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  1. S06.E07: The 1-3-2

    The Boston accents, yikes. The bartender trying her best for that accent and then she says the word aunt like "ant". NO. It's "ahhhnt". You will never hear a Bostonian say "my Ant Abby". How did someone not catch that? It was grating.
  2. S07.E28: Modern Families

    People with mental illness, whether they have children or not, need to go into the hospital whenever they have breakthrough symptoms and can't function. I have a relative with a serious mental illness and three children. When she is hospitalized we step up and help. Just like if anyone is hospitalized with an illness. It's tough enough having a mental illness vs any other illness because of ignorance. People think if you could only step up! Be strong! Just ignore those voices in your head! Etc. I think it bothers people because she goes out of state and to what they consider "luxury" hospitals as opposed to the local shit hole that everyone else gets stuck at. I don't admire Tyler for not putting on a happy family facade, why would he? He loves looking like he's taking care of everyone and everything and if it wasn't for him everyone would fall apart. He's made this his whole life as a choice. He chose not to get a higher education or a trade. He chose not to work. He chose not to be part of the bigger world, to get away from the family problems at least for a few hours a day. If he was a decent guy he would stop whining. He just got a little luckier in the genetic dice throw. He didn't get the addiction gene like his sister or the depression gene like Cate did. He actually repulses me. And what is he doing about that child's speech defect if he's so wonderful?
  3. S07.E28: Modern Families

    When someone is mentally ill then rehab and counseling is their whole life. That's not unusual. I don't know anything but what I've seen on TV but it appears that she has pretty debilitating depression and anxiety. As for "Ty" being a good father, he probably is. I would assume he's fine and there doesn't seem to be any issues with neglect or abuse by either of them. But I don't get the "admiration" for him. He's an idiot and poor Cate is basically simple. In my opinion neither have done anything for a person to admire or hate them. They are both what you'd expect based on their upbringing.
  4. S11. E14. What Are You Crayon About?

    Chris being pushed out shows it’s not always the top four at the end.
  5. S07.E28: Modern Families

    Maybe I'm not paying as much attention but I thought Cate was going to mental health facilities. Where else did she go and for how long? He's a grifter, the worst kind, the kind who takes advantage of their own children. It looks like Tyler's family is trying to get as much of Cate and Tyler's money as they can whether it's free housing or free rehab. Pure trash.
  6. S11. E14. What Are You Crayon About?

    I think precision would start with being able to identify the animal right away. Amanda's was the only one that could have been one of several animals. I thought it looked like a cute dog. With the other precision including the fur coloring and details I thought Amanda's was just as bad as the other bottom two. That was an easy elimination. I agree re Chris. I really liked Chris' tattoos and I think Chris was pretty equal with Teej. Teej had no problem pushing for Chris' elimination, obviously threatened. I disagree re Amanda. I think hers was the worst one because it was way too generic and the person will forever hear "what animal is that?".
  7. S07.E28: Modern Families

    I just can't get how Tyler has it so tough that he needs to "decompress". He cares for his 2 year old and works on his house. He doesn't have an outside job. He marriage might not work so he takes part in having another baby. He's as trashy as his whole family plus he's a whiner.
  8. S07.E28: Modern Families

    Butch looks good right now because he’s in a rehab. Wait until he’s on his own for a couple of months. And that flashback reminded me of the abusive hellhole Cate lived in courtesy of Butch and her mother. Butch has nothing to teach anyone. If he did his daughter wouldn’t be the useless piece of shit she is. Good of her to apologize for destroying her rent free house! Did she offer to clean and repair it?
  9. S07.E28: Modern Families

    Cate didn't get pregnant alone. What does he need to "decrompress" about? His wife has severe mental health issues and he has cared for his only child on his own a lot. Big deal. His trashy family is full of freeloading drug addicts but he's got to be used to that already. He doesn't work and he seems to be home all the time just puttering around. I don't buy it for a minute that the pregnancy was an accident on his part. He is stupid but he does understand that sex leads to pregnancy.
  10. S11.E09: Thanksgiving and Taking

    It is sad. Some of their kids have married American citizens and their spouses have to worry that any day the government could eliminate the DACA program and their spouse will be kicked out of the country. There are no other options for people who have entered illegally, even if it was 25 years ago and they have been model citizens.
  11. S11.E09: Thanksgiving and Taking

    I was too. Never in a million years would I think a cheesy sitcom would make me cry. It's probably because I know families with DACA children and their parents work 2-3 jobs and can never truly relax and enjoy life. Amnesty already.
  12. S11. E13. Who's Got the Power?

    I can see that. But the judges always have the same critiques. It's not readable from here. The colors are blending it. If I was a contestant I would study the judges comments over the years and see what they love and what they hate. The good thing about this show is the judges have been the same every season. You can get to know what they like and don't. The new one is for the tattoos to look like stickers. Color saturation!
  13. Why do people fuss over celebrity kids? That's a homely child.
  14. S07.E27: I Choose You

    It sounds like maybe Cate is getting too much therapy and not doing much else. She's using therapy words to describe her life because that's the only place she ever goes. And Tyler is no better. He needs to get a job and get out of the house. If he had his own life he wouldn't be sitting around pitying himself that he's surrounded by fucked up people. Get a job or education, cut your sister out of your life, stop talking to your trashy mother and focus on your wife and child. They are equally impaired.
  15. S11. E13. Who's Got the Power?

    I fast forward through a lot of the talk too but this week I was too lazy to. It appeared to me that they didn't think Chris was "enthusiastic" enough and appreciative or something. They didn't think he was giving it everything he had. That he complained too much. It was bullshit. The editing did show him finishing an hour early as if everyone else always picks at the tattoo until forced to stop.