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  1. This is still so senseless to me. Any suicidal death is, of course. But this...was just so unexpected. Still, video of his final concert was posted on YT, and Cornell definitely seemed "off", with many commenting on the less than great performance unlike what he was by and large known for. If track marks were indeed found, that just amps up the senseless factor. Still, one cannot read what was going on in his head, so - being forever a recovering addict - maybe something ate at him. But the end tragedy still remains: Three kids are without a father and a wife is without her husband.
  2. God, Tony. Still hate him and have had an irrational bias against Jack Scalia since. (I did say it was irrational!) Hell, I had issues with Mark Harmon for years after Moonlighting, too. But I got over that because...well, it could get worse than Sam there.
  3. Martha Plimpton, besides SVU also had a memorable turn on the other spinoff, Criminal Intent as psychotic Jo Gage. She was also in the recently-cancelled The Real O'Neals on ABC.
  4. A lot of Broadway actors - and many, many NYC-based soap actors, too. On all 3 shows. But one such actor I remember, Benjamin Hendrickson, appeared all the way back in S2 in "Wages of Love" as the attorney for the ex-boyfriend of the female victim. Hendrickson played Hal Munson on As The World Turns for around two decades. He sadly committed suicide in 2006. I do also recall when L&O: LA was on that it tried doing the same for California-based soap actors. Saw a few. But of course, the show tanked (for good reason).
  5. "Siren Call" is on. And something I never noticed... Much as I like the scene of Bobby breaking the glass at Jason Raines' ad agency with G/E holding guns on Ray Wasneski, it seemed very unrealistic to me, even with his hand wrapped, that Bobby did not get one drop of blood on his makeshift bandage! I guess it would have made it hard to hold the gun then, but come on! Not to mention Goren later gets sucker punched by Raines and has nary a bruise to show for it!
  6. Michael Chernuchin has been involved in the L&O franchise prior by way of CI as one of its 5,000,000 producers. Hee. I think he has also been part of the Mothership. So I'm sure he knows all about the passion from the fandom. Which can only serve him well! :-P Good luck to him.
  7. Maybe it's bitterness or pettiness, or just channeling my teen years when the original movie was out, but I just left a one-star Amazon review for the upcoming DVD release - only to find another one-star rating, longer than mine, beat me to it. Hey! I did leave sound advice to purchase the original movie...
  8. Wait, what? I refuse to believe this exists! Not after last night. It will throw me over the edge! <Rocks back and forth, sucking thumb>
  9. Not exactly true! I was happy and joyful that this atrocity was over and done, hopefully to be forever wiped from the world's collective memory (see Twitter) as they run to Amazon to buy the original movie!
  10. I'm biased but...no, not one. But Twitter is giving me life right now. LOL!
  11. Abigail Breslin can play delicate sheltered flower okay here, but as a girl transitioning to a sexual woman, not so much. And this guy playing Johnny is sooooo zzzzzzzzzzz.
  12. The Twitter reactions are BRUTAL. A silver lining. Hee.
  13. Yeah, I can't do this anymore. The lake scene...the remade song...this whole thing is awful.
  14. Not that she was "old", by any means, but Cynthia Rhodes was 30 (not quite 31) when the film was made, so Nicole Scherzinger's age here is one of the few things I don't have too much of a problem with.
  15. I'm glad Jerry Orbach isn't around to see this. (OK, Jake Houseman wasn't a huge role. But come on here...)