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  1. I wonder what they would do if SA left but EBR decided to stay. Would Oliver become president and move to Washington while Felicity stays behind?
  2. The X-Files went on for 2 seasons without Mulder.
  3. I can totally see CW trying to be greedy and have the show go on with someone new under the cowl. They lost Nina Dobrev on TVD and kept it going for 2 years, Once Upon A Time got rid of majority of their cast and their lead character was gone along with other shows that have tried to go on. If say David Ramsey was willing to keep on, or trying a new hot actor.
  4. Team Arrow does seem to make some leeway by 6x13 since it looks like Black Siren may end up detained depending on how that bts KC posted goes.
  5. No, Dawn Granger has been around since 1988. They killed off Hawks brother and decided to replace him with a female partner. Over the years they've flipped flopped between the two brothers, these 2, Dawn and her sister.
  6. And how can a team trust Oliver if he doesn't trust them. Dinah has been shown to be a fairly good team player, she keeps their secrets, tries to help, and Oliver didn't have any trust in her to ask her straight up, Diggle wouldn't back her. If anything, with her it should run deeper then just Oliver as to why she quit the team. But Im team-D.
  7. I don't think anyone is disputing Oliver has a right to be pissed and suspicious but the way he went about it. I have no qualms with the way he treated Rene but I'm out there, risking my life right beside you? having your back? And you go behind mine, I don't care if Im new, I expect some level of respect, come to me about it. I can understand Dinah and Curtis' anger. They've been around for basically a year now, Evelyn around for what? 3 months? Some type of bond should be there between Oliver and the not so new newbies by this point. And unless we meant to believe that Dinah hasnt interacted with Vince since 6x05, until its confirmed that Vince "didn't know" before Dinah said Olivers name, my headcanon is that he already revealed that he knew and told her that he knew who everyone was. Not something I wouldn't put past these writers to glance over.
  8. Oliver has worked with people who have tried to kill the team multiple times and everyone had to just accept it. Using Olivers name doesnt seem like a big deal to me since there is nothing to suggest that Vince didn't already know and is he is working with people who know who Oliver is. They put their trust into Oliver and joined his mission, they expected some back. Oliver should've listened to Diggle.
  9. They had her say it so casually that I feel like he already knew and they just mentioned it off screen. Either way it would be useless to have it bite her in the ass since Vince's teammates already know who Green Arrow is so its not new information. But Dinah and Curtis didn't break any trust, at least not any more then what Oliver or Diggle ever did.
  10. Hawk and Dove. I think Hawk looks great but Dove has that awful mask, awful wig, and the cape looks stiff as hell.
  11. I forget...Roy is still considered "dead" right? Either way I am tired of them bringing back "dead" characters and then never really reintroducing them back to the public.
  12. Thea had a love interest? They spent all of 5 mins together? And like I said, there was always the possibility of Olicity breaking up, that card is off the floor now with them. And also like I said, Thea's bloodlust was half assed. I simply think they don't really care about losing her as much as they did in the past when Oliver wasn't a full fledged family man.
  13. Oliver wasn't married or with full time child so they havent.