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  1. S11.E02: The Ghost Monument

    The first episode was boring and this one was lifeless. JW's attempts at Tennant fell flat, I liked her better in the previous one. The companions are completely uninteresting, especially Ryan and his petulant 13-year-old boy persona and his nonsensical relationship with his Gran's husband. Yaz has literally nothing to do, and she's dull as well.
  2. S01E05: Connecting Flights

    Monday, October 22
  3. S05E03: The Rake

    Sunday, Oct. 21
  4. S02.E03: coMplications

    Note the parallels between Lauren and Reed this episode: she also hid her powers (for various reasons, one of them her father being the mutants prosecutor)) from her parents and tried to deal with it alone.
  5. S02E04: Saving Face

    Thursday, Oct. 18
  6. S02.E02: Never Say Die

    Jason is such a major ass to people closest to him. He's like a petulant child and I have zero sympathy for him. Sonny is going to freak when he finds out Davis is doing her new training/leaving the team. He's taking Ray's absence badly, and with Davis it's be the last straw, I think. Mandy is back. Yay. She just doesn't fit. The framing with Alana's accident was strange. She could be dead. But what's the point of that storyline for the show? It's not like Jason will randomly leave the team to raise his kids because Jason is a self-centered asshole, so.
  7. S02.E03: coMplications

    Reed's story remains the only interesting thing about this show for me. I'm glad he and Lauren mildly bonded at last, and that he now has Caitlin's support. The ex-Sentinel dude is just blah and his entire storyline feels really pointless. The only way it could realistically end is him dying a volent death from the hands of our heroes because otherwise he's unredeemable as a character. John is a boring character played by really bad actor. He and Clarice together is a compete borefest, as their sewer related B-plot.
  8. S05E04: Legacy

    Tuesday, Oct. 16
  9. S01.E04: Boundaries

  10. S01E04: Unclaimed Baggage

  11. S05E02: The Chaos Game

    Sunday, Oct. 14
  12. S01.E02: Reentry

    She was driving a car while drunk (I think?) and her other best friend was on the passenger seat. The friend died in the car accident.
  13. S02.E01: Fracture 2018.10.03

    Also, if I remember correctly, Alana didn't want to be married to him because he's bad at sharing and because she had different priorities in life (like a proper vacation and a husband that works day job). And now they're not even married but she's still mad, now for different reason. The writers should have dropped the entire thing.
  14. S02.E01: Fracture 2018.10.03

    Two good things about this episode: Sonny and the New Guy with their shirts off. Some mediocre things: the action wasn't bad.