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  1. I didn't say the most logical part of my brain came up with this little vignette; but even so, Picard has managed to meet the fabled Kirk. I'm sure if he had a mind to dash a hot cuppa into Reed's sour puss, he would find a way to make it so.
  2. Hee! Your post just conjured an image in my head: Capt. Picard goes to replicator in his Ready Room, orders "tea: Earl Grey, hot." Pitches it at Lieut. (j.g.) Reed. Walks away, muttering "... mad as pants!"
  3. I think the casting of the show was part of the problem, honestly. The writing may have been a bigger one, as it focused almost exclusively on Archer, T'Pol and Tucker, and everyone else was underdeveloped. Mayweather's just sort of ... there. Anthony Montgomery is likeable in the role, but is rather bland, and not given much to do. But Dominic Keating took a character that on paper was a dry, one-note nerd, and made him deeply and thoroughly unpleasant. Really, is there another character in the entire franchise so thin-skinned, insecure and downright bitchy? I'm still in the (endless) third season, and I begin to think having Lieutenant Reed as Security Chief is meant to be a pun. Were he and MACO Major Rex Van De Kamp supposed to have that much FoeYay? I kept waiting for them to kiss. Archer should have busted them both down to ensign for their schoolyard fighting (... -slash-sublimated sexytimes). ETA: As for T'Pol and Trip, I had the impression that Trip, though stung by T'Pol's "justalittleexperiment,'kthxbyee!", wasn't really fooled by it. I kind of enjoyed their each throwing the other's words back and forth, adolescent as it was; it was still preferable to watching Reed and Major Rex carrying on in "Harbinger."
  4. This would involve giving Sparkle an actual personality, as opposed to just the bland "niceness" he's usually consigned to. (Or at least owning up to the fact that Sparkle is actually kind of a dick -- or at least he used to be, but the show won't have that, either.) I'm pretty much FF'ing and sticking my fingers in my ears, on the third chorus of "Lalala lalalalala" where iEye Steve and Kayla are concerned. Ain't real. Nope. NO. Bonnie Lockhart, Human Dorito! Heeeeeheee. Wonderful.
  5. I see now plurie has answered. So, do we think Viv's still mostly dead?
  6. Is there one person -- ONE -- in this entire ferkakte town whose primary employment isn't maintaining the estate of their own self-pity? Really, Kristen's only the most enraging and foolish example -- but she's hardly alone. If I were a Salemite, I'd make "Shut Up, Bonehead Black" t-shirts, and have a little concession stand in Horton Square. (Of course, the back would have to read "You, Too, Julie! (God.)") And I think a couple of those holdouts might be dead.
  7. Incompetence? Dementia? DGAF-itis? Who can say?
  8. I don't think there were ever as many layers as you're giving the performance or the writing credit for.
  9. My people! Thank you. When Susan was hugging Will, I was making the exact face pictured above. (Forgive me -- I'm not only ranty, I'm behind -- I've been away.) Yeah, one of the strangest parts of Kristen's return the last time was how weird Jawn was about it -- like Marlena was the one who was overreacting. (Oh, and also the plan to prove what a bad fiancée Kristen was for his beloved son by sleeping with her himself. I mean, what could go wrong with a plan to betray your child for his own good?)
  10. Unpopular Opinions

    I think Hope's going about it in a stupid way, but I don't have any problem with her revulsion for Ben and her unwillingness to see him with Ciara. I'm sure he'll go back to being a (boring) murdering crazypants, anyway, so Hope will eventually be proven correct. (You think she's hard to live with now? Heh.) I agree that Kassie DePaiva is not Eve, and never will be -- but I still admire Kassie. My really UO? Not only do I hate* Kristen and all her various doppelgängers, I don't think Eileen Davidson is some kind of genius. All Kristen ever does is screech and whine, and Davidson's acting has degraded past past even parody over the years. I'm mostly embarrassed for her. The show needs to stop with any kind of dual role -- no more split personalities, evil twins, look-alikes, Bonnie Lockharts, etc. It's just tiresome. (*not the fun, love-to-hate way; I mean real visceral loathing.)
  11. Where's that Steve Carell shrieking "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! NO NO NO NO!" gif when I need it? God bless Stacy Haiduk for trying, but this show needs to get over its obsession with goddamned Kristen. The Susan character is a one-note joke -- she's a pure caricature, barely even human. And once again, fucking Kristen is going to eat the fucking show with her stupid histrionics. I hate this bullshit. GAHH.
  12. THIS. Oh, lord, this! You know, Ben may no longer be a raving bloodthirsty maniac, but if he were a decent person, if he truly cared about Ciara, he wouldn't put her in the middle between himself and Hope. I'm not saying Commissioner Fancy Face is good at her job, or anything, but BOllie is just using Ciara as a goad to get at her mother, while he sits back and watches, smirking like a dumbass, eatin' cereal. There's no reason for him to live with Ciara, as far as I can tell. Why does he have to come between her friends, too? They all make me sick. But there's nothing about Ben's that on the level -- including, I suspect, his "reform."
  13. S04.E08: Skyfire Cycle

    Also: "Halitosis Frodo."