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  1. Got Questions?: We've Got Answers!

    Thanks, Plurie! I wonder if Kim and Shane will return at some point.
  2. Got Questions?: We've Got Answers!

    Questions? I have just a few. How did Lucas leave Salem? Where are Shane and Kim? Do they still live in LA??
  3. S01.E08: O Sister, Where Art Thou?

    THIS! She's still Gilligan Jackie, I wish she were Cop Jackie where she made some sort of sense. LMAO! I still blush when I share my plans regarding a certain Christopher Peter Meloni with my ma.
  4. S01.E08: O Sister, Where Art Thou?

    That clip was beautiful
  5. S01.E08: O Sister, Where Art Thou?

    I don't think that at all....even at his heaviest, I've always found JG sexy as fuck; but according to some, my taste in men has always been on the eclectic side.
  6. S01.E08: O Sister, Where Art Thou?

    Heh....all I can think of is Peggy Wanker Bundy! Anyway, I'm hoping for more of Louise, she and Dan would make a great couple in slow due time. Dan had me with the wringing of his wedding band, saying how he was still in love with his wife. Again....you can be schlumpy/old/fat, etc. but if you add swagger to it? Gets you the draws every time!! (Looks around)....Mr. Vixenstud isn't sex symbol material, but the way he makes me feel is like being with Idris Elba. Harris reminds me of Becky and that's not a compliment; I wanted to smack the shit out of her for talking to her mother like that. Damned kids grow body hair and think they know every fucking thing! Hoping that next year brings D.J. storylines....surely he can do more than take Mary to school and kiss Geena.
  7. Kids sassing back to their parents or act entitled to said parent’s money, whether they have it or not. I’m talking to you, Huxtable and Conner kids….they’ve said some shit to their parents that would have had me beating the bluedilly fuck out of them!
  8. All Episode Talk

    Still pissed that TBS royally fucked me by getting rid of Married…with Children and replacing it with Everybody Loves Raymond/KOQ reruns in the mornings. Anywho: Was watching some of the earlier eppys and by god, Doug could be a complete ass at times! In Season One where he found out that Carrie had slept with a groom that was a friend of theirs. He was a straight up dick to Carrie and I would have told him to fuck himself, as who I slept with before him shouldn’t matter. And can't forget the very last episode in which he wanted to divorce Carrie because she kept the Manhattan apartment. Good for Kelly for reminding Carrie of all the immature shit he put her through during their marriage.
  9. All Episode Talk

    With a great catcall from Arthur...."Hey, Vivian Vance called; she wants her pants back!"
  10. BB in the Media: Outside the Fishbowl

    She's adorable! Wasn't crazy about Amanda on BB but Mazel Tov to her!
  11. BB in the Media: Outside the Fishbowl

    Not that bad....but she wishes she were a boss ass bitch with her quick to cry ass. Damn Angela, we got Wayne Muhfuckin' Brady in the scene! OMG, she looks BEAUTIFUL! Fessy's gonna be all up on her now.
  12. S05.E09: Had It From My Father

    I could have sworn that was confirmed when Giselle was given the information by the informant before confronting Kingsley. (scratches head) I knew Andre would be in that coffin the minute he told Terri he wanted to be with her/the touching talk he had with Lucious. LOL @ Cookie calling Lucious 'Nubby' and their back and forth when he was eating snacks. Glad that Blake and Hakeem made amends, now can we fucking get rid of Tiana already? Lee Daniels, I watched TWO eppies of Star, you...owe...me!! Loved Becky's skirt when she was being escorted out of Empire.
  13. S01.E07: Hold the Salt

    Where they had filthy, dirty sex....the kind men want and the kind I need. Heh.
  14. S01.E07: Hold the Salt

    You could reverse this....Ben is kinda schlubby, is rude, sarcastic and also controlling. And definitely my type, heh. Anyway, as a straight woman I've always found something sexy about Sara G.; I don't know if it is the hair or what, but I'd buy a license if I were into chicks.
  15. S01.E07: Hold the Salt

    Aw, that's my favorite part of the opening....and because it is totally something I'd do, heh.