so many people believe it's way more than it actually is and it makes me chuckle when I read some weight loss post about "muscle weighing more than fat" so you shouldn't worry if you're not losing. Fitness is about having a body that functions well and by nature, will burn calories more efficiently. If you're eating 4,000 calories per day, you'd have to train like Michael Phelps to overcome all the crap you consume. Furthermore, I'm guessing she isn't eating 4,000+ calories worth of broccoli and spinach - which makes it all even worse because you aren't giving your body nutrients, only calories. You are not "working hard" because you do a 30 minute exercise video. I felt for her at one point because I know, for her, the 30 minute video is working hard - but then got immediately ticked off at the family dinner scene when mom was making excuse after excuse for her. You don't have to be confrontational and a jerk, but a little tough love should definitely be on their menu.
  4. S06.E19: Diana & Ashley R 2018.06.06

    I could not love Diana more if I tried. Not just her, but her family and friends. How refreshing and wonderful to see someone who "gets it" (maybe her age had something to do with that?) and additionally see a loving, supportive family behind her. No enabling, no excuses, just love and support. Man. I just loved her entire story and wish I could write her a fan letter. :) I'm trying to forget Ashley's entire portion because she was the exact opposite and it pisses me off. I only want to bask in the loveliness that is Diana...
  5. I have zero issues with male, female, transgendered, drag queen, gay, straight or whatever - I just want to see fabulous dancing and that performance was not.
  6. I've never been a fan of tap, but the dance-off with Twitch was fab! No idea how/why the drag queen got through. That was not good.
  7. 9-1-1 in the Media

    Same. I didn't seriously watch the show, but liked Britton, Krause and Bassett and would've given S2 a try to see how they worked out the loss of Britton. I have no desire to see Hewitt in anything.
  8. Jason should NOT be a judge on this show, he should be the host. How the hell they can justify Jason as a judge with Scott Conant as the host is just beyond me. He’s making the show intolerable to watch.
  9. S06.E17: Kandi & Brandi

    To be fair, she never said they did or did not use protection. My assumption is that she didn't, but who the hell knows - maybe she did and it broke or wasn't put on correctly. I had this awful feeling when she was talking about "dating" it really meant something dumb like Tinder hookups. That said, I've been married since 1997 and been with this man since 1995, so I have zero clues about internet dating. But aren't there some that are purely for sex/hookups? I hate to say it, but I imagine a woman who had repeated issues with sexual abuse as a child, who didn't care enough about herself that she was 600 lbs and is only now starting to take care of herself might have some screwed up ideas about sex, dating and self esteem. I'm not condoning it, but from a psychological standpoint, it makes a lot of sense. I can only hope that as the twins continue waking up to being healthier and happier that they also develop some sense of independence from one another. I kept thinking to myself as Kandi lamented about it "being too soon" to do things like not live together, date/not date, etc., - honestly, you're going on 30. When will it be time to be your own person? I wish them well. Glad to see people who take the process seriously and understand that they are responsible for their own bodies.
  10. S04.E23: Dream Home

    I didn't like the dramatic arc, but I did feel like they did a good job showing that Bow & Dre were trying to work through their various issues with the therapist in this episode. They even showed the multiple therapy scenes to convey progression and work over time. I gotta say, I disagree with people saying that tragedy only brings people back together temporarily. My husband and I separated in March 2001 and got back together two weeks after 9/11 we realized how quickly it could all be over. In the end, we wanted to be with each other - and we're now going on 21 years of marriage, so for me, it was a realistic portrayal. When you have two people who really love each other, I don't think it's a stretch for a tragedy to knock some sense back into the situation.
  11. S07.E12: Paean To The People

    My GAWD, that absolutely horrible story of Brett O'Keefe! WTH was that point of spending half the damn season on that crap? Every.Single.Time. he opened his mouth I wanted to scream. That was, literally, the worst "southern" accent I've ever heard. I have lived in North Carolina since the early 80s, went to high school and college here and have many friends from other southern states - and that sounded nothing like anything authentic. Truly the most grating fake accent ever, and what I personally thought was the dumbest storyline this show has ever produced. I have mixed feelings about the season and this episode - and I'm truly struggling to find much I liked about either. Saul. I always like him. Umm...since I watch The Americans, I liked Yevgeny - nice to see him in other roles (but I think Hollywood can do better than always making him a Russian spy). Max...always like Max. I didn't mind Keene - but the resignation at the end made me feel like the entire season was a complete waste. Finally, we have Carrie. I always viewed her as the very flawed heroine. This season, however, she crossed the line for me into being completely unlikeable. Her role in the entire plot made no sense - she has no job, isn't part of any government agency whatsoever, yet she somehow gets this deeply into this conspiracy as to get thrown into a Russian asylum for 7 months? Huh?
  12. S06.E23: Life Sentence

    I had to wait a few days to let the suckness of this episode dissipate a little before posting. I'm struggling to find anything about this that was interesting or that I liked. Honestly, killing off Quentin was no big deal for me. They ruined the character completely over the last few years so having him gone actually makes me happy. I'd rather have him dead than have him on-screen whining about not-Laurel, how he's a drunk, blah blah blah. And then they bring back Sarah and she doesn't even get to see him before he dies? Pure crap. Second, have Team Newbie "forgive" Oliver and rally by his side pisses me off. Get rid of them. The show takes away great characters, fun characters, cool characters - and they keep these people? They KEEP DIAZ!?! Get rid of Thea! Get rid of mummy-wrap guy (I can't remember his name, but I really liked him). Get rid of Moira. Get rid of Sarah. Get rid of Quentin. Even ROY - who wasn't my fave, but was likable - but keep Diaz, not-Laurel and Team Nub instead. Brilliant. Why does the show keep pushing this "turning over the Arrow identity to Diggle" crap? I hate it. Diggle is Diggle. He is not the Green Arrow. He shouldn't be and he shouldn't have been written as a petulant child complaining that Oliver "promised" and then took it back. And finally, the (pretty much only) redeeming quality about the show has been the relationship between Oliver and Felicity - but then they write this "twist" of Oliver turning himself in without discussing it with her first? Or even telling her after the fact to give her a heads up? Seriously? She has to find out when they come to take him away and they thought long-time viewers would be okay with that? Literally the reason she broke up with him was because he didn't trust her and didn't discuss stuff like this before just doing it. So, in effect, the writers have given me no reason to continue watching.
  13. S36.E12: A Giant Game of Bumper Cars

    To take out someone on Don and Wendell’s alliance, to shift power to a female alliance and to hopefully get Laurel and Donathan to join the female alliance. Laurel has proven time and time again that she won’t vote Wendell or Dom, so why not pick off one of their alliance to weaken them at least?
  14. S36.E12: A Giant Game of Bumper Cars

    I honestly don't know why the women didn't band together to get Sebastian out. First, the guy does absolutely nothing. Second, he snubbed every single woman last night - twice. Not only could he not stoop so low as to choose even one woman to go on the reward, but then he also gives his boys first choice to go to Ghost Island. Seriously? I understand Dom & Wendell are bigger threats - but had they banded together against Sebastian, I think they would've been successful. Would Laurel and Donathan care if Sebastian went home? It makes me sad every season to see that women seem incapable of alliances with one another. The men stick together, it's a boys club where women are typically fodder. Sometimes we have a woman who is truly "in" the boys club - but women on this show pretty much always turn against each other. They pick off the other women while the bigger threats go untouched. I don't get it. On a side note, I like Donathan, but he's not playing a very smart game. The cockiness last week when he used his idol and his arrogance again tonight after that ill-advised outburst...c'mon, man. Get it together.
  15. S04.E22: Collateral Damage

    I had such hope towards the middle of the episode, when Bow witnessed the argument/lack of communication between Zoe & Luka and then they had a "real" conversation about the kids not adjusting well and the admission that they do "have something special" while at the jeweler. I really liked that and it seemed like the first real "Bow & Dre moment" we've had in 3 episodes. I wanted to see them continue to act like adults, like people who had something amazing for 20+ years and to realize how much they really have...together. That would be real to me. And then it fell to pieces...in front of everyone. Ugh. On a high note - at least the dog made an appearance! I was wondering what happened to him!