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  1. QVC

    I’ve never like the cut of the Susan Graver TSV. I know lots of woman wear those wide leg crop pants but I always thought they looked sloppy looking. It’s like they’re too big for woman’s legs. Maybe, it’s just me. Whereas a straight crop pant looks fitted and neat looking.
  2. Small Talk: Twin Talk

    I just watched. I also ff a lot because the Brothers are annoying. Does everything have to be a big joke? Jeez! I agreed with Scott and thought Drew had the better design and layout. Removing the rock wall fireplace was a big plus. Jonathan’s room was too modern and limited. I need a mantle for my fireplace and the living wall looks like it would get dusty or just plain die. LOL!!!!! I’ll watch the show as usual but I’ll be doing a lot of ff. I’m sure each house 🏡 🏠 will go for a million since it’s close and/or near San Francisco.
  3. QVC

    The Flex Belt cracks me up. You gave two skinny people like Kirsten & stud OAP wearing a belt which they say give you abs. Oh pleaseeeeeeeeeee! Meanwhile, back on the farm David scarfing something down. LOL!!!!
  4. S36.E15: Live Reunion Show

    Too funny! Here I was trying to figure who Onsensus was. That said, I have pretty much heard the same pay scale. I guess 3rd isn’t horrible. For some people that’s 2 years salary. Also, they get $10,000 for the reunion and they also got tickets to Fiji. Not a bad gig.
  5. S36.E15: Live Reunion Show

    BTW! I still hate the Final 3. Is it me or does the person in 3rd never get any votes? I know Probst liked the change from Final 2 to Final 3. Then he wanted it to be Final 4 with a fire challenge. I know we’ll never go back but I can always dream. I’m sorry but who Onsensus? Is that a Survivor blogger person?
  6. S36.E15: Live Reunion Show

    She revealed it from the audience and she voted for Wendell.
  7. S36.E15: Live Reunion Show

    Yeah, this reunion show really, really sucked. I know I’ve said that the last few years but this was really bad. A few minutes with the Final 3 and 24 hours with a Michael. LOL!!! Joking of course but I think Jeff thinks he is looking in a mirror when talking with Michael. I know he loves his alpha males but he was a little OTT with Michael. “Michael what is it about you that..........”. Jeez! Get a room. I never got all the hype about him. Granted, he was 18, way mature for his age & good looking but I think in general he’s kinda bland. Maybe, it’s just me. Then you have Theeeee Kevin Hart. OMG!!! He’s an international movie star and he’s doing a rip off reality show. In one way it shows the power Survivor still has and it also shows how much Jeff and reunion show sucks. I’ll continue watching because I’m a huge fan. I just have to realize the reunion show will suck and has for many years. I would like to audition for Survivor but I’m over the age quota for this show. I’m 53. That’s basically ancient for Survivor. Season 37 airs in September and I think 38 is starting next week according to Jeff. The time 39 & 40 start I could be dead. LOL!!!!! See everyone in September for the stupid titled David vs Goliath. Never mind that the cast has woman, too. So dumb!!!!!
  8. S36.E15: Live Reunion Show

    Ring any bells?
  9. S36.E15: Live Reunion Show

    What’s the 411 on the Stephanie Johnson no show?
  10. S36.E15: LIVE DISCUSSION: Live Reunion Show

    Brice, Gervace & Russell Sawn at the Philadelphia viewing party going crazy. Too funny!!
  11. S36.E15: LIVE DISCUSSION: Live Reunion Show

    Michael, Kellen & Chris Noble are the only ones who got to speak, right?
  12. S36.E15: LIVE DISCUSSION: Live Reunion Show

    Just changed the channel. It’s Hart time. Ugh!!!!
  13. S36.E15: LIVE DISCUSSION: Live Reunion Show

    Jeff propping him up doesn’t help.
  14. S36.E15: LIVE DISCUSSION: Live Reunion Show

    Wendell is the new Ben. Fire making included.
  15. S36.E15: LIVE DISCUSSION: Live Reunion Show

    You mean Theeeeee Kevin Hart?! STFU Jeff!!!!