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  1. OMG. I was equally taken aback by the cleavage Nikki was sporting in her pink suit. My first comment to the husband was "Jeezus, look at those banana boobs!" Of course, he said he wasn't sure what that was and I took out my own and said "like these". Too his credit, he said then he liked banana boobs. I swear I am not boob-obsessed but the actual storylines on this show are so stupid and cringeworthy that I tend to focus on other things. I typically end my viewing by wondering (aloud) why I bother to watch this. Also, the Blair Watch camera work in the first scene with Victoria....annoying. Instead of getting the audience into the scene and heightening tension, as I suspect was intended, it just made me nauseous.
  2. Season 5 of KBC

    I know Davey was not producing very refined (or even tasty) desserts but man, that kid was funny! I loved his quips.... like when they call time and "put your hands up" and Davey says "Why? Are you under arrest?" Or, whenever someone borrowed an ingredient from him, he would say "that will cost you $25,000" followed by "just kidding!" I thought his dad jokes were endearing. Not a reason to keep him in the competition, I know but I liked him better than those other kids who deliberately mug for the camera.
  3. S03.E20: Reunion Part 2

    Both he and Candiace are try-too-hard. You can proclaim you are so stylish but thems just words.
  4. S03.E20: Reunion Part 2

    Charisse's dress is a mess.
  5. Season One Talk: Making It!

    I thought this show was so fun. I loved Parks and Rec and I love that Nick Offerman is an honest-to-goodness woodworker and not just another pretty face. I thought the unicorn bust and paper crafting projects were so fun. I'm a sucker for graphics and color, and even though I am A-MAZED at the woodworking, some of the vanilla-ness of the projects made me less likely to react. As I do when I watch Project Runway, I always wish there was a competitive reality show for knitters and crocheters (both of which are my favorite hobbies). Alas, needlework by hand is not suited for time constraints, or (if I'm being honest) viewership interest.
  6. S03.E01: Cake

    This show is miles better than the Best Baker in America or Spring/Halloween/Holiday Baking competitions on Food Network. I was so happy to see this last night. However we didn't see all the cakes at the end. They left out.... what? The middle of the pack?
  7. S01.E03: Giving and Receiving 2018.06.17

    Well, shoot, shows how much I'm paying attention. FWIW, I am usually knitting while watching tv and I have seven cats so I can be easily distracted. I'll look for them next time.
  8. S01.E03: Giving and Receiving 2018.06.17

    I didn't see the shoes until just before Angel was unwrapping it and i realized it was a shoebox. I fell for it and teared up. I am okay with the cheesiness or schmaltz because RM is also giving us the really ugly part of the 80s and you need a counterbalance for that. I really love the show but small things are distracting me. Mainly, the trophies. What's the deal? Are they recycled? When we see the inside of the houses (apartments) I don't see a stack of trophies, ala Toddlers and Tiaras. And the balls don't seem sponsored or require a fee, so do they recycle or give them back before the next ball?
  9. Disappeared: All Episodes Talk

    You are right. This is my constant complaint. We don't get a linear story. I don't understand why they even bother airing the story. It's not like it's a whodunit. The police and a majority of the family feels like it is a suicide.
  10. Here's how I knew that was purely BS for the camera crew. The hotel planner lady just sat there when she suggested that. Had that been a legitimate request (or even within the realm of possibilities), she would have jumped on it. That lady just sat there looking dumbfounded and wondering when she could get the hell out of Dodge. Everything about this wedding seems FAKE. My relationship with my cat is more meaningful and heartfelt than Chris and Candiace's.
  11. Disappeared: All Episodes Talk

    Regarding the most recent episode - the 18-year old Martin, his disappearance on its face appears to be deliberate. But here's where I get frustrated with this show. Is this show about just letting the family members pontificate about how much their loved one is missed, or is it about locating these people? In the instances of adults missing, why doesn't this show take a more practical approach and really lay out facts and evidence to actually help locate someone? I'm going on about this because of the choice not to release the note that Martin left his family (I realize that it's the family's decision). And maybe I missed something, but why was there a discussion about his gender identity/sexuality, only to have the family state that there was no issue? You need help to find him, but you don't want to release the contents of the single biggest clue to help that? Even if the note contains sensitive information, wouldn't that be outweighed by the help that a nationwide audience could offer? Martin was going through something because he was keeping the truth of his work/school a secret. All I could think about was what did that note actually say? It was distracting. I came away from this episode thinking that someone in production should have said, "look this could be good case for our show, but you have got to give us more or it just won't work". Otherwise, it's just a show of parents saying that they can't believe they missed all the clues (and I'm not judging them, hindsight is bitch) and being sad on camera. It feels very exploitative.
  12. Disappeared: All Episodes Talk

    I don't have children but the thing I just can't ever get past with this show and the stories, is how do these parents carry on. If my cat were missing I would be devastated but your 13, 15, 16- year old? I honestly don't know how they have the strength. Watching Tabitha's story and hearing the date 2003, my god 15 years ago, she just never came home. I still watch but it's so hard to sleep afterwards.
  13. Good Lord, could Jason's neckwear have been more fussy and over the top? It actually distracted from his extra bejeweled jacket. They are speeding through the challenges and barely focusing on anything. Also how do those judges actually see the details on the master challenge entries when they are sitting 50 feet away?
  14. Disappeared: All Episodes Talk

    The update at the end scared me.....a la Unsolved Mysteries. I don't understand why the police didn't process her truck or get purse, instead releasing both back to the husband. Also if holly was spending most afternoons with Cody why would he be okay with this lunch thing. It seemed like that was unusual but we never heard if Cody was alarmed by that. I definitely lean toward Corfu knowing more than he lets on.
  15. General True Crime Shows

    Thank you so much for this recommendation. I am on the last episode. This was not that long ago (2003) and somehow i don't remember this. This doc is so well done.