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  1. No, that was Lisa Vidal as Sandy Lopez.
  2. If anyone still watches the show on WE, a heads up: While it is remaining all day and night on Tuesdays, starting on Wednesday, March 28th, it's back, sharing the day with CI, which runs 'til 5:00 p.m. ET, and then the Mothership is on the rest of the evening. I don't know what happened with Madam Secretary, but it was on a mere two weeks before WE reinstated the Mothership/CI.
  3. AMC Actors: Where Are They Now?

    Darnell Williams is currently in an old Hunter episode from 1988, on the Heroes & Icons channel now (Saturday, 3/17).
  4. S19.E16: Dare

    I see what you did there. :-)
  5. S19.E16: Dare

    I get what you're saying, but I don't see Hargitay's influence being curtailed. So I can't see how the show can turn around if that isn't. To bring this back to the show, thanks to @sugarplum for the post about real organ donation procedure! Who says PTV isn't educational? :-)
  6. Don't know if it is just WE being its usual mercurial self as far as scheduling goes, if Madam Secretary is bombing, or if it is an error, but as of next Wednesday, the 21st of March, L&O: CI is back (continuing S1 on Wednesdays with S9 on Thursdays - odd, but okay) on both Wednesdays and Thursdays. If so, Madam Secretary lasted there a mere two weeks. Yikes.
  7. S19.E16: Dare

    If gross misrepresentation and no basis of reality is what the franchise has been reduced to (and I realize it was tweaked before, but come on now), time to pull the freaking plug, since it sounds like neither the writers, EP, or even the cast gives a damn anymore. But that's just me.
  8. F.B.I. in the Media

    Ex-Rookie Blue actress Missy Peregrym is also joining the cast.
  9. S19.E16: Dare

    I guess this is one of the lesser offenses here as motivation for why X or Y unit investigates has always been sort of fluid on both SVU and CI, but why was organ harvesting considered a case for SVU? Whatever the case, this is like the third or fourth time the franchise has tackled this. I guess organ donation (or doing it unwillingly a la TV) is still a big issue.
  10. I can buy this. Dirty politics, power. It fits.
  11. The Best of Days

    I loved the RoJohn (to John)/Isabella love story and "loved" (as that sounds weird/sick) her death and how respectful to the couple it was. Made all the more poignant because - no small feat on this show unless an actor really dies - Isabella remained dead. Loved Hope returning as Gina as well as Peter Reckell's return as Bo during that storyline. It then made sense for "his" Bo to return to Hope, whereas RKK didn't have that much spark with KA. As cheesy as it was, I liked the Cruise of Deception. (Minus the whole Hope "dying" in a cage bit...) I remember, at that time, thinking Julie/Victor were going to hook up. Victor must like Horton women, blood or otherwise. Oh, and I loved everything about the Chichen Itza remote/story. From Bo/Carly's (I loved Round 1, hated Round 2 of them, BTW!) Mayan "unofficial" wedding to Bo proclaiming John was still his brother along with Roman (which makes Shawn/Belle still eeeewww to me; ditto Theresa/Brady), and Isabella telling John she was pregnant. Didn't hurt that they were REALLY in Mexico and they had the gorgeous scenery! (It's one of the few arcs I'd kill to see again. Not likely with YT removing all kinds of soap-related videos. Sigh!)
  12. Are there any cops the higher ups did like? They didn't like Van Buren, Goren (who, while he had an odd style, did get the job done!), Logan... Seems the higher ups didn't like anyone, really!
  13. F.B.I. in the Media

    Ebonée Noel, late of Still Star-Crossed, has joined the cast.
  14. S19.E15: In Loco Parentis

    I don't care if he came to the unit after Olivia. Fin should be the head of SVU. He has the temperament that Benson lacks.
  15. The trouble with #5 is, NBC would never show it. This show already has one "lost" episode based on you-know-who.