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  1. It was practically a "bottle episode", as they barely had anyone outside of main and recurring cast members. But! Everyone was there at last, because last week Percy's presence was seriously missed. I not necessarily liked the plot itself. I could say it was a bit out there and also really convenient for our heroes. Last week Garcia was that cunning and cautious mobster they were having hard time dealing with, and this week he's so desperate for money he goes gambling on horses and parading 'round his new girlfriend. Oh well... I'm glad their silly plan worked. It gave every character an opportunity to shine. But I admit, I was mostly impressed by Loretta, Patton and Sebastian. They were unexpected field badasses. I kind of expected more from the "real" agents like Sonja, Christopher, Pride and Gregorio but I understand why the writers wanted to play with the "nerds" this time. Nice interactions all around, even though I could do without Tammy and Loretta reassuring Pride how nothing is his fault or whatever. Sebastian and Loretta and Patton and Loretta were also very sweet together. I needed a follow up on Sonja/Chris conversation in the beginning, though. It had nice angsty comfort potential. The ending of the episode was predictable, and now they're going to search for FBI leak until the end of the season. Glad to see the shady mayor is squirming uncomfortably on that hot pan as well. On a shallow note, Sebastian was rocking his hot accountant look in that black suit. And I want that red dress Gregorio was wearing in the gambling facility.
  2. You're right! I missed that! This episode I just was checking out during everything Flynn-related, I guess...
  3. His henchman in terribly fitting hat led Rufus and Wyatt to the hotel, right? Maybe Flynn knew Holmes is about to get "in the mood" (yikes!) or maybe he just winged it and thought "Oh well, Holmes will kill them anyway". It's not like Flynn is all that bright in the first place.
  4. Abbie (and Ichabod, and Molly, for that matter) was a vessel to Eternal Soul. Eternal Soul is clearly something that existed before Abbie Mills was born. So maybe the previous Witness lived without being "activated" for lack of better word, since the other Eternal Soul was inhabiting Ichabod who time-traveled in the present via magic sleep. Molly is not Abbie the same way Ichabod is not that dude from the Ancient Tablet Thingy. But they had Eternal Souls in common.
  5. Me at every scene Garcia Flynn was involved in: In other news, this was two-hour episode that was crammed into one hour for some unknown reason. It was rushed and underwhelming and it was barely holding my attention. It has everything and nothing at the same time, and the only saving grace was the Team Eyeball meeting again. Those hugs weer the most adorable cutest thing ever! And Rufus got to hug Lucy twice! They stuffed Houdini, the Flynn nonsense and two Lucy kidnappings total in one episode? Why?! Did Lucy wasn't traumatized enough by Flynn's ugly mug, his mouthbreathing and strange ticks, she had to be kidnapped by the Mustache Saw Man? Admittedly, the serial killer scene at the end was more intimidating and creepy than the beginning with Flynn. And I liked how Lucy tried to manipulate him and later how Wyatt went ballistic on his ass. Did Flynn, who is the special ops, couldn't get that door open by himself and needed specifically Houdini for... basic lock-picking? That's why he needed an elaborate ruse with Lucy participating in one of his stuns and luring him in? The show, you're kinda lost me there. Well, Houdini was a badass but he was just there for plot contrivances, not something remotely logical. Oh, and Wyatt and Rufus were stuck in C plot with the architect lady we also barely got to know due to time constrains. Yay. PS: Why everyone but Flynn and Lucy was wearing hats in that bar? Where were their manners? Or more importantly, where were the set design people's brains?
  6. The treatment of Abbie in season 3 finale was insulting as hell, with all that "Our job was to carry you forward". But it was never implied Eternal Soul = Abbie as a person. Eternal Souls are entities that are reincarnate in new bodies, and they always should go together, even if persons that contain them are dead, as I understand from the script. So Eternal Soul + an unique new person = Trill/human symbiont from Star Trek Deep Space Nine, it seems.
  7. I'm not seeing major issues with that so far. There's zero perks of being Magical Child on Sleepy Hollow, as we all know from the Mills sisters' childhood and family history, what with Moloch revealing himself to them in the woods, and Jenny stuck in a mental facility for years, plus before than Moloch and co drove their mother to attempting murder/infanticide/suicide. Not to mention the crazytown that was Ichabod's childhood. Now they have unique ability to actually try and prevent unnamed evil from destroying the next Witness.
  8. Unity Days 2017 recap.
  9. I predict some daddy issues for Alex and her eventually coming around on Ichabod being time traveler and stuff.
  10. Echo, Niylah and Octavia in season 4 from the recent UnityDays20017 convention in Vancouver.
  11. Promo pictures