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  1. No, but the New York State Museum is in Albany. Would have been better off saying the curator is from there. Hee. I did like it when Jerry Orbach/Lennie once mispronounced my hometown in an episode, though.
  2. If anyone needs an additional Jerry Orbach fix, on November 22nd on the Heroes & Icons channel, a season 6 episode of Hunter titled "Son and Heir" from 1990, will be shown at 2:00 p.m. ET, in which he plays a father of a cop - and a mobster.
  3. The rhythm guitarist - and brother of fellow bandmate, Angus Young - has died. He was 64. It does not clarify how, but he was diagnosed with dementia in 2014. Not a huge fan, but I did like "You Shook Me [All Night Long]", "It's A Long Way To The Top [If You Wanna Rock & Roll]", and a few other songs. May he RIP.
  4. WE is showing "Art". The episode where a curator from a Troy, NY museum is killed. I live near the real Troy. And yeah...no. :-P College town, some bars, restaurants. But we dissected this before. Still makes me laugh, though. And VDO's German (or facsimile thereof) sounded a lot better than his trying to speak Chinese in Daredevil. A for effort, though, I guess!
  5. I thought someone once said how, during breaks, that Martin and Orbach (both having a Broadway background) would sing show tunes. It seemed like everyone loved Jerry. I may not think much of Rey Curtis, but I recall when Benjamin Bratt came back when the show was ending and had his cameo with Van Buren, discussing his dead wife and Lennie. And it was clear that both Bratt and Merkerson's warm thoughts about Lennie were basically a cover for Orbach, himself. Also recall reading about some event Elisabeth Rohm went to ages ago and she was asked about working with Jerry Orbach. As the article went, she basically covered her heart and just said, "Oh, Jerry..." So it's clear the man was very well liked by his co-workers and, based on other things I had recalled reading, the real NYPD, too!
  6. Ah, but as the board leader has said, not how it works. But I'm flattered. That said, the other mods are all awesome, so there won't be any issues, anyway. Just basic respect and all will work out as it should.
  7. I don't think a forum has even been requested as of yet. If anyone wants to, this is the forum to do so. (You must have three thread titles, at minimum.)
  8. Well, the creator/producer of E!'s The Royals was just suspended and it said he worked prior at One Tree Hill. Also in the article is a mention about Sophia Bush backing prior abuse claims on the OTH set under this guy. So maybe her tweet was about either show - or both.
  9. I think the only way a new iteration of this series can work is if no "get" names are cast. And go back to the two-sides kind of storytelling that all three fictional series did well at. Because falling for a certain "big" actor is, as was seen, a danger, and can become a showpiece for the actor rather than tell a coherent story.
  10. And the US home for Absentia is officially...Amazon.
  11. Hmm. This is a valid question. The show was never specified. And there was the whole matter of Bush marrying and divorcing a co-star and still having to work there. So really, who knows?
  12. Well, if this is as cut and dried as it sounds, I wonder where Dick Wolf himself fits in here. The man has had a whole other franchise and it seems like this would be something Ms. Bush would take to him and/or NBC. Wolf would have had to have known of issues. And if he didn't do anything...why?
  13. WE is now airing the beginning of S4. Between wacky Nelda Carson in the premiere, "Semi-Detached" (airing now), Spencer Farnell in "The Posthumous Collection" (airing next), and John Tagman in "Want" (airing later), looking at these together, S4 started off rather creepily, didn't it?
  14. Date's in the very title. :-) 11/29.
  15. Not that I wanted Briscoe to ruin his life again, but I'd buy that would have been the catalyst to drive Lennie back to the bottle, more than any execution in "Aftershock". But then, I really didn't like that episode, anyway, so...