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  1. To be fair, the two rednecks looked really inconspicuous in a crowd withe their messy beards and greasy hair. Unlike, for example, two-meters-tall Jason with his manly, GQ-approved stubble.
  2. Clay, his daddy issues and his love life continue to drag. None of it is compelling enough to pay any attention to, and Clay is an ass. The CIA agents manipulating the intel was intriguing. The entire conflict between The Old CIA guy and the CIA Lady was interesting, the show needs more of that kind of stuff. The SEAL Team writers, unlike the dummies at NBC's The Brave, at least attempted to point out that Ray would be way too noticeable in the overwhelmingly white Tallin. Good for them. Then again, this team didn't attempt to blow up a helicopter in the middle of a street and they actually made a covert op happened.
  3. They had the exact same conversation several times now. The previous one was around the middle of the last season, the one before that had happened in the season 2 finale. They maybe gonna kiss (possibly it's going to be a cheek kiss) in three or four years, then bail on each other, so this romance is going swimmingly.
  4. October 16th episode is called Ave Machina: The next episode is on October 23th, and is called Protocol 4:
  5. Every uneven episode that had some great, moving scenes but seemed mostly like it didn't go anywhere. The opening with Lorna and Marcus was wonderful, I thought, and Lorna's constant struggle in the prison felt even more real after that. The dad dealing with the victims of the system he had been part of for so many years was also great. I think this part of the plot had the best acting out of all episode. Kate running away to her brother for help seemed redundant but it was clear it was also to show how Andy was getting radicalized. The Poison Ivy or whatever she's called's story with the Teleport Girl and ~Johnny~ was meh. Those actors don't have enough charisma to bring together not very good script. Lorna is currently pregnant with Marcos's child. The strictly friendship scenes between them don't exactly make sense at this point, imo, since the Aurora Borealis scene was Lorna remembering the good times with he boyfriend.
  6. I think the consensus so far that Trekkies actually like The Orville more than STD (ugh, such a deserving abbreviation for this show), and it does feel more in-tune with the Star Trek sensibilities and values than The Show That Shall Not Be Named.
  7. I want to see Alara going on a date with Isaac just for the humour of it. I know she was horrified at the idea and everything but LOL at Isaac being his blunt self.
  8. This twits are about the Harvey Weinstein scandal, I assume, and how women don't have to be afraid to speak up about being harrased in general.
  9. Oh, okay, I was ready to give up on it when Max went OTT at the beginning. But the chemistry between the characters and the sweetness are undeniable. And I'm also intrigued by the plot.
  10. Well, The Gifted is on Fox right now...
  11. I didn't meant like they are really vampires. Gordon joked they were vampires, since they're pale and afraid of bright light/ultraviolet.
  12. I thought they went way overboard with the jokes at the first half of the episode. They weren't bad or unfunny, exactly, there was just too much of them. Apart from that the episode was quite enjoyable and the second half was more balanced. So the Krill are Stargate Atlantis' Wraith (pale space vampires) and Star Trek Discovery's Klingons (ridiculous outfits and all of them look the same. Although the Krill are not painfully boring non-entities like STD's Klingons, so)? They also are religious fundamentalists that terrorize the peaceful planets of the Federation Alliance Union, so that was subtle. I liked how the show attempted to humanize them anyway and even forced Ed and Malloy to interact with the woman whose brother they had to kill to protect the innocent people. Hi, Kelly Hu! Bye, Kelly Hu! Malloy is this close to becoming my favorite because I got nostalgic for Star Trek Enterprise and Trip Tucker the other day. Evidently I need a character like that in the show to be invested in. So far he's too cartoony, though.
  13. NomadOU812 Looks like filming is finally about to begin for #the100 in #northvan so much activity in the rain today. @yvrshoots @whatsfilming