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  1. I think Lincoln's sword he gave Octavia broke when she was fighting with Echo and the Panda Clan. It was also ~symbolic. And this time it was knives (?), which was ~symbolic of moving on her murdering ways, I guess??
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  3. How Murphy and Raven quietly developed one of the best dynamics on ‘The 100’
  4. I have my issues with Octavia's story always being about learning her identity trough characters of color/culture that isn't her own but it's completely different issue to your "Octavia is defined by a man problem". I would agree with it, except that I don't think it's always a man Octavia tried to define herself by. Octavia tried to assume Indra's identity (the Grounders identity Indra represented, anyway) in season 2. When Lincoln and Indra disappointed her in their behavior (as they both were not "Grounders" enough for Octavia's tastes), she took it really personally and lashed out at them (physically at Indra, verbally at Lincoln). To further my theory, Octavia, due her upbringing, can't separate herself from other people, like a small child can't separate themselves from their parents. "I and my mother/father are the same thing, I have control over my father/mother, my emotions are their emotions, when I feel bad, they're my emotional outlet". It's really obvious from Octavia's relationship first with Bellamy (who always was her parent and never her sibling in all ways that matter and was pretty much the first and only man she couldn't help by defined herself by) and later Lincoln and Indra. She's feeling unmoored when she isn't tied to someone else, but she rejected Bellamy, she pretty much rejected Lincoln's views and then he died, she and Indra rejected each other. I don't even know, maybe it's good for the current Octavia to have some anchor in the form of Illian? Although I'd say she needs years of therapy, not a life-affirming sex session.
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  6. Makes perfect sense to me, actually. Octavia doesn't have her own identity, so she routinely takes other people's identities to feel whole. This is actually why she feels she's dead after Lincoln was killed.
  7. Becca/Second Dawn connection speculations.
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  9. We were talking about the same thing! Pandora was the sidekick but was still more interesting that the Hidden One because they'd invested their time to write her over the course of the season as a main villain. Dreyfuss is the main villain and they developed him not unlike they had done with Pandora in season 3. But he's so unconvincing that the audience can't help but project their interest on his sidekick, Jobe, who has no development but has way much more charisma and on-screen presence.
  10. They at least had built up on Pandora throughout the season 3 before the HO appeared. Dreyfuss was there from the beginning, and they explained his past and the personality, but he has the dullest presence.