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  1. S02E10: Prisoner’s Dilemma

    This show's become so terrible this season but. Sonny and Davis! Yay!
  2. S02E09: Santa Muerte

    We know she had a training on "the Farm" because even the CIA analysts do that.
  3. S02E10: Prisoner’s Dilemma

    Wednesday, Dec. 12
  4. SEAL Team in the Media

    They've done nothing of that sort this season, though. The action in season 2 is really underwhelming so far, compared to s1.
  5. SEAL Team in the Media

    Well, that's surprising. I was sure the break up happened for the sake of drama. Now the only "family man" in the show is Ray, and if the actress who plays Naeema quits, it'll be a disaster.
  6. S02E08: Parallax

    That's the thing: the Team is not really assassinating anyone, more like piss the bad guys off and draw attention to themselves by Jason's and Mandy's weird tactical decisions. They could arrive later, after the Big Bad's location is already known, and assassinate him then.
  7. S02.E07: no Mercy

    They call her Twist.
  8. S02E08: Parallax

    I can't figure out who thought it'd be great idea to make SEAL Team show into S.W.A.T. show but I gotta tell you -- that was a terrible idea. DEA SWAT team should have handled it, easy, and no heavy military presence is necessary. I cannot believe that the same team that saved some Russian renegade scientist from the Alpha spetznas in freaking China is now going around undercover to strip-clubs/bars as a couple. DGAF about Lopez and his sad floppy hair. They could've spent the time on Brock or Trent or the other Team guys. I also DGAF about Mandy and her attitude. Clay vs the authority vs Ray? MEH. Clay's angst about his tragic personal life and him casting aspersions about other people's personal lives? Terrible and also mean. Jason and Alana had like, 25 solid years together probably (if your count the time when they were 15-year-olds) and had two kids together before Alana decided to quit. Ray is also happily married. That dude who was killed three episodes ago was happily married. Clay, stop whining and go away! Sonny giving Clay Cosmo's advice was solid gold, though. As Sonny and Davis' banter during the 'soap'. Of course the Team was set up. I think it's the Mexican Colonel. He's shady.
  9. S02E09: Santa Muerte

    Wednesday, Dec. 5
  10. S02.E07: no Mercy

    If Reed's storyline with his resurfaced X-gene this season is making the gene inactive again, I've no idea what's the point of this at all. It seems like the complete waste of time, especially for the viewers. The Not-Purple-Haired-Lady-Anymore is the most annoying obnoxious character after Caitlin (who got marginally better this episode). I can never remmeber her name but the one who lied to John about everything and was self-righteous about it. Te Inner Circle stuff was actually interesting. The Ex-Sentinel guy is The Worst (tm).
  11. S02E08: Parallax

    Wednesday, Nov. 21
  12. S02E06: Hold What You Got

    I don't even know why I'm watching this show anymore, considering I'm only interested in Sonny, Davis and Sonny/Davis. I fully expect the almost-kiss will never have any follow-up but they're so awesome together I can't help but to be hopeful. Clay and Mandy both have terrible obnoxious smirks on at any time, especially if it's a tense and/or emotional scene.
  13. S02E07: Outside the Wire

    Wednesday, Nov. 14
  14. Unpopular Opinions

    I've been rewatching the show, and I have to say, I just hate, HATE Chris this time around. I liked the season 6 storyline when I first watched it, and I liked Chris. But now... He's ungrateful whiny ass that has no respect for anyone or anything. I'm absolutely baffled how they managed to make the character so unlikable and one-note in the first place and supposed for me to even care about him. All he does all season is putting the sisters and Leo down, talking down to them with zero empathy and tries to screw their lives up. On the other hand, Wyatt is just amazing, and the Imaginary Fiends plot has done better job at making me care about Wyatt turning evil than the season of Boring Whining Jerk Chris ever did.
  15. S05E06: Eyjafjallajökull

    Sunday, Nov. 11