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  1. The Grounder Gazette: the 100 in the Media

    The new promo pictures to 5.08 How We Get To Peace
  2. The 100: The Complete Fifth Season Arrives on DVD in October
  3. S01.E02: Bond. Jane Bond. 2018.06.06

    This is the most pathetic ridiculous bunch of crap I've seen this tv season. I think I laughed for like, five minutes straight at the heartfelt reunion scene of the main victim and the sperm donor.
  4. S05.E06: Exit Wounds

    I kind of disagree with thia. Memori trying hooking up after they commit some sort of criminal act/act of violence is a classic Memori. And Becho should have happened on screen at some point in time in a scene that is entirely about them, not about Clarke feeling disconnect from Bellamy and others. I'm glad they cut "I lover her" from Bellamy/Octavia scene, though, because that'd be awkward story-wise. But we now know that Bellamy and Echo love each other with the help of the "show don't tell" storytelling.
  5. No idea what are they thinking with this. Two episodes a month is bad enough, but they'll probably have to make a mid-season cliffhanger-y break as well at some point this season.
  6. S05.E06: Exit Wounds

    I think the awkward time-skip between the ending of 5.04 and 5.05 is at fault here. It goes like this behind the scenes after Murphy and Raven shut down the cryosleep chamber: all the prisoners woke up, then Murphy and Raven were captured, moved to Earth along with the all prisoners, they camped in the Eden, then there's a beginning of 5.05.
  7. S05.E06: Exit Wounds

    There were a lot of women in the Shallow Valley PrisonKru camp.
  8. I'm glad someone is able to satirize the nonsense The 100 fandom says about Bellamy and Becho after 5.06 right now.
  9. S05.E06: Exit Wounds

    Well, the fandom thinks it's either a major, 1-year-long power outage or cannibalism. But knowing the show it's be some nonsense, like "We had to kill some elderly people, three of them, maybe, idk". I still firmly believe they're going to wight-wash Octavia in that "Dark Year" episode.
  10. S05.E06: Exit Wounds

    It'd be Episode of Random Hookups if Clarke hooked up with Nyialah, I think. This way it's just Episode of Regular Hookups.