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  1. This episode was kind of nonsensical, and the Creek and her brother situation is the worst offender. Why is Creek so boring non-entity? Why should we care about her relationship with Manfred and the made-up issues her and her family have towards him? Why is Creek's not-bad-looking brother stalking her and warning her about Manfred being shady because he was seen at strip club that one time, instead of dating and hanging out with his friends? Can Creek's brother talk to people his own age? Or if he's not really 17-years-old and Creek is something else other than human, can we get on that? (Manfred and Creek remain the most low common denominator couple on this show, and we're shown waaaay to much of them). Fiji and the Ken Doll are cute together, as are Livvy and Lem and the gay couple, though. The MoW was kinda dull.
  2. I was facepalming so hard while I was reading that article. Yeah, that "chemistry" is certainly... something.
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  10. More like, the ones who potentially are capable to give birth without complications.
  11. I'd say that only women who already successfully had children before should be allowed to apply.
  12. And in five generations there's a psychic girl and there's 1960s everywhere!
  13. She was horrible, really really dumb and also hated cats. The fact that she was killed by a cat was the best application of a horror movie cliche ever, lol.