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  1. I could see the actor that plays Griffin leaving. Originally, I take it - doctor wise - he was supposed to fill the void left by JT/Patrick. But he has gotten practically nothing, save for a flirtation with Ava (based upon what I read here). I do recall some commercial hinting at being a spoiler for Liz and SERIAL KILLER!, but again, nothing. Maybe the actor has had enough, so he may be the eye candy exit. The other? No idea.
  2. Really? I loved it. I really did. Shrug. S8 was handled poorly and I think it was to service Carter/Abby (UGH), but I always liked Susan and Carter's friendship. I guess that old saying really is true, of "one's trash is another's treasure". ETA: Unless you strictly mean the S8 flirtation? In that case, that seemed to be a popular opinion, hence their split!
  3. Actually, it's Sylvie Brett, but yeah. LOL!
  4. "Rocket Man" is now airing on WE. Decent episode. And while the case does seem elite enough for Major Case with the NSA (NASA euphemism, no doubt), even if the murder was in NYC, wouldn't this be a federal case since astronauts are involved, etc.? Oh, well.
  5. Please let Morgan still be DEAD. As a doornail. Please?!
  6. Damn, I'm old!
  7. All I can figure is the budget must be on a shoe string if even day player techs/whatever are getting killed.
  8. The more I read about SJP, the lower my estimation.
  9. Maybe the switch was due to today being a holiday? I know many channels have marathons and such and alter the usual schedules, etc.
  10. Corey Taylor, lead singer of both Slipknot and Stone Sour, also did an acoustic cover of "Wicked Game" that I really like:
  11. @Bastet, do you have Hulu? You can watch there now.
  12. Just coming to post this. Wow, 46 is too damned young.
  13. Sam blaming Alexis for...well, anything...is so 2006. I'll forever hate Alexis' immortal words to Ric all those years ago: "When I was 16..." Thank God Hulu has now acquired the rights to all 15 seasons of ER! I know which hospital show I'll be watching.
  14. Should have known everyone would have heard about Hulu. This is cool!