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  1. S01.E08: Time of Death

    They worried that we'd think they were writing Fillion off, wanted to reassure us that he was going to make it. (just kidding)
  2. Yayyy, so it looks like Carter will be filming in North Bay again, meaning another season. https://www.mynorthbaynow.com/36345/jerry-oconnell-and-north-bay-headed-for-a-spring-fling/
  3. S01.E07: The Ride Along

    Sorry, I forgot that in some people's worlds, parents pay for college. ;-).
  4. S01.E07: The Ride Along

    Nah, I think they're writing Nolan off. Sorry Nathan, the ratings weren't good enough. They had to cut back ;-). (Just kidding. It's a silly story line for certain. Utter lack of creativity.) I know! The arrest will lead to jail time and a prison trope where Nolan and Bradford's wife will become a thing. I was thrilled with Bradford for avoiding being stupid. From all the "Bradford is stupid" posts elsewhere, I was expecting FBI surveillance to catch him leaving the scene and they'd arrest him. Maybe if they had, it would set him straight. Hopefully wife will go to jail and be out of the picture for awhile. The son was adorable. I'm glad Nolan had a good story to tell him, while secretly realizing that the director-guy shouldn't be idolized at all. In reality, Henry should be lamenting losing his room-mate because schools don't let you have that second half of the room for free! This was an entertaining episode of the dessert after dinner feel that I really enjoy.
  5. S01.E07: The Ride Along

    Funky shades! That's my job! (see my avatar). As I understand it, Kaydence is actually a real life MakeAWish child whose wish is to be an actress. And of course, she's playing a MakeAWish kid whose wish is to be a cop. Pretty cool. Here's an article about Kaydence: https://www.wtok.com/content/news/Meridian-girl-gets-Make-A-Wish-come-true-501801621.html
  6. S01.E05: The Roundup

    Did the guy in TR die or did they somehow get him to the hospital? If Tudyk were cast and lived, it would be like Wash Groundhog Day, only this time he survives. Cathartic. And hilarious.
  7. I hate watching live TV, so I read the Tweets later too. Don't worry, I'm not a Nielsen family.
  8. S01.E05: The Roundup

    But you know the impaling was a symbolic Wash. Too bad they didn't use Tudyk for the part.
  9. S01.E07: The Ride Along

    I saw the Jan 8 date on Futon Critic as well, with no episode name asociated. I assumed those all were just estimates for now. ABC has not yet formally announced their winter schedule. I hold out hope that TR will get a better lead-in or an earlier time.
  10. S01.E07: The Ride Along

    Regarding the January 8 return, I didn't think ABC had formally announced their winter schedule. Does PreviouslyTV have access to uber-secret information?
  11. I agree with you. Yes, and he's dumped Twitter pretty much altogether. I don't blame him at all. I see very little need to go there myself. BTW, he did live tweet the first episode of The Rookie, the 10PM PST airing on the West coast. I assume it was after he arrived home from the show promos. I remember when people complained that he didn't tweet about Castle enough. It's just not his MO. And as much as Twitter users like to think Twitter buzz matters, in reality it's hardly a blip on the radar of TV viewership. Most people don't have the time for it.
  12. Lots of back room dealing and corporate politics goes on and only the flies (on the wall) can guess how corporate renewal is determined, in these days of ratings dregs. I don't have any idea where the cancellation floor is anymore at ABC, because so many shows are tied for last place. I think which of the scrap pile they choose depends on if they want to go a drama or comedy direction. I think they tried to do more unscripted TV this year, which turned out to be a disaster, so I'll be surprised if they haven't ruled that out as an emphasis at least. Regarding The Rooke, as anemic as the ratings might seem, the show is performing better than most ABC shows in "the death timeslot" in recent years. This is according to reputable analysis sites, not ABC PR. Thus, I would hazard a guess that so far it's strong enough for renewal. Of course, we'll have to see what spring brings. The interesting delayed start and then delayed winter finish might bring in a few viewers who are hungry for something other than repeats and holiday shows, and those folks might stay on. I root and hope for The Rookie out of habit and other personal reasons, not because I think it's great television, because for me it isn't. I saw that Hawley is doing some sort of mentoring seminar for budding showrunners, and all I could think is I hope like hell that they don't follow any of HIS advice or they're doomed ;-) -- or maybe WE'RE doomed ;-). How many ABC buried bodies does Hawley know about, that they hire him back time and again?
  13. ol' Nate always lands on his feet. But I think he's more likely to try and do something main stream, while filling in the blanks with what you've described. He unapologetically is loved by "your mom" as he calls it and will want to try and find "her" in his entertainment channels.
  14. S01.E06: The Hawke

    And it was flirty. I think they'll end up together. And by the time it happens, we'll all clap for it.
  15. So I'm thinking Nolan should start a romance with the captain. And because their love would cause work issues, maybe he'd quit the force. The couple could move to NYC where she'd become a detective....and, and, let's see, he'd win the lottery and move into a medium-rise loft. And his son -- who turns out to actually be a daughter (super reveal!) -- would happen to have red hair and blue eyes -- and would live with him.... and his outrageous, red headed, mother would also move in. And maybe he'd write books about crime, starring his love interest, the detective. And he'd write under a pseudonym...hmmmm....let's see...maybe Richard something! That's it! So I'm pretty sure I've figured out the end game, and such an original one at that. ;-). Still patting myself on the back for this non-derivative concept. What do you think?