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  1. The Grounder Gazette: the 100 in the Media

    'The 100' Star Marie Avgeropoulos Arrested for Felony DV ... Allegedly Attacked BF
  2. The Grounder Gazette: the 100 in the Media

    The 100 Season 5 Roundtable Review
  3. The Grounder Gazette: the 100 in the Media

    The 100 Boss on Those Finale Deaths, How The 100 Boss Explains What Those Major Twists Mean for Season 6 The 100 boss breaks down season 5 finale, why it was time to say goodbye to
  4. Super-spoilery leaked behind the scenes video of the season 5 finale
  5. S05.E12: Damocles. Part One 2018.07.31

    The writers specifically said there's neber going to be any sexual harassment/rape storylines with female characters. Well, Ontari raped Murphy but that gender equality or something, idk.
  6. The 100 Season Finale Photos: “Damocles – Part Two” Putting it in the spoilers section because the first one is a giant spoiler. Thanks, random CW PR person, for spoiling the entire storyline.
  7. Link Also, there's a LOT of "Forcing people to became cannibals is what a good leader supposed to do" defenses of Octavia. And I thought the show jumped the shark after Clarke tried to become a Commander.