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  1. Bull in the Media

    I’ve never watched any of Michael Weatherly shows. Odd. Anyway, I know who he is though. I used to watch him on Loving in 90’s. After that, I would see him on the talks shows (most recently with Kelly Ripa...they were friends back in the day) and, he was always OTT in the interviews. He was always ON. He's always been a good looking guy (he reallly looks like a young Robert Wagner) but none of this surprises me. He’s the star of the show(s) and, probably did anything he damn well pleased. I’m curious to see if he recovers from this. Everyone else has been fired (Charlie Rose, Les Moonves, Matt Lauer et all) from their jobs. How can CBS let him continue?
  2. House Hunters: Buying in the USA

    And, they overbid to get the house. The house was selling for $759,000 but they paid $816,000. Rich people problems. I would never pay over asking for a house. I can’t imagine doing it. That said, I couldn’t afford a $700,000 home. I’m poor like that. LOL!!!!!
  3. S37:E12 Are You Feeling Lucky?

    I was kind of surprised by the lack of edit on Christian's swan song. I guess they wanted to hide the fact that he was getting voted out. Although, it's kind of odd that since Episode 1 he's been the focal point and narrator. Usually, the person getting voted out is shown a lot in their final episode. Christian had the exact opposite. They showed more of Davie, Mike & Allison. I liked Christian because he was sooooooo different. That said, I don't know if I need to see him return. I don't see him mixing up his game and I can't see others keeping him in the game.
  4. S37:E12 Are You Feeling Lucky?

    I’m sorta worried of a Final 3 of the Goliaths with Mike, Angelina & <insert name>. I don’t see Mike & Angelina getting any votes and it’s a blowout. That might ruin the season for me. LOL!!!!
  5. Wayne Brady. Just no. Let’s move along. Is Brad Bell in drugs? I now watch the last 5 minutes of this show now. It’s the same thing over & over & over again. Also, I can’t reallly look at HT without cringing. nuHope doesn’t look good. Whomever is doing her hair & wardrobe should be fired and/or reassigned. Off topic....I watched a group chat/ interview on Facebook with KKL, HT, JG, AJ & AN. They were celebrating 8,000 episodes and they showed their first episodes on B&B. They seeemed to really get along well. KKL was really pretty back in the day before she had work done. I highly recommend watching it. It was lots of fun.
  6. All Episodes Talk: Orange is the New Yuck!

    Wait! Is Kathie Lee dying or leaving a talk show? Just curious. She was on all of the TODAY shows today and she repeated the same thing. Why is this a thing? I can't imagine the countdown on Kathie Lee's moments with guest, co-host, stupid jokes and whatever they can milk out of this.
  7. QVC

    This is from 2014. Kinda odd that they took a picture and smiling at that. That said, they actually all look good and natural looking.
  8. Young Doug was quite the hottie back in the day. Especially, with the mustache. Doug and Julie were the “it” couple,back in the day. It’s nice they are still on the show even if Julie is such a harpie. That said, 50 years total (not straight) is impressive. I know she was on the show for a long time, was written out, went to Y&R & B&B and then came back. So, I’m not actuall sure what amount of total years Susan Seaforth-Hayes has actually done.
  9. QVC

    This is the first time in years that I’m not hosting Christmas and I don’t feel like decorating. Although, I’m afraid someone might stop by since I’m on vacation and I feel obligated to decorate. I guess I don’t handle peer pressure to well at age 54. LOL!!! I might be the only person who feels pressured to decorate. In the meantime, I will watch the Q and look at their grand tree and staircase full of Luminara Lanterns to push myself to do this.
  10. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    BTW! Does Michael care that Sonny killed AJ? I thought I heard it brought up a few weeks ago by Ava but I don't recall if Michael said anything about it. Did he always know that Sonny killed him?
  11. All Episodes Talk: Orange is the New Yuck!

    Well, she's a whole year younger than Kathie Lee. She might do. LOL!!!
  12. All Episodes Talk: Orange is the New Yuck!

    Can't.stand.Jenna. Her face hurts me. Although, she & Hoda & Savanah are all bff's. It will be interesting to see if Hoda stays and who will replace KLG. It's a good paying gig with plenty visibility. Maybe, Sheinelle Jones? That would be a major height issue between Hoda and Sheinelle. LOL!!! I just hope they don't replace KLG with a celebrity like Kelly Clarkson or Meghan Trainor. Kelly is okay but I could do without Trainor.
  13. It may have been Julie who said it or some variation of it.
  14. All Episodes Talk: Orange is the New Yuck!

    So, Kathie Lee is leaving. Who knew? LOL!!! I guess 11 years was enough for her. I wonder if Hoda will want to continue. I'm sure doing the 2 hours in the morning is enough for her. There hour block is popular so I wonder if the brass will want her to leave or not.
  15. Is it just me or does Rob Willson have the tightest face. Seriously! He's only 31 but it looks like he has plastic surgery which I know he hasn't. I know it's a random thought but when I see his face it's what I notice. Also, I thought it was hysterical when Ciera was defending Ben to Julie. "Grandma, he's only killed 3 people!". I guess if he had killed 4 people she might think otherwise but she's okay with only 3 murders. Too funny!!!