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  1. The real killer was Jack's lawyer, and he came to the lab to destroy the evidence and kill Loretta. He knocked off Sebastian, Loretta kicked his ass with the jar of hydrochloric acid, and then Pride and LaSalle killed him dead.
  2. Rufus is about to patch up Wyatt in the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln: Rufus: This is gonna be the worst game of Operation ever. Wyatt: [Imitates the buzzing sound from the game].
  3. Yeah, I think I'm done talking about that. This is getting out of hand into the realm of speculations and projections, and I'm not doing that.
  4. The 100 Sneak Peek: Luna (Rightfully) Questions Her Alliance With Skaikru
  5. I didn't finish last week's crossover because it was awful. But this one was great! Loretta's backstory and past catching up on her, and CCH Pounder bringing gravitas to the role were the best parts, I thought. I'm glad they did the follow up on Jack Gordon's story after the real killer was dealt with (good job, Loretta!). Very touching scene with him and Pride in the streetcar and even more emotional scene with him and Loretta. The team did a lot of emotional support of Loretta, it was nice. LOL, Gregorio is the Shipper on Deck! They also confirmed her being bisexual in a throwaway line, which I appreciated. And yeah, Christopher will need every help he can get when it comes to winning Percy over. My personal favorite: Gregorio continues to call Sebastian "baby". Aww. USS Enterprise was mentioned, and Jack Gordon is callback to Flash Gordon, right?
  6. Promo pictures
  7. Really? As I said before, that scene was pretty much created for Lucy to comment on women being harassed and objectified. The writers just obviously didn't care about that thing called modern feminism or intersectionality or toxic masculinity or whatever. Or they made it look like they write progressive stuff but it's all come off as the Agent Carter writing: like someone time-travel from 1995 and now feels #woke about feminism and homophobia while has zero understanding how dated it all looks. It's not actually at all progressive when Lucy first lectures men in 1968 about gender equality (instead of one of the women from the time doing that maybe?), or when Rufus, a man, doing Katherine Johnson's work she was supposed to be done in reality...
  8. I'd say such a comment was period-appropriate for Peggy Carter (even though it did sound heavy-handed sometimes). But Lucy's is 21st century young woman from academy and would supposedly know that men who benefit from patriarchy are also victims of the same patriarchy and also could be sexually harassed and raped. I found Lucy's comment kind of out of place in the show, to be honest. ETA: Just wanted to add that somehow they could come up with Lucy's grandfather, a clear example of a person who both benefited from patriarchy and was a victim of it. But the Timeless writer seemed too clueless to make the obvious parallels there and tie it organically with Lucy's snark.
  9. She traveled through the wormhole in the machine that is supposed to carry only three people. I think that's the consequences of that fact, what with her losing consciousness/having damaged blood vessel in her eye.
  10. If everyone's Rittenhouse, there's no Rittenhouse. Or, the show writers did a very bad job of defining what's Rittenhouse even is in the first place.
  11. “we all got each other now, right?”
  12. I don't think Flynn went to the future. I think Lucy went (or is going to travel) to the past and aged there.
  13. It was incredibly underwhelming, not that I was expecting anything else from Timeless season (show?) finale, considering its track record. Well, the grandpa Cahill was interesting, I suppose, but they could have done so much more with him. Or even introduce him three episodes before that for viewers to actually be invested in him, since he was rather bland individual overall. I liked the resolution, with him giving Lucy and Wyatt all the Rittenhouse files and seeing them after 60 years. But it was pretty much a Deus Ex Machina situation and should have been built at least from episode 2 or 3. The Creepy Mom is Rittenhouse, as I predicted. Or as the writers had dropped anvils in the last episode. I wonder why she didn't marry the Baby Daddy Cahill, if they're so pure blood and stuff... I was annoyed at Lucy (but mostly at the writers) the whole time, because they were still trying to redeem Flynn and make him sympathetic through Lucy's misplaced empathy for him. The only emotion I was feeling was grossed out. Dear writers, you either write him as someone who said, more or less, "I prayed God for answers and he said to me I should blow up me some people. I'm sad :(" or as a person who is truly want to do better and stop killing. Not a combination of a psycho and a sad emoji at the same time. It doesn't work. Like many things in your show, BTW. Jyia's storyline seems to have the most potential in the future (pun intended, I guess??). I like the actress, and everything with her and Rufus was handled perfectly. Wyatt was super badass this episode, and he, and Lucy's 1950s wardrobe, were amazing! Yeah, dude, kick this disgusting prick McCarthy's ass! They brought boring ex specifically to hint at Lucy/Wyatt, and then Flynn, of all people, went "Your Wyatt's fine"? Wow, thank you, show! And Wyatt had emotional progress at the end of the episode? I'm thinking if they renewed, St. Jessica would sure come back from the dead to make the angst happen for the poor boy!