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  1. As a former GH viewer, let me answer this: No. Wait. Make that Hell No.
  2. This. Dear Lord, this. As for supercouples, I do think that died out in the '80s/early '90s at the latest for all soaps. Sure, there are arguably "popular" pairings now, but just by virtue of soaps dying and audience numbers now a puddle instead of an ocean, I think the "supercouple" days have long since died.
  3. The Soap Opera Network site, in the spoiler section, shows a tweet with a pic of actors on a monitor while taping. And one looks like Matthew Ashford. (Some say it looks like John de Lancie/Eugene, but the prevailing thought is Jack.) Stupid that freaking Christmas is being taped now, but hey... Maybe Jack returns as an angel or something.
  4. Beautiful - Jennifer Paige
  5. Yes! I was just coming to post that. Once I saw his face, it immediately clicked. I never knew he was once involved with Melissa Leo (who would appear as the murderous, jealous bio-mother of Gaby Hoffman's character in Season 4's "The Good Child"). He and Leo also shared a kid together. Very prolific résumé for a "Hey, it's that guy!" actor. May Mr. Heard RIP.
  6. This is why I cannot recommend Hulu enough. All seven seasons UNCUT. It's great!
  7. Beautiful Day - U2 Beautiful Day - Saving Abel
  8. To use a TWoP callback: The, Sonny, The. (For the uninitiated? Die in German actually means "The".)
  9. Got a kick out of seeing the world's most incompetent defense lawyer, Stan (?) Shattenstein on the Mothership episode, "Thrill", on Sundance. I recall him from the CI episode, "Tomorrow", from S2 where he could barely string a sentence together. I either forgot or didn't know he also appeared here (and I saw this episode lots, so how I never connected this before now, I don't know!), still sounding just as clueless. (I know it's fiction, but how the hell did a character like him pass the Bar?!)
  10. Not with Sonny as the "victim". Saw this all before. YAWN.
  11. In the original release, yeah. But it was re-released a few years back by another company that, IIRC, cleared about 90%+ of the music used.
  12. After I wrote my initial post, I read that elsewhere. So, based on that and what @BetterButter posted, I guess they were close. Which makes this all the more eerie, tragic, and ironic. Age 41 is just too damned young to die.
  13. Today would have been Chris Cornell's 53rd birthday [no, not a stalker; it has been stated in connection to the tragic suicide of Chester Bennington of Linkin Park today, who was friends with Cornell and even sang "Hallelujah" at his funeral]. Hard to believe. Hope wherever he is that there is one heck of a birthday celebration going on...
  14. I see a female coming for one reason only: Waaaaaaaaaaaay back in 1990, when Law & Order premiered, it was an all-male cast. Which I had no issue with. But the network must have gotten some push back because after Season 3, Richard Brooks' Paul Robinette and Dann Florek's Captain Cragen were tossed and in came Jill Hennessy and S. Epatha Merkerson in Season 4. (I believe the original contracts for the show, as with most, was 5 years, so something had to happen.) But I guess there were no hard feelings since Brooks would pop up on L&O years later, having switched to a defense attorney (and also appeared on Chicago Justice), and Dann Florek's Cragen would move over to SVU as the precinct captain in '99, six years after leaving the Mothership. If L&O couldn't sustain an all-male cast, I don't think that will happen here, either, since both are Wolf shows and both air(ed) on NBC.
  15. While I only liked some select songs, this is just too sad. Apparently, Bennington was found dead today via hanging, per report. Ironically, today is Chris Cornell's birthday. I had read they were friends or friendly, so it makes for eerie irony. I hope Chester has found peace.