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    he 100 boss previews season 5 twist that's 'bigger than anything we've done in the past'
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    ‘The 100’s’ Christopher Larkin Talks About Monty’s Journey and Space Snacks
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    ‘The 100’ Showrunner On Clarke’s ‘Little Nightblood’ ‘The 100’s’ Richard Harmon Likes The Bad Guys Life in the Bunker! 'The 100's' Marie Avgeropoulos & Adina Porter Tease Season 5
  10. S05.E15: Rise and Shine

    At this point? That's exactly the same thing. Mack and Bobbi betrayed their friends (and Bobbi betraying her husband)... because they thought their way was better? Daisy attacking May and leaving the team to be with her biological mother? Hand-waved and forgotten. Coulson putting everyone in danger multiple times because his precious adopted daughter got hurt/got kidnapped? Noone notices. Elena setting that guy in the future up to protect the team? There was a bit of a reprimand from Mack, that's it. If Fitz'a actions (caused by PTSD, brain injury and his long time coming psychotic break) would be punished by the narrative in any way (they still might), I call BS and the drama for the sake of drama.
  11. S05.E15: Rise and Shine

    Mack (and Bobbi) was also working with the Other SHIELD during season 2 to try and remove Coulson as the director, for the greater good, of course. I don't think Mack, as much as I adore the man, has any leg to stand on in this particular argument.