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  1. The Starling City Times: News and Media about Arrow

    MG said that GB was the one who said that he wanted a new BC on the show.
  2. Spoilers and Spoiler Discussion

    He can't see the past/future/use it offensively?
  3. We all know that Shannon isn't an angel. But she didn't cheat on David, she seemingly didn't put him down like he did her, there isn't a report of domestic violence on her against him. Having to list all the ways she isn't perfect is weird when discussing David.
  4. Green Arrow In Comics

    lol I have no idea.
  5. Green Arrow In Comics

    A vampire trying to kill their love interest? They manage to come back from it all the time on Buffy/Angel/TVD/True Blood.
  6. They always talk about how the spin offs need to be something different from the ones they already have on air and well...having a 3-female lead show is certainly different. Especially when it can be a perfect blend of Supergirl meets Arrow.
  7. I think with Arrow going into its last years they are totally open to keeping the Arrowverse going. Of course I will continue to pray for a Birds of Prey spin off since it makes the most sense.
  8. I get what your saying but it can take only 1 to break a marriage...if one cheats it makes things a lot harder.
  9. Of course but it'd be one thing if they were divorcing because they just arent happy but the cheating and the constant put downs...then he flaunts his new relationship on social media....David looked horrible these past two years and even his daughters arent interested in seeing him.
  10. David caused this so he is just reaping what he sewed.
  11. It's probably just because I'm selfish but as long as Shannon doesnt bring the drama in family scenes, having the kids around doesnt seem like it should be an issue. Seeing her interact with them for events like prom/driving/etc...should be good to go.
  12. Shannon won in court and David was not happy. He also represented himself. https://radaronline.com/exclusives/2018/03/shannon-beador-divorce-court-david-beador-rhoc-child-support-custody-money-ordered/?utm_source=relicagency&utm_medium=Partner&utm_campaign=relicagency
  13. So who wants to guess that David will block the kids from appearing on the show to get revenge on ShannoN?
  14. RHoA in the Media

    According to several reports, Porsha had a very easy reunion.
  15. Spoiler Discussion Thread

    Which to do the whole Laurel Lance impersonation storyline and then put it on ice when it is just started...another bad move in story telling.