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  1. Beachfront/Lakeside Bargain Hunt

    The reno looked great afterwards though. The master shower was huge. I’ve never seen one so big in a condo. The removal of the cabinets really opened the kitchen & view up. They seemed to have enough cabinets so I don’t think they’re going to miss them. They didn’t go over budget too much. I even liked the coffee bar with the shiplap. The shiplap idea has been done to death but it did look good there in a small space.
  2. I’m 53 & I don’t even think I knew about 1897. At least, it will be new to me. I might have been confusing the two storylines on the length of time. I know I read somewhere that one of them went longer then initially anticipated. It’s been great catching up. It rained all day Saturday in Philadelphia so it was a Dark Shadows binge day.
  3. Home Shopping Network

    Hysterical!! I don’t know how anyone in the HSN kept a straight face when they saw her. Their heads down, “ Morning, Shannon”.
  4. GMA Hosts: Let's Judge Them!

    LIVE with Michael & Sara. Actually, taped in the morning to air at 1:00 pm. I doubt I’ll be watching. https://variety.com/2018/tv/news/michael-strahan-sara-haines-good-morning-america-1202880388/
  5. The show is getting so annoying with the bickering. We get it. You are divorced. Jeez! Can we just move on. That said, I did like the idea that “Christina” had of running the penny tile in different directions in the bathrooms. Simple idea but I never thought of it. I will definitely be doing that in my new place.
  6. S31.E38: The Last Ride Home (Tex McIver)

    Just watched. Pretty crazy that no one called 911 beforehand. I believe he murdered intentionally her but exactly not sure why. Like, why do it in front of someone else? Did he want a witness? I do have one question. Does anyone know who inherited his estate? Did the godson or his mother? Granted, he isn’t dead so maybe no one does but who is living in the mansion. I might have missed it if it had been mentioned. I still have six 48 Hour shows to watch on my DVR. I had gotten behind due to other programming. Yes, my life is very full. LOL!!!!!!,
  7. Home Shopping Network

    I actually sorta like Joy’s Today’s Special. Unfortunately, it says, um, Joy on the bag. I wonder if there is a way to remove the gold Joy button without ruining the bag?! LOL!!!!!!!!
  8. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    I didn’t even know Jason could read.
  9. I’m currently watching the 1795 storyline. Roger Davis just showed up. I had always heard and read about the 1795 storyline but I was always under the impression that they went back and forth between both times. I had no idea that they were in 1795 alone. It was such a great idea. The actors got to play different characters (except for Moltke) and, got to dress in period pieces. I do have one question though. Is it true 1795 went on much longer then projected? Is it true TPTB didn’t know 1795 would enthrall viewers and kept it going? Also, it’s great watching a soap without commercials. It’s so seemelss without them.
  10. Home Shopping Network

    What.in.the.hell.is Shannon.wearing?
  11. She had a good gig. I was always surprised she never became the Jill Martin of morning tv when she left the Q. Of course, that might have been because there already was a Jill Martin of morning tv who would later take Lisa's job GILI. Ouch!!
  12. Meanwhile, she's charging people and arm and a leg with her "store". She has limited supply and charges big money. I'm pretty sure she stocked a lot in her 401k from her Q days. The only problem she won't be rich again until she is 59 1/2. LOL!!
  13. QVC

    and, they're not even good looking nor funny.
  14. QVC

    The unnecessaryMary has always cracked me up. Who came up with that moniker and why did they start calling her that? Also, I'm still fuzzy about the Mary hiring. Was she a behind the scene person they put on air with David and she "caught on" or was she always hired to be a host?
  15. QVC

    OMG! Terri Conn was off the chart awesome on ATWT. I can't believe she is going to be a host on QVC. Once the soap world closed in NYC there weren't any more acting jobs. If you wanted to stay on the east coast you either did real estate or off broadway. She was married to some guy in real life and then hooked up with co-star from the show (Austin Peck) and, they got married and had a kid or two. It's so wierd that she's going to be a host living in the West Chester area.