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  1. Pfft, Damon Salvatore from Vampire Diaries
  2. What We Know of Season 5 via The 100 News on Tumblr
  3. The redemption arc and the Lyatt/Flynn love triangle! It's so obvious what they're going for with this! Add undead!Jessica, and we'll have the quadruple from hell on our hands. ETA: Can Flynn like, hit on on Wyatt instead? It'd improve the matters somehow...
  4. Production Dates for various shows
  5. The penalty mining colony are the people Becca first tested the "nightblood" on (and later it was somehow used on the Arkers? It was unclear), specifically for them to survive radiation during long space travel.
  6. Jarod Joseph was promoted to the series regular before season 4 started filming. That turned out... Well. Replacement Goldfish!Riley happened. Again. ...Well.
  7. Except it would a hot lady for Clarke to flirt and have tense war diplomacy with. Because of course!
  8. The 100 Exclusive: Echo Promoted to Series Regular for Season 5 My OTP Becho will become canon!
  9. The penalty mining colony is coming down to Earth now, and there will be blood, and in the end Clarke/Bellamy/someone else will kill those people on the mining colony ship and everyone's gonna be sad and angsty. This show went all the way over to Battlestar Galactica, so I expect Bellamy in fat-suit after six years and the main characters throwing their medicine into the sun or something.
  10. Earth is hardly affected because there was a time-jump of six years in the season finale, lol. The time-jump like a getting out of jail free card for every plot-point the writers couldn't untangle.
  11. Season 4 consists entirely of failed plans, characterization that makes little sense and interactions that lead nowhere, random character dying for Octavia Blake's development, SPOILERS FOR SEASON 4 FINALE