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  1. Yeah. Drake is no Olivier, but he had charm and could generate chemistry with many love interests or even women floated as love interests. (Remember that blonde shrink, Whitney Something? Or that woman Rebecca that popped up not long after Isabella died?) I think he even did manage fans of John with Kate, at one point. I remember some tangling amongst John/Marlena and John/Kate fans. And on soaps, one who can generate chemistry is an asset. Perhaps that helped Drake's standing over the years.
  2. I can't agree with this part in the context given (that John suppressed feelings for Marlena so moved on with Isabella). John loved Marlena, sure. But there's no convincing me that he wasn't in love with Isabella. She even left John to allow him to go back to Marlena and was hesitant when the "other" Roman came back and complicated things. But John was happy about the baby and was more than happy to marry and build a life with Isabella. (I loved the pregnancy reveal scene in Chichen Itza.) I do recall Marlena being all weepy in Mexico and hiding it, seeing them every now and then. And even if I don't like Marlena, I'll concede she was in a tough spot but respected John's feelings. I think, as far as dynamics went, once Marlena and Roman came back, that poor Original Roman thought he'd get Marlena and his family back as he still loved Marlena. But while Marlena loved Roman still, she was in love with John but felt guilty about it with Original Roman back, so maybe she was trying to recapture her passionate love for Roman, to no avail. John, though...I think that old corny song "Torn Between Two Lovers" applied here. As I said, he loved both Isabella and Marlena. But, to his credit, once he chose, he didn't act all regretful. He loved his wife and baby. And I have heard all the writers' plans about John and Marlena and an affair even if Isabella was on canvas, but John and Isabella also had a nice-sized fan base, so I don't think one can know how all would have shaken out even if Staci Greason had stayed. But Isabella died. And I think once John got over her loss, then he still had his feelings he had put away come back, and well...we know the rest. In short, I think Marlena had more emotional baggage since she had long fallen out of passionate love with Roman while John's new relationship was still in play.
  3. To be fair, Julie and Doug were paired first. Doug went for Addie after they split, or so says everything I have ever read. (I was born in 1972, so the Doug/Julie stuff was before my time in terms of watching soaps.) Julie can be cloying and annoying, but I agree that she and Doug were extremely popular, going so far, as was said, to be on the cover of a non-soap, high-profile magazine in the form of Time well before Luke and Laura were a "thing". IMO, part of the problem with SSH/Julie now is that Ms. Hayes seems to still favor the exaggerated "AHCTING!" style that soaps used to be known for and hasn't adapted well to a lower-key approach. Just a theory. But love or hate her, Ms. Hayes has earned her part as a legacy character on this show. And as Tom and Alice are gone, Julie seems to have assumed the de facto matriarch role from grandma Alice.
  4. This all (two Carlys, Jasons) smells of desperation to me. I think if ratings don't rise, maybe cancellation is on the table. There's only so low ratings can go before the sets consist of a lightbulb and chair due to no budget. And since this is the last ABC soap and there are only four in total, anyway...
  5. I liked Jack McCoy, don't get me wrong. But I would think he'd be retired by now or out of office or whatever. Maybe this episode will touch upon that.
  6. Looks like Jack McCoy will be paying a visit!
  7. Sarah Brown failed in a new role. So, yeah, let's fail again with ANOTHER ex-Carly! Why, Lord? Whhhhhhhhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyy?!?!
  8. If I recall correctly, Roman and Billie also had a "thing" after Bo dumped her. And before (I think?) he married Kate. So Roman has had a few eeeewww moments himself, at least since Josh Taylor assumed the role. And it's kind of depressing, if you think about it, that Josh Taylor (!) has now had the role of Roman longer than either Wayne Northrop or Drake Hogestyn! That is just so very wrong to me.
  9. To be fair (and I hate defending Frank, so...!), I believe Londyn had a part on Y&R before this, so it may not be charity here. (At least that's what I read since I don't watch Y&R.)
  10. It has been again, as of August 28th, at 2:00 p.m. ET on Mondays through Fridays. (The weekend airing from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. ET on Saturday evenings is still going on.)
  11. Ah, right. Almost forgot tonight starts CI on ION late nights during the week for the night owls. Odd to start at episode 3 of S7 in this case, but okay. (So now WE, USA, and ION show the show in late night.)
  12. It's awesome, isn't it?
  13. All I think of here is, "How can I write for someone who DOESN'T HAVE A HEAD?!"
  14. If Nik returns, it'll be a recast since Tyler Christopher now has a job at Days. But I don't see that, anyway.
  15. I didn't know this! But good for Ms. Nicholson. This will either be good - or a total train wreck, IMO.