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  1. THE VIEW": WEEK OF 11/12/2018

    Abby isn't totally wrong about TMZ because they often pay sources for information that a credible journalist wouldn't try to obtain unethically. That said, TMZ is ran by Harvey Levin who is an outspoken Trump supporter so HMMM ....
  2. S08.E09: Fire and Reign

    Michael means "godlike" and I wonder if that will have anything to do with the end.
  3. S44.E05: Liev Schreiber / Lil Wayne

    I went to college at the height of the songs that they were parodying (I definitely got a T-Pain vibe), so I was DYING. I thought it was trying to say how you just can't do songs like that anymore, and how ridiculous that, during 2005-2012 (give or take), EVERY SONG IN THE CLUB was about a girl's butt or getting drunk or having sex or having drunk sex. Having Li'l Wayne show up was everything and it reminded me of the line in Lollipop (Remix) when he randomly promotes using condoms. ("Late sex is great sex but better have some latex 'cause you don't want that late text, that 'I think I'm late' text"). I liked Incest Twins because they stuck with the joke and didn't have the brothers start making out for a cheap laugh. Crenshaw himself said he didn't need an apology. I think a lot of this was PR. Conservative media was losing their damn mind over the Crenshaw flap. Over on "The View", Meghan McCain was acting like Pete Davidson had just pledged for ISIS. I thought it was a smart and funny thing to do, especially since SNL hasn't had many political cameos in the Trump era (unless Stormy Daniels counts).
  4. THE VIEW": WEEK OF 11/12/2018

    Yes! That was Ilhan Omar, who is MY rep! *beams*
  5. S08.E09: Fire and Reign

    How many times does this show have to kill Gabourey Sidibe?
  6. "The View": Week Of 11/5/2018

    Davidson has borderline personality disorder, not bipolar (which I believe Kanye has, as much as I don't want to play Amateur Psychologist).
  7. Former Hosts: PROFESSIONAL Life After The View

    Paula Faris did a great job on Nightline last week, as she went to Texas to interview Ted Cruz, Beto O'Rourke and their supporters. She comes across as very sweet and disarming, but she's a damn good journalist. At one point, Cruz tried to deflect a question and she said, without ever losing her smile, "So you're not really gonna answer that?"
  8. "The View": Week Of 10/29/2018

    I watched the clip, and Sunny basically seemed amazed that Radcliffe wasn't Harry Potter in his new movie. Whoopi's "ACTOR!" was actually quite funny to me. Has anyone else noticed Whoopi and Sunny seem ... Better? Whoopi seemed to thoroughly enjoy asking Sunny legal questions today. The New Yorker article is very amusing, and an interesting snapshot of the early days of social media in political campaigns. And this: I think many of us with siblings have had a Liddy growing up (or, in my case, probably WAS the Liddy).
  9. "The View": Week Of 10/29/2018

    I had never heard that before and found it interesting! The narrative of birthright citizenship is still usually presented as the "anchor baby" concept. Good for Abby. I found it interesting that when Meghan was saying how her father and Lindsay Graham were working in vain on immigration reform, they were protested by people from the far right -- a point I don't even think she realized she was making at first, so she had to throw in an "on both sides" comment (drink!). Graham, for his part, fully supports Trump's new idea, as you can't shame the shameless.
  10. "The View": Week Of 10/29/2018

    This. I watched all of S10 and Elisabeth was never more likable then (until the end, when the increased media attention and the White House invite got to her head). Jedidah, Candace, Nicolle, and Paula genuinely seemed like they wanted to be there. Meghan has no interest in what the other co-hosts have to say. She is the kind of listener that waits for the other person to take a breath so that she can say what she has already been planning to say since the other person started talking. When her point isn't on her blue card or when an answer genuinely surprises her (like when Sunny said she doesn't think of herself as liberal, or like when Sunny said she has a degree in journalism), she has no ability to recalibrate herself.
  11. "The View": Week Of 10/29/2018

    They both look pained, uncomfortable, and yet not surprised. I feel for them! Definitely makes me think something went down backstage before they went on.
  12. "The View": Week Of 10/29/2018

    Nikki Bella has the biggest match of her career on Sunday, so her appearance happening AFTER that is odd.
  13. S08.E07: Traitor

    Social media was losing their minds about Nan not showing up, so I didn't mind her scene with Papa Legba. I also appreciated the Myrtle flashback, because it should be a big deal when a witch comes back from the ashes!
  14. "The View": Week Of 10/22/2018

    There have been nasty John Mayer stories in the press for well over a decade (his tour bus had a "put out or get out" policy) AND if you're into astrology, he's a Libra with a Saggitarrius moon. No one should be surprised at his sexual exploits. Fox is already going after Joy for saying Fox didn't get a bomb, even though she quickly added "Not that I want them to". Nuance means nothing with these people. Meghan incoherently responding to Raw Story isn't helping her. Jenna Bush Hager, on another network, eloquently said last week that if you don't respond to things, people don't know about them.
  15. "The View": Week Of 10/22/2018

    I like Mooch on this show, especially his rapport with Joy. So what who cares. Andy Cohen showing up on a birthday show for an outspoken supporter of the Trump Administration with a Senator who confirmed Brett Kavanaugh as the other guest is not a good look.