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  1. The one Kamal above me mentioned re Wheeler.
  2. I don't remember that. Could you refresh me on that episode?
  3. Maybe, but that kid is without a father either way.
  4. That's true. But I just want to scream at Rebecca no 2, do you even have a good job??
  5. Charlotte

    I just meant having some means doesn't mean you have some problems. They were all priviledged and shallow all the time to me.
  6. He wasn't even that great about support, when Mary Jo worked at the fast food place.
  7. I liked Rebecca number 1.
  8. I cannot think of Kate Spade without thinking of Charlotte and tiny vaginas.
  9. Sex and The City General Discussion...

    No but KC nailed it. Imagine how horrible it would be if Jennie Garth got the role!
  10. I put that on Rose.
  11. Were they really given any training though? Or even a whole lot to do?
  12. Mary was the character.
  13. L&O: CI Actors in Other Roles

    I'm always pro-Logan but Albatross is good.
  14. Sex and The City General Discussion...

    You mean like Blanche in Goodbye, Mr.Gordon? Insert smiley emoticon. From what I have read, Freddie loved Mary, but when he came out, there didn't appear to be any turning back.