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  1. I don't think it's garbage, I just don't think it solves the problem.
  2. LOVE it and the Logan passion/insight into his mother. Makes me wanna hug him even more than usual.
  3. Oh I agree. The best of the bunch in terms of chemistry.
  4. S03.E21: Gold Country, Part 1

    I never realized how much they were one big Marshall Tucker song.
  5. All Episodes Talk: Goodnight Everyone

    Why was a home on the mountain important to John? Didn't they already have a home with a great view?
  6. Let me adjust that statement. She was good but I preferred Donnie.
  7. I assume they took them both for child labor laws? Or convenience if one of them is sick.
  8. I haven't seen Alyssa since I was a kid-is it not in rotation?
  9. Mother! He's gonna go to the school he loves!
  10. Word! Women fucking ruined the show. I loved Greevey even though he could be a douche canoe.
  11. Have you ever been to Fancy Gap? Is there anything to see there?
  12. Unfortunately at the time Kristy would have been seen as a mere criminal too.
  13. He was referring to a tweet, but he is a frequent guest.
  14. The one Kamal above me mentioned re Wheeler.