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  1. S01.E13 One to the Heart

    Oh clever. Tempt Sam to get her out of the picture so Eddie won't have her investigating for him, and then Eddie is convicted. It's okay though, because like the judge, Eddie will be be out before summer is over. Meanwhile Sam can do her movie and the supporting cast (who are actually quite good) can become the stars. I'm definitely in for another summer, but don't really care one way or another.
  2. Thanks for reminding me about Carter. I watched the first episode and it's as cheesy as expected. The dialog is terrible at times and the story can be amazingly silly, but gawl I loved it. Jerry O'Connell is so great, the other cast very good. It's definitely a Castle knockoff, but maybe more light-hearted, if that's possible? I hate to say it, but I like it better than Take Two, mostly because O'Connell is such a great fit in his role. And the caretakers -- what a great idea.
  3. S01.E07 About Last Night

    Two words: Retina scan. Do you think a PI like Eddie would rely on keys? ;-). Besides, he can pick ANY lock, so there's that. Maybe I'm remembering things wrong, but I think they might have addressed all of your concerns with a basic "how the hell did that happen" hand wave. But I'm not sure. The second that you try and make some sense of this show, it falls to pieces. It's not for thinking, it's for sitting back and laughing. ;-). I wasn't as impressed with this episode. When they try and get this duo together, I cringe. I'm pretty sure the robot in the original Lost in Space seies had more chemistry with Will Robinson. This couple is even more robotic. And what would their couple name be? Saddie? ha-ha. See? Nothing about them as a couple works ;-). I'm rooting for each of them with somebody else. Where's Gina and Dr. Motorcycle Boy when you need them (Castle reference for those who don't know).
  4. S01.E06: The Devil You Know

    I agree on the lack of chemistry. The lead characters are way better as teasing friends. My only comment on this episode is that Sam in the leather didn't look like Olivia Newton John in Grease, she looked more like Marie Osmond, if she were in Grease. I was trying to figure out why Rachel Bilson looked so familiar, then last night while watching the ep I figured it out. Rachel could pass for an Osmond. I still love this show. The twists get a little silly and the actors aren't as charismatic as in Castle, but it's all fun. I'm in for the long haul. I hope it gets another summer.
  5. Smart move, in my opinion. Let the other shows' premiere chips fall where they may and then give people a new show to try.
  6. S01.E05: Death Becomes Him

    I'm not sure why Niall Matter is considered such a big deal. I've never even seen him before. From IMDB, it appears he does a lot of Hallmark Channel-type TV? I was sad when Seamus' character fell off the railing, thinking it was all we'd see of him. I respect him all the more as an actor after this, found it kind of amazing to see Todd's defeated, tired, stance, as opposed to Detective Ryan's energy. I was expecting a Ryan clone but wasn't reminded of him at all. Why doesn't Seamus get more character work? Maybe he doesn't want it? Another fluffy, entertaining episode. I'm still not feeling Sam and Eddie as a couple, though. Please, show, don't get them together. Moving Take Two to 8pm without any warning at all is not a good strategy, although could it be that ABC considers it a better lead in than The Gong Show? Expect the ratings to fall.
  7. Or even literally The Odd Couple where nobody is a cop, but everything else applies. Gosh, come to think of it, about every show I can think of uses that trope in some way. Of course, I never watch anything all that serious.
  8. +1. Nathan also teased about another project he's working on (a mysterious Uncharted project), so I think it's obvious that he doesn't want to be tied 18 hours/day to The Rookie, like he was to Castle. The only way he can make time for side projects is if The Rookie is an ensemble show. This is not Nash Bridges.
  9. S01.E04: Ex's and Oh's

    It was a cute and entertaining episode, although they really need to stop with the distracting Castle vibe background music because it gets tiresomely distracting when the actors aren't as strong. I think Cibrian's character and his cop friend have far more chemistry than Bilson and Cibrian. I honestly don't care if the PI pair get together, and in reality, would rather that they didn't. Their budding feelings for each other are far too thrown together and forced. I almost wish they were a brother/sister duo, which would introduce comedy of familiarity, rather than no-chemistry forced LOOOOVE. I don't know..
  10. S01.E02: The Smoking Gun

    I also thought it was a strong episode. My one negative was the closet scene. Both actors did everything the director told them to do, and may have included even a bit of their own improv, but there was no chemistry, not even a slight spark. I put the blame for that more on Cibrian than on Bilson. He is so wooden sometimes (and I'm not talking about that gun ;-) ). Of course, I may be biased. I thought the case was kind of fun although the convolutions went on for too long. We need some back stories, people. I like the supporting cast and I hope Milmar have learned their lesson on relying too much on the leads and will give the side players more interesting things to do. As long as the story lines stay this entertaining, I'm in for the summer.
  11. S01.E01: Pilot

    I can't speak for everyone, only for myself. I didn't think it was bad, just that it wasn't nearly as good as Castle and that the difference falls squarely on the actors. I think it's a cute show, which is what Castle likely would have been if Cibrian and Bilson had been cast. It's light fare, amusing, but nothing to write home about..
  12. S01.E01: Pilot

    Don't forget that it's cheap. I'm guessing that making a Castle copy wherein you hire the same people who could now do the exact Castle work in their sleep is really cheap. They clearly copied and pasted on the music, at least. I am so glad they did this exercise. I can't think of time when a more scientific experiment was done by a major network to show what a difference actors make. Unfortunately, I suspect the point for MilMar was to prove that they were the key people responsible for Castle's success and a show with different actors would still be as successful. Ooops to them. Maybe they truly will "respect the process" now ;-).
  13. S01.E01: Pilot

    Oh I agree. It was more that the "they're trying to turn it into Castle PI!" fandom horror scenario I mentioned in my post would be about Nathan playing the role, so I had to compare Eddie to Nathan. Nathan would do the straight-laced role very well. His facial expressions are beautifully subtle while staying meaningful and natural and he would bring some depth to the task....although it would be a total waste of him. My spouse thinks the show is cute and "no worse than Castle." And he is a Firefly fan. So maybe I'm just being too critical because we're missing our favorite actors. The ratings weren't that bad for a summer show. It's certainly not a breakout hit but it's keeping up with the Jones'es.
  14. S01.E01: Pilot

    Is music director Robert Duncan really that one-note? (pardon the pun) The background music was so Castle-like for me that the whole sense of the show was that someone took an empty Castle container and placed two new actors inside. What a mistake to copy Castle music so closely. Also, the irony was not lost on me that in the end, MilMar were the instigators of "Castle PI," the arch nemesis of some of the fandom. Unfortunately Eddie Cibrian is no Nathan Fillion. But it's a good enough show for multitasking TV watching and I'll more than likely get some productive quilting time for at least an hour a week this summer.
  15. I am definitely mentally counting down for this show. I either watch it or massive reruns of Family Feud. I have already memorized Steve Harvey's spiel, know what a good answer is, and just can't do the FF anymore. Broadcast TV is already a barren wasteland, with summer more barrenier and waste-landier. Bring it on. It can't come soon enough.