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  1. All Season Talk: Knightfall

    Too bad Fimmel couldn't come play Landry. The guy who does goes from wooden, to looking like "why am I here", to looking like an unprepared person got shoved into a time machine and oh, where are we? lol. Damn that king reminds me of the puppet king from........help me out. I swear there is a Pixar movie King, maybe Mr. Rogers, he'll-was it Shrek? -or something that looks JUST like him.
  2. S03.E01: Valar Dohaeris

    Just getting into this show. Binge watching! Why don't people talk about season 3, I wonder?
  3. S04.E13: Two Journeys

    So, just to be sure-at the end, when Aslaug was carrying the sword horizontally, I got the impression she was going to concede the kingdom to Lagertha. I just can't see there NOT being a big fight between Aslaug & Lagertha, though. Did I miss something or misinterpret?
  4. S04.E12: The Vision

    Yeah, they do cuz Lagertha is coming for her!!! So excited. I must have complete silence in my home for this, lol! I want to relish every second. Blood eagle is too good for Asslog. Please do something worse to her Lagertha! Poor little Siggy baby. I also better see bjorn mad as hell about it at some point. I get it, though, that it HAS been years since they got back.
  5. S07.E06: Swear

    I guess Alana's boobs stole the show since they're a hot topic, lol. As a fellow heavy breasted woman, I salute! She may be nursing but anywhoooo doesn't this topic say a laawwwt about the writing and this episode?
  6. S07.E05: Go Getters

    Thank you so much. I guess they should have had Negan to explain it to us 3-4 times, back to back, like his "jokes", lol.
  7. S07.E05: Go Getters

    I think this season has dulled my "watching skills", lol. Kudos to everyone's posts. Such better writing here than on the show. I must have missed something important. I know FPP made a dummy grave and they're all hiding maggie. I just don't know WHY Maggie has to be hidden? I must have missed it. Surely, it isn't another oversight by the writers because I haven't seen anyone else ask.
  8. Why ARE dingleberries brown, Abraham?
  9. Tori & Company In The Media

    I agree. I saw an interview that may be linked here. It said randy limits Candy's gifting while tori encourages it!!
  10. Tori & Company In The Media

    So, this happened, SMDH. I couldn't afford to get my grandkids anything till this coming Thursday but THIS BISH doesn't have to pay. http://www.lipstickalley.com/showthread.php/969943-Tori-Spelling-42-gets-FREE-toys-for-her-children-this-Christmas-as-she-continues-to-suffer-from-financial-problems
  11. S11.E05: The Night Watch

    The only going I liked was when the new person (sorry) said she went on a diet last night and lost 185 lbs cuz she broke up with her boyfriend. That's all I got, lol.
  12. S06.E03: Thank You

    Yeah, Glenn wouldn't do that to anybody. He was the first at times to buck Rick if he thought Rick was being too harsh or forceful, IIRC.
  13. S06.E03: Thank You

    I just watched again. Guess I'm a glutton for punishment. Wasn't Glenn wearing the grey shirt? I watched without clutching my face and it did not look like Nicholas was on top of Glenn. Glenn wasn't screaming in quite the agony others being eaten have but it looked like he laid back in defea. So I'm abandoning hope. Now, I wanna know why Scott didn't do Glenn better than that. So many feels. Little sad, lotta wtf. ETA...just saw a post that it looked like Glenn was trying to crawl under the dumpster. I couldn't see anything like that and can't rewind. Dammit. I hope he did. What are everyone's thoughts on that after rematch get? If ya could and I get it if you chose not to.
  14. S06.E03: Thank You

    I also don't ever want to see the ACTOR who played Nicholas again. I hate what happened to Glenn.
  15. S06.E03: Thank You

    If only he had done that this time. Thanks Ghoulina. That's kinda what I took away from it, too. Not even sure why they would try to "flesh out" his character. Didn't need to see the actor droning on about his "methods" either. STFU dude. Also, why did Daryl leave Sasha 'n Red? I still don't know what the hell he was trying to accomplish. I agree with the earlier poster about fans threats and other nonsense ruining the character. THAT should have been the big fuck you to the audience. Not Glenn (if right and personally, I think it is), not like this. I think they're saving the Talking Dead appearance for when the baby is born, if Maggie is preggo. Ugh.