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  1. I think he would! Bobby was for the little guy or girl. That, and he was all for the proper treatment of mothers! :-P Those mommy issues...
  2. "The Consoler" is on. And I still wish the ending Eames line of "He's baaaaack!" in the observation room with Captain Hannah was left in after Goren got Johnny to crack. Also liked the original beginning with all the cops there welcoming both back. (Supposed to be the first episode originally.)
  3. Join me! Always can use the company!
  4. Yeah, the Marfan's patient. I remember that. And Kerry was such a bitch, trying to foist all of the blame on Chen and Malucci there. I believe this was also the beginning of the end for the latter, as Malucci was fired not long after [being caught having sex in an ambulance, if I recall, and...no], and I still recall he said some sort of gay slur to Kerry as he was cleaning out his locker. That whole thing...yikes.
  5. And not to defend that, but - as trite as it sounds - times were different then. Is blackmailing for sex gross? Yep. But look at that decade, bodice-ripping romances where no meant yes were all the rage. Then there was the piece de la resistance soap-wise with Laura marrying her rapist, Luke, on General Hospital that got close to 30 million viewers. The mindset was a lot different which meant a lot of the stuff that was acceptable back then would be rightfully looked at with a much more critical eye now.
  6. Maybe Jason didn't owe Robin an apology over Opie Opus [though I personally think he did], but he definitely needed to apologize to Robin just for the blatant disrespect he showed her as the one he supposedly loved, all while he still messed around with Carly, knowing Carly disliked Robin and being well aware that he knew Carly wanted him for herself (though Lord knows why). And, no, I don't buy the "brain damage made Jason not know it was wrong!" crap. He knew; he just wanted his cake and to eat it, too.
  7. Kerry (that's how TV Guide always spelled it, so I'll go with it!) was always a bitch. Laura Innes played her to perfection, though. She was such a 180 from the sitcom, Wings, where she played Lowell's over-sexed ex-wife, Bunny! LOL! I, too, was sorry to see Susan leave in S3. I get that Sherry Stringfield was burnt out, but I really did like her character. And while I was glad to see her return, the later writers had no idea who she was (she would have NEVER just called Abby "nurse" in her first episode back and would have asked her name, for one thing!) and just seemed to make her either a party gal or bitch in charge (I doubt Susan of Old would have wanted to be ER head).
  8. Like I said, Mulrooney did it. He was after Eames, and for that alone, I knew Goren would go at him hard. And since he was trying to ruin Eames' life - because he was crooked and wrecked his own career - I had no issues with her mocking his weak, whiny psychotic ass.
  9. These are marshmallow peeps, popular in the US at Easter. (Again: Gross! My opinion.)
  10. My food confession is nothing unusual, per se, except in terms of popularity, but I hate peeps. HATE. Fresh, stale, doesn't matter. Gross. Ditto jelly beans. An all chocolate Easter with some eggs - I do love boiled eggs - is my ideal way to celebrate the holiday!
  11. Maybe a Writers' Strike would be for the best. It would get Passanante/Altman out, even briefly. If it ends up doing GH in... Well, in terms of the soap legacy, I'd hate to see another casualty in theory, but this show is so bad now that I'm not sure it can dig itself out any longer.
  12. As far as that picture goes, as Meat Loaf once sang, "Two out of three ain't bad." Brooklyn is growing up so fast!
  13. Oh, she was a bitch. But then I'm used to that from this actress elsewhere, so... :-) She must be typecast. LOL! I did like, when Bobby first jumped on that counter to check the sprinkler, how Eames was so blasé about it. "Oh, he does this all the time..."
  14. I liked both of the scenes you mentioned, too. Goren seemed inordinately happy about "The Flying Helicopter" wrestling move. Also liked the scene where Alex pretended to need help with grabbing something from a high shelf at the pharmacy before she and Goren arrested that kid for stealing some of the medication. Just the way he was grabbed, thrown down, and cuffed just seemed like bing, bang, boom there. But I did like the way he and Eames seemed to tread lightly with the widower, as I said. I will say the guy at that nursing home stealing medicine may have been wrong in the legal sense, but as Alex said, it wasn't immoral. Just too bad that batch of medication just caused more harm.