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  1. Promos
  2. (I think they showed every single thing that will happen in this episode, and it looks terrible, so good job, The 100 PR, I guess??) The 100 Spoilers: “Die All, Die Merrily”
  3. The 100 Star Talks Raven's New Low: 'She's Basically Killing Herself'
  4. The 100 Boss Talks Octavia and Ilian's New Romance — or Lack Thereof
  5. May Sweeps Preview and Finale Spoilers
  6. “The 100” Exclusive: Tasya Teles Reveals Secrets Behind the Echo/Octavia Sword Fight & Teases Rest of Season The 100's Eliza Taylor Preps Fans for an "Intense," Different Finale
  7. I'm pretty sure we already had an episode with Anthony and Danny attempting to work together. They hate each other. Not because Anthony is into civil rights but because they're basically the same person.
  8. I don't think Linda's parents are even alive. And her brother is a douche, so she obviously doesn't want to see his face all that much.
  9. With the speed Jamie is going, he'll never start dating, let alone get married. This dude is permanently stuck.
  10. Cats just get scared easily, and when they get scared they tried to make themselves more scary than they feel. Hence the hissing and stuff. Small animals like cats are scared of bigger animals, like dogs.
  11. This entire episode right there, honestly! I was so baffled that somehow a male teenager who is like, at least 5'8, is somehow less strong and less tall than a middle-aged woman of an average height and complexion? Did the writers actually forgot men has more upper body strength and height than women? So much crappy writing with too much plot holes, ugh! Although I enjoyed the Erin/Anthony/Hod ADA subplot. The hot ADA should come over more often! His "In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit" was the comedy gold! I had a moment of "Oh, it's you" when I saw Jamie at the dinner table.
  12. Promos PS: I expect bears with balalaikas walking the streets. That's how it always goes.